Long Awaited Pleasure Part 2


Michael was staying in my brother’s room while he was down visiting, since we didn’t know where else he could sleep. My brother was camping out at my dad’s or his friends, so it worked out perfectly…

He went on in, and sat on the bed. I stood in the hallway, looking at him from afar for a second, when he motioned his hand for me to come in, with this devious little smirk on his faced.

I smiled and walked in. He got up and stood in front of me, then taking his hands and placing them on my ass. He pulled me towards him. I felt the bulge in his pants as he rubbed his pelvis ever so slightly against mine. He was so hard already, it fascinated me…

I then caressed my face with his hand, and kissed me. Slipping his tongue into my mouth, he grabbed my ass harder and pulled me as close into him as he could. My hands slid down to his ass also, so I could grab and feel him up a bit too.

As our tongues danced, he released the kiss and began biting and sucking on my lower lip, looking at me deep into the eyes. I turned around to turn off the light and we slowly laid ourselves on the bed. We caressed each other’s faces once more as we started making out again. We seem to have a thing for sucking face…
His hand slowly slide down to the seam of my pants… he slid it down a little more, rubbing my pussy on top of my pants.

I squirmed a little and bit his lower lip once more. His hand slowly slid through the front and he kept going down. His fingers got to my clit, and I went wild on the inside.

Someone else was touching me there. Someone else was pleasuring me. Was this for real? He motioned his fingers up and down and all around, feeling how wet I’d become.

“Wow baby… you’re so wet. Someone’s excited huh?”

“A little…” I giggled.

He fingers kept rubbing my wet pussy, as my hand slid Sex hikayeleri down to the front of his pants. I began rubbing the bulge on top as he began to unzip and unbutton his pants for me… the excitement was giving me trouble. I was so nervous. I was going to touch his cock for the first time. He slid his pants down a bit, and I slipped my hand under his boxers.
I began feeling and rubbing the head of his cock… it was so soft. I loved it. My hand began to glide itself up and down his shaft. It was so weird feeling a penis for the first time. I didn’t know what to think or say. It was all so sudden. His first night here and we were already doing things I didn’t expect to do for a long time.
I gave a little grip on his shaft, motioning my hand up and down. He started rubbing me again, and slowly slipped his finger inside of me. My stomach lifted and I let out a small moan. His finger continued to slip in and out of me as I kept jerking him off. My body couldn’t get enough of this… Then he said something I didn’t expect, it was a huge curveball.

“Oh hunny… I need you to get it wet for me.”


“Can you suck on it for me, please?”

My heart became strained. He actually wanted me to do this… I was hesitant again as always, but I gave in really quick. I didn’t want to say no, and I knew it was bound to happen sometime. I slid myself down and rested the side of my head on his stomach. I took his cock in one hand, and began slowly like the head of his penis. He squirmed and moaned. He’s been wanting this for a while…

I didn’t know what to think, how it would taste. The thought of sucking off a guy terrified me, I was afraid I’d do it wrong. But, Michael was loving it. I began licking his shaft up and down, as I let my other hand play and rub his balls softly. I finally stuck the whole Sikiş hikayeleri thing in my mouth. It tasted a lot better than I expected… it was kind of salty, but. It was something I’d never tasted before. I kept going, motioning my head up and down so my tongue would glide on his shaft, occasionally taking him out of my mouth so I could rub and spread my spit all over him. His wet, hard cock felt so good. I continued, but I slowly grew tired. This was something I’ve never done before… so I was hoping that was natural. I stopped and starting rubbing his cock for him again. He then took my hand with his, and I was rubbing his cock with him. He went faster and faster, harder and harder… I could feel him pulsing profusely in my hand. He was gunna come soon.

“Oh Beth… Oh God. I’m cumming. I’m cumming! Hnnng!!”

It gushed out, almost like a volcano. I felt him cum trickling down my hand… It felt so good. I gave it a little lick. It didn’t taste bad at all. I liked it.

“Mmm… you taste so good Michael.”

His hand slid back down to my pussy again. I was soaked. Jerking him off just got me so hot… I just couldn’t help myself. He slid his fingers back inside me and back out, taking them to his mouth and licking his lips.

“You don’t taste too bad yourself sweetie.”

He then got up and went to the bottom of the bed, near the lower half of my body. He slowly slid my pants off, and my heart began to race.

“Oh God… he’s not going to is he?”

He slipped off my panties, and wrapped his arms around my legs, and put his head in front of my pussy. He took his tongue, and began licking it and flicking his tongue against it. I let out a simpering moan with deep pleasure… He was gunna eat me out; it was actually going to happen. I dreamed and fantasied about this moment for so long. His licks Erotik hikaye became fuller, just gliding it up and down, and pushing it against my wet pussy. I moaned and whimpered. My heart was racing so badly. He did this for about another minute or so… That’s when he finally sat up, and began to finger me again. He slipped one finger in, wiggling it around, pushing it in and out slowly. I was going nuts. He then slipped in another finger… I’ve never been fingered by anyone else, except me… so it hurt a little. But after a while I stopped caring. The thought of Michael’s fingers being inside me just made me wild.

“Oh Michael… yes… yes… just like that! Ahhh baby I can’t take it!”
His speed picked up, and I could hear myself squish and splurt around down there. My hands clenched on the sheets above me and my head leaned back.

My body couldn’t take it, but I made myself put up with the torture. I was about to climax. It was so weird having this done by someone else. But I just didn’t want it to stop… My breathes became harder as his thrusts continued to pick up speed. My legs tightened and e climax came.

“Ohh Michael!”

I hoped to God that wasn’t too loud… my parents slept in the basement, and I know they would hear me at night sometimes when I’d talk or laugh too loud. If they heard me moaning while Michael was here, we’d both be dead… but no one mentioned it. So we were safe.

He smiled and slid his fingers out of me, then leaning back down to give me a passionate kiss. This continued to happen almost every night he stayed, and I just couldn’t get enough of it… It was so bad, I was so close to just. Having full on sex with him, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I did before we got married. So I held it in… He’s coming back in the winter, December 17th to be exact… maybe we can get more wild and dirty with our oral adventures. I know I want to try some new things, bondage mostly. I love the feeling of being totally helpless and dominated. We’ll see how it goes… for now, this is where the journey ends.

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