Losing Control on the Dancefloor

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Lizzie had always been straight and never really questioned her sexuality. Sure, she liked to watch girl on girl porn every now and then, who didn’t?! And occasionally a female friend would pop into her head during masturbation and push her to orgasm but it wasn’t something she’d thought too much about. Until her mum’s birthday…

Her mum, Sarah was turning 50 and, still looking great for her age with her long dark hair and slim figure, she’d decided to go out to a club and go against the norm for her birthday. Lizzie had just turned 18 so was excited to join her mum and her friends for some drinks and a dance. Lizzie herself was tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes, an athletic body and large tits that drew a lot of attention wherever she went. Recently she’d been enjoying the attentions of older men and was surprised to find herself turned on by the thought of men her parents age, despite having only ever had sex with boys her own age from school.

On the day of Sarah’s birthday a few girlfriends came round to theirs for cocktails and adored having the young Lizzie drinking with them finally! Lizzie found herself accepting multiple drinks and chatting on the sofa with their neighbour Suze, who was 52 with a slightly fuller tummy, shoulder length brown hair and enormous tits. Suze had a daughter in Lizzie’s class so decided to take Lizzie under her wing.

When the taxi arrived to take the tipsy ladies to the club, there wasn’t much space so Lizzie sat on Suze’s lap with Sarah beside them. Lizzie always got turned on with cocktails so found herself enjoying the vibrations a bit too much and laid her head back on Suze’s shoulder while they drove. Suze kept a hand on Lizzie’s bursa escort thigh (beside the window) and slowly stroked her leg. As her hand gently slid underneath Lizzie’s skirt and onto her inner thigh, Lizzie suddenly lifted her head in discomfort as she became aware of the situation with a start.

As she opened her mouth to speak, she heard a gently whisper in her ear “shhh baby, just relax into me…” Followed by a soft sigh. Not knowing what to do and far too inebriated, Lizzie did as she was told and lay her head back again, closing her eyes and listening to the heavy breathing in her ear. Just as Suze plucked up the courage raise her hand up Lizzie’s thigh towards her damp pussy, the taxi stopped and the women began to pile out. Lizzie turned her head and stared heatedly into Suze’s eyes for a few seconds before reluctantly getting out of the car and heading into the club.

Once inside, Lizzie started collecting her thoughts, confused at her reactions to the older woman and deciding she desperately needed a fuck tonight. She headed to the bar for a tequila shot before disappearing into the crowded dancefloor, not bothering to wait for her mum or the rest of the party.

She closed her eyes and dance to the pumping beats, feeling her body move to the rhythm and getting lost in the erotic tones of her mind. It wasn’t long before she felt hands on her waist from behind and allowed them to stay, grinding her arse backwards until she collided with a body and felt them hold her close with fever. She leant back into the body and was surprised to feel large tits and erect nipples pressed into her back firmly. Just as she considered moving away, the hands moved and escort bursa grabbed hold of her tits with such fury that she gasped loudly and instinctively ground her entire body into the woman behind her, reaching her own hands back to grope the stranger’s arse.

She heard an erotic moan into her ear and laid her head back with her eyes closed while feeling her nipples being pinched through her tiny best top. She let out a loud moan and instantly forgot there was anyone but her and this sexy stranger on the dancefloor. She could barely contain herself, all she wanted to do was kiss and ride this woman right there in the club.

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice in her ear, “God baby, I need to feel your pussy. I’ve been watching you for years waiting until this moment. I need you now”. Lizzie’s pussy gushed at the sound of Suze’s husky voice and the feel of her fat body against Lizzie’s arse.

Lizzie turned her head to stare list fully into Suze’s dark eyes “Feel me now, God I need you inside me” and she leant in feverishly and kissed Suze on the mouth, on hand still behind her squeezing her big arse, the other behind Suze’s head, pulling at her hair.

Suze returned the kiss passionately, their tongues dancing and battling against each other while their moans grew louder and more desperate. Suze kept one hand ferociously squeezing and pitching Lizzie’s nipples while the other delved underneath her skirt, under her thong and plunged into her dripping pussy, where she instantly began pumping two fingers in at a quickening pace. They continued like this, uncaring that everyone was watching, moaning louder and louder, tongue fucking each other’s mouths, squeezing bursa escort bayan every inch of skin they could find, while Suze added a third finger into Lizzie pussy and began finger fucking her vigorously.

Sarah stood nearby and found her initial shock turn to inner heat as she found herself rubbing her own tits and unable to take her eyes off her horny daughter.

Lizzie began thrusting against Suze’s fingers and screaming through their kiss as her orgasm started to build. “Oooooh Suze!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME HARD!! YEAH THATS IT! OH GOD.”

She broke the kiss to lay her head back against Suze as the waves began in full. Suze adored watching the sexy girl scream in euphoria and let her own orgasm build as she ground her throbbing pussy against Lizzie tight arse like a dog in heat “BABY FEEL ME INSIDE YOU! YEAH BABY! IM COMING.”

They both screamed unintelligible words as they were hit with wave after wave of intense orgasm and ground their pussies into each other and Suze’s hand while groping every inch of body in desperation.

Sarah grabbed the nearest man to her and ground desperately into his stiff cock through his tight jeans. He was barely 18 himself but she didn’t care, she just needed release and he was all too happy to help. He held her close and their grinding turned into animal dry humping while Sarah moaned in his ear “Oh God Baby! God I love you so much! Yeah Lizzie, fuck me. FUCK ME LIZZIE!” It didn’t take long for them both to cum in tidal waves, followed by a steamy wet kiss with Sarah’s tongue as deep into his throat as it could go. Before she untangled herself and walked away to the toilets to have a private moment alone…

All the while Lizzie and Suze had gushed cum all over the floor and held each other as the waves subsided. Before Suze moaned huskily “If I don’t taste you I’ll explode…” Kissed her deeply, grabbed her wet hand and led her to the exit…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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