Louise Ch. 03


I walked straight past Alice. It was only until I reached the bottom of the stairwell that I heard footsteps behind me. I turned and saw Alice’s big glassy eyes peering at me, her pupils dilated. “What is it?” I asked her. She was carefully studying my figure, her eyes moving from my chest to my stomach, to right below my waist, and then back up again. “I wanted to talk to you about something…” she said.

“Alright,” I said.

“Can we go up to your room?”

“Follow me.”

We walked up the stairs together. When we got to my door I unlocked it and let her inside. I closed the door behind me and went to wash my face. I could feel her eyes on me and it made me nervous.

After drying my face in the towel I turned to her and saw her gaze shift to various things in my room. I didn’t sweep the floor recently and my clothes were in a messy heap in one corner, so I felt a bit embarrassed another human had to see it.

“How long have you been staying here?” she asked.

“Since the beginning of September.”

“I always wanted to live on my own. It must feel good being away from your parents.”

“I still see them every weekend. What is it that you wanted to talk about?”

She was sitting on my bed. I walked away from the sink and leaned my back against the wall, facing her. She looked at my lips, and then quickly looked down. She turned to look at my lips again for a second, and then shot a soulful look at my eyes. Over the years I had grown tired of her giving me that look.

She stood up, then slowly walked towards me, until she was inches away from my face. Her eyes studied my features: my nose, lips, the mole under my eye. And suddenly, her lips grabbed mine.

I was in shock for a couple seconds, my eyes wide open and hers closed. The first thing that came to mind was the dream of us I had the year before, and then Louise’s face. I gently pushed Alice away from me.

“Why did you do that?” I asked. “I thought you wanted to talk.”

“I wanted to kiss you first. I love you Kristen.”

I kind of expected this day to come, but not when I had a girlfriend.


“Do you feel the same way?” There was a hopeful look on her face.

“Um…I’m involved with someone.”

“Oh…” She looked away from me. “Well, she must be lucky.” She turned to look at me and smiled. I could see the tears welled up in her eyes. “I’ll be going now.”

We went outside my room and I led her down the stairs. When I reached to the front gate and unlocked it, she hugged me, told me goodbye, and walked to her car. I watched her drive off, and I suddenly didn’t want to be alone in my room for the night.

On Saturday morning Louise took me out for breakfast at a coffee place. I didn’t continue the kiss with Alice, but I still felt uneasy around Louise, like I had actually cheated. My anxiety always got the better of me.

“Something wrong dear?” Louise asked me. “You’ve been looking down since I picked you up.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I’m just a bit stressed with school.”

“Assignments piling up?”


Louise was taking bites out of her sandwich and looking out the window, clueless of what happened on Tuesday between me and Alice. I sipped my coffee, staring at a car that was parked outside.

When we finished at our table, we paid the bill, walked outside, and got into Louise’s car. Before she started to drive she turned to me and did a quick glance at my chest, then asked me if I wanted to stay by her house for a while. I knew what she meant – and my answer was always yes. And I loved to see the smirk of satisfaction when I told her.

We got to her place at 11 am. We walked up to her bedroom and she locked the door. We both took off our shoes and put it in a corner. Then she grabbed me quite suddenly and pressed my body against hers, and pushing me towards the wall. My back gently hit the solid surface. She raised my hands and pinned them to the wall, close to either side of my head. Her mouth plunged into mine. When she eventually released herself from the kiss, she looked at me, a bit curiously.

“Something’s different…” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe I’m just crazy…but something does feel different about you…you’re really stressed aren’t you? You poor girl…”

I said nothing.

“University is tough.” She walked in the direction of her bedside drawer. She opened the top drawer and took out the red seven inch strap on dildo. “So I’m gonna give it to you good today.” She licked her lips, her eyes travelling my body.

I started taking my clothes off for our ritual. Her eyes never left my body as I undressed. When I became completely naked, I walked over to her bed, lay on my back, and spread my legs. She watched me move my hand towards my clit and start rubbing in a slow circular motion. I stared directly into her eyes while she stood above me, and I could feel her excitement growing.

I let her take the dildo and she slid it up and down over my clit, Bayan Escort Gaziantep and I felt the vaginal contractions. When I was wet enough, I shoved two of my fingers in and slowly massaged the walls, readying myself for her. In the meantime, she was unbuttoning her shirt, and I could see the black lace bra and toned stomach.

She slid the shirt off of her, and I marvelled at her cleavage. She took her pants and underwear off, leaving her with just the bra. She waxed and I didn’t, but she didn’t mind, and wouldn’t mind if I started waxing either.

I released my fingers. I was already cumming. She grasped my hand, got next to me on the bed and slowly eased her mouth over my wet fingers. She slid down slowly until I couldn’t see my fingers, and slowly slid back up and out, licking my lips while looking into my eyes.

Excited, she shifted to get the strap on dildo from on top of the bedside table. She put it on and adjusted it, and I stayed in position – on my back and my legs open.

She placed herself between me, easing her dick into my ripe wet hole, her hands on my waist. She slid into me until I consumed the whole thing. She slid back out slowly, and slowly in again. She progressed in speed until my breasts were bouncing dangerously.

“I know you love it baby,” she said in a loud whisper.

“Yes…” I whispered back, my eyes closed.

She kept going with that speed until my legs began to tremble. And then came the powerful orgasm. She kept her dick inside me while my walls hugged her a few times.

Unfortunately I had a refractory period, so we stopped. She pulled out, and I lay there, my legs still trembling. I eventually sat up and looked at the huge wet spot I left on her sheets.

“You always do it so good,” I told her, and kissed her lips.

“I’m glad you’re always satisfied.”

A few seconds passed, and then I said “I want you to um…well, if you’re not tired…”

“What is it baby?”

“You remember when I used this on you?” I turned my eyes to the strap on dildo that she was still wearing.

“Oh yes.”

“I..want you to…”

“Is anal what you’re trying to say?”

“…Yes,” I said. I saw her eyes light up and a smirk formed on her face.

“I’ll gladly fuck your ass.”

“I’ve been…preparing myself for a while.”

“Good. Then I’ll do the rest.”

She told me to get up and bend over her dresser. I did as she said. She walked up to my ass and spread it, revealing my hole. “Not bad,” she said. Then she shoved two of her fingers into my still wet vagina and fingered me hard and fast for a few seconds. When she pulled out, she slowly drove her wet fingers into my ass, and fingered it for a while. “Oh your ass is ready for me,” she said, and gave my ass a pinch.

“I’m going to get some lubricant,” she said. She went to her drawer. “For a while I forgot I had this.” I heard her open and close the drawer. Then she handed me a cushion from the bed to lean on, and told me she was going to use a water-based lubricant, showing me the bottle.

She put her fingers in my ass again, but this time they were covered with the lubricant. She was fingering me faster now, and the warmth that I felt from the lubricant made me want to cum. She eventually pulled out and then grabbed the bottle from next to me. I knew she was going to spread and rub some on the dildo as well.

Closing the bottle and setting it back next to me, she put her hands on my hips, and slowly eased her dick into my hole. I let out a moan of pleasure.

She was slow at first, kneading my ass with her fingers. Then she progressed to a moderate speed. But before long we needed more of the lubricant, so she fingered my ass with it again and then pushed her dick back in. She continued with the speed she had before, but then stopped suddenly. I turned to look at her, but then she started again at a speed that I swore would rip my anus out. “Holy fuck,” I said in a loud whisper. And she laughed.

While she was fucking me fast she slapped my ass hard a few times, and I knew I would see her hand prints on me when we were finished. Once again, I marvelled at her stamina – she kept her pace for a considerably long time. If she stopped, she did a couple hard thrusts, enough to make my ass cheeks quake, and then went back at it again.

When she finally finished pounding my ass, she pulled out and I tried to stand up. My legs were giving way, and my ass was burning both from her pounding and the slaps. I had been cumming, and now I was wet from both cum and lubricant. When I was finally able to stand properly on my two feet, I observed the cum dripping on her dresser, and then she gave my ass another hard slap, startling me. She grabbed me from behind, and I felt the wet dildo squeeze against my ass crack.

Her hand slid towards my hairy female part that she so loved. She slid her fingers between the lips and found my clit. I spread my legs slightly for her, allowing her more space to rub. She kissed my shoulder when she started, and I could feel her eyes waiting for the expression my face was going to make during the next ten to fifteen seconds.

She was rubbing fast now, and my legs were trembling. I gasped and dipped, and she rubbed even harder, until the heavy climax came and I let out a small scream. She left her fingers on my clit to feel two or three throbs, and then slid down to my vagina, and shoved herself inside. She massaged the walls, especially rubbing upwards so I could feel the post-orgasm. When she pulled out, I turned towards her and plunged my mouth into hers, wrapping my arms around her.

When I let go of her, I said “That was amazing Louise.”

“I’m glad you loved it baby. Now how about we get cleaned up?”

She took off the strap on and we went inside the adjoining bathroom. She washed her hands and the dildo at the sink while I turned the knobs in the shower. I went into her room to get a hair tie and a couple of hair clips that I left and a towel and came back to find her completely naked too. She left her bra next to the sink together with the strap on.

“I’ll be joining you,” she said.

I tied and clipped my hair and got into the shower. The underneath pipe was on and the water was warm enough. She came with her towel and hung it next to mine on top of the enclosure, her hair up as well, and stepped inside and slid the door shut. I turned on the shower. I turned to face her, the water falling on my back. We examined each other’s bodies. We were both average. I was twenty and she was thirty seven, so her body was more developed than mine.

She picked up the shower gel, opened it, and poured some onto a scrub. She placed the scrub on my breasts and started rubbing in a circular motion, making sure I was well lathered. She moved down to my stomach, then my pubic hair, then to my shoulders and arms. She told me to turn and then she scrubbed my back and then moved to my ass. “Does it still burn?” she asked. “A little,” I replied. She handed me the scrub and I covered my legs and neck, then handed it back to her. She gave me some more of the shower gel and I used it on my vagina and still sore anus, and then washed off all the remaining soapiness from my body. When I was finished, she had finished scrubbing and was ready to wash off, so I stepped out of the shower and on to the mat, grabbing my towel and drying myself. I went into her room to pick up my clothes and change. Not long after I got dressed I saw her coming out of the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her. I sat on the bed and watched her remove the towel and get dressed, and she smiled at me every now and then.

When we finished brushing our hair we left her room and went downstairs, outside in her garden where we sat on a bench under a poui tree. She took out her cell phone and ordered pizza while I watched the birds ruffling their feathers at a stone fountain. It wasn’t too sunny, and not too hot either. I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds were stratus. I would have preferred it was overcast.

We were sitting on the bench together in silence for a while. I was feeling at ease until I remembered that incident with Alice. I wasn’t quite sure whether to tell Louise about it, but the silence made me do it.

“Um, Louise…”

“Yes dear?” She put her hand on my thigh and turned her head to face me.

“I need to tell you something. It’s about Alice.”

I saw her frown suddenly. “Alright.”

“She gave me a visit on Tuesday, after you dropped me back at my building. It looked like she was waiting or something. I just ignored her, but she followed me. She said she needed to talk, so I let her in my room…and she kissed me.”

Louise removed her hand from my thigh, turned her head forward and crossed her arms, and I could see from her face that she was upset.

“The nerve of that girl,”she said. “She hurt you so much and now she…I’m going to have a talk with her.”

“She doesn’t know that we’re –”

“I’m going to let her know. And I have a feeling she hasn’t fixed her ways.” Louise sighed.

We sat there for some time in silence until we heard a car honk at the front of the house.

“That must be the pizza,” Louise said. She took her phone and wallet and we both walked to the front.

I took the box from the pizza guy and Louise paid him. We went upstairs and set it down on the kitchen counter. It was pepperoni. Louise called her son to the kitchen. He took a slice and went back to his room, without saying a word to us. “He’s stressed out from a project he has to do. He said he didn’t need my help, but I’ll still check up on him tonight,” Louise said.

We took some plates and a couple slices each, and a Solo soda for each of us. We walked into the living room and sat on the couch together. She asked me if I wanted to watch tv but I said no, so we sat in silence while we ate.

I could feel that she was still upset. “What are you going to tell her?” I asked.

“I’m just going to give her a warning. I don’t want her coming around you.” Louise’s voice was remarkably calm. I hardly ever saw her angry, but when she was the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. She continued with her pizza, staring ahead of her and not saying anything.

When we both finished we went to wash our plates. When I grabbed my soda from the coffee table, she asked me how long I could stay. It was 1 pm. “Only for about an hour,” I said, “I need to get back and work on my essays.”

“Alright. Well I want all three of us to sit down and talk. Right here in the living room. How does tomorrow sound?”

“Um, yeah tomorrow sounds good…I thought you were just going to call her.”

“A face to face conversation is always better right? You would agree with me on that. Plus, she needs to see you there when I’m talking to her.”

Louise sounded different. A bit scary. I felt something was up, and I didn’t quite want to be around her when she was in this mood, so I asked her then to drop me back at my building. I made up the excuse that I had just realised how much work I really had to do and couldn’t afford to spend the time on other things.

By the time we got to my building, she had already called Alice and organised a time to meet at Louise’s house the next day. Alice was Louise’s ex-husband’s niece, so she and Louise were familiar with each other. Louise had always been wary of her, and she had good reason to be. I hate to use the term, but there’s no other I know to describe her: Alice was a bitch.

Louise picked me up at 10 am the next day. She was more tense than the day before, and now I dreaded this coming conversation even more.

The drive to her house felt longer than usual. When we got to her house, Alice was in her car, parked outside. I saw their eyes meet for a moment, and in that moment I saw the hostility between them. I knew of a falling out they had the year before, and I don’t think Louise had completely forgiven her.

We all stepped out. Alice looked at me, amazed. Her eyes shifted from me to Louise, and then Louise to me a couple times.

“Y-you two know each other?” Alice said. Her eyes were wide and watery, her voice cracked a little, and I saw her gulp. When we were in Louise’s car the day before and she made the call, she hadn’t told Alice that I would be there. She just said she wanted to have a face to face talk in her living room, and that she’ll explain when they were both there.

“Let’s go upstairs,” was all Louise said.

We got to the upstairs living room where we ate pizza the day before. Louise and I sat on one couch, and Alice sat on the one opposite to us, the coffee table separating the two beige couches.

Louise crossed her arms and had one leg over the other. She waited for a few seconds before saying “You kissed my girlfriend.” She was glaring at Alice, her tone was serious. Alice’s eyes widened, and she glanced at me before saying “Um, what?”

“She wasn’t pleased,” Louise said.

Alice’s mouth was half open, and she was trying to keep her eyes away from me by looking at everything else.

“Apologize to her.”

Alice said nothing. She couldn’t look at me or say anything.

“Well?” After some time, Louise said vindictively “I don’t know what you feel for her but it’s not love. I don’t know if you feel anything at all. Maybe you’re trying to lure her into your trap just like you did with the guys you dated. And once you catch them, you keep stomping on them until there’s nothing left. Are you trying to prove something, or are you just evil?”

Alice still said nothing. She was looking at neither me nor Louise, but at the illuminated curtains covering the transparent sliding doors separating us from the verandah. Suddenly I felt Louise’s hand brush my thigh. I turned to look at her, but she was looking at Alice. Then she started dragging her hand up and down on my thigh, and was slowly shifting to my crotch. I had to stop her hand with mine, but she kept going. “Louise,” I whispered loudly, but she didn’t stop. I knew Alice was hearing the sound of Louise’s hand moving on my pants, but she still didn’t turn to us. Then Louise grabbed my pussy. I gasped, and Alice turned, horrified to see where Louise’s hand was. I felt embarrassed, my face was red, and Louise didn’t seem to care when I kept whispering to her to stop. She was trying to make Alice jealous, and it was working.

Alice realized what was going on, and she knew I was uncomfortable.

“She’s the one who isn’t pleased with you,” Alice blurted out.

Louise turned towards me, but I couldn’t look at her. She immediately released her hand, and I heard her sigh. “Get out of my house Alice,” she said. Alice got up and looked at me with wide and watery eyes. She was walking towards me when Louise said “What do you think you’re doing?”

“So other than harassing her you’re going to control who she talks to as well?”

“I know how conniving you are. I already told you to get out.”

“You don’t understand.” Alice’s voice cracked. She quickly told me her number and then walked to the stairs.

“I’m…I’m sorry,” Louise said.

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