Love (And Sex!) In The Time of Zombies

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= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 1 – The Beginning
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Claire looked gorgeous as she rode up and down my raging cock. Her tousled blonde hair partially covering her face she lolled her head from side to side as her orgasm wracked her entire body. Her beautiful breasts quivered and shook like only big breasts can. Shortly, she collapsed on top of me as her orgasm left her spent of energy.

Without pulling out, I managed to roll her onto her back and continued fucking her. She took it like a champ, although she wasn’t much more than a rag doll. All she managed to do was gasp and moan as my cock slammed into her time and again.

“Oooooh… yes… yes…” she cried out, along with the occasional “Michael”, which was good because that was my name. Once, my ex-wife called out “Thomas!”, which struck me as odd. She’s gone, now.

I’d chased Claire for almost 3 months, although that really wasn’t my style. After my divorce, I played it pretty fast and loose with the ladies. Nothing too deep, nothing too serious, just kept it light. If the lady was in to me, then, great! If she wasn’t, no worries, there’s more.

But Claire showed up in the office one day selling some software, and she hit me like a ton of bricks. I turned into jelly around her. I tried everything, and eventually we dated. And finally, we fucked, this night.

I squeezed one tit hard as my other arm supported me. Her soft flesh felt wonderful in my hand. Just beautifully squishy and yet firm, with very responsive nipples. I pushed it up to her face and sucked her tit right next to her face. I withdrew slightly and offered Claire her own nipple, to which she accepted and gently drew into her mouth. I kissed her and she released her nipple; we both licked it vigorously as my engorged cock continued to fuck her tight pussy.

“Micheal… I’m going to… (gasp)… cum again… cum in me please!”

“You’re on the pill, yes?”

“No, but it’s okay… please Michael.”

Yeah, heard that one before. That’s how I got married the first time. She ended up miscarrying but we were married by then.

“Okay baby, I’m going to cum in you!” I cried out, faking it. I flexed my cock a couple times and her cunt responded with death-grip clenches as she came. I wanted to cum on her tits and face. I wanted to coat her entire body with my sperm. I wanted her to know that she was very special to me. I could barely contain my cum.

“Grab your tits, baby!” I said as I fucked her.

Claire squeezed them for me as I pumped a few more times, then pulled out and straddled her stomach.

I stroked a couple times and felt the fantastic feeling as hot cum began flying out of my cock.

Claire screamed, “What are you doing!?” She immediately released her tits and went to block her face with her hands. My cum splashed onto her tits and a couple streams hit her blocking hands full force. Dammit, would’ve gone right in her mouth, too. She turned her head as far to the side as it would go. Still, a few stray drops and splashes got through and hit her cheek and neck.

I still had a couple shots left when she struggled out from under me, pushing me aside. She ran to the bathroom, holding her hands up in disgust, as if they were covered in dogshit or something.

“Why did you have to wreck everything?” she cried.

Jesus, really? My cum ‘wrecked everything’?

The faucet ran for several minutes as she cleaned up. Hell, I’m surprised she didn’t take a bath or a shower. Finally she came out, one of my towels wrapped around her. She had pinned up her hair, apparently so none of my nasty stuff would come in contact with her golden locks. Hey, she did have gorgeous hair, but still, man.

She began gathering up her clothes. She wouldn’t look at me.

“You know,” I began. “I licked your pussy for at least a half an hour tonight.”

“Thank you.”

“Well, I enjoyed it. So… then… it’s okay for me to do that to you, but my sperm is unacceptable?”

“I asked you to cum inside me, remember?”

Yeah, I remember. I also remember your warm-up blow job was feeble at best, and lasted almost a minute and a half. I was just so excited to have you in my bed that I didn’t mind it at the time.

She was now dressed. She stopped and looked at me, a little pleadingly, I thought.

A selfish lover. So many times it’s the great-looking women who are just marginal in bed. I guess they figure their looks are good enough, we men should be grateful just to be with them at all.

“Don’t call me,” I said. She left in a huff.

People should just have signs around their neck. “I suck at blowjobs.” “I don’t do Anal.” “I won’t lick pussy.” It would save us all a lot of trouble in the long run.

I was rather disappointed. We had talked of taking next week off and going to my mountain cabin. Spending a week with her in a cabin, screwing, hiking, fucking, skinny dipping, boffing this beautiful woman. Maybe I could still call her and–

No! Bad! Snap out of it! Who needs a selfish beauty?

Right. I’ll go anyway. By myself.

I packed up my Jeep with a bunch of gear and headed north out of Phoenix, up to Colorado. No, I’m not telling you where it is, exactly. I don’t need a bunch of you people showing up here, especially after all that’s happened.

It’s not so much a cabin, anymore, as it is a castle.

It’s a cooperative venture between myself and three of my high school buddies. One of them, David, had this land above a small town. We decided it would make a cool getaway. So we built a small cabin and took turns using it on weekends. We each contributed a certain amount of money each month for improvements and such. After 15 years, it’s pretty fricking awesome. The original cabin is gone. Instead, the place looks like a nice southwestern adobe house. It’s rather deceptive, though, as the walls are 3 feet of steel, brick, dirt, and adobe. The windows are merely decorative; they conceal ‘ports’ that are great for shooting out of. Yeah, it’s kind of a castle.

Add to that we’ve got a partially submerged and hidden storage area where we’ve got 3 40′ containers of food, clothing, supplies, weapons, ammo. Then, in the garage, we’ve got a Unimog (crazy, go anywhere Euro-truck built by Mercedes) two 4-seater Rhinos, a two seater Razr, and a few motorcycles. I don’t ride the bikes, though; too uncoordinated.

The house/castle sleeps 8 comfortably, but you could squeeze in 12 or even more in a pinch. We made it for each of us 4, plus 1 each, for 8. Then, one of my buddies had a baby. Uh oh. If we all have babies, there won’t be any room. So we laid the foundation for another castle just a few feet away. Should take a year or two to finish.

We weren’t exactly paranoid, we just weren’t convinced that the world would keep going along on its merry way.

Turns out, we were right.

I was the “Information Officer” of our group. Meaning, I built us a network with satellite access to the ‘net. I had redundant servers and spare parts to last for years and years. Part of my job was to download stuff, information. So I downloaded Youtube videos of how to make diesel fuel, tutorials on farming, articles on gunsmithing, calf-birthing, goat milking, books on making whiskey, plus I ripped thousands of movies and stored them, too. We had a pretty good encyclopedia of knowledge and entertainment going. Oh yeah. And porn. I downloaded lot of porn. Videos and stories. Guys gotta have fun, you know? It ain’t all doom and gloom.

So I went up the Saturday after Claire. I got the solar panels out and set them up. Got out the windmills, checked the batteries, checked the fuel levels, checked our water tanks… basically made the place livable.

I was fishing in the creek, I had nabbed a trout already, when my cell phone went off. It was David, one of my cabin buddies. He was in New York.

“Dude!” he exclaimed. “It’s on! Code Zebra !! It’s really on!”

“Uh, what’s on?” We had code words for disasters. But I had forgotten what this one was.

“Zombies man! It’s on!”

“Right! I just caught a trout who’s kind of a zombie. I thought it was dead but then it flopped around–“

“No I’m serious! Go check the site, man!”

So I assured him I would check it out. Reluctantly, I put the nearly dead fish back in the creek, packed up my gear and strolled back to the cabin. I flipped on the browser to our favorite prepper site.

There was ONE Story about a guy eating another guy. I mean, Dahmer did more than that. Then there was some guy in Florida a couple years ago doing that. That’s not exactly a Zombie Apocalypse. I called David back.

“Dude, I’m giving you the big ‘So what’ on this one!”

“No Michael. I know this guy. A doctor. He said he saw a guy at the hospital rise up after a heart attack. He bit like three nurses and orderlies. The media passed it off as a crazed lunatic.”

“Alright, stand by.” I found the news stories about that, it was like he said. Nutjob on a rampage.

“Yeah,” said David. “The media is covering it up. I know. It’s only one thing. But the guy is my doctor. It’s on. I’m telling you. I’m sounding the alarm.”

“Well, I’m already here, so hurry the fuck up.”

We hung up and I thought about it for awhile. Zombies. If that’s true, I’ll need more of my guns. Here at the cabin, I’ve got only got my required AR-15 and Glock 21, two of each. One was for my wife, now ex. (We decided to have standardized guns for parts etc. So, we had 8 AR-15s and 8 Glocks stored.) That’s fine, but I want my 1911, my other AR with the fancy scope, my Howa 308, my Benelli shotgun, my other pistols, and more ammo, and some other crap. And, night as well get as much food as I can while the store’s are still open.

I’ve got time, right? It’s only 20 hours round-trip. I got going.

So I locked up the place, loaded up the AR and my Glock and a few hundred rounds for each, and took off for home.

On the way, a story came on the radio of a different crazed man on a rampage who attacked three people at a mortuary in Denver. I pushed the Jeep’s gas pedal a little more.

After a grueling trip home, I was exhausted. It was about midnight, after all. However, I had to keep going. I packed up clothes, pictures, trinkets, cameras, anything of value. I have a decent-sized off-road utility trailer, so that got partially filled up with all that stuff. My Jeep I filled with my guns, ammo, other weapons, my gold and silver rounds, all my tools, and cans of gas. Grabbed my local stash of cash, about 9 grand.

Then I went to the 24-hour Super Walmart.

Now, we each had over 4 years of food per person stored at the cabin, but it’s all freeze-dried and dehydrated stuff. Not all that exciting. I wanted some good stuff if the world was ending.

So I literally bought most of Walmart’s canned fruits. Filled up an entire shopping cart of peaches and pears and pineapples. Took that out to the trailer and dumped it. Went back and bought another cart of canned vegetables. Then I went for the canned meats like stews, tuna, chicken, spam, chili. Took two carts for all that.

More trips for soups, vegetables, and then the boxes of potato dishes and pasta dishes. More trips for cooking oil, spices, and more stuff I don’t even no what. At some point, one of the workers started helping me so things went faster. Still it took almost four hours.

“Uh, sir?” the worker, Stan, had asked me. “What’s all this for, if you don’t mind me asking?”

I thought about it for a moment, then spoke straight up. “Might be the zombies, Stan. You should get ready. Get some food and shit.” I tipped him a couple of hundreds. He was really helpful.

As I was checking out the last cart, a frantic call came over the loudspeaker.

“Code Blue to ladies wear! Code Blue Ladies Wear!”

I looked quizzically over at the helper dude, Stan.

“Medical,” he explained. “Usually means some old lady fell. But could be a heart attack or stroke. We get those sometimes. I gotta go check it out.”

I paid the clerk. We heard screams coming from close by. Coming from the ladies clothing section. Two women staggered out from the racks, large wounds on their arms. Kinda looked like bites.

Time to go.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 2 – The Rescue
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

I got the hell out of Dodge, err, Phoenix. When the shit hits the fan, you want to be first out or you’ll be stuck in traffic jams forever. Fortunately, it was about 4 am Sunday morning so the roads were basically empty. I began coaxing my heavily laden Jeep up the 5,500 foot climb on I-17 to Flagstaff.

Talked to my buddies on the cell, they were all making their way to the cabin with their wives. Claire called, she sounded panicky. She apologized, and could I please take her to the cabin? I told her to go to the Walmart I was just at and buy a gun and some ammo. She told me to fuck off. I told her to suck a dick until it cums.

Called my parents. They didn’t believe me about anything. Dad did check that the door was locked. Sigh. I’d set them up with as much stuff as I could, but you can only do so much for people. They didn’t want to come over from Vegas. They do have a shotgun, water barrels, MREs… should last them a couple months.

Went up to Flagstaff and turned east on 40, could see some fires burning in the little city. Went 50 some-odd miles outside of town, then found a side road to hide and take a rest.

Many hours later, I finally made it back to the cabin. Had lots of excitement, though. Ran over 10-12 zombies. Shot a few more. Saved a few lives, for the time being, at least. Lesson for the future, firing your gun INSIDE a car is hazardous to your hearing! The movies don’t prepare you for how loud that can be!

The little town just below our compound in the hills seems to be okay. The news is reporting instances of terrorism on a large scale. No mention of zombies, though. Wow. Thanks for the fair and balanced reporting. Don’t want people to know what’s really happening. The websites are going crazy though. Youtube has footage up that is shocking.

David stopped answering his cell phone. So did Chris and Steven. Maybe the cells went down due to power outages? They are far too smart to get caught up in this crap. I hope. But then, I drove out of only one actual city. They’ve got scores of cities to get through.

I swept the area, all clear. Then I started unloading the trailer and Jeep, and got down to the business of survival.

Two more days went by before the first zombie showed up in town. At least, that’s what I figured. I could hear the gunfire, and could see cars speeding about the place. Mayhem. I considered going down to help, but, what can one man do? There were hundreds of them. Plus, I didn’t really know the layout well, would probably just get myself killed. Ah, who am I kidding. I was just being a pussy.

I re-considered on the third day.

Now, my Jeep Wrangler already proved to be a pretty good zombie-striker. It’s lifted and sitting on 37″ offroad tires, M/T’s with serious knobby tread. It’s the 4-door model outfitted with extra gas tanks, 5.13 gears, offroad lights and whatnot, it’s pretty heavy. And it has a big ass bumper in the front which proved great at knocking over Zed and his Zed friends. But for real survival, I’ve got the Unimog. It’s built about 4 times stronger than the Jeep, has higher ground clearance, has four doors and a camper box on the back-end. They were originally made as a German army-type vehicle, then they became available to the public. This one was originally a command and communications truck. We rigged it up as an emergency truck with a ladder, medical gear, fire extinguishers, gun racks, everything we could think of.

I put on my camo gear. Then I put on Chris’s dirtbike gear. It has hard plastic pieces that cover the chest and back, forearms, elbows, upper arms. I figured it would be harder to get bitten that way. Put on my chest rig which held my 1911 and 6 magazines for that. It also held 8 mags for my AR, 30-rounders. Pulled on my steel toed boots, shin guards, knee pads, and a dirtbike helmet and goggles. I’ve also got these Kevlar gloves that are supposed to be knife-proof, I hoped they were teeth-proof. I looked like a confused army man, nothing really matched but what the hell. I don’t need to be camouflaged from Zed, just need to be hard to eat. Grabbed my shotgun, AR, and a suppressed .22 caliber rifle.

Got in the Mog and drove to town.

Much of the town was quiet, I turned down onto the deserted main street and kept a look out. In my mirrors I could see a strange site; zombies exiting stores and turning to follow my truck. Was everybody dead?

Suddenly, shots rang out and my blessed Unimog was hit! The shots came from an upstairs window of a house. I returned fire (had my helmet on to protect my hearing this time!) and stomped on the gas. The Mog, rather reluctantly, responded and I turned off to a side street. I zigged and zagged a bit and lost my zombies that were trailing me. I stopped the truck and took off my helmet.

It was quiet. Too quiet for the Zombie Apocalypse.

A Zed rounded the corner and shuffled towards me. I mean, I think he was a Zed. Blood covered face and chest, blank stare… I grabbed the suppressed .22 and fired at his head. Two shots and he dropped, but not before he let out the moan.

The zombie moan. We learned to hate and fear that sound. The moan seemed to be a “Hey Zombie friends, there’s meat over here!” kind of a thing. I knew more were coming soon. I heard some more zombie moans behind me.

Time to go. I got back in the cab and was ready to turn the key when I heard several female screams from a nearby house. Shit. That’s also the direction where the moans came from.

I took the keys (didn’t want to leave them in the ignition and have some live asshole take off in it), put my helmet back on, grabbed my bigger AR-15 rifle, and trotted to the house to investigate.

As I climbed the steps up the porch, I could see many Zeds milling about inside, trying to get up the stairs where the screams were coming from. I took aim and started shooting. Headshots only, you know. Which isn’t that easy considering a head isn’t very big and they are moving, not holding still. So it took me a shot and sometimes two or three to kill one. But the AR is semi-automatic, meaning all I have to do is pull the trigger for each bullet, so I can shoot pretty fast. Full auto would’ve been nice… shoulda got that instead but that’s illegal in Colorado. Thanks, politicians.

As the zombies started dropping, the still living ones… or… still undead ones, turned and saw me and came my direction. The moans increased, calling their friends.

My first magazine emptied, I flipped it over and stuck in the second one I had taped to it. Firing steadily, I killed them and the ones on the stairs. I then tried climbing the stairs, but it was full of blood and gore and really dead zombies. The screams continued upstairs, but I couldn’t get there. I could hear some moans up there, though.

Shit! Some zombie motherfucker grabbed my leg! I fell backwards but landed on a couch. The offending Zed reached out from beneath a pile of dead Zeds. The female screams continued upstairs, I figured I could kill this fallen one later.

I ran back outside, started the Mog and backed her right up to the house, destroying the picket fence and garden in the process. But now the top of the rear camper box was pretty much in line with the porch roof, which led to the second story windows. Climbed up the hood, onto the cab, onto the box, up the porch covering, and I landed in the upstairs hallway.

The zeds up here saw me, turned and moaned, and died again in a hail of 5.56 mm bullets. The screams continued in a bedroom. I turned in to see a gal and a woman trying to hold off two zombies with chairs. A bunch of people were backed up in the corners of the room. They weren’t going to last much longer. I reached over my shoulder and pulled out my Crovel, a small but heavy duty combination tool of crow-bar and shovel. The shovel edges are sharpened to act like an axe. It also has a saw edge and a bottle opener, so it’s pretty cool. I hooked one Zed with the crowbar end and pulled him off the young girl.

“Cover your face!” I yelled to the girl. I didn’t want her to get splashed with blood.

I brought down the Crovel and sliced his head like a watermelon. I repeated the action with the other Zed, pulled him away and sliced his brain in two.

Zombie moans outside. They’re coming in the house again.

I surveyed the situation, but there was too much going on. There were several females and one guy that were all up and standing in semi-defensive stances. Plus a few that seemed to be down. Nobody had any guns, just some garden rakes and pieces of wood, a baseball bat. They were all terrified, whimpering, and seemed ready to give up. They were also mostly in skirts and heels, which seemed odd to me. The Unimog had room for these people. My cabin had room as my buddies didn’t seem to be coming. It is kind of lonely up there… I made a snap-decision.

I took off my helmet to show them I was just a regular guy.

“You guys want to get out of here?”

A chorus of “Fuck yeahs!” and other affirmatives followed, until this older woman stepped forward from the others. And by older, I mean she was probably my age. She was the one that was fighting off a Zed earlier but was now tending to a girl on the floor.

“Do you have any medical supplies?” she asked, desperately. “First aid kit? Food? What? I’m responsible for these girls.”

She was stunning. Her medium length black hair was a mess. She was filthy; blood and grime on her face, and I thought she was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. Kind of Latino looking, maybe, or Italian.

“Lady, I’ve got everything you need.” Jesus! Did that sound stupid or what? Let me try that again.

“I mean, I’ve got a secure place, food, first aid, more guns, you’ll be safe. Safer than here.” She thought about it for a moment. I held out my hand. “It’s now or never, sweetheart.”

The zombie moans from downstairs pretty much sealed the deal. “They’re coming up again,” said one of the girls.

“Let’s go,” the lady said.

– – –

“Any of you ever shot a gun before?” I asked with not much hope.

“I have,” this tiny, dirty-blonde haired girl spoke up. “My dad’s a master sergeant in the Corps. I’ve shot M-4s and AR-15s a lot.”

“Ok,” I said, handing her the gun. “Show me. Clear the weapon.”

She dropped out the mag, pulled the charging handle which ejected the round in the chamber.

“Ok, I guess you do know what you’re doing. Here.” I handed her two full 30-round mags. “Watch the stairs. We’re going out the roof here.”

She slapped in a mag and put the other in her blouse. She chambered a round.

“Rock and roll!” she said with gusto. She fired a shot down the stairs. Then a couple more.

“Got em!” she hollered. “Fuck yeah!”

“Good girl! Shot placement, don’t waste ammo. Somebody get my helmet!”

Blake, the dude of the bunch, helped me with the downed girl. She was bleeding pretty badly from a wound to her back, her clothing was in shreds. It was hard to maneuver her because we were trying not to touch her back. The pretty lady was helping too. Turns out this wounded girl was her daughter. We finally got outside, and saw more zombies. They saw us, too, and moaned. Just for fun, I guess. They already moaned once. Why are they still moaning?

“Hey!” I yelled to the house. “What’s that chick’s name? The shooter? We need her out here!”

“That’s Erin,” a gal said. “I’ll get her.”

“Okay then. Some of you barricade the stairs so we don’t get caught from behind.” They started dragging a bureau across the floor.

Erin came outside and let out a “Holy fuck” as she saw the Zeds converging on my truck.

“Start shooting, sweetie. Stay on this side, though, I’ll get the other side. And you. Yeah you.”

“Tina,” a gal said.

“Tina. Hi. Spot for her. Tell her which ones are closest. Kill the closest ones first, then work your way out. Here, hold these two magazines. Don’t throw away the empties.”

Zed was out in full force, but we needed to move. Erin was proving to be a dead-eye, though. Necros were falling everywhere. I pulled out my .45 and clicked off the safety.

“Guys, I’m going down to clear them out over here.”

I hopped down on the hood of the Mog and killed a couple right by the driver’s door of the truck.

Bam Bam! Another one over here… Bam! And here… Bam! Bam! shit missed Bam! Bam! Bam! click! Oh yeah, only eight rounds in my .45. Gotta keep better track when I’m shooting.

Dropped out the mag and slammed another one in. Bam! got the shit head! Then I jumped down on the ground as we now had a little breathing room. I waved down a couple girls, put them in the backseat of the truck as I started it up. Uh oh. Here comes an ugly fucker… Bam! Went to the back of the truck and cleared that area out. Bam! Bam!

“Clear!” I hollered up to the girls. “Bring down the hurt girl! Then everyone else. Erin, you keep watch!”

Not as gently as we would have liked, we got the injured girl down and into the camper box of the truck. The other girls struggled getting down and got inside. Finally, Erin scampered off the top like a pro. She killed a couple more as they neared us.

“You’ve got ‘shotgun'”, I said, meaning the front seat with me.

We pulled out slowly, squishing dead heads and bodies as we went. The truck lurched and heaved side to side as we listened to the sickening sounds. Two or three days ago, these were moms and dads, shopkeepers, barbers, high school kids… today they are just dead meat walking. This world sucks.

“There’s one!” called out Erin.

“Here, try this one instead.” I handed her the suppressed .22. It was quieter. She took aim.
Clack! (miss) Clack!

“Got her!” she exclaimed. She shot a few more on our way out of town. She’s really liking this, it seems. Her face glowed. The other three girls in the back seat mostly just whimpered and sniffed a little.

= = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 3 – The Arrival
= = = = = = = = = = = =

We got up to my compound. Locked the gate as I was sure we would have some followers. Found out that the hurt girl was Lorraine and the mother was named Gayle. We brought Lorraine inside to our little medical room. Yes, we actually have a room for this. Like a tiny doctors office. She was barely conscious, but I got her to swallow some water and Oxycontin and amoxicillan. I couldn’t help notice that, underneath her torn blouse, Lorraine had tremendous breasts. Like mother, like daughter, I guess.

I told Tina to take the girls in the kitchen, open up some cans of chili and start warming them up. Told her about the cornbread mix and butter flakes, and that they should all drink a lot of water.

Back to the injured Lorraine. As I mentioned earlier, I’m the data guy. My buddy David was the Medical Man. He took all the Red Cross training and CERT classes and studied the books and shit. I hate blood. Especially mine. But I’m not too fond of other people’s blood, either.

Gayle looked at me as if to say, ‘Well, fix her up!’ I took a deep breath and pretended I was a doctor.

I cleaned the wound as best I could. Got out the needle and suture thread, and stitched her up. Fortunately, Lorraine had passed out by this time. My stitches would have made the Frankenstein creature blush, they were that bad. But they seemed to hold the skin together. I slathered her with antibiotic ointment and bandaged her up. Throughout it all, I couldn’t help but notice that no matter how pretty her mother was, this injured girl was even prettier. I mean stunning. And, hopefully, eighteen. Jesus, I should be thinking that hopefully she doesn’t die!

I had Gayle tell me some of their story, how the girls got here and stuff. I was trying to keep her mind off of what a bad job I was doing.

They were at a funeral home in Denver when one of the dead people got up and started biting folks. They lost some of their people. Gayle was trying to be strong, helping me, trying to re-assure me that my doctoring was fine. I finished the last bandage.

“That’s the best I can do, Gayle.”

Now that it was over, she looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“If you hadn’t come along when you did… (sniff)… and killed those… things… (sniff) Jesus… we’d all be… we’d all be dead right now!”

She fell in my arms, sobbing. I hugged her, comforted her, patted her back, told her it was alright. But she really needed the emotional release and just cried for several minutes.
Tina came in to say dinner was ready, I told her we’d be out in a little bit. She nodded, understanding.

Gayle began to come back to normal. “I, I don’t know how to thank you… I don’t even know your name! Oh I’m such an ass!”

“Shhh… it’s okay sweetie… I’m Michael. Michael Larson.”

“Gayle Sanchez. Well, thank you, Michael. You’ve saved my life and my daughter’s… May I give you a kiss?”

She tentatively looked at me. I smiled and moved in to meet her halfway.

Our lips met in a gentle, chaste kiss. I guess I thought it would go for maybe a second at the most. But we stayed there for several seconds… then I squeezed her a little tighter and our kiss became a little more passionate. She squeezed me back as our lips pressed harder against each other. I became extremely conscious of her breasts pressing into me, and my cock started to stiffen. Her breathing increased, along with mine, our mouths opened a bit, and sure enough, our tongues met at the same time. She was dirty, smelled a little, and her hair was completely dysfunctional; I wanted her badly.

My cock roared to full attention as her moist tongue darted around mine. It pressed into her waist. My hand slid down to her skirt, I could feel the bare skin of her back.

“Are you guys coming or what?” Tina shouted down the hall to us.

We broke the kiss.

“Coming!” I answered back as we disentangled.

Gayle looked at my bulging pants. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have–“

“No no, it’s okay, really!”

“Oh god what’s wrong with me? My daughter is hurt and I’m acting all trampy…”

“No sweetie, it’s just your emotions are running high right now. It’s fine–“

But she turned and walked towards the dining area.

I needed another minute or two to calm down. I mean, wow, what a kiss! She was so pretty, though. I thought of my history with pretty women who ended up being selfish, and tried to get Gayle out of my mind.

When I finally came out, I was greeted by a round of applause, then introductions and hugs and hugs and more hugs. But, I didn’t really remember anyone’s name that I didn’t already know.

They were a pretty good looking bunch, and maybe a set of sisters? Blake and the girls returned to their bowls of chili quickly, though. Found out they had been on the run and hadn’t really eaten much in 3 days. Gayle and I joined in the grub session and the mood was very gay. As in, what ‘gay’ used to mean. Meaning happy. They were happy to be alive, I was happy to have some company, good-looking company at that!

I showed the girls where the shower was, got out some of my ex-wife’s clothes and mine too, and told them to try and find something that fit. They were mostly just camo clothes, my ex took all her street clothes. Also pointed out the ‘feminine products’ to which I got more applause and hugs. Told them I was going to lock down the outside and would be back in a few minutes.

“I’ll come with you,” volunteered Erin, the shooter chick. “I’ll watch your back.”

“Sure, be good to have some more eyes.” She hadn’t showered yet, but she had washed her face and hands. In all the confusion and fighting earlier, I hadn’t really noticed her before; she was pretty fucking good looking. Nice little frame, a little over five feet tall and not giant boobs. But they jiggled nicely in her dirty blouse. Like the other girls, she seemed improperly dressed for the occasion, but she did have some boots that seemed to fit.

We went outside and got the guns out of the Unimog, re-loaded them and walked the perimeter. We spotted a lone zed nearby pushing against the gate. She raised her gun, but I pushed the
barrel back down.

“Look at this,” I said. I pulled out my Crovel, then pulled out a screw-on spike from my pocket. “I should’ve had this on earlier today. Wasn’t thinking. Wanna try it?”

Erin practically slammed the rifle into my hands as she took the Crovel with the three inch spike on the end. She walked to the fence and watched for a moment as the Zombie tried to get at us. His name tag said “Jerry Davis, Mountain Realty.” His throat was torn up, must have been why he wasn’t moaning. Being a new zombie, he didn’t have that completely crappy look like you see in the movies. He might’ve just become undead today, who knows. But his eyes were all red and splotchy, he stank like shit, and his skin was turning that sallow, pale color.

“Sorry Jerry,” Erin intoned. “I don’t think we’re interested in selling!”

She rammed the spike right into and through his left eye, piercing his brain. Jerry stopped all his useless motions, hung there for a second, then dropped to the ground.

Erin pulled back the spike and wiped the blackish bloody spike in the dirt.

“You know,” she said. “I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the guns. Maybe it’s the shooting. Maybe it’s the power I’ve got now. But I feel… I feel so…” Her voice trailed off.

“Um… yeah?” I don’t know what she was talking about.

“I’m just completely and totally fucking horny right now.”

“No shit?” I’ve heard about men in wartime, their reactions. Some cried, some get heroic, some became animals, and some got very horny.

“No shit. I want to fuck just about anybody right now. But I’m on my goddamn period…”

I didn’t quite know what to say. This situation hasn’t happened to me before.

“Yeah, um… I’m not so good with the whole blood thing… Fuck, there’s another one over there.”

Erin was on it. She hustled over and spiked this middle aged zombie woman right in the forehead, through the fence.

“Jesus Christ!” She exclaimed. “I just HAVE to cum!”

Erin dropped the Crovel tool and reached for my AR-15. She started rubbing it between her legs.

“Hold on, sweetheart. Let’s empty that first.” I didn’t want to get shot with my own gun.
She emptied the mag and the chamber.

She then knelt down on the ground with the rifle between her legs. She pulled it up into her pussy and grabbed her tits through her blouse. She moaned with pleasure as she gripped the rifle with her thighs.

This was just too good. I got my thickening dick out.

“Jesus Christ, yes! Let me suck that, please? Let me suck your big hard cock.”

With one hand pulling the rifle into her pussy, she gripped my raging cock with the other and engulfed me with her mouth.

Fucken A! She took probably 6 of my 8 inches into her hot mouth. Then she bobbed quickly up and down my shaft, her hand following her mouth and squeezing my cock so fucking hard.

She spoke between her moans. “Mmm, mmm, mmm… you liking this? Mmm, mmm, mmm… this is gonna make me cum… mmm, mmm, mmm, god it’s so big… “

She kept “mmm-ing” as she gave me the most vigorous blowjob I’ve ever had. I was losing my mind.

“You fucking GO Erin! Yes… you were a fucking animal today… you’re a fucking hard corps killer… suck that cock, suck it suck it suck it oh FUCK I’m gonna cum!!”

I expected her to pull back, but she didn’t break stride at all. She kept sucking my hard cock as it began to pulse and throb.

Fiery shots of sperm exploded into her mouth, down her throat. She kept her mouth on the tip as her hand stroked me, coaxing out more cum and more cum. She swallowed immediately to make room for it all, and swallowed some more.

I stopped cumming and she fell back onto the ground. I followed her and pushed the rifle aside. I just grabbed her cunt through her pants and shook and squeezed her.

She hollered “YES” and yanked up her shirt to reveal her gorgeous breasts. With my other hand I grabbed the rifle and placed it on her tits, she grabbed it and rubbed it furiously on them as I continued to shake her cunt.

In just a few moments she clenched my hand with her legs and thrashed about as her orgasm took her.

“F-U-U-U-U-U-C-K!!!! Oh fuck… shit… SHIT!!!!” she repeated as the waves kept cumming.
I spotted a zombie at the fence. I traded hands so my right was now free to draw my .45.
Boom! And the Zed’s head exploded.

“HOLY FUCK!!!!” Erin screamed as her orgasm seemed to increase in ferocity. “Do it again!”

Boom! I fired at a tree.



“JESUS you’re killing me!!!”



Boom Boom Boom Boom!

And she finally collapsed, her body trembling as her arms hit the dirt.

I dropped the empty pistol on the ground.

I was hard as a fucking rock again. I had never seen such a carnal display in my life. I furiously stroked my cock as she watched. In a few seconds I shot a small load right on her gorgeous little tits. The sperm was less, but my orgasm was great. Holy shit.

Erin wiped up my cum from her tits and licked it off her fingers. All of it. What a fucking trooper.

“Maybe we’ll kill some more Zeds tomorrow,” I said, putting myself back together.

“Zeds?” she asked, dusting herself off.

“Yeah, Zombies. Zeds. Zees. Zekes. You want to kill some more, right?”

She nodded and hugged me and kissed me, hard. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me and all my gear.

“I need you to fuck me, Michael. Seriously. Aunt Flo leaves town in a couple days.”

“You make sure it’s all clear and I’ll eat your cunt till you beg me to stop.”

“That’s not gonna happen! You’ll be licking pussy for days then.”

“Whatever it takes”

We kissed some more, she finally slid down to the ground.

I parked the Unimog in its spot, and tidied up the area.

We went back inside.

– – –

“Was that more shooting we heard?” asked Gayle.

“Yeah,” I answered, loosening my gear. “Few more zombies showed up. Right at the fence.”
Some of the girls were all fresh and clean. They looked awesome in mine and my ex-wife’s camo pants and t-shirts. A couple were still dirty, waiting their turn. Blake was all clean too. Guess he didn’t know about ‘ladies first.’

“So uh… I’ve got a computer in this little office over here. And I’ve got a tablet. They’re both connected to the web. Or what’s left of it. Why don’t you do… five minute shifts until everyone has a shot at it, then take ten minute shifts.”

You never saw young people move so fast in your life. Gayle got a chuckle out of it. Nice to see her smile.

“Anyone you want to check on?” I asked her.

“It can wait,” she replied. “Just some friends.”

“There’s no, uh… ‘Mr. Gayle’?”

“Haha!” she laughed. “Not for a few years.” She smiled warmly at me.

“How’s your girl, um…”


“Yeah, Lorraine. Sorry, there’s so many of you.”

“Well, she’s resting comfortably. Probably need to change the bandages. There’s still some blood coming out.”

“Yeah. Probably due to my crappy sewing. Maybe we’ll put some super glue on it to help seal up the wound.”

One girl shrieked. “My parents are alive! In Boston!”

Gayle and I chatted a bit as we headed back to the medical room and re-patched her daughter, Lorraine. Found out more of what they were doing when this all started. Turns out they are from the college in Boulder, Colorado. A group of 20 of the sorority girls had gone down to south Denver for a funeral of one of their friends who’d been killed in a car accident. The service was at a funeral home and, during the service, one of the other dead bodies came out of the back room and started to bite folks. This zombie bit five or six people before they subdued it. The girls fled in panic. Gayle, the house mother, had driven the sorority bus down. As they tried to make their way back, massive traffic jams developed as zombies and people ran crazily all over the streets. Then, one of their girls died from being bitten earlier. She turned quickly, and bit some of the girls on the bus.

In the ensuing mayhem, they all abandoned the bus, only to get caught up in the shitstorm on the city streets. They finally re-took their bus, but were down to 15 girls at this point. Gayle tried to head north, to go back home, but everything was blocked. She found an opening south and went that way.

Everywhere they went, it seemed to be getting worse. They thought they might hole up in some smaller places like Colorado Springs or Littleton, but they were all in the process of being over-run. They kept heading south.

They ran out of gas a couple miles from here, and hoofed it into town. Not so easy with panicky girls and high heels. In town, nobody would help them, the zombies were picking them off one by one. They found an abandoned house with that kid Blake in it. Then I came along. All tolled, they lost 12 girls.

“Jesus. I don’t know what to say. I’m glad I took my helmet off at that moment.”

“So am I,” she said. “So am I. You don’t know what it’s like out there.”

We might’ve had another ‘moment’, but the girls were all around now.

I finally got my shower and came back out. The girls were talking quietly, some were crying as they hadn’t been able to get in touch with anybody.

I decided it was time for a little change of pace.

“Alright ladies. Listen up. We’re having hot chocolate and movies in ten minutes. Get your jammies and get ready for bed!”

I made the hot chocolates, and put a liberal amount of Bailey’s in each one. Then I dialed in a movie as the girls found spots on the couches with their pillows. Most were in my boxer shorts and my olive drab T-shirts. They all asked what movie, but I wouldn’t tell them.

The music started as beautiful shots of mountains passed by on the screen. The music built up…

“Is this…?”

“Are we really watching this?”

“Yes we are!”

Julie Andrews appeared on the top of a hill and started singing “The hills are alive, with the Sound of Music.”

I brought out the hot chocolates and passed them around. Went and got some Danish butter cookies that I snagged from Walmart, too.

I came out for the last time, Gayle and Erin had saved me a spot on the couch in between them. Nice. They sort of snuggled against me. I had to concentrate on the flick to keep my erection down.

As the movie played on, we started singing all the songs pretty much at the top of our lungs. Yes. I’m a man who likes musicals. Get over it. I like Metallica and STP and Johnny Cash, too. Expand your mind a bit.

I tried to get up at one point for re-fills but the girls wouldn’t hear of it. They made more hot chocolate and Bailey’s and made sure I had everything I wanted.

I surveyed my little party… bare legs all over, a few nips poking through here and there, two warm females leaning against me… could be worse.

The movie finally ended. Had to wake up a couple girls to get them to their beds. I got hugs and kisses from everyone, even Blake. Well, not kisses, thank God.

I was going to sleep in my computer room. The regular rooms were full and, well, this was fine with me. I got the air mattress out and it was as comfy as the beds.

I just settled down and was almost asleep when I heard fingernails tapping at my door. Maybe it’s Gayle, or maybe Erin wants to suck my cock some more?

I opened the door to find… one of the girls. I couldn’t think of her name. It’s Kathy, or Katherine, or Katie Lynn or something. She was in my T-shirt and boxers. Her head hung down, her face partially covered by her dark hair hanging down. She lifted her head to me; she had been crying.

“Something wrong?” I whispered to her in the near darkness. The room was just barely lit by a couple of LEDs from the router.

She shook her head, but pushed her way inside and closed the door. She pulled off her T-shirt and dropped her shorts to the floor, but all I could see in the darkness was her sad eyes.

I opened my arms and she hugged me, like she was holding on for dear life. She cried quietly against my chest for several minutes as I rocked her. I didn’t want to ask what it was, I could pretty much figure it out. She’s lonely, scared, saw many friends die, probably orphaned now… still, my cock got hard because of a naked body pressed into me.

She finally slid her arms inside my T-shirt and raised it up. I took it off, and dropped my own shorts. We got down on the air mattress, side by side and kissed long and deep, she still hung on tightly to me.

I moved my hand down to her rather plump ass, her soft flesh so pliable in my strong hands. She moaned and thrust her tongue in my mouth, searching, exploring. Her hand went down to my cock and gently but firmly gripped me and stroked me.

She rolled onto her back. In the dim light, I could see her marvelous tits splayed out to the sides. Christ, I didn’t know she had those! I went to suck them, but she stopped me. Spreading her legs, she whispered her only words to me.

“Just fuck me. Please. Fuck me now.”

I rolled on top of her, my rock hard cock between her freshly shaven legs. With just a little maneuvering, my cock found her pussy. I rubbed myself up and down her slit a couple times, surprised by how wet she was.

I moved so my cock was right at her front door. Then I entered her domain. She gasped as I slowly sank my cock into her. I just pressed, let my weight come down on her. I drove my cock all the way in. 8 inches of love muscle all the way in 8 seconds.

She entwined her legs around mine and we fucked slowly, but powerfully. I withdrew slowly, and re-plunged slowly but pressed her all the way into the mattress. Each stroke brought new moans and gasps from both of us. We slowly increased speed. Little faster. Little harder, too. Her slick cunt walls felt so nice and tight on my steel hard shaft.

We kissed hard, she didn’t want to let go. I grabbed her left tit hard, I didn’t want to let go. But I could feel those feelings heading my way. And fucking this hot teenager (or maybe she’s twenty, who the fuck knows I can’t even think of her name) with her slick cunt is helping the situation way too much. No amount of football thoughts are going to stop this. I thought of Gayle, that did it.

“Baby,” I whispered. “I’m going to cum.”

She only clenched harder, wanting me to cum inside her. Yeah, maybe not right now…
The cums finally got to me, I pulled out (with some difficulty) and shot my load from right there. Long streaks of cum shot out, I’m not sure where they went as it was nearly dark. I stroked until it was all done. Jesus that was nice.

The girl sat up and moved towards my cock, and found it with her mouth. She licked and sucked my cock clean of her and my juices. I’ve GOT to find out what her name is! I don’t want this to be a one-time thing. The obvious dawned on me about this time; she hadn’t cum yet.

I pressed her back down on the mattress and 69’d her, but mostly my cock just hung in her face. But I went to town on her pussy. I just ate her hard, and licked her hard, and grabbed her ass and pulled her apart so I could get my whole face in there. She pumped her clit against my tongue as I jammed most of my hand up her dripping twat. I pumped her furiously with my flexing fingers and thoroughly enjoyed her tasty cunt juices. I slipped my other hand to her ass and pressed in with my pointer finger. Her juices had oozed down there and it went right in.

Without warning, and without any noise, she clamped her thighs together, locking my hands in place in her ass and cunt. I pressed harder on her clit as it pulsed and pulsed. She thrashed around but I held on and kept my face right in there. I wanted this baby to remember this one.
She finally settled down from her cum somewhat. Then she pushed me off and sat up in the full glow of the LED. She dipped a couple fingers of her right hand into her cunt, got them all wet and juicy. Then, she brought her hand up to her right nipple and coated it with her own juices. With her left hand, she raised her tit to her mouth and basically made out with her own nipple for a minute or so. She did the same thing again but to her left tit.

Well that was new. And fucking cock-hardening. Jesus when I was 69-ing her it didn’t get hard again, but seeing this. Christ. I’ve cum 3 times in the last few hours, not bad for an old man of almost 40.

But now I’m hard as ever, can’t let this go to waste!

I pointed with my open hand to my cock, to show her what she did to me.

She grinned, then turned and got on all fours, her pussy and ass in plain view of the dim light. She turned her head back towards me and raised her eyebrows. She doesn’t talk much, but we seem to understand each other pretty well without the chatter.

I moved in behind her, preparing to mount her pussy. My head pressed into her pussy lips, still wet from her secretions. She suddenly moved forward, out of range.

She turned and looked at me again, and shook her head. This could only mean one thing.
“You sure?” I asked. This wasn’t something that, in my experience, most chicks enjoyed very much. Certainly not young chicks.

I dropped down a little and played with her pussy, getting my fingers wet so I could lube up her asshole. I drew up as much saliva as I could, also, to add to the mix. After a minute or so I assumed the position again, only a little higher this time.

I dripped a final spittle on my cock, and pressed it against her asshole.

The head slid right in.

She stiffened slightly at first, but I worked it back and forth a while and she relaxed again. With some more back and forth action, I pressed a little harder, going deeper into this usually forbidden area. I didn’t want to press to hard, though, and hurt her or scare her off.

Next thing I know she just backs up into me, hard! My cock sinks to the hilt, so deep up inside her.

She grabbed a pillow and collapsed into it with her face and arms holding it tight, her ass still pointing into the air to accept her butt-fucking. Time to go to work!

With increasing intensity, I fucked her ass good. It’s different than a pussy, tighter right at the opening but a bit looser once you’re inside. It felt fantastic.

I reached around to frig her pussy with one hand and grabbed a big tit with the other and squeezed the shit out of it. Still not a sound out of her. Hey, I don’t want her to wake everyone up but I also want to have some impact on her, know what I mean?

I fucked her faster, so fast I was like a blur in her tight ass. I grabbed her nipple and made a fist with it inside my fingers. My nails dug into her titflesh. I pulled against her cunt and raised her body to meet each quick thrust of my cock.

She squealed into her pillow. A little. then more. Then a LOT more as I continued this relentless assault on her person.

She raised up on all fours again, arched her back, and trembled with another orgasm.
I came too, right then. I could feel her cunt quivering and her ass gripped my cock as I shot load after load of hot cum in her ass.

The door to my little computer room burst open and somebody hit the lights, bathing us both in harsh, fluorescent splendor. What the actual fuck?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 4 – Midnight Run
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Gayle started talking rapid-fire before the door was fully open.

“Michael it’s Lorraine she’s in trouble I think and I don’t…” she stopped talking mid-sentence as the picture became clear to her.

I pulled out of what’s-her-name’s ass with an audible pop. As I stood up, cum strings hung from my cock. Gayle stared at me, then my cock, then at the girl’s gaping asshole that had some cum oozing out of it.

“What’s the matter with her?” I asked, trying to break the tension. My fuck buddy tried to dig a hole in the air mattress. She managed to hide a little bit in the blanket. Of course, by this time, a couple other girls had come out to see what the problem was. I started dressing.

“She’s, she’s…” Gayle couldn’t get the words out.

“What Gayle, come on!” I snapped at her, probably a little too much.

With sudden steel in her voice and a cold hard stare, Gayle said, “She’s running a fever of 103.6. She won’t wake up. I looked at the wound and it seems infected. Her breathing is shallow and ragged. She needs antibiotics, or something.”

Shit, I thought as I laced up my boots. I don’t have any liquid antibiotics, just pills. But you can’t make an unconscious person swallow pills and liquid. They’ll likely gag or get their lungs filled with fluid.

“Somebody go get Blake.”

“I’m right here!” he answered from just behind the door. Great, everyone seemed to be up at this point.

“Is there a clinic in town?”

“Uh… just Doc Brown.”

“Does he give IVs to people?”

“Um… um… Yeah! When those hikers got lost last year? We brought them to him after we found them. He put those bags on them.”

“Alright, Blake. Get dressed. RFN. You’re coming with me.”


“Right Fuckin’ Now!” I hollered. He moved like a bandit.

“Where’s my shooter girl? Erin?”

“Uh,” answered somebody who wasn’t Erin. “She just ran to back her room also… yeah she’s getting dressed, too.”

I looked at Gayle. “We’ll make a speed run to town. 5 minutes. Grab some shit from the Doc’s place. Back immediately. 10 minutes, tops. We’ll save her.”

She crossed her arms and just looked at me like this was all my fault.

“I’ll save her, I promise.”

I handed her a small hand-held HAM/GMRS radio.

“Channel 16. Leave it on but don’t call us unless we call you. Here’s the button to talk.”

I scooped up my regular AR and my fancy one from back home. It’s got a red-dot sight that’s very handy in the dark.

“Blake, can you shoot?” I asked as he ran up to me.

“Um, just air-soft guns, yeah.” Jesus, what kind of country boy doesn’t shoot?

“Alright, you get the Crovel. Erin, you’re riding shotgun with my good AR. We’re taking the Jeep.”

We bounced in to town in record time. The Unimog is an awesome rig, but it’s not real fast, and it’s not real quiet. I had outfitted my Jeep with some good Teraflex parts underneath so we could handle the rough road at speed with ease.

“Go down there,” said Blake, pointing the way. “Then turn right and right again. You’ll be on Main Street.”

I cut the lights and slowed. The Jeep has a quiet exhaust on it, but it still squeaks and the tires make noise on the pavement, too.

“You can drive, right Erin?”

“Yeah, no worries.”

“Ok, it’s an automatic. We’re going to back up to the office. I’m going to turn on these rear lights to shine inside. Blake and I will smash and grab. I want you standing outside, but right by the Jeep. Keep it running. I need you to keep the area clear. But don’t shoot until you have to. Got it?”

“Yes Daddy,” she said.

What the fuck? Daddy? Whatever… I don’t have time to worry about that.

I busted in a pane of glass on Doc’s front door. The noise made me cringe, but I figured it was quieter than breaking the whole thing down.

“Eyes sharp,” I whispered to Blake. “Keep sweeping the light.” He had a flashlight, I had one mounted on my gun. I reached in and undid the lock. We entered the office.
Kind of messy for a Doctor’s office, I thought. Papers and shit were on the floor, things knocked down. Maybe we weren’t the first to loot the place?

Blake waved towards the back, indicating where to go.

His flashlight hit upon a stainless steel locked cabinet down in the back. I looked at Blake and he nodded. He had his sharpened crovel at the ready. I let him go first.

Stupid… Stupid Stupid STUPID!

He walked past the examining room. I followed, but as I did a zombie came out and grabbed me and knocked me down. Jesus Christ, I thought, as we fell in the hallway. I don’t have any of my armor on, not even my helmet or goggles or anything.

Old Zed had me pinned. Actually he seemed like a teenaged boy. But he was a big boy. He leaned in for a quick bite. I couldn’t get my rifle to bear on something inches away from me. I was kind of sitting on my pistol, so that was no good. I punched him a couple times to keep him away. But Zed never gets tired, or hurt, or deterred. He just keeps coming. My Ka-bar knife is on my chest rig, if I can just reach it….

Blake screamed.

“Well fucking help me!” I hollered to him. I thought he was screaming about my predicament.

I hit my Zed particularly hard at that moment, his head seemed to be a little off kilter now. I risked a glance at Blake to see why he wasn’t helping me.

Blake stood a few feet from his own zombie. Doc Brown, from the looks of him. His white coat spattered with blood, he was coming towards Blake.

I punched my Zed again as hard as I fucking could, further tweaking his head and neck.

“Blake!! Swing! Hit Him!!!”

But Blake just stood there. ‘The Fear’ had gripped him. He froze.

I hit my Zed so hard that his neck broke. He stopped grabbing me and I was able to push him off me just in time to see the Doc bearing down on Blake. I grabbed my rifle and fired off a perfect headshot on the dead Doc.

But I was too late.

Blake dropped the Crovel and grabbed his neck. Blood flowed out around his fingers.

“Erin! Get in here!”

But she answered with a Boom!… Boom! Boom!

“Come on Daddy-oh! We got trouble out here!”

Shit shit shit SHIT!

Blake handed me the keys to the cabinet.

“I… got these from Doc. I’m sorry…”

“No buddy. It’s okay. You did fine.” What the fuck else was I going to say?

“I… Doc… he….”

I rummaged through the cabinet as Blake tried to explain.

“He’s been my Doc since forever. I couldn’t kill him.”

“I know, Blake. I know.”

Erin’s rifle blasted a few times.

I found the IV bags. I dumped out a trash can and threw them all in there. Then I grabbed several tube-looking things and as many syringes as I could. I also threw in some bottles of pills, and little bottles of liquids that had drug names on them. I don’t know what they were, I took them all. I looked at Blake as he struggled to speak.

“Michael… you have to go. Save Lorraine.” He was a coward two minutes ago. Now he’s grown granite balls.

“Come on Blake, you’re coming with us.” I have to try and do something for this kid.
We got outside, Blake nearly falling off the sidewalk.

“What happened?” Erin asked in horror. She could see his blood from the rear Jeep lights.

“I got bit. You guys go. I’m… done… I can feel it…” I didn’t know what to do, or say. He was right, of course. He was done.

Erin came around on his non-bitten side, and leaned up and kissed him on the cheek and held him for a moment.

I put my arm on his shoulder.

“You’re a brave son of a bitch,” I said, my voice cracking.

“Yeah… just go. This really hurts. Fucking hell…”

And Blake turned and walked slowly up the street. In the dim light, some zombies saw him and started shuffling towards him. We had a clean getaway now.

Erin raised her rifle, I pushed it back down.

“No. It’s my job.”

I raised my rifle. Sighted in on the target. I paused for a moment. Exhaled.

Then I pulled the trigger.

– – –

I grabbed a road flare from the back of the Jeep and lit it. I tossed it a couple feet away. I made her drive away, slowly down Main Street without any lights and as soundlessly as possible. I was hoping the flare would draw the zombies towards its light, so they wouldn’t follow us home. We turned the corner, and she punched the accelerator for home.

– – –

“We’re two minutes out,” I said into the radio.

“You’re late,” replied Gayle, tersely. “You guys just fooling around out there?” Ouch.
I didn’t respond.

Erin drove like a Baja 1000 champion. I sat there and bounced around. Somehow I had gotten my seat belt on, I don’t remember doing that.

I should have cleared the rooms before we passed them. I’ve watched enough cop shows and war movies to know that you don’t walk past a fucking room without checking it. Jesus.
Blake’s dead because of me. I got him killed. Then I had to murder him and leave him in the street, like a rabid dog.

We pulled in to our complex and quickly got inside. Gayle anxiously took the trash basket full of drugs and began sorting them out on the table. All the other girls were there, waiting anxiously to see what was going to happen. It only took about three more seconds until someone asked the inevitable question.

“Where’s Blake?”

My throat clamped up as I tried to choke back the tears and the screams. They all looked at me. I couldn’t talk.

Erin rescued me. “He didn’t make it.”

A collective gasp rose from the group, then a bunch of them starting all talking at once.

“Shut up!” hollered Erin. And they did. “Let’s focus on getting Lorraine fixed up.”

Gayle and the others looked at me. I tried to help but my hands were too shaky. I almost spilled the amoxicillan bottle. But I could still help. Sort of.

“Tina,” I finally said, my voice sounding weird to me. “Get the tablet over here. Yeah. Click on the server icon, right. Click Medical, ok click the IV folder, click that file, yeah mixtures.”

Fortunately, I had my downloaded files pretty well organized. We skimmed and found the directions for the proper amount of antibiotic fluid for the IV bag. Erin put in the right amount.
Then we searched the videos and found how to insert a line for the IV. Gayle watched it twice.

She looked at me, my hands were still shaking.

She gave it a go.

She got it on the first try. We set the drip rate, and hoped for the best.

“Get some towels under her,” I said quietly. “We don’t have a catheter for her.” Gayle understood and we piled up a few for Lorraine to lay on. We still had her on her stomach so it was a bit awkward.

I went to the main dining table and slumped down in a chair. The girls tried to soothe me, but I didn’t want any of that. Erin understood that. She moved them away from me and started to get everyone back to bed. It was right about midnight.

“Six A.M. girls,” I called out. “We’re getting up at 6.” They didn’t like it, but they didn’t say anything, either.

Gayle came to the kitchen. She got out the Bailey’s that we partied with earlier and poured a generous glass. She put it in front of me.


“I’m not doing this to be nice to you,” she said, bluntly. “I need you to calm the hell down and start functioning again. Now, tell me what happened.”

I sat up and swallowed the drink down.

“I made a mistake. It’s all my fault.” Gayle just looked at me. “I let Blake go ahead of me at the doctor’s office. We went by a room that we didn’t clear. I got jumped, then Blake got confronted but he froze up. The Doc bit him… I shot the Doc but it was too late… Then I had to shoot Blake…”

I put my head in my hands and sobbed. That poor fucking kid, he was only 18 or 19.

Gayle got my glass and poured another double shot.

“Look, Michael. Blake was a sweet kid. But he wasn’t a fighter. When we all crashed into his house, he didn’t help fend off the zombies, he just stood there. It’s not your fault.”

“Well, I shouldn’t have put anyone who’s that unprepared in that situation. That’s why we’re getting up early tomorrow. We’re starting basic training.”

I stood up to go to bed.

Gayle came and gave me a quick hug. I didn’t really hug her back as I didn’t deserve any hugs right then.

“Thanks for getting the IVs for Lorraine. Kaitlyn was really worried about you.”

Kaitlyn! That was her name. Kaitlyn.

“I uh… I’m not sure what your plan is, but you better watch what you’re doing here. These girls are very… tender right now. And you’re like some hero father figure to them. Watch your step. Good night, Michael.”

I trudged to my room and had a terrible sleep.

= = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 5 – Basic
= = = = = = = = = =

Gayle changed out Lorraine’s IV bag in the middle of the night. The next morning, her fever was gone and she was sleeping comfortably.

‘Basic Training’ began with a speech about this new world, we have to toughen up, yadda yadda yadda, we can’t have any more Blake incidents, etc. We did an hour of calisthenics and cardio.

Then we trained on the weapons. With youtube videos and hands-on training, they became adept at handling, loading, and clearing the AR-15, the 10/22, and Remington 870 shotgun.
It was rather chilling during training, we could hear Zed moaning outside. We hadn’t locked the gate last night and they were in the perimeter. The girls were paying very good attention.

Finally, it was time for live fire training. Gayle stayed down below with Lorraine while the rest of us went up to the roof with one AR and the 10/22 and a bunch of magazines for each. Zed had us surrounded. They saw us and moaned the death moan at us. It was fucking surreal. We were perfectly safe, though. Zed can’t climb 12 foot vertical walls.

I had Erin display the proper stance and pointed out how to aim etc. She busted a couple caps, two Zeds fell.

“Tina, you try it.” The nice thing about the AR, it shoots a small but powerful bullet. Still, the kick on that is minimal. Women can easily shoot it without losing control of the weapon. Tina took aim.

“Fatty in the red shirt,” I called out.


“Okay you’re a little low, you got his chest.”


“Still low, make sure you’re using the front sights, line up both sights.”


“And he’s down! Nice one! Couple more now.”

And so it went. They all did fairly well, everyone but Patsy had several kills. This was what I wanted, they had to get their hands dirty. But Patsy bothered me. She almost seemed to be missing on purpose.

Kaitlyn rubbed up on me a few times. Erin grabbed my ass at one point, but nobody saw. Erin was right there at my door last night when I pulled my cock out of Kaitlyn’s gaping ass, but it didn’t seem to faze her at all. Unlike Ms. Gayle, who seemed to have developed a confused but still strong dislike towards me. Sorry dear, one kiss doesn’t mean we are exclusive. Although, she is so damn attractive. And sweet, and strong. Christ…

We broke for lunch and got the best news ever, Lorraine was awake! Gayle introduced us
formally for the first time. Lorraine just smiled up at me as we didn’t want her moving just yet. My god she was pretty… I mean her mom was fantastic but Lorraine, wow. She whispered it was nice to meet me, and held my hand for a few moments. Gayle ushered me out of there.

The rest of the day was more training, and then cleaning up. What do you do with 38 dead Zeds on your property? We ended up fashioning these big hooks out of some rebar we had in a shed. Rebar, that super strong steel they use in concrete structures. We tied two ropes to that so two or four people could haul them across the ground. There was a small indentation in the ground outside the fence line, we dragged them over there as best we could. This ended up being the best strength training exercise. You used you legs, arms, chest, core, everything.

I need these girls to be strong. I need to count on them. We need to take back our world.
Patsy stayed behind with Lorraine so Gayle could make dinner ready for everyone, which was nice.

I really liked the busy activity all day. It sort of helped keep Blake out of my head. But in the evening, he came back to bother me. A lot. The girls put on Legally Blonde. No, not a porno, the one with Reese Witherspoon. I just wasn’t up for it, though, and retired to my room with a six-pack of Budweisers.

I worked on the computer, checked the boards for new info, put out some info. We, the scattered few still connected to the Web, were trying to discern if death was caused by the bite only, or if it could be caused by transference of fluids. Like, say, a Zed drools on you and it gets in your mouth or eye or a cut. Nobody had anything conclusive yet. I said we should assume it’s transferable without a bite, just to be safe.

The consensus was that Zed was pretty much like a George Romero Zombie; not really fast, not smart, drawn to smell, sound and motion, and eager for human flesh to eat. Well at least nobody has seen any running zombies. Unfortunately, it seemed that any death was now a turn-into-a-zombie event. Not just from a bite, but a heart attack, too.

Then I looked at our supplies, our land maps, and tried to think of some plans. Winter was coming. We couldn’t plant anything now. But there’s plenty we should be doing. The main thing was, we needed to clean out the town. But before that, we needed to get these girls in shape and properly outfitted. They were all wearing clothes and shoes that didn’t really fit.

One more day of training, then we’ll make a another high-speed dash into town for some stuff.
I heard the movie ending and the party was breaking up. I went out to say goodnight to everyone and to pee. Six beers, ya know. Told everyone that we’re boot camping again tomorrow.

Everyone except Gayle hugged me goodnight. She did say it, though. Lorraine was up, gingerly, gave me a soft hug. She doesn’t know me at all, but everyone’s been filling her in on the recent events. Lorraine is… really pretty. I mean, take your breath away pretty. She looks at you and you puff out your chest a little, suck in your gut.

I had a couple generous shots of Gentleman Jack, and I tried going to sleep. But nothing happened. As I lay there, I heard fingernails tapping on my door again. Shit. My mind wasn’t in the right place for this. Blake’s death weighed very heavily on me.

She tapped again.

I got up and went to open the door. I was fully ready to tell Kaitlyn or Erin that I just wasn’t in the mood right now. Really. I was.

I flung the door open, and there stood Kristin and Lizzie. The Johnson sisters. They weren’t twins, being a couple years apart, but they had a strong family resemblance. Light reddish hair, fair skin, cute little freckles… oh man.

“Yeah, girls?”

“We need you, Daddy-man!” they whispered in unison.

“No,” I protested. “I can’t. I’m all messed up about Blake right now and–“

Kristin raised her arms over her head. Lizzie lifted Kristin’s shirt up and over her head. She bent down and licked Kristin’s beautiful pink nipple. Probably a C-cup.

“You’re going to say no to this?” asked Lizzie.

Well, I was still very upset about the Blake situation.

But I’m also a man.

= = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 6 – Revelation
= = = = = = = = = = = =

I woke up alone the next morning, wondering where the sisters went. Christ, they were incredible. It’s the kind of thing where I can’t give an exact play-by-play description of what went down, there was just so much going on! Plus I was buzzed from the beers and the Jack. But it was something like this:

Lizzie was the older one, 21, it turns out. And Kristin the younger at just past 18. Lizzie, the aggressor, pushed me down in my wheelie chair and told me to just sit there for awhile, not to move.

The two girls stood right in front of me. Lizzie removed Kristin’s pants, exposing her shaved pubic area. She raised Kristin’s leg kind of past me, so she was stepping on the edge of the desk. Kristin held on to the wall for support. Lizzie proceeded to caress Kristin’s body, all over, squeezing and kneading all of her parts. And all the while she’s whispering “Look at these tits!” and “Isn’t she pretty?” and “She’s so soft” and things like that. I was concerned for Kristin at first, but she seemed to love it, especially when Lizzie moved around to kiss Kristin’s pussy. I went from 80% hard to about 200% when she did that.

I’d been in a couple of threesomes before. And let me tell you, it ain’t like in the pornos. One of the girls is usually shy, and then somebody gets their feelings hurt because they aren’t getting enough attention or whatever… most people just aren’t wired for a multi-person situation.

But these two sisters, different story! Lizzie stopped eating her sister’s pussy and turned to kiss me. Her hot, sensuous mouth was enhanced by the dripping pussy juice from Kristin. Jesus, kissing a hot young girl, who’s got her own sister’s juices on her lips, I was just melting. I wasn’t aware at the time, but all thoughts of Blake vanished. Sorry, dude.

Lizzie asked me, “Michael? Would you like… Would you maybe kiss Kristin’s cunt for me?”

I got up off the chair and all three of us went down to the air mattress. I buried my face in Kristin’s young cunt alright. Her juices already flowing from her sister’s tongue, she just squirmed and moaned softly under my gentle assault.

And this is where it gets kind of fuzzy. Lizzie went and sucked on Kristin’s tits some more… then both of us were sucking Kristin’s tits… then I got rolled on my back and had Lizzie’s cunt smashing my face and my cock up Kristin’s cunt.

Then… Sex hikayeleri Well there was rubbing… and sucking… and kissing… and seemingly everywhere I reached there was a nice female part to play with or suck or fuck. My cock was never not in a mouth or a pussy for very long at all. I remember at one point pulling my cock out of Lizzie’s twat and sticking it immediately into Kristin’s mouth. Both of the girls just couldn’t get enough of each others pussy juices.

A bit later, the girls were sixty-nining, with my cock going in a hot pussy, and getting licked on the outstroke. Holy shit! When I had to cum, Lizzie (at the time on all fours with Kristin under her) told me to jack off into her asshole. I didn’t really fuck her ass, just pressed the tip against her hole and jacked myself.

Her juicy ass felt wonderful as I shot load after load of cum into her butt. Lizzie squealed as Kristin lapped her cunt like a thirsty dog. When I finished, Lizzie rose up and dripped my cum out of her ass…

… into Kristin’s mouth.

“Don’t you swallow that stuff, bitch!” whispered Lizzie.

Kristin held my cum in her mouth as she licked her sister ass, cleaning it all up. Lizzie promptly turned around and kissed her sister firmly and tenderly and roughly, and they fought for the cum back and forth. Some ran down Kristin’s cheek. The two girls entwined their legs and ground their pussies into each other, cumming hard simultaneously in just a couple minutes. I forced my way from behind so I could try and lick both of their cunts. Nice.

We kept fucking, and grinding cunts, and I came in Lizzie’s face and Kristin licked it all off and swallowed it. Lizzie, angry about that, demanded I fuck Kristin in the ass for her transgressions. I remember Kristin not being too excited by that, but Lizzie stuck her tongue completely up Kristin’s ass, then slipped in a finger with some spit and pussy juice. Finally she had three fingers in there and pronounced her ready.

My cock was pretty worn out at this point, but we rallied and I butt-fucked Kristin. Yes, I butt-fucked an 18 year and one-month old hot babe. I remember grabbing her tits hard… and I remember her cumming so hard pussy juice was actually dripping from her cunt.

When I filled her ass as much as I could with cum, I fell back on the bed in sheer exhaustion. Lizzie was there to lick my cock, though; she wanted my cum since Kristin seemed to be holding it inside her ass.

Both girls wanted more. I wasn’t ready to oblige anymore. But I laid there, sucking soft tits while they masturbated themselves on my legs. I did cum one more time… but there was hardly any semen cumming out, mostly just dust at this point.

The final score was Kristin at 9 orgasms, Lizzie right behind with 8 (but two were multiples… how do you count those?) and I trailed at 4 and a probable. So they won and I lost. But I didn’t feel like a loser.

– – –

After our morning P90 workout, we ate Gayle’s pancakes from my dehydrated stash, and I talked about my general plan for taking back our little neighboring town. Since it didn’t look like my buddies were coming, I was going to use their food, and guns, and other supplies. With all of us, We had about 3 years of food in storage.

But that wasn’t enough. What then? My plan was to get farming next spring. But we need to clear out Zach and all his friends first; can’t have him trampling all over our fields and gardens.
Then, Patsy spoke up.

“I don’t really think we should be killing these… people…”

All heads turned her way, you could hear the syrup flowing down the cakes.

Finally, Erin broke the tension. “Why the fuck would you say that? Are you fucking stupid?” That’s my girl!

“No. I’m serious.. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking these last few days. I think this is the
Apocalypse. Armageddon. You know, from The Book of Revelation. This is the Tribulation.

“These people out there, yes they died. But now they are Angels, and they’re doing God’s work.”

I laughed out loud. Then the others all started talking and hollering, but I could hear Patsy saying something like “You’re going against God’s plan” or some shit like that.

Hey, I’m a believer in the U. S. Constitution. You want to believe in the Big Sky Daddy, go right ahead. That’s your right, it’s part of the First Amendment. You want to believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Fine. I don’t care. But your freedoms and rights end when they impact my freedoms and rights.

I tapped my coffee cup a few times on the table. The cacophony dimmed, and finally stopped as all eyes turned towards me.

“Patsy… you can believe what you want to believe. But, you are also a guest in my house. My plan, for all the occupants of this house, is to try and get through this Zombie Apocalypse, and to keep living and kill the bad guys. I want to plant crops, I want us to be safe. I want us to live. I kind of thought those were mutual feelings we all had. I expected everyone in this house to work towards that goal. We kill Zed, and Zach, and Zena, and we try and start over.”

I took a sip of coffee and the girls all started shouting back and forth. Finally, I tapped my cup again.

“Let’s see a show of hands.Who wants to try and live through this thing and come out the other side?” Everyone’s hand went up except Patsy’s.

“Well, what is the other option, Patsy?”

“Well, we just… wait for God to show us what to do.”

“Maybe God is showing you what to do, through me!” Hey, it was worth a shot.

“I hardly think you’re God’s messenger,” Patsy said. Emphasis on the ‘you’re’; full of scorn. “No, we have to wait for a sign.”

“Do you want to wait in this house? My house?”

“I don’t know. I can’t be around all this… fornicating that’s going on.”

More hollering. Gayle glared at me. Lorraine, or Lorrie as I was now calling her, looked at me a little hurt, like she was being left out of something. Jesus, it didn’t feel good to disappoint her. What the fuck?

I ate the rest of my breakfast. The girls were all agitated with Patsy and they argued with each other. I looked at Patsy. Pretty girl, dyed blonde hair, nice firm body, obviously somewhat smart as she’s in college. But she’s either a religious whacko or she’s gone crazy. Maybe both. Oh well, not my problem anymore.

I got up from the table, all eyes followed me. I grabbed my rifle and headed outside.

“I’ll be back.”

And I was, in about 15 minutes. The girls had finished cleaning up and were milling about with their coffees, kind of wondering what I was up to.

I came back with a nice backpack, filled up.

“Patsy. First of all, I’m sorry to have infringed on your beliefs. That was wrong of me.”

“Thank you,” she beamed.

“And I’m sorry for the fornicating.” That brought some snickers and downright laughter.

“But you’ve made it apparent you don’t want to stay here. So I put together a little kit here,” I indicated the backpack. “There’s water for three days, food, a jacket, gloves, matches, oh and a Bible, of course. Let’s see, no weapons, of course. You won’t be needing those…”

“What… what do you mean?” asked Patsy, suddenly very afraid.

“Looks like you’ve been called, bitch,” said Erin.

“Michael!” started Gayle. I knew she was going to say something about her being responsible for these girls.

“Patsy, you’re either with us, or you aren’t. I can’t have someone here who I can’t trust not to leave a door open on purpose.” I held up the pack for her.

“Gayle?” Patsy pleaded.

Gayle looked at her feet. “You know, Patsy, I think Michael’s right. If you feel this way, you endanger all of us. I’ve almost lost my own daughter due to an accident with these… things that certainly aren’t Angels. I’m not going to risk that you want these things to live!”

Lorrie chimed in. “You know they almost killed me. They DID kill a lot of our friends. If you want these… zombies to live, then you don’t belong here.”

“You better not go to town, Pats, ” I said. “We’ll be killing a lot of Angels there and I don’t want you to be upset by that.”

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” Patsy began. She kept praying as she shouldered the pack. I helped her adjust the straps. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.”

“Atta girl!” I said. And I meant it. I didn’t want her to die. But I can’t have her getting us killed, either. She kept praying as she walked out the door.

“Surely goodness and mercy will follow me, all the days of my life.”

Gayle looked at me and shrugged. I shrugged, too. Maybe this is God’s plan. I think it sucks, whatever it is. I think Patsy just went nuts, is all.

I went to my room and returned with the .308 rifle. It’s got a 16 power scope on it, and I’m pretty good with it. I can hit a 1-foot steel plate at 600 yards.

I followed Patsy out, unlocked the gate for her. Erin followed me with my old AR, now ‘hers’. I pointed out a Zeke to her, Erin popped him in the head. Patsy didn’t flinch, just kept right on repeating her Psalm for what seemed like the 23rd time.

I took up a position on our hill and looked down the valley. 5 Zekes were ambling about. I targeted the closest one at about 150 yards.


“Jesus!” Erin jumped. “That thing barks, doesn’t it!”

I turned and gave her a little smile, and saw that everyone else had come outside, also. I acquired a new target.

BOOM! and another Zeke fell. Patsy stopped at the dead ‘Angels’ and crossed herself and them, like she was blessing them.

BOOM! got him.

BOOM! got her.

BOOM! missed. This last guy was pretty far out there. He was angling towards Patsy. Some kind of self-preservation instinct kicked in, and Patsy started walking away from this guy.

I hollered out into the valley, “COME BACK!!!”

Then I fired again at Zach and missed. Moving targets at 500 yards are hard.

Patsy turned and waved at us. Then she took off in a run towards the main road. She rounded a bend and we couldn’t see her anymore.

That fifth Zach was now walking in a straight line away from me. Easy does it… breathe out… hold… BOOM!

Got him! But my excitement was short lived as we saw several more Zach’s come from the town area and headed to where Patsy would be. They were out of range, though.

I turned and headed back to the house. Some of the girls patted my arm. One of them said “Let’s go get her! With the Jeep or something!” But to my surprise, Gayle responded to the contrary.

“She made her decision. I think Mike was bluffing, right Mike?” I nodded. I was. I didn’t expect her to really go.

“If we brought her back, she would just do something stupid either accidentally or on purpose. Michael was right. She was a danger to us.”

We spent the rest of the day preparing our weapons, teaching the girls how to care for and clean them, ran through more drills to clear jams etc. Everybody now had an AR-15 as I had broken into the group’s stash of standardized weapons. My buddies won’t mind, since they are gone…

The mood was, okay. People were disappointed with Patsy, but nobody seemed to be upset with me. I just hope we don’t see her as a new ‘Angel’. I won’t hesitate to shoot her zombie body, but it will be a bummer nonetheless.

I talked more with the girls about my plan for tomorrow. We’re going to the “Master’s Hardware and Dry Goods” store. The girls need underwear, shoes that fit, and some clothes, too. I’m all for going bra-less, but some of these girls have real big tits. And I need them to be able to run. Big bouncing tits are fun to watch in slow motion when they run, but in a Zed situation it ain’t cool to have things going in all directions. Gotta strap those puppies down.

“I’m going to need two volunteers for tomorrow’s excursion,” I stated. All hands went up. “Now hold on a second. I need people who are good shots, can move quick, and don’t mind getting dirty. Ok Erin, thanks. But you were already drafted, that’s why I only need two more… Lorrie, sorry sweetie, you need more healing. Gayle, thanks, but not yet. No… I’m thinking… Lizzie and Dizzy–“

“It’s Kristin, asshole!”

“I know, I know… just kidding. Whaddya two say?”

They nodded their heads in unison. Gotta love sisters.

So instead of a movie that night, we all cleaned the weapons and checked our packs. We loaded the Jeep with some trade goods, like gallon jugs of water and canned foods in case we found some survivors. Also some dry foods like instant potatoes and such.

We got everything packed and racked, with no slack.

“Alright everyone. Bedtime. And we’re on lockdown tonight.” Got a couple snickers on that one.

“I’m serious. We need to be up bright and early and ready to go.”

I was left unmolested that night, which was good. I got some pretty good sleep.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 7 – Daddy’s Little Girl
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

We dressed for battle as best we could. The motorcycle helmets fit the sisters, but was too big for Erin. We put some towels in there to make it sit better. We were finally ready.
Acutely aware of how well the last outing went, when we lost Blake, this farewell was a bit tearful.

“Come back to us,” Gayle intoned. “All of you!”

Lorrie hugged me, too, with tears in her eyes. I held her shoulders, afraid to touch her back. Her breasts pressed into me. Jesus.

“Come back to us… to me…” she whispered.

We got in the Jeep and headed towards town.

As we headed down Main Street, we could see the dead Zeds from the other day. Nobody is cleaning up the town. We stopped in front of “Master’s” store. Peeking in the windows, we couldn’t see anything. I tapped on the glass lightly with my rifle barrel.

Suddenly, movement. Hang on… yep, it’s a Zach wandering around in the store. I didn’t want to just shoot and bust up the glass, I wanted to keep some integrity to the store. Talking to the girls, we drove the Jeep around the side of the store. I took a set of keys, as did Erin. We climbed up on top of the Jeep and went up the fire escape to the second floor. I climbed in the window and cleared the area. The other gals came in. Okay.

“I’m going downstairs,” I whispered. “I’m going to take him out with the Crovel.” That’s my mini shovel with a razor sharp edge.

I took two steps downstairs, and was met by a young man with a shotgun pointed at my face.

“You’re not going anywhere, fucker.” he said, rather shakily.

I set the crovel down, but now the kid had three other rifles pointed at his head. Then a door opened up behind us. Confusion reigned as another kid pointed a rifle at Lizzie, then at me, then he didn’t know who to point it at. My girls were yelling, so were the boys; this was very tense and could go bad in a hurry. But I could see these were young kids. I didn’t think they were dangerous, just being protective.

“My girls! SHUT UP!” And they did. “Okay fellas. I’m going to take my helmet off. Ok? Just real slow, we aren’t here to hurt you. We want to buy or trade for some things.”

The one on the stairs looked at his bud, then nodded at me.

I took off my helmet, and set it on a table in the hallway.

“Ok. See? Just a regular guy. Erin, girls. Lower your rifles. See guys? We’re cool. Everybody’s cool… Lean your rifles on the wall. Nice and easy. Yeah that’s it. Okay, now take off your helmets.”

This is what I was counting on. And it worked. The guys weren’t looking at me anymore. They watched as the motocross helmets came off, and three gorgeous faces looked back at them.

The girls did some of that hair-flipping thing that is just so desirable.

I reached out and pushed the shotgun away from my face. I asked the other guy to lower his gun, which he did.

“This is Erin, and that’s Elizabeth and Kristin.” The girls smiled beautifully.

“I’m Morgan,” said my guy on the stairs. He handed me the shotgun while he moved over to shake hands with the girls.

“And I’m Wyatt!” said the other one, making sure he got introduced also.

“Morgan and Wyatt?” I kind of smirked. “Where’s Virgil?” I joked. You know, the Earp brothers. I was met with glum faces. “He’s downstairs in the store. How did you know his name… oh yeah, you’re old.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about your brother. I’m Michael. And really, we just want to trade for some stuff. Who’s Masters? Is he the owner?”

“That’s our dad. Bat Masters. We’re his sons. He was killed at the church on that first night…”

“So, you’re… Bat Masters’ sons?” I smiled again. Another joke only old guys get.

“Well guys, I’m very sorry for your loss. But we need some things for the girls. You fellas need water? Food?”

“We need water bad,” said Morgan. “We’re all out, and drinking out of the toilet tanks–OWW!”

Wyatt slugged him on the shoulder. He didn’t want to look bad in front of the girls.

“Boys,” I said. “Before we do any trading, we’ve got to… remove Virgil…”

“Yeah. We know. We just can’t do it.” Morgan, apparently the younger one, cried a little. Kristin went to him and hugged him. Erin moved towards me, as Liz sidled up to Wyatt.
“If it’s okay with you guys,” started Erin. “Michael can… help you with this.” Nice diplomacy! Who knew she was so sensitive?

Morgan nodded. Erin and I went downstairs, helmets back on and weapons ready..

I opened the backdoor with the key from Wyatt, and I quickly dispatched poor Virgil with my Crovel. Erin helped me drag him outside. We cleaned up the blood so the boys wouldn’t see anything.

The atmosphere lightened up then. The two sisters went shopping with the boys helping. For a crappy small town, they had pretty good stuff. I guess there’s a pretty famous trailhead up in the woods, so they get quite a few hikers coming through here needing last minute gear.

Movement outside caught my eye, several Zachs were at the front of the store.

“Can we get to the clock tower from here?” I asked. It was just a little cupola kind of a thing, sitting on the roof of the second floor. We climbed the stairs from the roof. A couple kicks and the clock fell out of the front. Nice view from here, we could see most of the town, now.

I looked at Erin. Her face pleaded with me.

“Go ahead,” I said. “Make their day!”

She grinned and sighted in the first one with her AR. This was my good one, with an ACOG scope on it and a Harris bipod.


“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Did you see that one? Headshot!”


“Yep! who’s the Big Bad Mama now?”


“Uh huh! All day bitches!”

I pointed out a few down the other side of the street. Erin gleefully adjusted her position and took them down. One shot each. She’s a regular sharpshooter, a natural.

She also had this excited look on her face, kind of like the other day. She anxiously scanned for more. Fortunately, for her, other Zeds were drawn to the noise and came out to see what all the noise was about.


But this time, instead of ‘yeah baby’ or something, she just kind of moaned a little, like “Mmmmm-hmmmmm.”

I was standing next to her, helping to spot, but she didn’t need me to do that anymore. She had it down.

“You’re an awesome shot, sweetheart!” And I rested my hand on her trim little ass.

She giggled and pressed into my hand. “Harder… yes Daddy… squeeze me…. wait… stop…” she sighted in another target.


“Jesus!” she cried out as I resumed massaging her ass. She spread her legs more, inviting my hand to travel down the crack to in between her thighs. I stopped, but didn’t let go, when I heard her do the big exhale. That meant she had one in her sights. After the report of the gun, I continued.

“Reloading,” she said. I took that moment to reach around her and undo her belt, then just shucked her camo pants down. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. She struggled out of one leg, so she could still move. I rested my hand on her silky smooth naked butt.

Erin exhaled, I paused, and BOOM!

I slipped my middle finger inside her pussy, it slid in with no friction at all.

“Mmmmm Goddd yess…..” Exhale, pause, stop moving… BOOM!

And I jammed three more fingers up her oozing cunt.

“Jesus I’m close Daddy… so close…” BOOM!

I pulled my hand out of her backside, and reached around to the front so I could squeeze and massage her clit.

“Jesus… I can’t aim,” she panted.

“Aim high,” I said, frigging her with my hand. “To the right of the water tower. Just shoot when you need to.”

I squeezed her clit in between my thumb and fingers, her little swollen buddy sent shivers throughout her body.




“YESS!!!!!” and she came with sharp contractions. Her juice literally flowed over my fingers. I jammed my fingers into her mouth, she licked and sucked down her juices and moaned at me. I pulled my hand out.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she pleaded.

“Say it again.”

“Be my Daddy,” she said softly. “Fuck me Daddy.” Then through gritted teeth: “Fuck me hard Daddy! Let me kill these fuckers and fuck me, Daddy.”

Jesus Christ, I don’t even have a daughter, but hearing her talk like this was such a turn-on. I dropped trou in a hurry. I lined up right behind her and shoved my cock up her tight cunt.

Erin let out a long groaning “F-u-u-u-u-u-u-c-c-c-k-k-k!” as I forced myself inside her. It wasn’t too tough on her, though, she was just oozing cunt juice.

She took aim some more. I paused.

BOOM! She shot this woman Zena in the head.

I slapped Erin’s ass hard and long-stroked her until she lined up the next one 10-15 seconds later.


I fucked her hot cunt while she continued targeting. She lined up a shot, but I couldn’t help myself, my cock twitched inside her steamy cunt.

Zach fell down as she hit him in the knee.

“You made me fucking miss!” she hollered at me with mock anger. And maybe a little real anger mixed in. She liked the fucking, but she liked the shooting, too.

I fucked her as hard as I could while she tried to finish the dead Zach.

“Stop it!” she giggled.

Panting, I said, “You’ve got to learn to… hit your targets when (gasp) you’re under a lot of (unh) pressure.”

I continued thrusting into her from behind, there was no stopping me now. I wanted to cum inside this little hottie, RFN!

Erin rested the gun and took her fucking like a champ, bucking her hips back into my thrusts. I grabbed and yanked on her ponytail as my throbbing cock sank deeper and deeper into her body.

Erin reached down to her cunt and frigged herself for a few moments, then took that hand and tried to shove it in my face. She succeeded, smearing my face with creamy pussy cum.

I smacked her ass hard.

“Are you my little fucking whore? huh?”

“Yes Daddy!” she really liked saying that…

“Daddy’s little fucking whore? Huh baby?”

“Yes Daddy oh my fucking GOD!”

“You like Daddy’s cock?”

“Yeah Daddy keep fucking me!”

“I’m gonna cum in your little cunt, baby. You want Daddy’s cum don’t you baby?”

“Oh FUCK YES DADDY! Cum in me Daddy!!”

“Here it is, my baby fuck-slut!”

And I came inside her like a tidal wave. I could feel her pussy walls contract around my cock as she came also. Hot sperm met hot pussy juice to create white-hot lava inside her cunt.

“Jesus Erin!” I cried out. “Fuckkkkk!” And I pumped and squeezed the last bits of sperm out of my throbbing dick.

“Oh daddy” Erin whispered, I could barely hear her in the light morning breeze. “daddy… daddy…”

My cock began to shrink a bit. Erin lined up the crawler, and finished him off with a satisfying BOOM!

“Clean me up, baby,” I said to her. “I want to shoot a few.”

We traded positions, I rested the bipod and took aim up the street. Erin greedily licked my cock and balls, swallowing down both of our juices.

I fired a few more times. She was right, it is hard to aim when someone is goofing with your sex parts.

“Lookit this Daddy.” she said. I looked down to see her squatting, her hand beneath her pussy, catching the dripping cum. She put her other hand down there and brought the full one to her mouth. She looked me in the eye as she slurped it up and swallowed it down.

“You taste good, Daddy.” She got a couple more handfuls of cum as I shot more Zachs and Zenas. Fuckers just kept coming. How many were there in this town?

Erin stood up and tugged me a little bit on the shoulder. I set down the gun and kissed her passionately, tasting my cum on her lips and tongue. She held me so tight for such a little thing.
Reluctantly, we dressed. We ended up going through four magazines. 120 rounds. With misses and on-purpose shots fired during sex, we figured we hit close to 100 zombies.

I pulled the little two-way radio out of my shoulder pocket and put in a call to the house.

“Mustang! This is Ghostrider, requesting a flyby. I mean, requesting a status report.”

Dead air.

“Michael?” Gayle finally answered. “Are you talking to us?”

“That’s a ‘roger’ Mustang. What’s your situation?”

“Uh, just confused, but, whatever. We’re all fine. Couple of Zeds were on the perimeter fence.
Payton took them out with the ’22’.”

“Payton?” I asked Erin, off-mic.

“The tall one? Dumbass!”

Yeah she’s the tall one. At least six feet. But nicely proportioned. Very nicely proportioned.
Gayle keyed the mic again. “How are you guys? We hear a lot of shots. Oh, and Lorraine says to tell you ‘negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full’. What the hell are you guys talking about?”

I chuckled out loud while Erin just looked at me like I was stupid. “All good here. Little Tiger is quite the sharpshooter. The sisters are negotiating for goods as we speak. Will check back in 15. Tell Lorrie ‘it’s time to buzz the tower’. Ghostrider out.”

“10-4. Out.”

Erin and I gathered up our magazines and the empty brass casings for future re-loading. We headed back down the stairs.

– – –

As Erin and I neared the bottom floor, we heard some scuffling and what sounded like one or both of the girls screaming. We bolted down the last couple steps, my Crovel held ready to swing and Erin’s AR ready to fire. What we saw was rather surprising.

Across the store, about 30 feet, was a glass case about 15 feet long that held knives, binoculars, and other high dollar items. It was also the checkout area with register and credit card machine.

Leaning against the case were our two sisters, naked as jaybirds. Their arms outstretched, they were holding onto the opposite side of the case. They were holding on because the two brothers were fucking them from behind for all they were worth. They were facing us, but nobody saw us as they were in various throes of passion.

I was concerned that this may not be voluntary on our girls part.

With my Crovel, I tapped on a metal shelf next to me and said to Erin “Cover them.”

Both Lizzie and Kristin rose up and shouted at me.

“NO it’s okay!” “Stop Daddy!” “We asked them to!” and stuff like that.

The boys froze, and started to withdraw.

I think it was Wyatt that said “Daddy? He’s your dad? Oh fuck fuck fuck…” and started backing off.

I smirked. “You sure you girls are okay?” They smiled and nodded vigorously..

“Okay… I’m going to the Jeep. Hurry it up, boys. Come on Erin.”

We started outside. I could hear Liz saying to Wyatt “Get back here and fuck me! He’s fine!”

I found an area out back of the store that seemed to have pretty soft ground. I said to Erin, “Cover me. I’ve got to dig a grave for Virgil. And call the ranch. It’ll be another hour or two.”
As I dug with the Crovel, I got Erin to talk.

“Sweetie, what’s with the Daddy stuff? Did you and your dad… you know–“

Erin looked away. “No. it wasn’t like that. My father left when I was 11. He never paid much attention to me. I always tried to get his attention, but he never seemed to care much. I guess, psychologically speaking, I probably have some serious ‘daddy issues’. Maybe if the zombies didn’t come I’d end up a stripper somewhere.”

We both laughed.

“Does it bother you?” she asked “I can stop it.”

“No no, it’s fine! I just don’t want you to be… disappointed with me.”

“Disappointed? How? You’re awesome! We’d all be dead without you! You’re everything… everything I want in a father. And, the fucking is nice. Very nice. Oh shit give me the Crovel! Now!”

Tired, I tossed it to her. Erin went over to a Zombie kid. Maybe 10-12 years old. She raised the shovel… the zombie came towards her… and she didn’t swing. But she pushed it away with the shovel/crovel.

“I can’t kill it!” she cried out. “It’s just a kid!” She easily kept it at bay.

The zombie kid started to moan. But being small he didn’t have a lot of output. I don’t think any others heard him.

I had to kill him. He’s not a human anymore. He died once, he needs to be dead again. I got up out of the hole and finished the job with my Ka-bar knife. He collapsed where he stood.

With tears in my eyes, I took the crovel from Erin and finished up the hole. Furious at the fucked up world, I dug very hard.

“Sorry, Daddy.”

I wiped my nose. “It’s okay sweetie. It’s hard. It’s fucked. It sucks. But you can’t hesitate like that again. You’re the toughest of you girls. I need you.”

I dragged Virgil Masters over to his hole. It wasn’t 6 feet deep. More like 4. Sorry Virg, I don’t have all day.

“And you will be disappointed in me,” I continued. “I’m just a man. I care deeply for you, like a family member. But… ” I didn’t know how to say this. “But I’m just a man. And there’s so many of you girls. And I care for all of them. And I may not be able to… be… exclus–” I started to say Exclusive.

But she cut me off. “No! Um… Michael… Daddy… I don’t want you to be my boyfriend, or husband. I do want to keep fucking you. And I love you, I do. But as far as long-term goes, well you’re probably more suited to Gayle. Maybe I’ll find someone to settle down with. Like the Dizzy sisters have.”

I finished covering up Virgil. “Come here, baby girl.” And we hugged and kissed and cried a little bit. “I’ll be your ‘Daddy’. I’ll be Daddy with benefits, okay?”

We smiled and went back in the store.

= = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 8 – The Party
= = = = = = = = = = = =

The Masters boys were dressed, but looked a little sheepish. The Johnson sisters were beaming, their faces a little flushed. Must’ve been a pretty good time on the knife case, I presumed.

“So what’s the deal?” I wanted to pack up and get out of here.

“Well,” said Lizzie, the eldest. “The men here have fulfilled all of our needs–“

Erin laughed out loud and Kristin smacked her own forehead.

“…and we’ve got shoes, socks, and clothing for every one. And, Daddy man, we got you this awesome hat! Try it on!”

It was kind of a flat brim cowboy-type hat. Like Clint Eastwood wore in High-Plains Drifter and a few others.

“I like it! I love it! What’s our price? Ok shoes we’ve got… yep… hey… Are we short a couple pairs? Who’s not getting shoes.”

Kristin answered. “We all got shoes, but, well… we’re going to stay here. If that’s okay.”

Holy shit! So that was the price? Well I don’t know if it’s okay or not. I had to think fast.

“Look, we aren’t trading people for stuff. We’ll be fine without–“

“No Michael! Daddy… it’s not like that. We really, really like them.”

Things move quickly in the New World.

“Well, not so fast. This place is very vulnerable. Glass windows all over, the back door lock couldn’t stop a seven-year-old…” Shit. What to do?

“Ok, boys. You’re coming with us. You need to get Mama Gayle’s approval. If you pass that test, then tomorrow we’ll come back and fix this place up.”

That seemed to sit okay with people. We were packing the Jeep with the clothing, when Morgan noticed the mound of fresh dirt. He stopped and stared at it, tears welling up in his eyes.

“When we come back tomorrow,” I said. “We’ll get him a nice cross and have a proper service, ok? I promise, kid.”

He nodded, then hugged me. Kid had just lost his dad and brother. Poor guy.

We called up to the house, told them “Plus Two” for dinner.

– – –

There was great excitement at the house as the new boys were examined, admired, hugged.

But the Johnson sisters made it very clear; these boys were off-limits. And they seemed smitten with the sisters, so that was good. Then the girls discovered their new clothes, and the shrieking was nearly intolerable. Shoes that fit! Pants that fit! Underwear!

Erin and I immediately set to re-loading the magazines and cleaning the weapons. Always be ready for the next fight, you don’t know when that will be. She wasn’t too concerned about the new underwear.

“Only during the bad week,” she said. “Rest of the time, I like to go commando. Speaking of which, who said you could go shooting sperms inside me?”

“Little slut!” I replied as I finished off another 30-round magazine. “Your period just ended, you’ve got a few more days until you ovulate. Thought you might like that.”

“I did, Daddy-man. And whatever happens here, you can fuck whoever you want, I don’t care. But you can always fuck me. Okay Daddy?”

“Okay, Little Tiger.” We hugged and kissed.

“Maybe you should pay Mama Gayle a visit?”

“Ha, yeah. Well I’m not sure I’m too high on her list right now. She’s not so pleased with some of
the uh, whaddya call it, ‘fornication’ going on around here.”

“You’re such a dumb man. Although you did seem to be pounding Kaitlyn’s ass pretty hard that night. And Gayle saw it all. Maybe we could try that sometime?”

“Yeah, sure, love to fuck you any where you want it!”

We heard someone coming down the hall and started talking business.

“So yeah, just push the patches through, without dinging the side of the barrel–“

“Hey guys!” It was Lorrie, Gayle’s daughter. “Whatcha doing?”

“Hey girl!” said Erin.

“Just cleaning the guns,” I explained. “When they fire, they leave residue and gunk. Gotta keep them clean so they will always work for us.”

“Can you show me? I want to start doing this kind of stuff with you guys! I’ve shot before. And I’m feeling all better.” Lorrie gave me her sweetest smile she had, which was a fucking nice one that could very well send a thousand ships to war.

So I started explaining the various parts of the broken-apart AR-15 and what they did. Erin winked at me, then left to go take a shower.

Lorrie scooted in closer, obviously to get all the information she could. Never mind that her breast pressed into my arm. Her breast that was barely contained in the cotton T-shirt. The breast that was unfettered because a bra would upset the stitches on her back.

“You guys have killed a lot of zombies, haven’t you.”

“Yeah, about a hundred just today.”

“Well I want to pull my weight around here. Can you teach me?”

“Well, Lorrie… sweetie… we’ve got to get you all healed up first. Killing Zachary can be easy, with a gun, but it can also get real tough real fast. How’s your back been doing?”

If you recall, she was nearly unconscious when I first found her. She had a sliced up back that started around her left neck and went all the way down to her pantline on the right side. I sewed her up, but her mom had been seeing to her ever since.

“It’s good! Look!”

And she pulled up her shirt, and took it off and handed it to me. She quickly covered her nipples with her hands and turned around to show me her back. But mostly all I could see was the side of her tits, even from behind her. They were that big. I threw her shirt over my shoulder.

“Well?” she asked coyly. “How am I doing?”

Fucking great is how you’re doing.

“Jesus um, uh, where’s your mom? She should be checking this for you.”

“Oh she’s all talking to those new guys. They’re hitting it off. So?”

So I looked at the stitches. She took the bandages off yesterday to let it breathe. I never stitched anything before. The job itself looked terrible, but the skin was holding and wasn’t infected.

“I think you’re going to live,” I pronounced.

She turned around and hugged me, gently. But her tits pressed firmly into my stomach.

“Lorrie–” I began, but she cut me off.

“Daddy, I mean… Michael… I just wanted to thank you for saving me.”

I held her gently on her lower hips. Her bare hips. Jesus Christ her skin is so soft and warm…

“Um, Lorrie…” She looked up at me and pulled away slightly. I tried to look into her eyes. Really,
I did. But all I could see was about 3 miles of cleavage disappearing into my chest.

“Yes Daddy?” she said, ever so sweetly. My cock was struggling inside my jeans. It sucks when it’s all crinkled up in there and then decides to get fully hard. She kept smiling at me.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you. You probably think I’m just a kid. But I’m not. I turned 18 last month.”

“I don’t think you’re a kid…” With a body like that? She’s all woman, all the time. “But, you need to take it easy with that back. I don’t want any stitches to come out.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I mean, people are likely to come back at any moment. Yes, I fucked some of the other girls, but their mom’s weren’t here! Jesus.

“Arms up.”

She raised her arms, her breasts still pressed against me.

I took her t-shirt and fiddled with it until I got it lined up, Then I slid it over her arms, head, then over her tits until it was fully on.

“Thanks for checking me out, Daddy.”

“Anytime, hon.”

“You know,” she started. “Mom likes you. and she’s really good in bed. She’s an expert. And I’ve seen lots of porn. Mom’s as good or better.”

Um, holy shit? Why is she telling me this?

“Mom likes it all ways. Every way. I’ve seen her with two guys. And also with another girl and a guy. You know, Menage-a-twat or something.”

I chuckled inwardly. Menage-a-twat! I’d like to menage her twat… We heard a commotion as people were coming back inside.

Lorrie leaned in and whispered to me, “Mom masturbates at night when she thinks I’m asleep. She whispers your name.”

“Come on, you’re just saying that.”

“No, she does. Honest. I’ll be masturbating tonight. Thinking of that big dick everyone says you have. Get ready for Payton, it’s her turn tonight.”

And she left to rejoin the others. I stood there like, What the fuck? They are taking turns? With me? Well that’s just… well it’s not the worst thing that could happen, I guess…

Gayle came in to say hi.

“Those boys are Very nice. Very nice. They tell me they want the sisters to live with them. What do you think?”

“I’m a little concerned. We have to strengthen their building area, it’s not very secure right now. And we need to train those boys up. They need to get a little, uh, ‘harder’. And no, not in the way you think!”

Gayle punched my arm.

“But yeah, in a few days I think it would be fine. We need to start taking back the town anyway. Would be good to have a forward base there. We’ve got radios. We could hook them up with a set of solar panels. It could work.”

We had a nice dinner of beef stroganoff, from my supply of dehydrated food. Canned peaches for dessert. Also had lots of vodka and fruit juice.

Erin found the tablet, touched the screen a few times, and the next thing you know, Rihanna is blasting from the speakers. It’s a party!

The boys shoved the table to one side, and we had a dance floor. Rihanna’s beats were thumping, and Tina and everyone was pulling me out. Now, I’m not a dancer or anything, but I do have rhythm. So I was able to pretend I had some moves. It didn’t matter much, Everyone was hooting and hollering and shaking with the beat.

Everyone yelled the chorus:
“Now I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good!
And it’s, Sex in the Air
I don’t care I like the smell of it!
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me!”

Gayle grinded on my leg, somebody was holding my ass, and I had one arm around Payton. Tits bumped into me from all sides. Fuckin A!

Then Erin put on an oldie, “Push it” by Salt ‘N Pepa.

With all the “Ooh baby, baby” verses, it was getting crazy. Erin jumped up on the table and took off her T-shirt and shook her happy little boobs for everyone to see! The boys were dancing with their girls, but it was kind of a free-for-all. We weren’t really partnered up, just mashing all togther. And there was lots of bumping and grinding, and ‘getting all up’ on me, the boys, and the girls on each other in some serious dirty dancing.

We started throwing our drinks around, and it was becoming a wet T-shirt night. Payton took off her shirt next, and danced around in her new bra. I could read the tag. 36C. Nice! And she filled it all up.

Lorrie got bumped accidentally, and I roared at everyone to stop while we checked her out. I was about to declare “Party On!” when we heard the shitty sound of a zombie moan, coming from outside. Those fuckers.

Erin grabbed her shirt and put it back on, grabbed her AR and dashed upstairs to the roof. I followed with the suppressed .22.

“Hold on, Tiger!” I called to her. “Let’s do this quiet-like.”

She took the .22 from me. Apparently, she seemed to think she was the best shooter for the job. She’s probably right, but still, it felt funny.

3 Zeds were at the wall of the house. Somebody hadn’t locked the gate.

Erin dispatched them with three shots. Efficiency at its best.

We got back downstairs and the party was gone. The girls were cleaning and wiping up everything. The guys were doing the dishes.

We had to re-arrange things a little to accommodate the boys for the night. It was looking like Payton didn’t have anywhere to stay. Imagine that.

Gayle gave me a sad look as Payton just kind of sidled up to me. Lorrie looked a little put out, also.

Everyone started saying their good-nights and drifting to the bathrooms and bedrooms. I was the last to use a restroom. Got myself a shower, finally. Got to remember to check the water levels tomorrow in the storage cisterns, I reminded myself.

When I opened the door to my little computer room, I found Payton waiting for me. She was stark naked, sitting on the air mattress with her back up against the pillows and the wall. Her right hand was lazily playing with her shaved pussy while her left hand toyed with a nipple.

“Hey,” she said. “Hope you don’t mind… there’s nowhere else to sleep.”

“Hey yourself. No, don’t stop! Keep doing what you’re doing.”

I got undressed, mentally thanking myself for storing up so many razors. When I pulled my shorts off, my 8 inch cock sprang out to it’s usual 45 degree angle.

Payton began to come over to me, but I stopped her again.

“Keep going,” I said. Watching a woman masturbate is one of my great pleasures in life. I don’t get to see it often enough.

“But, I was just warming up for you–” she protested.

“–And I love it. Just keep doing it. I want to see you cum.”

“But I…” she protested more. “I’ve never done this… had somebody just watch me…”

I settled into the office chair. “Just talk a little. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Ok. Um… I want you to lick me.”

“Where? Show me.”

She spread her pussy lips for me. “Here.”

“Mmm Hmm. What else.”

“I want you to, to shove your tongue inside me.”

“Yesss… and?”

“And I want you to lick me hard… and put your tongue on my clit… and bite it a little…” she was getting the hang of it. Her finger slipped inside her pussy as she talked.

“And I want your cock. I want you to… um… fuck me.” She slipped in two fingers. “I want you to fuck me good. Fuck me hard. Fuck me a lot. Fuck me harder. And harder.” Three of her fingers fucked her cunt now.

“Go on, beautiful.” I encouraged.

“And I want to suck your cock and mmmmmmmm…” She pulled her fingers out of her cunt and daintily put one in her mouth. Her lips enclosed around it. She slowly pulled it out, sucking it clean of her juices. She did that to the other two.

“You like that… Daddy?” I chuckled at the Daddy. Maybe it’s a big running joke with all of them.

“Yes baby, tell me more.”

I went and stood on the air mattress, straddling her, my cock just a foot from her face. Pre-cum oozed from the tip. I ran my finger up the main vein, a few drops dripped onto Payton’s leg.
“God yes I want that cock!” she said as she frigged herself hard.

“I want you to fuck me… please you have to fuck me… please…”

I got down on my knees in front of her, her fingers were making such a slurpy noise as they drove in and out of her puss.

“I fucked Erin today.”

“Oh Jesus that slut!” she cried. But she was excited.

“I fucked her from behind.”

“Fuck yes!”

“I fucked her while she shot the zombies.”

“Oh fuck fuck fuck! Yes!”

“I came in her cunt!”

“Oh my fucking God cum in mine! Yes? Please?”

Payton lifted her leg up and held it with her left hand, so it was sticking almost striaght up in the air. Like some kind of Rockette or something. This allowed her fuller access to her cunt and she furiously banged herself. It was taking everything I had not to get involved, but I loved watching her.

“God, you’re beautiful,” I said. Hey, she looked great. She wasn’t the prettiest of the bunch by a long shot. But who the fuck cares. She was awesome.

“Tell me,” she gasped. “Tell me something else or just fuck me.” She was getting close to the edge.

“I fucked Kaitlyn in the ass. Gayle and some others saw my cum dripping from her butt.”

“Jesus that was true?”

“Yes. I’ll hold your leg up, put a finger in your own ass.”

Without hesitation she reached around and put a finger in her own butthole, with her other hand rubbing her clit hard.

“Oh god YES!!! FUUUUUUUCKKK! YES!!!!!”

She writhed in pleasure as she convulsed from her orgasm. When she was spent, I grabbed her legs and dragged her down fully on to the mattress so I could fuck her good. And I did. I shoved my cock all the way up her dripping cunt so good she didn’t know what hit her. I had to turn her over, face-down, so she could scream into the pillows.

I had never fucked anyone this tall before. It was cool to bang someone almost as big as me. But her strong legs were like jelly as I pounded her pussy into submission.

I pulled my cock out and threatened her ass with it, pressing into her rosebud a little. But she flinched really hard, she wasn’t ready for that. I dropped it back into her cunt and fucked the daylights out of her. I fucked her for ten minutes like that, she moaned and screamed into her pillow.

At one point, the door opened and Erin stuck her head in and smiled at me. I motioned her in
but made the ‘shush’ sign with my finger to my mouth. She nodded and sat on the floor. Pulling her little sweat pants aside, she rubbed her pussy as she watched me fuck Payton.

She, Payton, had no idea anybody else was in there as she was in the throes of ecstasy. I rolled Payton on her back again so I could see her face when I fucked her. She held on to me tight, never opening her eyes. I squeezed her tits as I lay on her, the nipples hard as fucking rocks. Then I reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling her tightly and going deeper into her cunt. I easily slipped a finger up her ass. She responded by kissing me hard.

I risked a glance to the side; Erin was in full masturbation mode as her hand dove in and out of her pussy.

“I’m going to fuck your tits, baby!” I warned Payton.

She opened her eyes for the first time in about 10 minutes as she watched me settle in between her luscious jugs. She then noticed Erin sitting to her left. Payton kind of laughed but didn’t seem to mind.

“What’s she doing here?” she asked.

“Just watching. Maybe she thought I needed some help…”

Payton pushed her tits tight around my dick, I could just see the tip sticking out at the top of her cleavage.

“Erin,” gasped Payton. “Lick my pussy or get out of here.”

To my surprise, Erin scrambled right over and got between Payton’s legs. She lapped at her cunt as I fucked the shit out of her tits.

I love tit-fucking. The girl is mashing her own tits for me, my cock is enveloped by soft and firm tit-flesh… mmmm… and they don’t have to be all that big, either. It works with A-cuppers, even. But Payton had her C-cups in full force tonight. As I stroked her tits, she licked my cock each time it came to the top.

I was about at the end of my rope. I reached down and pulled on her nipples as Payton squeezed her tits. Pulled on the fuckers pretty hard. Payton yelped as my cum shot into her mouth and on her chin. She moaned more as Erin’s tongue made her cum. I shot some more cum onto her face, then pulled back and dropped some loads on her big soft tits.

Erin crawled up from behind. “How’s she doing?”

Payton just lay there in sexual fulfillment, enjoying her natural high. She swallowed the cum in her mouth, but the rest of it was streaming down her face.

“That cum’s going to waste,” I said.

Erin bent down and greedily licked it from Payton’s cheeks, lips and neck. She then drooled it into Payton’s mouth, who swallowed it easily.

“There some on her tits, too.” I pointed out. I like to be helpful.

Erin sucked up the cum and swallowed it down. But then she stayed there, sucking on Payton’s tits.

“Jesus Christ, Daddy,” said Erin. “I really like this! I’ve never touched a woman before this.”

I was surprised because she didn’t hesitate to eat Payton’s puss out earlier.

“Oh my God!” Erin giggled as she pulled off a nipple for a second. “Oh my God!! Daddy!” She greedily re-attacked Payton’s tits.

Payton roused out of her stupor to notice Erin.

“Baby, you do that so good!”

I was taking mental notes. Erin had a way… between her kissing and fondling and suckling, she was driving Payton crazy.

I reached down and rubbed Payton’s clit; she came again in about a minute.

Erin never let up or let go of those glorious tits. I slopped up some pussy juice onto an exposed nipple, Erin saw that and just dove on it.

I began to feel a bit superfluous… but then, later, they made up for it.

– – –

The next morning we had powdered eggs, freeze-dried ham, and pancakes. All courtesy of Momma Gayle, with some help from Lorrie, of course. That shit is not bad, pretty tasty, even. Considering the circumstances. The IHOP was, after all, run by Zach and Zed and Zena, at this point.

So this day, we hooked up the snow plow to the Unimog. Too many dead bodies in the street, you know. We scored tons of plywood at the hardware store to barricade the Master’s store. Then we implemented ‘The Plan’.

We parked the Unimog at the east end of Main street. It already had some followers. The cool thing about the Mog is its height. No matter what the Zeds do, they can’t break in. They can’t break the glass. They can’t climb into the cab. So we Parked it in the middle of the street. Erin climbed on top, along with Lorrie. They had the .308 for serious long range and stopping power. Also had an AR, and the suppressed 22. The idea was, they would start shooting at Zach, which would bring more Zachs, and they would keep shooting. Lorrie would get some real on-the-job training.

Then we had Tina and Payton in the Clock tower, firing at Zed also. But never towards the Mog. Only down the streets they could see.

Meanwhile, myself, Gayle, Morgan, and Wyatt went down to a side street at the whole other end of the small town. We pulled up to the last house. Gayle had the AR. I had my Crovel, and the boys had pitchforks. We also had pistols, all of us. The idea, though, was to go quiet and check the houses.

The first one was a piece of cake. Tapped on the door, all quiet. The house was unlocked, nobody inside. We checked for medicines and food, found a pretty good stash of cans. Some good food in the fridge, too, but it was all rotten. No medicines. No weapons. Some old lady clothes, that’s about it. We stacked the cans on the porch for later pickup.

Second house, we could see Zach standing inside, trying to get out through the door. Erin, and Lorrie, were shooting pretty regularly at the end of town. We saw a couple zachs here and there amble along in their direction.

I wanted the boys to get some training, so we had Gayle stand behind the door, and she yanked it open. Morgan went first and jabbed the fucker right in the eye. He dropped. Morgan let out a whoop and went to high-five his brother when I clamped him hard on the shoulder.
“Shut the fuck up!” I whisper-hollered at him. He was sorry, wouldn’t do it again.

Found a little food, a .38 revolver with 9 shells, some 42-year old Playboys, and some dirty clothes. But we took everything we could find. Candles, aluminum foil, baggies, toilet paper, matches, dog food.

Next house, we tapped on the window. We couldn’t see through the windows as the curtains were drawn.

“Who is it?” a female voice called out.

We were stunned. I motioned for one of the boys to answer.

“It’s us! Morgan and Wyatt Masters. From the store!”

The lady came and opened the door cautiously, then let us in. The lady was probably 65+. She eyeballed us.

“You the ones making all the racket?”

“Yes,” I answered. “I’m Michael. This is Gayle. We’re just trying to clean up the town. You uh, you ok? you need anything?”

“Naw. I’m good for the winter. Come springtime, I’ll be needing some supplies, though. You reckon we’ll get some power and food by then?”

“Uh, no, Missus…”

“It’s Miss. Thompson. Never had much need for no man. Although, I do kind of like your style, Slim.” She let that hang. I wasn’t sure what to say. Wasn’t expecting to be hit on today, least not by an old lady. She wasn’t bad looking, for 65.

“Hmph… well… Miss Thompson, we’ll be around a lot. If you see us, flag us down if you need something, okay?”

We left, Gayle snickered and patted me on the butt. “Stud,” she whispered and laughed.

We went through 30 more houses, but no other living folks. Lots of dead bodies, though; human and zombie. Did find a decent 1911 like mine, four hunting rifles in various calibers with a few boxes of shells for each.

Suddenly, the radio crackled to life.

“Michael! It’s Erin! We need you NOW!”

We piled into the Jeep and shot back towards main street. We got some more info from Erin; they had moved the truck to try and get a better location to shoot from.

“I told you not to do that!”

“I know Michael, I’m sorry. But Lorrie’s trapped. Hurry!”

We pulled up next to the Unimog, running over a couple Zachs. It was now more in the center of town. It was supposed to be away from the buildings.

“She’s up on the second floor. hurry!”

We broke into the lower floor of the real estate office. I killed two zeds with my Crovel. I could hear more of them moaning upstairs. Racing up the stairs, I hollered “Look out below” and threw a couple more zeds down the stairs. Gunshots followed as Erin or someone killed them dead.
Gayle came up behind me. The zeds were now converging on us. We each fired our pistols until they were empty. The floor was slippery from all the ichor and gore, but I charged forward, hacking and slashing at Zed heads. I worked my way into what seemed a bedroom, and there was Lorrie.

She was between the bed and a wall, holding back two zombies with just her rifle barrel. Crying and screaming, she was going to lose the battle in the next few seconds as the combined weight of the two big man zombies was probably 400 pounds.

I hacked at a nearby zombie, then leapt on to the bed. I hacked with all my might on the zed closest to Lorrie, burying my Crovel so hard I couldn’t get it back out from Zach’s body. I yanked out my USMC Ka-Bar and buried it into the skull of the second zed. I pulled Lorrie out from under both of them as they began falling. Clutching me for dear life, Lorrie sobbed into my neck.

Everyone just stood around as I came downstairs.

“Come on! Form a perimeter! What have I been talking to you about for the last 4 days? And somebody go get my Crovel!”

We finally formed a walking convoy and made our way down to Master’s Hardware. Wyatt drove the Jeep, running down zeds while I carried Lorrie. Erin and Gayle covered us as Morgan followed in the Unimog. We finally got inside the store.

We laid Lorrie on the counter, checking for bites, but she was clear. Her mom held her, they rocked together slowly in an old rocking chair by the front door.

I sat down and held my head in my hands. Jesus I almost fucked up again! We need more training before we can do this kind of thing!

Erin came over to me. “Michael… Daddy… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have–“

“No,” I snapped back at her. “You shouldn’t have. You should have done what I said. I can’t be everywhere. You need to think!”

Ashamed, Erin went up to the staircase. Probably to the clock tower so she could shoot more zeds.

“What should we do?” asked Morgan.

“I don’t know right now, bud. Just… let me be for a few.”

I think it was in that moment where I realized how much I cared for these people. I looked at Gayle and Lorrie. Gayle was whispering softly to Lorrie, who seemed really small right now. They shouldn’t be fighting zombies. They should be helping or something, but they weren’t warriors. This wasn’t fair.

But it wasn’t just them. It was Erin. And the Sisters. And Payton, and Kaitlyn, and Tina. And the boys, too. I can’t let anything happen to these people.

Zombies moaned outside.


– – –

I took everybody back to the cabin a little after that. We ate an early supper of chicken corn chowder. The mood was a little somber. Erin was very down on herself. Lorrie was not doing so well, neither was Gayle. Lorrie seemed to want to be hugging or holding on to her mom or myself, she didn’t want to be alone. Everyone else just picked up on the vibe and didn’t make a lot of noise.

I talked with the local boys after dinner. I wanted to find out what commercial enterprises were in town or nearby. Gas Stations, stores, welding shops, sporting goods stores, engine repair shops, I wanted it all. Erin tried to go to her room. I told her no, sit down with me and listen. I apologized to her. She cried. We made up. Then we talked strategy.

After a couple hours, we did more P90 training, except for Lorrie. Well, she did a modified version. She isn’t all that flexible yet from her initial wounds.

Then everyone went to bed.

There was scratching at my door. I didn’t open it.

I didn’t deserve any happiness right then.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 9 – The Recovery
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The next three days raced by. I took a team of Wyatt, Erin, and Payton with me and we went to two other nearby towns, just a little bigger than ours. They were as bad or worse than our little town. There’s a larger town to the north of us, but I imagine they are inundated with Zeds.

Anyway, we found what we were looking for; paintball and lacrosse gear. We liked the Lacrosse helmets best as they had a tough face screen and you could talk with them. They were much lighter than Motorcycle helmets. Plus, you could still wear goggles with them. We found all kinds of pads and protective equipment for the legs and arms, also. The object was to make ourselves hard to bite.

Back at the ranch, we all put on our gear for real live training. First, everyone got used to hitting me on the head with broomsticks. Didn’t even reach me through my helmet, but everyone got lots of licks in.

At the Lawnmower repair shop, we got lots of lawnmower blades. We trimmed up one end to fit the gals smaller hands,then wrapped it in paracord to make a nice handle. We sharpened the other end to a razor-like finish. Now everyone had their own personal Zed-Hacker. We also got some yard rakes, the tough kind, not grass rakes. We cut off some of the tines, and bent the middle ones facing forward. I thought this would come in handy.

Then we had one-v-one training, with live zombies.

Many had come up our way over the last few days, we let them be as they circled the fence. Then, carefully, we’d let in one-at-a-time through the gate. We didn’t try to pair them up with a like-sized person, if it was your turn you got what you got.

Being generally shorter, except for Payton, the girls were having a tough time with a one-shot kill; Zed’s arms were too long. The girls learned to hack off an arm or two first, then go for the kill. Or kick them in the knee so Zed fell down. Then it was an easy kill shot.

Then they tried it with the rake. Much better! Hard swing to the knees, down they went. Then they were easy pickins for a rake-shot to the head. So that became our primary tactic; rake them out in the open, blade them when up close.

Lorrie was the most zealous of girls, surpassing even Erin. After she killed one, she would often hack it more, and spit on it. She didn’t like them much. Good.

All the girls did pretty well. And the boys turned out to be much tougher than I first thought. We were finally getting in shape.

– – –

Reports from the outside world were disheartening. Entire cities like New York had fallen into complete shambles. The internet was pretty limited. Only Google and Gmail seemed to be working anymore. Those Silicon valley guys always had great security.

The HAM radio reports were awful. Mostly just lonely calls from people in trouble. We couldn’t go help them, nobody was around us. After a while we quit turning it on.

– – –

Next morning, after our P90 workout, Gayle and Lorrie went to make breakfast while I studied the web. Then, girls and guys all sat me down at the table.

“What’s going on?” I asked, baffled. It was mid-October something, not a holiday or anything.
Gayle spoke up.

“Well Michael. Father’s day is a long ways away. But you’ve been like a father to all of us, and we wanted to say thank you!”

And they brought out all kinds of good stuff. Including Hostess Donettes! And Hostess Cherry Pies!

“But… but.. how? They went out of business a year ago!”

Erin laughed. “Remember the Circle K store? I swiped some goodies for you then.” She hugged me hard and I hugged her back. She cried a little, then everyone else gave me a little present. They were mostly from the hardware store in town, but it was awesome. I got a new neckerchief, folding knife, hunting socks, a canteen, some other odds and ends. Some Drakkar Noir from Gayle and Lorrie.

“Where’d you get this?” I chuckled. I didn’t know they still made this. It was kind of an 80’s thing.

“From the Baskins house. Mr. Baskins didn’t need it anymore…”

I laughed at that one. Everyone was just smiling at me. I felt all uncomfortable.

“Ok thank you everyone. I will use all these in good health. Although I may not wear the Drakkar until we get back tonight!” They all laughed. Zed had a good nose, didn’t want to give him any extra hints.

“As for you guys… Well I’m so proud of you. You could have fallen apart, but you didn’t. This mess is… well it just sucks. But we’re gonna make it better! Right?”

“RIGHT!” they all yelled in unison.

And we went to town, and we stuck together instead of spreading out, and we kicked a shitload of Zed’s ass. And nobody really got into trouble. And the lawn-mower blades worked
as hoped, and we hardly fired the guns at all. It was a good day.

– – –

As we entered the house, I was told to shower first since it was “Daddy appreciation day.”
I said “Whatever” and went to get my shower on. Would be nice to get clean first, for once.
I was just getting some black blood off my arms when the door opened. I was pleased! We were so focused lately that there hadn’t been any ‘fornicating’ for quite a while. As long as it wasn’t one of the guys, I would be happy with whoever it was.

Gayle pulled back the curtain, hiding herself with it, but staring at me in all my naked glory.

“Scrub your back, mister?” she asked sweetly.

“Absolutely!” Holy shit, it’s Gayle!

“Face the other way, then.” Aww, she’s shy with me!

“Ok,” I said, turning towards the shower head. “To tell you the truth, I wasn’t expecting you… where’s everyone else?”

“They all seem to be really busy outside, sharpening, reloading, digging holes for the Zekes. Don’t worry, it’s still daylight, they’ll be fine.”

She stepped in the shower. I tried to turn around.

“Uh-uh-aahh! Face forward!” she commanded. I looked down, I could see her feet at least. They were pretty.

Something very warm and fleshy squished into my back as she reached around me for the soap and that scrubby, fluffy thing that you wash with. It could only be her tits. Jesus, they covered a lot of real estate, I thought. She pulled back and lathered my back, slowly but firmly pushing. My cock was lengthening a little with anticipation.

She washed my arms as they hung by my side.

“Arms up,” she said. And washed my pits.

Then she reached around and washed my chest, first with the scrubby and then with her bare hands. She spent a lot of time on my nipples. Why do men have nipples? I don’t know, but I was glad I did. That felt wonderful.

She lowered her soapy hands down to my stomach. I was fully hard at this point. I tried to wiggle a little, to get my dick to hit her in the hands.

“Easy big fella. Easy, Big Daddy.” I held still.

I was disappointed as her hands traveled back around to my lower back. But then, I was pleased as she rubbed my ass cheeks.

“Oh that feels nice…. yessss…”

She reached between my cheeks with the scrubby thing, washing my asshole and taint. I hung my head down, letting the hot water cascade down my back.

“Wow Daddy,” she said. “You’re all hard even back here!”

And with that, she dropped the scrubby and massaged my butthole. She leaned into me again with her tits and body. She reached around with her other hand and gently traced her fingers along my impossibly hard shaft. But that finger on my ass… it went inside…

“You like this, Daddy?”

“Ummm… I guess…! But what, have you got three fingers in there?” It felt kinda good, but also pretty fucking weird.

“No lover. Just one. Up to the first knuckle. So about one inch or less…” Well it felt like Johnny The Wad himself was back there. Jesus. I’ll be a little more careful with girls in the future when fucking their asses.

Gayle gave my cock a good squeeze then suddenly let go. She slid down on her knees, and began to kiss my ass cheeks. She pulled them apart, then stuck her tongue in the naughtiest of places. I couldn’t believe it.

“Holy Fuck” was all I was able to mutter.

Her tongue slid up my ass, she wriggled it around and rimmed me some more. Can my dick get any harder? It was already 110% but now it felt even harder. I was having difficulty breathing. She continued tonguing me for another couple minutes. If she had touched my cock I would’ve cum right then.

“Now wash my back?” she asked.

She turned and leaned against the tiles, like she was getting arrested. Her massive tits hung down, and her beautiful ass stuck out towards me. I admired her light olive skin.

“Everything ok?” she asked.

“Holy fuck. I mean. Yes! Of course! Just admiring the view!”

I firmly grasped her ass cheeks and planted my cock right in between them. My cockhead stuck out the top of her ass cleavage. He seemed very happy.

I forgot all about style and gentility and the soap, I just grabbed her and held her from the back, running my hands all up and down her hanging tits, stomach, down to her pulsing wet cunt.

My left hand massaged a tit as my right hand’s fingers slipped up inside her. Jesus she was so wet inside. Her stiff nipple tried to stand up to my tweaking, but I pinched and rolled it all around, causing Gayle to moan softly.

“Am I…” she began, tentatively. “Is my body okay?”

“Oh Jesus yes Gayle, why would you even ask that?”

“Well, you’ve got all these teenagers to fuck, and they’re so much… tighter than me…”

I spread her ass cheeks and buried my face between them. I licked and nuzzled her ass and pussy, mmmm she was sopping wet. I alternated my shoving my tongue up her ass and up her cunt, she seemed to like that. I kind of settled in with my thumb in her butt and concentrated my lips and tongue on her pussy. Her tangy flavors covered my face as I tried to burrow into her cunt. Again, I was glad I had stocked up so many razors, not a hair in sight.

“Jesus… Michael!” Gayle moaned.

I squeezed the shit out of both her ass cheeks as I continued eating her out. Tight little skinny girls are great. No doubt. But a woman with curves, that’s the one for me!

After a few minutes of this, Gayle was having trouble standing.

“Oh shit Michael… oh shit…. it’s here Michael!”

I moaned into her cunt, sending vibrations up her pussy. I felt her contractions begin.

“FUCK! I’m cumming cumming oh fuck I’m cumming oh fuck oh fuck!”

I swallowed down her creamy juices that flowed down her cunt and into my mouth.

Then I slumped down, and sat in the shower-bath tub. Gayle turned around and sat on top of me, impaling herself on my raging cock. With the waters till beating down on us, she kissed me hard, and she licked up her own juices off my face. She rose up slightly and settled back down, my cock sinking further up her twat.

I fondled her lusciously large tits, and then clamped my mouth down on one as I fucked her. I sucked her tit hard, drawing as much as I could into my mouth.

“I love that Michael! Suck them harder! Pinch them!”

So I squeezed the hell out of the one I wasn’t sucking, pinching and kneading her tit and nipple roughly.

“God Michael that goes straight to my cunt! More Michael!”

I hefted one breast in my left hand, and lightly patted it with my right.

“Come on, don’t be a baby!”

So I slapped her big tit. She yelped with pleasure. So I slapped it again. And again. Each time, Gayle yelped like a little girl.

I got more aggressive, slapping both her tits with both my hands. These slaps weren’t hard enough to knock anyone down or anything, but her skin was turning a healthy shade of red. Gayle alternated between yelping and laughing as I continued to molest her swaying boobs.
I was getting a huge charge out of this. Gayle kept rising and falling on my cock, and watching those tits jiggle with each slap was too much for me.

“Gayle, get off, I’m going to cum!”

She leaned back, and said “My tubes have been tied. Give it all to me, Daddy!”

I couldn’t hold it. I came.

As always, that first shot felt phenomenal; my hot cum shooting through my vein. Each subsequent spurt felt incredible, too. Gayle felt my red-hot shots enter her cunt as I pumped more and more sperm into her.

She collapsed on top of me, her tits crushing into my chest. Her cunt quivered and spasmed as she, too, came with a frenzy. She grimaced in agony/pleasure, gritting her teeth and then letting out a giant “Ahhhhhhhh…”

My cock began to shrivel a bit. Gayle rose up, then scrambled down to lick my cock before the shower washed us clean. I could see she got a good portion down her throat.

“Come, on, old man!” she called as she helped me up. “Others need a shower, too!”

“Probably won’t be any hot water left for them!” I half-joked.

We soaped up and actually washed ourselves and finished the shower. We dried ourselves and Gayle sat at the little chair to fix her face. She looked so cute, legs crossed, tits hanging, puckering for the mirror. I felt like a young boy watching mommy get ready. My cock felt like that, too.

“Gayle, honey?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Would you mind if I jacked off, just a little bit? You’re so beautiful I can’t stand it.”

She laughed and turned a little so I had a better view. I stroked myself, watching this beautiful creature.

Gayle stood up, and grabbed a tube of body lotion. She squeezed a generous amount on to her tits. She talked to her tits, as if I wasn’t there, while she rubbed lotion all over them.

“Oooo… does that feel better girls? Mmmmm… yes it does… poor things… mmmmm… that mean old man was slapping you poor girls… oh but this feels sooo gooood.”

Gayle got down on her knees, continuing to rub her boobs.

I squirted a pretty large load right onto her tits, then a couple smaller ones, too. Gayle rubbed it all in to her breasts as she leaned over and licked my cock clean.

Beautiful and not selfish. Wow. She could be a keeper…

…except for her daughter…

– – –

Later that evening, as we watched ‘Pitch Perfect’ and sang along with all the a capella Sikiş hikayeleri songs, the girls were all kind of silly and a bit strange. Seems like they approved of Gayle and I ‘getting together’. She sat next to me during the movie, with her daughter Lorrie on my other side.
Everyone said their goodnights, and I wondered what would happen. But I didn’t have to wait long.

Gayle opened my door and strode in. Don’t get me wrong, I was glad to see her. But I was also not ready to be ‘claimed’ by her. Not just yet anyway.

“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” I asked her.

She laughed a little. And pulled her terrycloth robe a little tighter. Didn’t matter. You could still see her feminine charms lurking underneath.

“I just came to talk,” she said. She had a bottle of my prized Justin pinot noir and a couple glasses. We sat down, me in my rolling chair and her in the metal folding chair.

We talked about a lot of things, but mostly about our situation and what my plans were for the future. Unfortunately, that meant a lot of work. What we really needed was a way to make a zombie free area so that we could then begin farming operations. Plus we now had lots of new mouths from town that we had ‘liberated’.

Most of the people we met were nice, but generally a bit older. Still, some of them had farming backgrounds. But other than the Master’s sons, we hadn’t found anyone near the girls ages.

“That’s really bothering me, Michael. I want… I want a future for my daughter.”

“Well I’m doing all I can, sweetheart.” I got kind of defensive. “I think we’ve got a real shot at making something–“

“Oh Michael. I don’t doubt that at all. I’m sure you’ll get everything going perfectly. What I meant was… this is hard to say… I want Lorrie to have the love of a good man. Raise a family. You know, those kind of things.”

“Oh… yeah, I get that. But I guess she’s only got slim pickins right now. Mr. Olson today was single. But he was what, 55?”

“Yeah. Just what I want for Lorrie! But no. I had someone else in my mind.”

My mind drew a blank. “Who?”

“Well… you, Michael.”

“What?” I asked, taken aback. “I’m… twice her age!” Actually, I was about twice everybody’s age, but that didn’t seem to matter.

“Yes but you aren’t old-old. But even if there were a thousand guys to choose from, I’d want you. You just… you do what has to be done, you work hard, you’re good at keeping everyone alive… plus you’re amazing at sex.”

“Gayle… I don’t know what to say exactly. Lorrie’s wonderful, I love her like I love all of you, but…” I tailed off.

“But what?”

“But… how does she feel about this?”

“She’s head over heals in love with you. Most of the girls are attracted to you, but she’s actually in love.”

She’s in love with me? Seriously?

“Well… there’s still two main issues here. Number One is, you, Gayle. And Number Two, I’m not sure I’m ready to settle down just yet. I mean, I will at some point, maybe. But right now, I’m giving all I’ve got to keep our group going. I don’t know if I have time for a genuine relationship. It’s umm… it’s pretty easy right now, I just… get laid based on who shows up at the door.”

Gayle rolled her eyes.

“Hey, sorry, that’s just how it is. I’m not ready to be monogamous with anyone right now. And If I was, well, I’m not sure I would pick Lorrie at this point.”

Gayle kind of made a disappointed face.

“No, I mean nothing bad about Lorrie. But I don’t know her that well! And, then, there’s you… and Erin…”

“Me?” asked Gayle.

“Yeah, you. Don’t look so surprised. We get along pretty fricking great. And, I think the great sex is just beginning…”

“Michael, I didn’t mean you had to marry Lorrie today. I just want you to think about it. Keep it in mind.”

“So if she comes a-knocking at my door some night… you’re… what?”

“I’m fine with that! Just…. be easy on her. She really… she really likes you, like I said. And she’s a virgin.”

I thought about our gun-cleaning session a week ago. Lorrie seemed pretty quick to undress.

“You sure about that?” I asked.

“Yes, she would’ve told me.”

“So, if you want me for her, what was up with the shower today? That doesn’t seem to jive with what you’re saying.”

“Michael, I…” she paused and drank the rest of her wine. “I’m not perfect. I had this vision of you and Lorrie getting together… but… I wanted you first… that doesn’t sound good at all, does it? I mean, I at least wanted you once, before you settled in with her. It all sounds kind of stupid now that I say it out loud.”

I drank the rest of my pinot and poured us both some more.

Have I mentioned how gorgeous Gayle is? My dad was a horn dog in his day, even as an older man. He like the full-figured gals like Marilyn, Mamie, Rita, etc., but his favorite was the Italian babe, Sophia Loren.

Gayle bore a fair resemblance to Sophia. I mean, when she smiled at you, you just wanted to go do manly things like kill a bunch of zombies with your bare fists and come back for your reward. Hey, since you’re reading this, the internet is working again. Go look her up. Sophia, I mean. Check out some of the younger pictures of her, when her hair is pretty straight. That’s what Gayle looks like. Except, Gayle’s tits are bigger. By a lot.

I set my wineglass down and stood up. I paced around the room a bit, then I knelt down in front of Gayle’s chair.

“Gayle.” I placed my hand on her cheek. “Even if I fell in love with your daughter, and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her… how could I possibly only make love to you once? And never again?”

I leaned in and kissed her gently on her full lips. Her hand came up to me, she ran her fingers through my hair.

Our lips pressed a little firmer together and our sweet kiss turned a little hotter as I moved into her a little more. I broke the kiss, only to get a slightly different angle and start kissing her again. I kissed her more, and still more. I kissed her lower lip, and sucked it into my mouth, only releasing it when she giggled.

I stood up and pulled her up with me, and pressed her back against the wall. With both my hands gently holding her face, I kissed her with passion and tenderness like I’d never felt before.
Gayle had slipped her hands underneath my t-shirt and dragged her fingernails across my back. Then she continued to kiss me as she pulled me closer to her.

“Jesus,” she whispered. “Michael, is there an ounce of fat on you?”

“You’re just being nice.”

She slipped my t-shirt over my head.

“No, seriously,” she said. “Stand over there. Go on! Don’t be such a baby!”

So I stood barefoot in the desk light, in just my faded jeans with a bulging crotch.

“Turn around,” she commanded. “Slowly.”

“Oh come on!” I protested.

“Do it!”

So I turned and posed a little for her.

“Sweet Jesus, Michael! You’re beautiful…”

I blushed. I mean, nobody’s complained before, but this was silly.

“You’ve just lost your perspective, Gayle.”

“Pick up those weights,” she said. “Please?”

I had a couple 30 pound dumb-bells I kept in there, just for something to do when waiting for downloads and such.

I did a few curls for her, some standing presses, I turned my back to her and did some lateral flys.

“Had enough yet?” I turned back around to see her right hand gently rubbing her left breast, and her left forefinger in between her front teeth. Hot. Hey, it’s kind of cool to know I turn on a chick. 38 years old. Semi-ripped. Still have my hair, all of it. I guess I’m not the worst guy they could run into in a zombie apocalypse.

I went and stood in front of Gayle, then I scooped her up in my arms, like I was going to carry her over a threshold. She giggled in surprise.

“I must confess,” I began. “I was only ever with one virgin in my whole life. It didn’t go so well. Lots of pain. Crying. Shame. And that was me!” She laughed at that one.

“Oh you’re so smooth with women!” she joked.

“I’m awful. So, you really want me to uh… how to say this delicately… de-flower? Is that the right word? Deflower your daughter?”

“I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have do it,” she said, twirling her fingers through my hair.
I kissed her her on the lips for a few moments.

“You want me to, fuck your daughter?” Long… kiss….

“Yes,” she whispered.

“I’m going to have to suck her tits for a real long time.” Kiss…


“I’m going to lick her pussy.” Kiss….


“She will suck my cock.” Kiss with some tongue…

“She will be good, I promise.”

“How do you know?”

“I’ve made her practice. On bananas and cucumbers.”

I stared at Gayle for a moment.

“No shit?”

“No shit. I told her it was an important skill.”

I set Gayle back to the standing position, but we kept close and kissed more. I undid the belt on her robe, sliding my hand between her smooth skin and the robe. I cupped her ass cheek and pulled her to me, she could feel my hard-on now.

“Mmmmm,” she whispered. “Nice, Michael.”

I yanked off her robe, she stood there naked. She didn’t try to cover up or anything.

“Not always so nice. Let’s get this bed down.” I stripped out of my jeans as she arranged the air mattress on the floor.

As we lay down next to each other, I just grabbed a big tit and started sucking it. I just love tits. All tits. There’s just something about them that drives me nuts. Yeah, big surprise. But more than most guys, I love them. I love to lick, and nibble, and twirl my tongue around them. And they all feel so different. Some are firm, some are really squishy, and some just go on forever, like Gayle’s. I would alternate sucking nicely to sucking as much as I could. Some nipple bites here and there, Gayle just had her head back as she enjoyed my playtime.

I always think I’m spending too much time on the tits, so I moved on after a few minutes.

“You done already, sweetie?” she asked.

“Ha! I could suck them for hours… you aren’t bored?”

“Christ no. It’s like the best massage in the world. Only better. I’m a thousand percent relaxed, and yet completely turned on too! How good is that! I could almost cum, in fact.”

Well, that sounded like a challenge. I went back to her tits and sucked even harder and roughed them up a bit. As Gayle’s breathing increased, so did my vigor. When she panted a little, I grabbed her pussy. With my palm on her clit, I slipped a finger in between her lips and frigged her nicely. Then a little harder and faster as I bit down on a big nipple of hers. She squealed with delight.

“Suck the other one!” I told her, all excited.

Gayle hauled her left tit up to her face and drew in her own nipple to her mouth. God I love that.
I rubbed her pussy faster and sucked for all I was worth.

I was rewarded in just a couple more minutes when she suddenly stiffened, then jerked a few times. She let go of her tit as the orgasmic waves washed over her. I continued to rub her clit.

“Wait,” she panted. “Just… let me rest… too… sensitive…”

Yeah, I’ve heard that before. Sounds like a good time for mounting. Probably not what she thought, though. Too bad!

I spread her legs and guided my cock to her pussy opening.

I pressed in… jesus she was so wet I just slid right in.

“Michael… just a moment… not yet… ooooohhhhh fuck….”

As my weight set down on her, our pelvises rubbed, re-igniting her clit. Gayle thrashed around as I pounded her with my cock. She couldn’t form any real words, just moans and “Shi—-” I think she was trying to say shit but it was too much effort. Gayle trembled.

She seemed to be on a continuous medium-intensity orgasm.

“You know,” I said. “She’s watched you fuck other guys.”

“What!?” Gayle asked, trying to comprehend English. “Who?”

“Lorrie, she’s watched you fuck a lot of guys.” I sped up my pounding to her cunt.

“No she hasn’t– holy fuck! Oh shit Michael!” I pounded her harder now, making her cum harder.

“Yes, she has. A lot of times, apparently. She says she’s learned a lot.”

“That’s not— Ow!” I pinched her tit fucking hard. “She shouldn’t… oh jesus Michael she can’t… she can’t watch me… oh fuck…”

“Does it turn you on?”

Without waiting for an answer, I pulled out fast and crawled up to her chest, sticking my pussy-sopping cock into her mouth.

“It does, doesn’t it? It turns you on knowing your daughter watched you suck and fuck… Yes just like you’re sucking me… that means she’s seen your tits, your ass, oh that’s nice baby yeah… and she’s seen your juicy cunt… and not just once but a lot of times.”

Well, I was fucking turned on at this point, I shit you not! Thinking about Lorrie spying on Mommy Gayle, touching herself while her mom got fucked, oh yeah!

I face-fucked Gayle a little more and then I came in a torrent down her throat. Load after load of hot squirt shot into her mouth. She swallowed it as best she could, and coughed out some of it along with my dick.

Panting, she rose up to catch her breath.

Then she called me an asshole and Slapped my face!

She sat there, all defiant, her eyes gleaming. I was fucking turned on.

I grabbed her arm and twisted her around, and pushed her face down on the mattress. She resisted, but I forced my way in between her legs and shoved my cock back into her cunt. Gayle arched her back as I entered her, and she moaned out loud. I was rather impressed with myself, even though I just came, I was ready for more.

I spoke in Gayle’s ear as I fucked her relentlessly from behind.

“Lorrie says…. you masturbate at night… with her in the room… you know she’s awake!”

“No I don’t!”

“Yes… you pretend you don’t, but you do… you know she’s awake when you touch your cunt…”

“No… I’m a good mom.”

“You’re a great mom… a Fucking great mom… but you also think about her…”

No answer. I forced my hand under her abdomen so I could grab her pussy.

“You think about Lorrie…”

“No, it’s wrong…”

“She’s so beautiful, and her body is so firm”

“… no…”

“She likes watching you fuck… and she likes you helping her learn to suck cock…”

“No Michael… stop it… don’t say that.”

“She’s touching herself right now, I’m sure.”

“Stop it… please oh shit oh shit oh shit I’m cumming Michael no no no”

“Cum as Lorrie fingers her cunt… man can’t you almost taste it?” I pulled my hand from Gayle’s pussy and rubbed it on her lips, cheeks, pushed my fingers inside her mouth so she could taste it all.

“You want to taste her…” I began cumming inside her pussy. Her cunt walls gripped my cock and wouldn’t let go.

“Yes Michael… I’m cumming, I’m CUMMING! oh fuck yes… fuck yes….”

I just grunted and groaned as I came for the second time, filling up her cunt with fiery hot sperm.
After a couple minutes, Gayle wriggled a bit and asked “Would you mind…?” So I rolled off her. To my surprise, she went down and cleaned up my cock with her tongue and lips, sucking up the combined cum-fruits of our labor.

“Thank you Michael.” She’s thanking me? Uh, help yourself to my sperm anytime you want, honey.

“For what?”

“For making love to me. This will be the last time. I want… I want Lorrie to have a chance.”

We slept in each others arms all night.

But it wasn’t quite the last time, we fucked again in the morning.

= = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 10 – The Date
= = = = = = = = = = = =

The next day was moving day for the Johnson sisters. We got the Masters place all reinforced, so they were going to go there and live. I’ll admit to some jealousy there, those chicks were pretty wild little honies!

So we spent most of the day trying to block off the town. We’d been to every house, killed every zombie inside the homes, sheds, barns, on the streets, everywhere. And yet, there were always more zombies. We figured they were coming from the road, but why? From where? Why are they coming here?

“We need to funnel them into a kill zone,” Erin was saying. My fiendish little killer-babe!

“You know, like into a tight spot where we are protected, but we can kill them with sticks or spears or something.”

“Genius!” I said.

“Or,” said Lorrie. “We should get them to climb up something and then fall down. So the fall kills most of them. Or at least breaks their legs or backs. That would save, ammo, right?”

The girls kind of chuckled at Lorrie’s suggestion.

“Right! Get them to limb a ladder and jump!”

“Hold on now,” I interrupted. “Let me think.” I had it. So simple, it just might work.

“Brilliant! Lorrie, it’s brilliant. We get some shipping containers. Cut off the end, so it’s like a rectangular tube. We tilt them up at, like a ten or twenty degree angle. We’ll need lots of them. Stack them on top of each other or something. But we bait them with… something… get them to 30 or 40 feet high and they walk out the end of the last container right into thin air. They smash on the ground–“

Lorrie interrupted me. “We put concrete below, so it’s a hard landing place! And we stick a lot of re-bar up so they get impaled and stuck… we surround the area with fence or more shipping containers…”

“And when the area fills up,” continued Erin. “We burn the fuckers. Then we don’t have to shoot any of them!”

We were all very proud of ourselves. It’s a great fucking idea. Except, we didn’t have any shipping containers. Or a way to move them. Or a crane to stack them.

Eh, minor details.

– – –

We cleaned up more of the town. Not too many living folks, but it’s good to rid of the lurkers. Zed likes to creep around and turn up in the most bizarre places, so it’s good to have him killed instead of sneaking up on you.

Lorrie proved to be as zealous a zombie-killer as Erin. She hated Zach with a passion! But unlike Erin and her guns, Lorrie really wanted it done up close and personal. She wanted to look into their dead eyes as they died again.

We had cleared out a section of houses, then we went back to them to check for salvageable stuff. Lorrie and I were upstairs in this nice old house, checking things out.

“So you and mom are… what exactly?” she asked, coyly.

“I’m… not sure what we are, exactly.”

“Well, you’re doing it, right?”

“Yeah. I mean, it’s been ‘done’. But I don’t think there will be any more. I don’t know…”

“Whaddya mean you don’t know? You’re dumping her already?” Lorrie was getting a little steamed.

“No! It’s not like that at all. It’s…” How do I tell her that her mom wants US to hook up?

“Well, you guys are great together, it would be nice to have a real daddy!”

I smiled at her.

“But if you’re my real daddy, then we can’t… oh… never mind…”


“No! Never mind, it’s fine. It’s fine! Get back together with her!”

Wow, nobody can shut you down faster than a teenager!

We looked through the house some more. It’s kind of sad, looking through a dead person’s life.
Usually, we just look for safes where we might find guns, trunks for ammo, kitchens for food etc. But this house was different. It was, really nice.

“You know, Lorrie,” I began. “I like this house. I mean really. I could live in this house if it weren’t for the damn zombies.”

“Wyatt said it was once the Mayor’s house. The townspeople built it a long time ago for the then current mayor to live in. But later, it got bought by some rich people… The town needed the money, I guess.”

I looked through the closet.

“She was about your size, I think.”

“Wow,” said Lorrie as she picked out a couple outfits. “She had some taste. Where in this town would she wear this stuff? This is like, New York City, 20 years ago, maybe.”
Lorrie sighed as we heard some moans from the street.

“Duty calls,” I said.

“Let me get these zekes, ok?”

And she did. She hacked them up good.

“Remind me not to get you too pissed off at me!” I joked.

“You’re already halfway there, mister!” She waggled her big blade at me. I think she was joking?

We rendezvoused at the Hardware store for lunch, now re-named Masters and Johnson, in honor of the upcoming nuptials between the Masters boys and the Johnson sisters. Lorrie was occupied by Gayle with something, I grabbed Erin for a moment.

“Come with me for a minute?”

She grabbed her rifle and we ran two blocks back to that nice house.

“What are you doing, daddy-oh?”

“I want to get a couple things from here, without everybody knowing.”

“You mean, without Lorrie knowing? or Gayle knowing?” She smirked. “Shoot, I thought we were coming out for a quickie! Am I old news already?”

“You’re never old news, my little darling. But… I just…”

“Oh it’s fine, old man! What are we getting?”

“This… and maybe these…” I pulled out a black dress, fitted, with some crazy cuts. Kind of like that Demi Moore dress from 20 years ago. And I grabbed a pair of nice heels.

“Those won’t fit Gayle,” Erin warned me.

“Oh, uh… that’s okay…”

Erin laughed at me. “Yes, they will fit Lorrie. You’re such a geek.”

Erin grabbed some earrings and a nice necklace, too. “You’ll want these, too.”

We stashed everything in the Jeep. I was giddy like a schoolgirl. Schoolboy, I mean. Jeez, I was actually acting like a retard.

“Stop smiling, Daddy, you look like you’re up to something.” Erin punched my arm and laughed.

“So what’s your plan, Daddy-man? You going to take her to dinner? Not many restaurants open right now…”

“Well, I haven’t gotten that far.”

“Geek. Ok, I’ll think of something. Just go with it, ok?”

– – –

We spent the rest of the day getting the Johnson Sisters and the Masters Brothers situated. I let them have two solar panels and a deep cycle battery so they could have lights and charge up batteries. We got them some food and water, too.

Eventually, the rest of us went back to my cabin. Lorrie rode with me in the Mog and Erin followed with the Jeep. Everybody hung out for the afternoon, getting showers and having a cocktail or two as we played some music videos on the TV. It was kind of cool. At one point, Erin dragged a bundle into my computer room that included the dress and shoes. She winked at me, then flashed her tits and said “Don’t forget about me, Daddy!”

I turned her around and spanked her ass, then held on and rubbed her pussy through her camo pants a little bit.

“Ooooh Daddy!” she cooed. “Lorrie’s in the shower…”

Yes, I want Lorrie so badly I can taste it. But this is Erin!

“Alright, up against the wall, little bitch. Spread em!”

I felt her up, roughly. As usual, she wasn’t wearing any bra or underwear. I undid her pants and yanked them down to expose her ass. I could see her cunt lips, too.

I grabbed her gorgeous little boob with my left hand and with my right, I slid it between her ass cheeks.

“Oh yes, Daddy… yes… touch me…”

While squeezing her tit hard, I gently rubbed her pussy lips, feeling her moisture already, my hand spread them apart. I pinched her nipple hard and held on to it tightly, and slipped my finger up to her clit. I massaged her cunt like that, while still death-gripping and pulling on her nipple.

“Quiet baby… stay quiet…” I said to her. “It’s just Daddy. Just Daddy feeling up his little girl… His bad little girl… and her wet cunt… daddy likes her wet cunt… yes… he will lick it again soon… yes Daddy likes her cunt…”

“It’s your cunt, Daddy,” Erin whispered. “Do whatever you want, Daddy… but don’t stop… fuck me anywhere I don’t care, Daddy… even If you marry Lorrie, just fuck me sometimes.”
I rubbed her cunt harder, squishing around in all her pussy drippings. I grabbed her other tit and squeezed it hard.

“That’s a good girl… you like me squeezing your tits?”

“Yes Daddy… they’ve been bad.”

“You and Payton getting it on?”

“Yes daddy, she licks me all the time. We shower together, and I pee on her tits in the shower. You should see us Daddy… you should pee on her tits, too… oh god! shit shit shit shit! I’m cumming daddy cumming so good oh shit oh shit!”

Erin soaked my hand with her juices. I slipped my drenched middle finger right up her butthole as she continued cumming.

Erin turned around and began to kneel down in front of me, to suck my fully raging cock. I stopped her, though, and held out my wet hand. She licked it clean of herself and swallowed everything she could.

“I might need this later, I hope!” I said as I patted my cock.

I hoisted up her pants, patted her bum, and sent her on her way. I returned to the lounge a few minutes later, nobody seemed to notice. I took my shower.

I came from my shower and met Erin again, who handed me a nice cold Coors Light.

“Well thanks, darlin!”

She smiled. “Some of us were thinking, maybe we might go back down to see the boys and girls for dinner. You know, help them out with their first meal and stuff.”

Nice plan, Erin! What a good girl she is…

“Well, who’s going? I’m kind of beat, but I don’t know if I like the idea of us separating, especially at night.”

Truth was, Zach had been pretty calm lately, we seemed to have killed most of them in town.
But I had to make it look good.

“Well, I’m going,” said Erin. “And I’m not drinking. I’ve got my AR, the suppressed 22, my 1911, my blade. The rest of us will be armed also. We’ll be good!” She winked at me.

“Well maybe I should go with you–” I started.

“Naw, you stay here. Besides, I think Gayle isn’t feeling well. Lorrie’s going to stay with her. We need you up here to hang.”

I thought about it for a few moments, hoping to make it look good. “Well, I guess it’s settled then!”

Erin and I did go over plans and rules. I wasn’t too concerned, but I didn’t want anything stupid to happen. And you can always count on Zach to make things stupid.

– – –

We all said goodbye to each other as the group went to down to visit the Masters and Johnson Hardware store.

“Gayle, are you not feeling well?” I asked.

“Oh, just a little headache. Nothing serious. I’m going to rest in my room, I think.”

“I was going to make us some dinner, I’ll send you in a plate?”

“Sounds good,” she replied as she ambled off. A few minutes later, Lorrie stepped out. She looked great in her khaki shorts and t-shirt.

“Would you care to dine with me, young lady?” I made an exaggerated bow.

“Oh my!” Lorrie replied in her best fake southern accent. “Well aren’t you just a dear man? I would love to!”

I picked up the southern drawl, too. I mean, I’m from Texas so I have some of one already, but I exaggerated it. “Well darlin, I happened to be shopping today, and I picked out a little something that I reckon just might fit. Would you like to try it?”

“You are too kind, sir! I would just be delighted! I mean, after all, what kind of dinner outfit is one with blood on it?”

We walked to my room, I opened the box for her. She gasped as she held up the dress.

“It’s, it’s beautiful! Where on earth did you…”

“Now darlin, that’s not important. What is important is that dinner is in one hour, and I don’t want to see hide nor hair of you until then! Now, git along!”

I handed her the footwear and shooed her out of the room. I had things to do!

Within the next hour, I whipped up some freeze dried beef stroganoff, canned corn, and honest-to-god Bisquick Biscuits! Then I perked myself up a little, shaved, put on my best shirt and some of that Drakkar Noir they found. I looked pretty good, if I must say so.

In precisely one hour, Lorrie made her entrance. And what an entrance!

The dress, black. The design, bare shoulders, with about one-inch straps that crisscrossed over Lorrie’s ample cleavage. Tight around her stomach, flowing over her hips, and ending just above her knees. Her bare legs stretched down to her satin black stiletto 3 inch heels. Her rich brown hair tumbled over her shoulder in its naturally wavy way. Just a little makeup to highlight her eyes and some lip gloss to make her lips shiny.

I couldn’t speak. My jaw actually dropped.

Lorrie walked towards me, stopped, and did a turn a few feet away from me.

“Well?” she asked, softly. “Do I look okay?”

Gayle watched from the hallway, her hands clasped and her eyes shone with pride.

“Lorrie. Good God! I’ve never seen anyone, anything, so striking!”

“I almost didn’t wear it, but mom made me.”

Gayle gave a little wave at that point. “Good night you two!” She retired to her room.

“Well, uh…” I stammered. She actually had me flustered! “How about I escort you to the lounge where we can have a cocktail.”

She went into her southern accent again.

“Why, sir! You know that the legal age for alcoholic beverages is 21!”

“Darlin’, if we see a peace officer, I shall turn myself in! Until then, I think we’ll be alright.”

I pulled out the necklace and earrings I looted, err, scavenged, and placed the silver necklace around her neck, my hands lingering on her soft skin. She put in the matching earrings and admired herself in the mirror.

“I never thought, I didn’t think that this was ever possible again! I feel like royalty or something!”

Chuckling, I slipped my arm around her warm waist as she snuggled close. I made us some Grey Goose gimlets over ice. It’s a simple drink, just vodka and Rose’s lime juice, but it’s honest and to the point.

We sipped our drinks, told each other funny little stories, talked about old times. The thing was, she had a way of making me seem interesting. But it wasn’t forced, she seemed excited about what I had to say. She was either very good at this, or she actually cared. I was hoping it was that she cared.

She ran a plate of food back to Gayle, then we ate our dinner with a chilled chardonnay. I find white wine to be very tongue-loosening, and so did Lorrie. She told me stories of near-misses with boys; tons of boyfriends but most were scared of her or too stupid to know what to do.

“But what about college? There had to be some ‘men’ in your classes?”

“Well,” she began. “There were some interesting prospects, for sure. And one professor who already promised me an ‘A’ if I would sleep over. But it just wasn’t clicking yet. And then, well, all this shit came down…” She waved her hand at the offensive outside world.

“What about you, why is there no Missus around?”

“Well, there was one. She had trouble remembering she was married, though. Since then… just haven’t found the right one, I guess.”

“And what bout now?” asked Lorrie. “You don’t seem to be having any female problems right now.”

“Ha! No, not really.”

“Who’s your favorite?”

“Oh no darlin, I’m not going to answer that one!”

“Oh why not? What about my mom?”

“A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.”

“You haven’t kissed me yet…” her voice trailed off. “Aren’t I, pretty enough?” She leaned forward earnestly. She really wanted an answer. But I was having a hard time concentrating with all her tit flesh and cleavage poking through the top of her dress.

“Lorrie,” I began. “You’re the prettiest girl here. Prettiest girl anywhere, actually! I just, well, you were injured, and then your Mom and everything.”

“Ah yes. Mom. You know, Michael, with some practice I could be as good as her in bed, I’m sure! I’ve watched lots of videos, and, ohmygod I should shut up! I’m so embarrassed!”

I stood up and held out my hand to her. Grabbing the remote, I clicked on some soft music, this old 70s group called ‘Ambrosia’.

I slid my hands to her waist as hers clasped around my neck. We swayed gently for a few moments, and I pulled her closer to me.

Her body melted into mine, her massive chest pressed into mine. Her hair smelled delicious, some rosy shampoo. While everyone takes showers, usually we smell a little rank as we’re working hard killing Zeds. But now, with Lorrie, she just smelled like heaven.

My cock began to twitch. And to fill up.

“Uh… excuse me for a second babe.” I had to reach in and adjust my cock as it was growing in an uncomfortable position. “All better now.”

“You get, hard that fast? I’m sorry, that’s so personal…”

“No it’s okay. And yes, with you pressing up against me, yes I get hard very fast.”

I pulled her in tighter so our pelvises contacted.

“Nice, Michael,” she whispered.

I slid my hand down her back, tracing her scar.

“You seem all healed up.”

“Yes, thanks to you. You saved my life, you really did.”

Lorrie leaned up and kissed my cheek and lingered for a moment. I turned slightly and met her lips with mine. Oh god, she was so soft and warm. She opened her mouth slightly as I did, and we tested and tasted each other. My right hand came up and I lightly traced her jawline with a couple of my fingers.

After a few moments, our lips parted. But I pressed my forehead to hers, maintaining a very intimate stance.

“Hey,” I whispered.

“Hey,” she whispered back.

“I like this. I like you. A lot.”

Lorrie pulled me to her and kissed me hard, her mouth working me over. Her hot tongue licked my upper lip, then darted inside my mouth. I tried to wrestle her tongue with mine as our passion increased. I grabbed both her ass cheeks full on and grinded my cock into her. She responded with a little gasp, and then proceeded to suck my tongue.

I could get lost in this girl.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 11 – The Story of Lorrie
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I begged Michael to let me write this part of the story. I was taking creative writing in school when all of this went down and, so, I think the story needs my touch. So yes, I was completely in puppy love with Michael at this point. I was also a virgin, technically. Meaning I hadn’t actually had a penis inside me. I had had other things, like Mom’s purple vibrator, her glass dildo, a cucumber, and some other assorted, um, ‘items’ inside me. But not a real penis.

So, you may ask, why was I in love with Michael? I mean, he was, and still is, basically an old man! I think he’s 36 or 38 at this point and I was just past 18. He’s as old as my mom. He could be my dad, for Christ’s sake. In those older days, I think he was like ready to collect Social Security! (I’m sure he will be spanking me at about this point when he reads this.)

Well, it was just Mom and I growing up, ‘Dad’ was just something other people had, not us. He left before I was born and there never was another man around for very long. Mom had very high standards. She had ‘friends’ but never ‘uncles’. But somewhere along the line, I think I was about 13 or 14, I watched a movie with Mom. It was called ‘Tombstone.’ Maybe you’ve seen it. It’s the story of Wyatt Earp and his brothers. It starred Kurt Russel as Wyatt, and had lots of other cool people in it. But the reason I’m telling you this, is because this is the first time I saw Sam Elliott. Ahh, my Sam. I used to write his name and draw flowers around it. I used to write my name and his name together, and I would write ‘Lorrie Elliott’ and fill pages with hearts and flowers! So you don’t know him? He was Virgil Earp. Tall, slightly graying hair, and THAT VOICE! Deep baritone, Texas accent, and his character was just a fucking MAN about everything. He was also in Ghost Rider (my second favorite movie, behind Tombstone) as the guy in the graveyard who tells Nicholas Cage what’s going on with everything. He did a bunch of TV commercials, including Ram Trucks for the last few years right up to the Zombie Crash.

I don’t know where he is now, but I’m sure he’s in Texas doing just fine. So as you can see, I grew up with this mega crush on some old movie actor.

Fast forward till now. We girls were on the run from the zombies, and we were losing people left and right. You can’t even imagine the terror and hopelessness of that. (Michael hadn’t gone through that so he never explained much about ‘the crash’ of civilization in this story.) He was all set up there in his bunker drinking cold beers and jacking off. Meanwhile, WE were near death at every step. I got really hurt falling down as we were trying to climb a fence. I could feel hot blood running down my back and I could see the fear in everyone’s eyes as we tried to find a house to let us in, away from the relentless killers.

I remember getting inside this house, and then passing out. I have glimpses of things from then on, but I’m not sure if they are my actual memories or false ones since I’ve heard the story so many times.

What I do remember is waking up and not knowing what the fuck was going on. I was face down on a bed, pretty much lying in a flood of what smelled like pee (it was mine, yuck!) all in a strange room I had never seen before. Mom came and helped me and tried to fill me in on what was happening; this miracle man had saved our lives at the very last possible moment before we were all eaten alive. He had taken us to a secure place that had food, water, electricity, movies, guns, popcorn, and he wasn’t an asshole! He patched me up and kept me from dying of infection.

I met him for the first time a little while later that day. I had just found out he was nearly killed the night before getting me some medicine, and he was now training the girls in shooting skills so they could all kill zombies.

So here’s the scene: He walks in to say ‘hello’ to me. And he’s got a TEXAS accent! Not real strong, but nice, you know? I think maybe he’s in his 30’s, he’s got jeans on and some kind of army sweater on, and military-looking boots. His air, his demeanor, he was just… well he wasn’t a pussy, I can tell you that! His handsome face appeared upset about something, and yet he was pure sweetness and kindness to me. As we chatted, he ran a finger around my ear, pushing my hair off my face and behind that ear. I just about melted.

Over the next couple of days, while I’m recovering, stories start filtering around how he’s having sex with some of the girls, and he’s got a big fucking cock. So let’s recap. Big cock, good-looking guy, tall, Texas accent, has his shit together, kills zombies without batting an eye, saves damsels in severe distress, likes musicals and retro rock, is apparently good at pleasing the ladies, and he’s old. So that’s about 89 good things to one not-so-great thing. Fortunately, I’ve had a life long love affair with my older Sam, so that one thing is not a show-stopper.

So like yes, I was totally head over heels, prime time in love with him! Do I have to actually say it? “My Sam” became “My Micheal”. All I had to do was convince him that I was so much better than the 8 hot babes already here, not to mention my age-appropriate mother. No problem whatsoever, right? Especially for an injured virgin like myself!

Things went along for a time, Michael was banging everyone including my Mom, and completely leaving me alone. He seemed to not really want to look at me at times. Now, I don’t want to seem like all stuck up and shit, but I’m pretty damn cute. I was thinking it was maybe my boobs. Guys are so weird. They seem to like boobs, but if you’ve got over-sized ones like I do, they just make fun of you or get all stupid or, I don’t know what. I know there’s guys who think that ‘more than a handful is a waste’, and then there’s guys who just love massive tits. How do I know this while remaining a virgin? Simple! I watch a lot of porn and read the comments.

So Mom and I talked a lot about him. She was gushing and gave me a few details of their alone time together. I knew she was smitten (her word, not mine) but she also knew it was just kind of a fling; Michael didn’t seem to want to get too attached at this point. I was down with that. If it was me and I lived with 8 hot guys, I wouldn’t just settle down with one and tell the others to bail!

But mom was saying that she thought he liked me, and she had told him that I was in love with him. I just about smacked her for that! But, I was. Late at night, when mom thought I was asleep, I could hear mom giving herself an orgasm. Squishy sounds in a small room, can only be one thing, ya know? Sometimes she would whisper his name. Then she’d fall asleep. Of course, that got me very horny so then I’d have to pleasure myself, also whispering his name.

After I cum, I like to dip my fingers in my cunt and spread my orgasm around my stiff nipples. Then, I lick them clean. I think it’s very sexy. I got it from watching Mom once with one of her ‘friends’. But I added a little twist. After I swallow down my juices, I like to just hug my boobs to my face, like soft warm pillows. Sometimes I kiss and suck my nipples more, but usually they just comfort me. Most nights I drift off to sleep that way.

I figured the one thing I could do to get Michaels’ attention was to become a world-champion zombie slayer. And so when my back healed I worked very hard and listened to everything he said and I got fucking good at it! Erin is a better shooter than me, but, up close and personal? I’m the best of all the girls. My tools are, a Gerber mini-machete and a long painters pole. On the pole, we worked up a spike with kind of a “Tee” on it. The move is, I use the pole to try and knock down the Zed, then hack his fucking brain with the machete. If he’s really big and I can’t knock him down, the pole at least keeps his arms off me while I hack them before I get to his stupid head.

I used to be kind of like a girly-girl, not very athletic or anything. And I liked dressing up and looking pretty, and I was never bothered with any worldy concerns outside my little circle of friends. In short, I was a narrow-minded twit. But hey, we can all change!

Now, I feel naked if I don’t have my 1911 and my Mini-machete strapped on me. I feel nervous if I don’t also have my pole and my AR strapped on or within arm’s reach. I like killing these fuckers, I don’t mind saying it. I was just starting to enter the world, and they fucked it all up. I hate them.

– – –

Okay I just got the stink-eye from Michael. He said I was supposed to write about my first sexual experience with another person, but instead I’m “blathering on about everything except that.” I guess he’s right, it’s his story and I’m only a guest writer. Still, I just stood up and farted in his general direction, just to teach him a lesson.

So where were we… Ah yes! The Dance! I didn’t go to my Prom because Chris got the flu, so I always felt bad about missing that. And missing the after-prom activities! But Chris was too shy and didn’t know what to do anyway… I know, I know! I’m digressing! Jesus Christ you people need to calm down.

So, Michael made us a light but wonderful dinner. Obviously, he didn’t want us to get filled up! But he was freely pouring the drinks, for sure. He was so kind, and sweet, and staring into my eyes, when he asked me to dance I just nodded because I was about to cry! He pulled me close, our bodies touched. He traced the scar on my back from my neck down to my lower back. It was sexy, not gross, and it just reminded me that this heroic man saved my life on several occasions now, and he was touching ME and dancing with ME.

I could feel little stirrings in my pussy during dinner, but good lord I was on fire when we started dancing! His strong arms wrapped around me, his manly scent enveloped me, I just wanted him to completely take me over. As he held me tight, my breasts crushed into him. Does that do anything for him? It did a lot for me. As he pulled me even closer, I could feel something on his right leg. Something hard. I’m sure it was his cock, but I thought it was in the middle between his legs, not on a leg?

“Ah,” he said. “Excuse me for a second, babe.” Michael pulled back and stuck his hand down his own pants. “All better now.”

I wasn’t sure what happened, I guess he straightened himself out. Although I had watched a lot of pornos, the cocks were usually just hard; I didn’t know how long it took to go from soft to hard. We giggled about that as he pressed it into me again. This time, I could feel all of his hardness pressed against me. And he said it was for me, I made him that hard. Holy shit! My nipples were hard, I can tell you that, and my pussy seemed to be on fire, a wet fire.

Then, he said he liked me. ME! The awkward, mis-proportioned girl! He likes me! A lot! I kissed his cheek, then he turned and he met me with his mouth. Our tongues danced and time seemed to stand still. Next thing I know both his hands are on my ass cheeks, and he’s pressing his hard cock into my tummy. I moved a little sideways so I got one of his legs between mine, and I grinded against him like a common slut. But I didn’t care, it felt so GOOD!

We kissed for several minutes, lost in each others lips. His hands felt so good on my butt, squeezing hard, almost too hard but it not quite. My hands eventually drifted down his sides, and slid under his shirt and I touched his warm, bare skin for the first time. He didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. I ran my hands up the front of his chest, feeling the contours of his hard stomach and then the swell of his hard pecs. He flexed for me and I laughed, embarrassing him a little but he got over it.

“Nice chest, mister.” I purred as I massaged him.

“You too, little lady!” he responded. “I don’t think you understand how good you look!”

He reached down, and scooped me up in his arms like I was just a piece of paper! We kissed some more, and then he said:

“Would you like to…” and I nodded.

“Wait,” he said in surprise. “You don’t even know what I’m going to ask!”

“Well, I hope you’re going to ask me to bed!”

“Oh, sorry sweetheart. I was going to ask if you’d help me wash the Jeep?”

“Sure,” I replied. “And then we fuck after that?” I know, Mom says I have a vulgar, dirty mouth. But this wasn’t the time for subtlety. I was burning up.

He kissed me again. “Well,” he said, laughing. “Maybe the Jeep can wait until tomorrow.” He started towards his room, still carrying me.

“Yeah, maybe it can. Or maybe you’ll be too tired and worn out. Virgin busting is hard work, or so I hear.”

He just smiled and set me down gently after we entered his room. He arranged the air mattress and turned on a soft light, then turned to me.

“So, you haven’t seen a naked man before? In person, I mean?”

I shook my head, no.

“Want to?”

I nodded my head, yes.

“Okay, stay there, I’ll strip for you.”

He unbuttoned his long sleeve shirt, slowly. He pulled it back, exposing his bare chest. I could scarcely breathe. He threw the shirt on the floor. Kicked off his shoes, then pulled his socks off.

“Last chance!” he said as he stood there with his hands on the fly of his jeans. “You can still back out!”

In a slightly quivering voice, I answered. “I might just kill you where you stand if you stop now.”

He laughed, but I think he saw I wasn’t kidding.

Turning his back towards me, he undid his fly. Then he lowered his pants, slowly, slowly exposing the crack of his butt cheeks. His ass was perfect. As he removed the pants completely, I marveled at how the muscles in his legs and butt flexed as he moved.

He turned towards me with his arms outstretched a little and said “Ta-da!”

Staring me in the face was a three-foot monster cock.

Well, I was a virgin, remember? It seemed like it was three feet long. He told me later it’s about 8 inches. All I know is that it was far bigger than the dildo I had been playing with. Thicker too. I was torn between being scared to death of this thing, and wanting to devour it with my mouth and pussy.

Lust won the day, and I started towards him, bending down on my knees when I got there. I just breathed in his scent for a few moments, strong, musky. My hands on his thighs, I knew from the pornos what I was supposed to do, but doing it for real is a different story. I tentatively moved in, and kissed the tip.

“Hmmm,” Michael moaned. “That’s nice.”

I began to make out with his cock, and my right hand came over to grip it. Jesus! The skin is so soft, but underneath is so hard! How is this possible? And the skin moves around on the outside a little, fascinating…

Gathering up my courage, I opened my mouth and covered his whole tip with my lips. Good god, my mouth was open almost as much as it could, and I only had about an inch inside! How do those girls deep throat like in the movies? But it felt so cool, so good, and then I had a salty taste in my mouth. I pulled back and I could see this juice ooze from the tip.

“Pre-cum,” Michael said. “It’s a lubricant.”

I went back down on him, oh yeah, I can taste it now. Not bad at all! You know, some women seem to hate the taste of cum, and some love it. Seems like fewer love it, though. I hoped I would like it.

After a couple minutes, Michael helped me back up to standing.

“Baby,” he said, breathing heavily. “How about we get you out of this dress?”

He turned me around and undid the little clasp in the back. After stepping out of my dress, he slid my underwear off. The moment of truth was coming, he was going to see my oversized boobs in just a few seconds.

“Ho-holy shit!” Michael exclaimed when he turned me around.

“Am I,” I stammered. “Am I… okay?”

Michael held me and kissed me.

“You’re the most gorgeous, perfect woman I’ve ever seen. Really.” And he kissed me hard again.

After a few moments, I broke the kiss. I was so hot and wet, I was going to start oozing down my leg.

“Michael? Um, I’m sure there’s like, a protocol, or an etiquette here, or a sequence of events. And I want to do them all at some point. But can we first just, um, well…” I couldn’t believe I was all tongue-tied. Usually they can’t shut me up.

“What is it baby? You want to kiss more? Just tell me.” He was so sweet.

“Well can we just skip all the foreplay and get to the fucking? I’m really ready now.”

He laid me down gently on the mattress, me legs instinctively spread open. I was dripping wet. Michael settled in on top of me, resting his weight on his arms. I could feel his cock bumping around down there, I opened my legs as wide as I could. He reached down to position his cock, and suddenly it was there at my entrance. He rubbed it up and down my slit a few times, coating his cock with my juices. Then he brought his arm back up and rested on it.

“Please Michael,” I whispered. “Fuck me.”

His cock inched inside me, stretching me out like I could never have imagined. He pressed his hard cock further into me, pulling it back out a little and then sliding forward. I had used a dildo before, but it was nothing like this!

After a few ‘ohmygods’, Michael checked if he was hurting me.

“No, not at all. But, it’s in all the way, right?”

He just chuckled.

Rising up a little, He then lowered himself completely into me. I gasped as he stretched me further than I thought possible. I couldn’t breathe for a moment.

“That, my dear, is all the way!” Michael laughed again. “You ok?”

“Just, need a second,” I whimpered. Maybe I should have done more of that foreplay, I thought. Michael held still, but kissed me deeply. His tongue circled mine dreamily. He lifted himself up a bit, relieving some pressure, ahh that’s better, gave me a little breathing room.

“Bring your tits up,” he told me. He was resting on his hands so he couldn’t move.

They were splayed out to my sides, I grabbed them and pulled them up to my face, my nipples pointing right at him. He bent his head down and kissed my left nipple, tonguing it softly. I swear to God that a lightning bolt went “Zzzzzttttt!” right from my nipple to my pussy. His warm mouth engulfed my hard nipple and he sucked it inside his mouth. As the sparks continued to fly, he moved over and sucked the other one! God dammit! I pushed them together so my nipples were almost touching each other, he tongued both of them frantically, first one and then the other. My pussy felt like it was on fire! Suddenly, the slight ache down there was gone, replaced by a warm, sensational feeling.

Michael pulled his cock most of the way out. I was about to protest when he sank it back inside me, all the way! Then he did it again, and again. Jesus Christ, I thought, NOW I’m getting fucked!

I let go of my tits so I could grab his ass and pull him into me. God it felt so fucking good. I’ve masturbated a few thousand times but it was never like this, at all! Soon he put his whole weight on me and I felt… overwhelmed. He was in complete control of me, I couldn’t move anything except my pelvis, up and down to meet his strokes. I felt he had me pinned to he bed, like his cock impaled me and I was trapped under him.

I loved it. God damn I loved it.

Each stroke he ground into my clit. Each stroke I moaned or grunted or made some kind of guttural, primal noise. My cunt was stretched to it’s limits, but I didn’t want him to stop, no fucking way. At some point he reached for and found my left tit. He molested it with his hand so much that I cried out.

“Sorry baby!” he panted.

“Pull on it harder goddamit!” I cried.

He pressed harder into my tit and pulled and yanked on it, then he brought it up to our faces so we could both see my nipple. Looking into my eyes, he encircled my rigid nipple, and bit down on it with his teeth.

I shrieked with pain/pleasure.

“Make it feel better,” he said to me, placing my tit right in my face.

I gently tongued my nipple, then drew it in my mouth and gently sucked it. I do this all the time, but I always thought it was a little weird to suck on your own body parts. I didn’t think anyone else would think it was ok.

He told me to hold onto that one while he brought my other tit up. I sucked on my left while he sucked on my right. His fucking had slowed, but he was doing these long, powerful strokes now, slamming into my body. Into my womanhood. Into my fiery cunt.

“Switch!” he whispered. And we traded tits, kissing in between.

“Hold them, baby!” he commanded as he rose up on his hands and started REALLY fucking me fast and hard. I pinched and squeezed my nipples and tits as best I could, seeing that they were jiggling all over the place as Michael power-fucked me. As he increased his speed, I felt that wonderful sensation developing in my pussy. My orgasm, it’s nearby. It’s on it’s way, it’s building up.

“Michael,” I panted. “I’m going to, I’m going to cum soon.”

From then on it was a bit of a blur. Michael told me later I just panted the word ‘Fuck’ about a thousand times, with the occasional ‘Fuck me Daddy’ thrown in just for fun. As my orgasm neared, I arched my back and lost all control.

“Oh my GOD MICHAEL!!!” I screamed as my orgasm exploded throughout my body. As my cunt trembled and shook, he kept pounding me into this long, stretched out orgasm that I had never even dreamed of before. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t move, I was just a bunch of raw pleasure nerves reacting to this beautiful man and his beautiful cock. Waves of cum spasms involuntarily wracked my body. I remember hearing a woman groaning and moaning, only to realize it was me.

Michael reached under my ass with both hands and lifted my cunt up somewhat and he fast-fucked me even harder. He slipped his middle finger right up my asshole. It felt fantastic. From watching pornos, anal sex always looked interesting, but also very scary and something I could never picture myself doing. Suddenly, it didn’t seem all that far-fetched.

With a shout of “I’m cumming!”, Michael suddenly stopped moving. I felt his cock expand in size, and suddenly I felt flooded with this fantastic hot feeling in my pussy. Then he stroked some more and he felt WONDERFUL in there. Even more slippery than before. His cock trembled many times, and I clenched hard right back at him, squeezing as tight as I could. Yes I was a virgin, but I knew; Michael had cum inside me. My Sam, my Michael, my hero, my substitute Daddy, had fucked me and cum in my cunt. I was happy beyond words.

Michael slumped down on top of me, his skin covered in a light sweat. His iron cock seemed to have shrunk a little, or else I was so stretched, I couldn’t tell. He kissed me a little, stroked my face with his fingers, and we giggled a bit as we lay there, completely exhausted and satisfied and yet hyped up, too.

“Baby,” Michael whispered. “I gotta lie down.”

As he started to roll off me, I started to hate that feeling and instead, I wrapped my legs around him.

“Take me with you!” I told him. And he did. He rolled onto his back and brought me with him, still with his decreasing cock inside me.

“Thank you, Michael, thank you thank you thank you” I whispered.

“No honey, thank you! You are awesome and this was fantastic and holy shit I can’t believe it…”

“It was good ,wasn’t it?” I interrupted. “I mean, it was fantastic for me!”

“God yes Lorrie, for me too, Jesus… You know baby, maybe you should sit up and let those sperm guys out.”

Oh yeah, good idea. He probably shouldn’t have cum inside me. I rose up and sat back, and lifted myself off of him. Immediately, a torrent of white cum poured out of me onto him, covering his cock, balls, and thighs.

“Sorry Michael! Good god that’s a lot of cum! Don’t worry, I’ll clean it up.”

With only a little hesitation, I licked up the first gob of cum I found on his thigh. Oh god, I was thinking, what if I don’t like it? The first taste was okay, salty, thick, kinda weird and gooey. I licked up some more. I could also taste pussy juice, how fucking cool is that! Our juices were mixed together! And, it was fine. In fact, it was good. Greedily, I lapped him up like a cat would at his milk dish, swallowing all of it down. I cleaned up his half-hard cock, he showed me how to grip it at the bottom and push towards the top, getting out the remaining fluid from the internal tube. Mmmmm, more cum right from the tap. When I got to his balls, he warned me to be easy. Balls are so weird, so sensitive, and… ugly… but in a cool way I guess.

Michael grabbed me by the hair and gave me a little tug, I snuggled back up with him and we kissed slowly, deeply. He had to have been tasting some of our cum, god he’s fucking hot.

After we lay there for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow, we discovered we were both thirsty, and even a little hungry. I put on his dress shirt he had earlier, it was way too big but I knew it looked hot on me. I buttoned one of the buttons just to keep it from flying around. Michael didn’t put on anything.

“It’s just us here,” he said as we went out of his room towards the kitchen.

And that’s when we bumped in to Mom.

“Hi guys!” she said, sweetly. She stood there in her little kimono robe which, I was always telling her, was too short for her and didn’t cover up much on top, either. Her face looked a little flushed, like she was embarrassed or something.

“I’ll be out of your way in a second!” she said as she grabbed some cookies from a package. She glanced at Michael, who stood there stark naked with a gleaming half-hard cock, then she looked away.

“Now where’s that little tray…” she fumbled around.

Suddenly, it hit me. Mom, who was fucking Michael just a few days ago, had kind of given him up so that I could be with him. The only living stud within who knows how many miles, and who can fuck like a champion, and she gave him up. For me.

I just went to her and hugged her hard. I cried a little, which upset her.

“What did you do to her, Michael!” she demanded.

“No Mom,” I said. “Its not that. He was fantastic. It’s just… well… Michael can you give us a couple minutes? I’ll bring back something for you.”

Bewildered, he went back to his room. I watched his ass work as he walked.

“Honey?” Mom asked me. “What is it?”

“Mom,” I began, and started crying some more. Tears of joy and happiness, but she didn’t know that. I just hugged her tightly as she patted me gently.

“Mom, you didn’t have to give him up, for me. I mean, he’s fantastic! I could never do that, not in a million years!”

Now Mom understood, and she smiled at me. “Oh honey, I just wanted you to have a shot at some happiness. With things the way they are, who knows what’s going to happen today, tomorrow, next week? Know what I mean? And, I guess you’re happy, I can smell the sex oozing off you!”

She played with my hair, showing me some of his cum that was stuck in it. I laughed and held her. She was so soft and Mommy-like, it was nice to hold on to her.

“So, had fun, did you?”

I leered at her. “Oh my fucking God yes. You wouldn’t believe how sexy… oh yeah, maybe you would believe how sexy he is!”

We chatted a little bit about sexy things and Michael, and then I asked her something that was bothering me.

“So Mom. Uh. Anal sex. I um, I want to do it. Tonight. I want to give him everything. But, how do you, um, get ready? I mean we don’t have any Astroglide like you use at home…”

“What do you mean? You’ve seen me use Astroglide? You’re such a little slut!” Mom spanked me on my ass. I thought she was just playing around, but it was a pretty good spank.

“Well, the truth is yes, I’ve seen you get ass fucked, but you always used Astroglide. What do we do here?”

“Well, dearie. I’m a little older, and when women get older they don’t always lubricate as much as they used to. I’m sure, for you, that your pussy juice will be enough.”

Mom sniffed the air. “I know you’ve got enough pussy juice!”

“Just pussy juice? But… how? I don’t want to get hurt. There’s no doctors, you know.” The truth was, I really wanted to get butt fucked but I was scared to death of Michael’s big cock in there. But I knew some of the other girls took him, so I had to be at least as good as they were at it.
“Well you just,” started Mom. “See, you take some… oh for heaven’s sakes. Lean up against the counter. Goddamn kids these days I swear to God, can’t figure anything out. Go on, spread your legs, yes like that.”

Mom reached under the shirt I was wearing, and she touched my cunt.

“Mom!” I gasped.

She easily slipped two fingers inside me as far as they would go, then she finger fucked me for about thirty seconds or so. I could feel my arousal building, and I could feel my juices starting to flow again.

“See? So you get your fingers as juicy as you can, then you bring them here.” She pulled out her fingers and then rubbed my asshole, depositing my juices on it. She repeated that again, only this time she pressed a single finger inside my ass a little bit.

“Okay so far?” I nodded. “You’ve got to go slow. I mean, He has to go slow.” Mom slipped her finger completely inside me, in my butt. It felt wonderful. Strange, but wonderful.

She pulled up my shirt, completely exposing my ass cheeks. “He should also use some spit, like this.”

Mom dribbled some hot spit onto my asshole. Her finger continued to fuck my butt as her other hand rubbed my pussy. Then she pulled her finger out my butt, but instantly I could feel TWO fingers pressing against my backdoor. Oh shit!

I gasped as she entered me that way. They slid in, but oh man oh man was it tight! I felt like the Alaskan Pipeline had just entered me, when in fact two fingers weren’t even half as long or half as wide as Michael’s cock. I don’t know how this is going to work. I’ll never be able to fit his cock back there…

“Whatchoo ladies doin’?” asked Michael.

I turned my head, stunned to see him, ashamed. Mom continued to finger fuck both of my holes as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Well, in her eternal quest to please you, this little lady wants to prepare herself for an anal fucking from you. Knowing how big your cock is, I figured I better get her ready, somewhat, at least.”

Michael stepped close to me and cupped my breast as it hung down. His previously limpish cock was now at full attention again.

“Seems like it’s going pretty well,” he said. “Can I help with anything?”

“Well,” said Mom. “I was about to tell her that a tongue is good to help out, too. But since you’re here maybe you can do that.”

Michael cocked his head to one side and thought for a moment. “No, maybe you should do it. You have much more experience getting butt-fucked than I do. Show me how it should be done.”

With feigned disgust, Mom withdrew her fingers from my ass and proceeded to bend down and plant her face between my cheeks. I jumped just a bit as her hot tongue probed inside my ass. Never in ten thousand years did I think my mom would one day be licking my asshole, or that I would want her to do that. Yet, here we were, and I was loving it.

Michael continued to massage my tit, and he talked as Mom rimmed me.

“Uh huh. I see what you’re doing there. Yep. No no, keep going. you’re doing great. Lick Lorrie’s asshole like you’re doing. Yeah…”

I could feel pussy juice running down my leg. “Guys!” I said. “I can’t stand here like this much longer.”

We moved to Michael’s bedroom.

“I think,” Michael was saying as he took off my/his shirt. “We should lay her on her back, that way her pussy juices will just flow into her butt. Gayle, you work her pussy and I’ll work on these tits. We will get you juicy, don’t worry, baby.”

True to his word, Michael started working very hard on my right tit. Squeezing, kneading, mashing, kissing, licking, all kind of at once.

Mom put two fingers back up inside my pussy and started flexing them inside me, stimulating my juices. Her thumb rubbed on my clit. together with the sparks coming from my nipples, I was very soon catching fire.

Suddenly, something very warm and gentle touched my clit. Michael was still sucking my tit like he had never seen one before. So that meant…that thing on my clit, it had to be a tongue. It had to be Mom’s tongue! Mom was licking my pussy, my cunt. She thrust three or four fingers, or maybe her whole hand inside my pussy as she licked my lips and clit, now finger fucking me fast and hard.

Michael decided that this was the time he should slap my tits. ‘Increases the blood flow’, he said. As he gripped my tit where the skin rose from my chest, the end of my tit and the nipple were extended out unnaturally. And that’s where he slapped me. Easy and playful at first, but each one got a little harder, made a little more noise.

Mom pulled out her hand from my cunt, and forced it against my now soaked butt hole. Her fingers went in a little, then she pulled them back.

Each time Mom rammed her fingers into my butt, I yelped. And that’s when Michael would slap my tit. As Mom continued to lick my pussy and they both assaulted my tits and ass, I came in about two minutes.

Pussy juice flowed out of me, I could feel it running out of my slit and down onto my ass.

“I think she’s ready,” said Mom.

Michael maneuvered around me and got between my legs. He grabbed a pillow and shoved it underneath my ass, making my pelvis stick up in the air somewhat. He positioned himself at my backdoor.

“Wait!” Mom hollered. “You aren’t going in there dry, are you?”

Again with the mock disgust, Mom leaned over and sucked Michael’s cock, slobbering all over it.

“Okay, proceed.” Mom announced.

His cock head pressed into my ass, and I felt it kind of ‘plop’ into me as his mushroom head gained access. I stiffened from the sensation. Again, I felt like he was going to tear me apart with his cock.

“Easy please!” I whimpered. But I needed to take him inside me. He must fuck my ass. All the other girls are doing it. And if they aren’t, well too bad. I need to be the one giving him what he needs.

Mom bent down to my face and told me to relax, it will be fine. Then she kissed me for a moment on the lips, and smiled at me. She then went back down to my puss and forced her way in so she could lick my clit.

Ahhhh… that’s what I needed. Mom’s tongue on my clit while Michael slowly fucked my ass little by little. Going deeper. Into the bad place. With my Mom licking my cunt. Are you kidding me? My mind was spinning in circles as crazy thoughts went through my head. Mom’s licking my cunt… I think about licking hers… and it doesn’t scare me. In fact I want to. And I want to suck her tits, and for her to suck mine, and I want everyone to suck my tits. And I want 20 guys to stand in a circle around me and jerk off on me and cover me in cum, and Mom can lick it up for me. And I want…

“GODDAMMIT FUCK!” I hollered as Michael sunk himself about 18 inches inside my ass. He pulled back out and sank it back inside. Jesus Christ I’m really getting butt-fucked now!

Mom was getting her head bashed a little, so she came up and kissed me with her girl-cum-covered lips. God, I taste good. I thought. I’m such a slut, I also thought. Mom reached back down and finger fucked me in time with Michael’s strokes. I panted like a dog. Like a fucking dog in heat. Speaking of dog’s, I always wanted to do that.

“Michael,” I gasped. “Can you stop for a second. I want to,” (gasping for air!) “I want you to, fuck me doggy style.” Michael pulled out, giving me a completely empty feeling.

Mom looked concerned for a moment, like she was going to be left out or something.

“Baby,” she said. “I think you still need vaginal stimulation for this. Tell you what, I’ll lay down on my back, like this, and you straddle me. No, with your head down there. This way I can lick your cunt while he fucks your ass. You’ll be fine this way.”

Okay Mom, I thought. Michael just smiled at us. Mom put the pillow under her head as I crawled over the top of her. She still had her kimono on, but just barely. I felt her hot tongue inside my pussy lips and on my clit as she licked me up and down.

“See?” she asked. “This will be fine.”

Michael worked his way in between my legs and Mom’s shoulders and arms, and got ready again.

“Gayle, lube me up again?” he asked. I felt Mom withdraw from me for a minute or so. I guess she was licking Michael’s cock, I just know that I was feeling a little lonely just sitting here on all fours with nothing to do. Suddenly, Mom’s mouth was back on my cunt and Michael’s cock was halfway in my ass.

“Oh my fucking god!” I hollered! This was way better than being on your back! His cock slid in, then went farther, and he buried himself up to the hilt. I felt so full, so filled up, so complete. With Mom licking my cunt and Michael pounding my ass, I instantly slipped into an ecstatic state. My arms and legs lost control, I slumped down smack on top of Mom. Now when Michael fucked my ass, it pushed my cunt hard into Mom’s face. I don’t know how she breathed, but she seems to be okay.

Meanwhile, as I collapsed, My face landed right in Mom’s bare pussy. Her heady scent wafted in my nose, her juicy lips covered my cheeks. Without any prior history of touching a girl, or even really ever thinking about it, I instinctively knew what to do. I kissed her lips, sucked her clit, buried my face between her folds, smearing her juices all over my face. I ate my Mom’s pussy with complete abandon.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, Michael spanked my ass. I let out a yelp and asked him what that was for? He responded by spanking my other cheek even harder. “Fucker!” I hollered out to him.

“Want me to stop?” He teased.

I turned to look at him. All sweaty from head to toe, his muscles gleaming in the light, he smiled at me as he slapped my ass again, while he continued to buttfuck me.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 12 – It’s All About Me
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Okay, enough is enough. Lorrie, you write like a girl. Too much of that touchy-feely shit.

So there I was, anally raping Lorrie while her Mom and her sixty-nined like a couple of professional lesbians. Lorrie’s ass was so tight, I shit you not. And to see her Mom’s face under there, mostly obscured of course, but you could see a little, well it was fucking awesome. This was better than any daydream I could have concocted.

I thought the only thing to make this better was a little ass-spanking. So that’s what I did, started spanking Lorrie’s ass. Each slap echoed in my little room, and each slap was followed by a whimper from Lorrie. She turned around to look at me, her face glistening from her Mom’s cunt juices, her hair stringy with sweat, her eyes a little glassy, I’ve never seen her more beautiful.

As Lorrie continued to stare into my eyes, she lurched, I felt her ass clamp down on me; she was cumming again. I spanked her harder and faster, her head jerked but she held my gaze, until finally she slumped back down on top of Mommy like a rag doll.

I fucked her hard for a few more strokes, fucked her as she lay face down in her mom’s twat.

In seconds, I came too. With a fury, my cock trembled and shook and I emptied my raging sperm deep inside my baby girl’s ass. Wave after wave, shot after shot, I finally finished cumming after almost a minute. My cock was physically tired, I could feel it straining from all the cumming like a sore Erotik hikaye leg muscle after running a long way. I reluctantly pulled out of her gorgeous ass, but I was treated to a nice surprise.

From her gaping asshole, my cum poured out, right into Gayle’s waiting mouth. She purred as she licked all of me up. With her mouth closed, Gayle pushed Lorrie off and onto her back. Then Gayle bent down and, with her hands, opened Lorrie’s mouth. Gayle slowly opened her own mouth, and my cum slowly, ever so slowly, dripped from her mouth into Lorrie’s waiting mouth.
Lorrie savored the cum glob for a few moments before she swallowed it down. Gayle and her then kissed for a long time.

Me? I fell onto the mattress, utterly spent. My cock lay there like a dead soldier, or more like a complaining soldier. ‘No more, let me rest!’ it seemed to say. Hey little buddy, it was worth it, wasn’t it? You bet your ass it was.

Time drifted, they both snuggled up to me, pressing their warm boobs against me and draping their legs over parts of me. I mentioned water again, because I never got any the first time. Lorrie jumped up and returned with two glasses for all of us to share.

“Everybody okay?” I asked. Threesomes can be difficult sometimes. It all looks like fun but sometimes there are hurt feelings. Mix in some Mother/Daughter stuff, and I didn’t know WHERE any of us stood at the moment.

“Gayle?” I continued. “Did you get to cum?”

“Only about three times honey, thanks for asking. I’m good. Great, in fact. Lorrie?”

Lorrie leaned across me to kiss her mom on the lips, dragging a big fucking tit right in my face. Then she withdrew, and kissed me.

“I’m okay. Tired, but a good tired. I can’t believe what we did, what I did. Thank you both.”

“Thank YOU both!” I said. “This was undoubtedly the greatest night of my life.”

They both squeezed me tight. We drifted off to sleep, each tired and satisfied and happy.

– – –

“Michael!” the radio blared. “Michael! Help! We’ve got company! Michael!!”

I scrambled out of my warm slumber with my two babes, punched the transmit button.

“What’s going on?”

“Get down here! We’ve got a hundred zombies at least! They are inside the store!”

“Okay we’ll be right down as fast as we can! Hang on!”

The girls were already moving. “Full gear, RFN, ladies! You can put on some of it in the Jeep!”

Sounded like the shit was hitting the fan, I wanted helmets, arm protectors, shin guards, everything we had.

We hauled ass down to main street, weapons hot and ready to go. In spite of the danger, there were a few smirky looks passed back and forth, kind of like “Yeah we’re going in to battle, but the fucking sure was fun last night!”

I rounded the corner a few hundred yards from hardware store, where everybody was holed up. Zombies crowded around the front door. Yeah, at least a hundred. Erin was popping off some headshots, but it was just a drop in the bucket.

Think, think! I didn’t want to just shoot them. Then they’ll swarm us. This is like some kind of damn herd.

We had checked on the radio. Our people were trapped, but not in immediate danger. Zed had forced them into a bedroom, which was holding strong. Erin had climbed out the window onto the facade roof.

Right by us, next to Mountain Realty, was Jim’s Fix It Shop. I looked in the window and saw a bunch of tools and broken TVs and other shit. And wire. Spools of wire. I can do something with this! The Dynamic Mother/Daughter duo of Gayle and Lorrie covered me as I broke into the store and got the spools. Zed was busy making noise down the street, they didn’t hear me.

“Call Erin, tell her to keep it up, keep their attention.”

I had Gayle drive us closer, about 75 yards from the nearest Zed.

“Yeah Daddy-man,” Erin replied. “But I’m down to my last mag. I’ll just wave at them for awhile. If you’re gonna do something, sooner would be better!”

I got out while the Duo covered me, engine idle, ready to roll. I mean, worse came to worst, we could just drive into a few of them, then drive around town as they followed us. Spread them out some so we could engage them a few at a time. But I wanted to try this wire thing first.

I undid some wire and wrapped it around the nearest streetlight. With pliers, I twisted and tied it off very tight, about a foot off the ground. I crossed the street and tied the wire to a streetlight on that side, also about a foot off the ground and as tight as I could make it. It plucked like a guitar string.

We backed up to the next streetlight about hundred feet away, and tied another piece of wire across the street about a foot high. Did that four more times.We checked around, no Zeds had snuck up behind us from the main road. Radioed Erin, told her to get back inside. I nodded to Gayle, she blew the Jeep’s horn.

Instantly, about half the streetwalkers turned to look at us. Blew the horn and jumped up and down and yelled, they moaned, turned, and started ambling towards us.

“Ladies, be ready if this doesn’t work.” I was pretty scared, actually. If this didn’t work, we were pretty well fucked. I didn’t know if we could hold off a hundred of these shitbirds.

The first Zachs got to the wire, Foomp! Down they went! The Tripwire was working! They just kept falling over each other! Dumbasses! As they spread out in the confusion, a few went outside the pole and the wire, but then those guys zeroed in on us in the middle of the street and hit the next wire. Down went those guys!

When old Zach goes down, he doesn’t just pop right back up. Balance and coordination are not his thing. Depending on their condition, it can take 30 seconds, a minute, even more for them to get upright again. Those that did, fell down on the next wire.

We hooted and hollered, enjoying their slapstick antics. After a couple minutes, with still a couple wires between us, Lorrie and I marched out to meet them. We had our AR-15s slung on our backs, I had my spiked Crovel and Lorrie had her long poker stick.

“I got the first one!” Lorrie called out. Stab! Right in this dead guys head. He stopped squirming.

“Let’s stay close to each other,” I warned. We didn’t want to get surrounded. But it wasn’t too likely. We casually stabbed a few, then ten, then 20 and 30. I love saving ammo.

Eventually the pressure reduced on our people in the building; they staged a murderous breakout and joined us on the street, poking Zed in his dead head, making sure he was re-dead.
Well, the smell was fucking atrocious. And now we had 147 dead guys in the street. Tina counted them.

“Where did these fuckers come from, I wonder?”

The boys, Wyatt and Morgan, looked a little sheepish.

“Well,” explained Morgan. “We were ah, we were cranking some music last night. You know, just having a little party. It was pretty late, maybe like 2 or 3 o’clock. Next thing we know a few of these guys started milling about in the street. We figured we would get them in the morning…”

“Yeah,” piped in Erin. “Then, this morning, they crashed through the glass door, even though it was boarded. We scrambled into a room, all we had was my pistol, radio, and my six magazines.”

“What did you use to break out?” I asked.

Wyatt jumped in. “We busted up the furniture, got some good boards. Erin shot the first few, then we beat the rest down until we could get our weapons.”

I was kind of pissed at them for getting themselves into trouble. But I was also pretty impressed. They didn’t panic, they improvised, they overcame, they fought hard, they killed Zed.

We figured there must have been a herd passing by on the highway. They heard the music and decided to come take a look. I read about the herds a few days ago. When Zed has no stimulus, he just kind of stands there. Then a bird flies by, and he follows it, even after it has gone out of sight. Zach, who is also just standing there, sees Zed walking with a purpose. He doesn’t want to miss out on the action so he follows him. Zena sees two of her friends charging ahead and says yeah baby, I’m with ya! Next thing you know, 147 dead shitheads are walking down the street, following god-knows-what but they can’t stop now!

Well the Tripwire worked, gotta do more of that. We gotta get our defenses up. We can’t just have these guys storming our town! We gotta get some security.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning up. The other remaining townsfolk came out to help, too. Picking up dead Zeds is hard work. We dragged them all about a quarter mile down main street, down wind. Shee-it we gotta think of something.

During all the hauling and dragging, word got out that Lorrie and I had done it. And that Momma Gayle had joined in. There were some smirks, giggles, and maybe some hurt feelings, too. Some of the girls were thinking I was off the market and were jealous.

We broke for lunch. As we munched down Dennison’s chili, Erin finally shot the elephant in the room.

“So uh… you guys all married now, or what?”

I was a little hurt, after all, Erin helped arrange this whole thing! Now she seemed a little pissy.

“You know,” I began. “We don’t really have any rules right now. Except for the Patsy rule, which is if you are a threat to me and us then you get to leave. But, well, normal society has broken down. I think we are all feeling, pretty free right now. I mean, yeah, we have things to do, but we can also do what we want. To some extent, anyway.

“So, yeah, I love Lorrie. And I love Gayle. And Erin. And Kaitlyn, Payton, Tina, Lizzy, Kristin. I love all of you. Morgan and Wyatt, I like you guys a lot, but we aren’t at the love stage yet.” They made funny gestures of wiping their brows in relief.

“I guess what I’m saying is, chill out, we’re figuring this out as we go along.”

People seemed to be okay with that. Like Gayle said early on, I needed to watch my step with these girls, or they may all turn on me.

“Hey stud!” Lorrie jabbed at me as we went back to work. “Nice speech.”

“Yeah right ,” I chuckled.

“So am I … just one of the girls? It’s okay. I just want to know.”

Ack. Here it is.

“Lorrie… in the real world, you would be my number girl of all time. In fact, you are that. Now. But, these are difficult times and we can’t afford to have everyone pissed at each other right now…”

I grabbed a pair of dead feet, Lorrie grabbed his hands. We swung him up into a wheel barrow.

“Yeah yeah yeah. I’m just busting your balls.”

“Huh?” I asked, bewildered.

“Michael, I want to have more sex with you. A lot more. I am in love with you, too. But I know what you mean about what’s been happening with everybody. We need to work out an arrangement here. I’ll think about it.”

Okay, I thought, think on.

“Oh,” she continued. “Thanks for breaking my cherry. I’d suck your cock right now, except it
probably has zombie gunk on it!”

“Hey baby, I never got to lick you up! I owe you!”

“Yes you do!”

“Hey Lorrie,” I said seriously. “I don’t want to lose you.”

“You can’t. I have an idea for tonight, though, Big Daddy. You might like it.”

She was right, I did like it.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 14 – Group Therapy
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

We got the street cleaned up by the afternoon. I called my people together.

“Hey guys, good work today. Let’s get cleaned up for an early dinner up at the house. Then I want to have a strategy session, we gotta do something so this doesn’t happen again.” We piled into the trucks and headed up the hill to my shack.

After we all got clean and shiny, we had a nice meal of canned spaghetti and meatballs, green beans, and pears. Ok, so it wasn’t all that nice. But it filled us up and didn’t take long to make, so that was good enough.

“Ok folks,” I began. “We need a wall. I propose we start with the cars in town. There’s… what, a couple hundred houses here, and only about 15 occupied. Let’s take the cars from the rest of them, line them nose to tail alongside the ditch, starting at one end of our little valley to the other end. That way, the zombies will probably fall into the ditch, and we can help with that too, and then they won’t be able to climb the ditch because cars will be there on the top edge. We’ll leave an opening, and use a big truck or bus or something as the gate. We’ve gotta drain all fluids from the cars and save them in barrels. Take out the batteries, ignition wires and stuff, anything useful. That should take several days.

“Then, we gotta hit that little welding shop down south, see if that guy is alive and help him out. We need him. When we went past him last time, I saw he had a ‘Bobcat’, and we need that. Because my big plan is to build the ‘Sanchez Pit of Death’!” I wanted Lorrie to get the credit, it was mostly her idea.

“And for that, we’ll need to go about 40 miles north and see what’s up with the truck stop there before someone else gets to it. Trucks mean stuff, hopefully food, and god knows what else. Trucks also mean shipping containers. We need those to build ramps for the Sanchez Pit. And we can use empty trailers to ring the pit so they can’t get out.”

We talked for another couple hours, working out the details of the car wall. That was the most important thing. We didn’t feel like leaving the town without having it be secure so that when we returned the town would not be full of Zombies. We also assigned people to specific jobs. Gayle and Lorrie would spend at least 2 hours a day learning herbal medicine and old-fashioned doctoring. Erin would become our armory technician, learning all she could about guns so she could maintain ours in tip-top shape. Tina and Payton were to become farm specialists so that come spring we would be ready. The couples of Masters and Johnsons would work on fortifying the wall, building watchtowers, and any other physical security matters.

We finally got done and broke out the bar and had some drinks. It was good to relax, knowing we had a plan for our security.

After a couple more hours, I nodded to Lorrie, and made the big announcement we had agreed on.

“I have a big announcement!” I announced. Everyone quieted down.

“I… am… going…” Everyone waited expectantly. “… to put on a Porno on the living room TV!”

Most people laughed and thought I was kidding.

“I’m serious! I’m going to my room for 15 minutes for some last minute cleaning. Then I’m coming out to watch some dirty movies.

“Anybody is welcome to join. If you don’t want to, that’s fine, no worries. Maybe just stay in your room, or you guys can go back down into town to your store. Again, no harm, no foul. Tomorrow, we’ve got a lot to do, so let’s get ready to get up at 7:00.

“Maybe I’ll see you later!” I walked to my room, you could hear a pin drop.

I turned on my tunes box so I wouldn’t hear any conversations or bitching or moaning or crying. Then I proceeded to brush my teeth, do some final cleaning and touching up. I knew Lorrie was going to sit with me, I just hoped others would, also.

Picking out a video was tough. ‘Holly does Hollywood’? Naw, too old school. ‘Taboo’? Maybe… I finally settled on ‘Pirates’. Never saw it before, but I thought it might be fun. Put on a pair of sweat pants commando style, and, ah, fuck the shirt.

I go back out to set up the movie, nobody’s here. Really? Nobody? Well, fuck it, I thought. I’ll watch it anyway. I started searching through the server to get the movie up. Just as I got it going, I heard a girl’s voice shout out from the back:


I jumped at attention. I mean, that’s what you’re supposed to do!

“Forward… March!” Haha! It’s Erin calling the cadence. Erin, the Little Tiger, is the squad leader. She called out as they marched out, single file.

“Ha-left! Ha-left! Ha-left-right-left.” Oh yeah, her dad was in the Marines!

Out came the sorriest looking squad I ever saw. Also, the sexiest. Erin called out the cadence call and the squad (responded):

“Ain’t no sense in lookin’ down! (Ain’t no sense in lookin down)
Ain’t no Zombies on the ground! (Ain’t no Zombies on the ground!)
Killin Zombies all day long! (Killin Zombies all day long!)
Gonna make me big and strong! (Gonna make me big and strong!)
Am I, right or wrong? (You’re Right!)
Am I, killing strong? (You’re Right!)
Sound off! (1,2!)
Sound off! (3,4!)
Bring it on down! (1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2… 3, 4!)”

I had all I could do to keep a straight face. This was so cool!

The troop was now arrayed in front of me. For inspection, I supposed. Erin spun and saluted me.

“All troops present and accounted for, Sir!”

They sure were, but there seemed to be a bit of a problem.

“Thank you, Sergeant! Was there, uh, a problem with the uniforms today?”

“Supply issue sir! We adapted, improvised, and overcame, Sir!”

I noticed Erin had on a nice camo baseball hat, and one of my camo shirts. That was it.
Unbuttoned down the front. I pulled her shirt back, revealing her lovely little boobs.

“Dress that line, Sergeant.”

“Yes sir!” I gave her a nice squeeze on her ass.

I walked up to Payton. She had a red bandanna wrapped around her head, a nice white push-up bra which accentuated her substantial tits, and combat boots.

“Pants, soldier?”

“Not today, Sir!”

I sniffed the air.

“What’s that smell?”

She sniffed the air, too. “That would be me, Sir!”

“Well, Excellent!” What else could you say?

I moved down to the next girl, Lorrie, who had on a camo T-shirt. That was it. And the T-shirt looked like it was having a hard time as it had a few strategic rips in it. Lorrie looked at me and smiled.

“Soldier!” I mock-yelled. “Are you eye-balling me?”

“Sir, yes sir!”

“You can’t do that!”

“Sir, yes sir!”

“Drop down and give me twenty!” She got into the push-up position.

“Not pushups! 20 sucks!”

Relieved, Lorrie smiled as I knew she couldn’t do 20 push-ups. She pulled down my sweats, and took my just-beginning-to-get-hard cock completely in her mouth. She got a few strokes in before it got too big for her. By the time she got to 20, I was at full attention.

“Well… alright then. You! What’s your story!”

Kaitlyn looked around nervously. She wore a black G-string and a Boonie hat. A knife hung on a string around her neck, resting comfortably between her luscious boobs.

“I, um, I… don’t have a story?”

“Drop and give me 20!”

Kaitlyn jumped at that. She’s not real imaginative, not a big talker. But she’s a hard worker and she fucks like a racehorse. Jesus, I thought. And a good cocksucker.

“18, 19… 20!” the squad called out in unison.

“Back in line, private! Ok, you two, what the fuck?”

Lizzy and Wyatt were handcuffed together. Wyatt had on pants, which was good. And Lizzy had on his shirt.

“He’s my prisoner, Sir!”

“Fair enough. Prisoner Wyatt, drop and give me… no wait, give her 20!”

Wyatt eagerly lapped up at his fiancee’s pussy. he ate her out pretty good.

“Um…” I started. “Kinda hard to count… alright you’re done. Attention!” Wyatt got up, his lips and chin glistening.

“Nurse!” I said to the next person, Gayle, who somehow made a nursey-looking hat that she pinned in her hair. She also had a two-inch wide bandage wrapped around her chest at the nipple line. That was the extent of her clothing.

“Step Forward!” Nurse Gayle did, as ordered.

“You look healthy, why the bandage?”

“Sir! Just have this for emergencies, sir! It’s my first aid kit, Sir!”

“Bend forward!” I commanded. “Stop!” I said, when she got to about a 45-degree angle.

I swatted her on her pleasingly plump, naked ass, 10 times. Not that hard, but her cheeks got a little pink.

“Thank you sir, may I have another?”

Well, certainly! I gave her 10 more.

“Thank you sir, may I have another?”

“Don’t be greedy, Nurse!”

I moved down the line to Kristin and Morgan. She had a dog collar around her neck, with a chain held by Morgan. Morgan had shorts on, while Kristin looked very modest in her long sleeve army T-shirt.

“Let me guess… Another prisoner?”

“Sir yes sir!” Morgan announced proudly.

I glared at Kristin.

“That’s what I let him think, Sir!”

“That’s what I thought. Better give him 20, though. Now!”

She eagerly ate his cock up.

“…19, 20!” the group called out, but she kept going.

“Hey!” I said. “Hey! That’s 20 already. Stop. Knock it off!” I yanked on her chain slightly, she reluctantly stood up.

“You’re a lucky sumbitch, Morgan.”

“Sir, yes sir!” he answered.

I got down to Tina. She had makeup on, and was fully dressed in a sexy way; nice white blouse, tight black skirt, black fishnets, high heels. Damn if she wasn’t the sexiest one here. Well, excepting my Lorrie, of course! She was also the only one who I hadn’t gotten together with yet.

“Private Tina! You look… exceptional.”

“Thank you sir!”

“What’re you dressed as? Conscientious Objector?!”

“Sir, no sir! I’m a high-class hooker, Sir! I want to get fucked!”

I busted up laughing at that, as did most everyone else.

“Ten-hut!” hollered Erin.

“Ok, at ease. Troops,” I began. “You’ve all passed inspection. Leisure time starts in 5 minutes. Those who want to be useful will make me a drink. Sergeant, dismiss the squad.”

“Squad!” Erin shouted. “Remember we are exiting the premises at 0800 tomorrow for work detail! Consume accordingly. Any malingerers will be shot! Dismissed!”

– – –

Lorrie told me to go sit on the couch as she headed towards the kitchen. I thought, fuck it, and took off my sweats and sat on the couch. I was glad I took those 15 minutes earlier to clean up, had myself all nice and trimmed. I was fiddling with the TV Remote when Lorrie came up with a couple of drinks.

“Gimlet?” she asked.

“My favorite, thank you!” Lorrie sat next to me. Sort of. She was more like sitting on me. Her firm tits pressed into my arm and chest. I took about 4 gulps of my drink.

The others came back from the kitchen with drinks and everyone mingled for a few minutes. Nobody really knew what to do yet, how to get things started. Including me. This was mine and Lorrie’s idea, and we weren’t coming through. I downed the rest of my drink.

“Well,” I said to her. “I think we should get down to business!”

I pushed Lorrie back on the couch, then I slid down onto the floor. Spreading her legs, I began to lick and kiss my way up her knees, inching closer to her thighs.

Tina and Momma Gayle sat on the couch next to Lorrie. It was kind of funny. Gayle had done a lot of consoling for these girls. Many had lost their families, had seen death close up, weren’t sure about the future, all that. So Gayle spent many a night hugging one of the girls as we watched a show on the tube.

So, this wasn’t any different, except now Momma Gayle was completely naked and the still-dressed Tina was suckling at Momma’s breast.

I massaged Lorrie’s thighs as I slowly moved closer and closer towards my prize. Lorrie’s hands naturally went to her tits, she massaged them lazily through her T-shirt. I could smell happy little aromas stirring in front of me.

Suddenly, my back was covered in warmth, Kaitlyn laid her soft boobs on my back. She got behind me and reached under to stroke my cock and balls. Oh god, that’s nice. Always nice to have someone lightly stroke your rock-hard cock. She moved with me as I reached Lorrie’s center.

I brushed my lips across Lorrie’s labia, ever so softly, ever so lightly. She sighed as my tongue caressed her clean-shaven outer areas. God I was in heaven, and I wanted this to be good for Lorrie. I gently opened her a little with my hands, her pussy-smells wafted over me. I licked her lips up and down… slowly… gently… I looked up to catch her eye. But they were closed in ecstasy. I felt her heat on my tongue as I continued to explore her outside. As I passed over her opening, the heat intensified. I pressed my tongue down into there… it was like licking a volcano! Her boiling hot woman lava covered my tongue in fantastic flavors.

I swallowed some of her juices down, mmm heaven. I looked up at her again, she was looking down lazily at me, almost like she was dreaming. She leaned forward an pulled off her t-shirt, thank god. I needed to see those tits! My left hand went up to squeeze them while I licked my thumb and forefinger to get them wet and slippery. I went to the top of her puss and circled around her clit with my tongue as my right hand began to tease her pussy and ass with my fingers. Her juices quickly coated my hand.

I finally settled my tongue lightly on her clit, feeling the hard little nub under me. I sped up a little and added some pressure, varying my route as I tongue lashed her entire cunt. Lorrie was breathing pretty hard at this point.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned my head.

“My turn!” Erin exclaimed.

“Um…” I struggled. “Not just yet. I need to do this, ok Little Tiger?” I kissed her on her lips, and she licked and sucked me clean of Lorrie’s accumulated juices.

“Ok,” she said. “Just this once.”

“Just this once,” I affirmed.

Erin went up and began playing with Lorrie’s tits. I dove back in and tongue fucked her pussy. Back and forth with my rigid tongue inside her steaming hole. Lorrie writhed in pleasure.
After a couple minutes of that, I slid a finger up inside her as I worked my mouth up towards her rock hard little clit. First, I tease-licked all around it, slowly, but with some good pressure. The I gave it a few glancing licks, drawing moans from Lorrie as I did so. I looked up and caught her eye, then pressed my tongue firmly against her clit.

For the next… I don’t know how many minutes… but quite a few of them, I never let go of her clit. I kissed it, licked it, and then sucked it and that whole area into my mouth. I struggled to keep up with her flow of secretions, swallowing as best I could, but I really didn’t want to let her go. I slipped more fingers inside her hot hole, until I got all four in! I finger fucked her hard while continuing to molest her clitoris. Lorrie gasped, squeezing my head between her thighs, then moaned, then finally arched her back and screamed bloody murder as her orgasm ripped through her cunt and spread throughout her trembling body.

She actually asked me stop after about a minute.

“Daddy!” she gasped, barely able to breathe. “I can’t… Daddy I can’t take it anymore… Daddy…”

Haha! No fucking way. I held on and continued to lick and suck her clit. Lorrie’s orgasm continued, rising and falling with my speed and pressure, balancing on the edge of the waterfall, and then plummeting over the edge. Only to be on another edge, and going over that waterfall, too.

After a couple minutes of that, I came up for air. I hadn’t really paid any attention to any else for the last 15 minutes, I had no idea what was going on. I gathered that people were doing some sexy things, but they had all stopped in the last 5 minutes due to the amount of noise Lorrie made! They gave me a nice round of applause as I rose from between her legs. I waved to the crowd, tipped my imaginary hat, then fell into the arms of my Lorrie. We kissed, long and deep, her tongue totally engaged with mine. I felt good to rest a little, my jaw was a bit tired!

I sat back on the couch and immediately Tina, the (to me) virgin, grasped my rigid cock in both hands and began stroking me. Her blondish hair blocked my view, but I could feel her hot mouth settle onto my cock as she slowly engulfed me. Mmmmmm. I leaned over and started sucking on Lorries lovely, rigid nipples. These babies were huge right now, and I sucked on them for all I was worth.

Then… Tina asked Lorrie if she could sit on me. Lorrie said yes, but only if Tina would let Lorrie eat her out later. Not a problem! Tina impaled her tight cunt with my cock, at last, and finally I had fucked all the women here!

Looking around, Momma Gayle had Erin and Payton sucking her tits while Kaitlyn licked her smooth cunt. Lizzy was getting double penetrated by the Masters boys, while her sister Kristin and Lorrie looked on with serious lust in their eyes.

I unceremoniously ripped off Tina’s blouse, sending buttons flying and her tits bouncing. Her perky little girls were lovely, and fired up, too. I squeezed them hard as she rose up and slammed herself down onto my cock. Her tight cunt clenched me even harder.

Lizzy moaned out her long orgasm, I guess a cock in her pussy and in her ass felt pretty good! Gayle came all over Kaitlyn’s face, surprising everyone with the amount of juices emanating from within.

Morgan pulled his cock from Lizzy’s ass, she fell next to me in a heap.

“Next!” he called out with his and his brother’s hard dicks at full attention.

Kristin shook her head. I guess the ass wasn’t her thing. Kaitlyn jumped up from Gayle and asked “Can I go?”

The boys positioned her over Wyatt’s cock, and then Morgan moved up to fuck her ass. Gayle came over to me and dragged her enormous tits in my face. I sucked them for a couple minutes, then got up and mounted her from behind. Her cunt accepted my big cock, no questions asked. Not quite as tight as a teenage girl, she still felt fabulous. I gave her a serious fucking, slamming her into the couch. Payton rested her face on Gayle’s ass, I pulled out of Gayle and Payton sucked me clean of all those juices. I rammed my cock back into Gayle.

Kaitlyn shrieked in ecstasy from her double-fucking. I don’t know how those Masters boys were holding off and not cumming, but good for them!

“Anyone else?” asked Morgan.

Lorrie looked at me shyly, pleadingly.

“Go get ’em, sweetie!” I said.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 15. Lorrie’s Story, Part II
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Morgan laid on his back with his cock standing up, Kristin busying herself with sucking him silly. Lizzy grabbed my hand and helped me lower myself onto Morgan’s cock. Wyatt stood by with his cock standing straight up. He smiled at me as I sat on his brother’s cock.

Ahh… nowhere near as big as Michael, but still! I’m getting fucked by another guy!

“No kissing,” Kristin whispered in my ear. I laughed. We can fuck and suck, but no kissing. Sure, I’m down!

Somebody played with my butthole, they had found some KY jelly in town. Fingers probed my ass, stretching me.

Suddenly, something huge pressed into me! It’s fucking Wyatt! I gritted my teeth as he entered my butt. Jesus Christ! No finesse, like Michael, he just forced his way in. Thank god for the lubricant.

“FU-U-U-CK!!!” I hollered. I was double-fucked!

I collapsed on top of Morgan, both he and Wyatt squeezed my tits hard. But Jesus, I was filled up. I pretty much went limp as they pumped my pussy and ass. I couldn’t even think about gripping a cock or anything like I think I was supposed to. I just lay there, straddled out, and got fucked.

Next thing I know, something big and soft and hard and wet was forcing it’s way into my mouth. I guess Michael couldn’t stand it, he had to get in on the action. Now I had all three holes filled! I could taste somebody’s cunt on Michael’s cock. My mind drifted, overwhelmed with sex as cocks tried to get deeper and deeper into me. My cunt was on fire, my ass felt great, and I could barely breathe as Michael’s huge cock fucked my face.

Morgan started hollering “Oh my god oh my god” and Michael just pulled me up and away from the brothers. He told me later he didn’t want them cumming inside me, that was his job. Girls flocked to the two boys as they both came.

Michael dragged me onto the floor and forced his way in between my legs, and he shoved his cock right up all the way inside my cunt. I stiffened as he hit something inside me that hurt for a moment. It was like he hit bottom, I don’t know. His cock was so thick, even though it was only one it felt almost the same as having two inside me.

Michael kissed me deeply. My head swam. I felt so connected to him… like we were one… My orgasm built and we fucked feverishly. I did all I could to grind my clit into him all I could.
Suddenly, his impossibly huge cock swelled even more inside me, stretching me to the limit. I begun cumming as I felt his seed shoot into me. It felt SO COOL having his cock flex and throb, knowing his hot cum was filling me up. My cunt clenched him back as my best ever orgasm swept through me. He ate me out about 15 minutes earlier, that was my best orgasm. But this one, even better. It just wouldn’t stop. We continued to kiss as our mutual orgasm kept rolling.

Finally, I whispered to him, “Baby, get off me so I can get these guys out of me!” I loved the taste of his sperm and I wanted some. Okay, and I was worried about getting pregnant.

“No way,” he answered. That’s all he said. He just slowly fucked me some more, sending little pleasure ripples through my entire pussy. I held him as close and as hard as I could. I loved him so much.

Getting double fucked was great, but… it’s nothing like this. Basking in the after glow with your man.

– – –

Early the next morning, Michael’s watch started beeping, telling us to get up. I grabbed him as he tried to get out of bed.

“Fuck me again, baby” I half-moaned. I checked my pussy, still a bit damp. I rubbed it furiously and grabbed a tit with my other hand. I gotta get some juices going!

“Babe,” Michael said. “We’ve got to get going. I don’t have time to do you justice–“

“Come on, Daddy!” piped in Mom. “Give her a quickie!”

Mom grabbed his cock and slobbered all over it for a minute. I was ready.

Michael dropped down in between my legs, and my pussy throbbed the instant he entered me. My clit was still swollen from last night.

Michael locked his arms and rested on them, so he could look at me, he said. Mom sucked on my tit, then we kissed. Michael lost it right there.

“Jesus fucking Christ! You two! You’re fucking sluts!!”

His cock expanded in me as he filled me with his cum. He came down on top of me, all three of us kissing. Finally, he got up.

“Come on you guys, big day!” Oh yeah, we’re supposed to build a wall, or something.

“Not yet,” I ordered. “Come here and get cleaned up.”

Mom and I licked up his half-hard cock. His salty cum tasted great, mixed in with my cunt juice. The sight was apparently too much for him, mom and daughter licking his cock. He got hard again. I had heard that old men couldn’t perform all that well. But that wasn’t the case with Michael.

“Fuck Mom, and give her some of that hot cum, too!”

He obliged. Mom came quickly, and I licked Michael’s cum from Mom’s pussy as he went back to his room to get ready.

– – –

So there we were, Tina and I trying to position this car along the ditch. Look, I’m not so good at backing up, ok? I rolled the stupid Pontiac down into the ditch. I mean, who even has a Pontiac anymore?

We had this system where some of us moved cars, some drained the fluids, and some guarded us all. But, as Michael has told us during combat training, all plans go out the window when the first shot is fired. Well, the first shot, in this case, was one of the townies having a fit. Michael had enlisted their help, and all was going well. Until a couple of them got into an argument over one of the other cars that was owned by a dead person.

It seems that both of these old guys were sweet on ‘Lady Jessica’, who had turned earlier. Well they got into a fight about which of these guys should get her car. See, Michael had said we should keep any 4-wheel drive vehicles, any Priuses or other hybrids, any vans, and maybe a couple of fast cars if we found any. And we let the living folks keep whatever cars they had. But we needed the rest for the wall.

So Lady Jessica owned this 1972 Buick Le Sabre. It had some huge engine in it, I guess, and each guy thought they should be the one to keep it. The argument got bigger, fists were thrown, people pushed and shoved… I turned to Tina, and she rolled her eyes.

“Let’s go,” I said. And we took this Pontiac from town and drove it out ourselves. Yeah, I dropped it in the ditch, but everything was fine, right up until Tina got shot.

I whirled around to see where the shot came from when I was grabbed and picked up in the air.

Then one of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen came up and butt-stroked me in the head.

– – –

Fortunately, it was more of a glancing blow and my Lacrosse helmet blocked most of it. I wasn’t knocked unconscious, but, as they say, I got my “bell rung”. Two guys grabbed me, tied up my hands with those plastic zip-tie things, took my gun and knife, and drag-walked me to their truck they had hidden behind some trees. They jammed me between the two of them in the front seat. Jesus Christ I had a headache. Mother fuckers!

“So,” says the guy who hit me. Some seriously dirtbag-looking scumbag who didn’t seem to have showered since before the apocalypse.

“My name’s Robbie. And slave-boy over there driving is Tom. And what’s your name, hot stuff?”

Robbie had this shitty, greasy hair and smelled bad. Tom, a half-decent looking black guy, didn’t look as bad, but still pretty dirty and grimy.

“Fuck you!” I spat out. I was trying not to cry.

“Well, isn’t that nice. Fuck-you, it’s nice to meet you!” And with that, Robbie started grabbing my tit as we rolled down the highway. He grinned at me with these slimy teeth and greasy face.

“Jesus!” I said. “Don’t you guys bathe? You’re disgusting!”

I sat there, trembling. I’m being kidnapped, it dawned on me. Kidnapped! Who does that? What will they do to me? Rape me, for sure. Then kill me? Don’t kill me now, I’m in love!

“FUCK!” I hollered. Robbie just laughed at me.

We drove about twenty minutes up the road, the whole time he’s feeling me up and talking dirty about all the things he’s going to do to me. The driver wasn’t saying anything. In fact, he seemed pissed or, maybe, disgusted by Robbie. As I looked at them both, Robbie had all this gear, and a pistol, and bullets and stuff on a vest while Tom didn’t have anything. And, Robbie had called him ‘slave’. Maybe, I thought, Tom’s not into the whole thing here.

We slowed down at a turnoff for another town.

I screamed.

“I have to pee right now!!!”

“Ha!” laughed Robbie. “No way. We’re almost there. You can pee when Big Trent says you can pee.” But Tom slowed down.

“I’m going to pee in your truck right now if you don’t let me out.”

Tom stopped the truck, right at the crossroads. “Maybe we should let her. You know how Trent is about the truck.”

“Shut up slave!” snapped Robbie. “I’m calling the shots, not you!”

Silence for a moment.

“I’ll let you watch” I offered. “But you have to cut me loose or I’ll fall over.”

Robbie leaped out of the truck and pulled me with him.

“Cut her loose, slaveboy, and watch her so she doesn’t get up to something”

Tom cut me loose, and I stood there for a moment. I could see Robbie had a hard on from rubbing my tits and thinking about watching me pee, but he also had his AR-15 somewhat pointed in my direction. Shit.

I pulled the scrunchie from my hair and posed a little, letting my long hair fly in the breeze. Then I casually flung it passed Robbie, it got hung up on a bush. Perfect.

“Come on, I don’t got all day, Fuckyou!”

I undid my army pants, pulled them down and exposed my naked pussy to this flaming asshole. I felt completely humiliated.

I copped a squat, and… nothing, at first. Finally, I closed my eyes and tried to relax, and then I let it fly. The real trick was not to get it on my pants. Robbie stood transfixed. Dickhead. He undid his fly and began stroking his hard little cock. But, wisely, I thought, I didn’t mention the size of it.

I started to get up.

“Don’t move! Don’t make me shoot you!”

“Oh come on Robbie,” said Tom. “You know you won’t shoot her, you’re not supposed to even touch her or Trent will kill you!”

“Shut up!” hollered Robbie and pointed the gun at Tom, but still jacked his cock with the other hand. Damn pistol grips on the AR, they let you shoot one handed if you want.

“Pull up your shirt, Fuckyou.” Humiliated again, I did.

He stepped forward and shot his load onto my tits and bra.

“Alright, come on,” ordered Robbie.

I pulled my shirt down and my pants up. My t-shirt soaked in several places through from his obnoxious cum. They got another zip-tie and stuffed me back in the truck.

We drove through a town a lot bigger than our little one. We stopped after a couple minutes near a gigantic strip mall that had a Walmart in it. A large pirate flag flew from the top. The big store had hundreds of necros around it.

“Home, sweet home!” announced Robbie.

“Come on,” said Tom, gently.

He cut my bonds and we climbed up this ladder that took us to the roof of the strip mall. From there we walked a couple hundred yards til we got to the Walmart roof. There were about 6 or 8 armed guys up here, but they weren’t doing anything about the zombies trying to get in down below. These guys were just hanging out. And staring at me, but nobody said anything except Robbie.

“I found her,” he announced. “Back off!”

We climbed down some stairs at the back, down to the storeroom of the Walmart. They led me through to the main floor, some light filtered down from the skylights but the lights were out.
And there he was, the man himself. Big Trent.

He was big, too. Massive. Looked like he had been on the ‘roids. He was, honest-to-god, perched up on these display cases, sitting in an easy chair like he was a king on a throne. A naked woman kneeled next to him, she casually stroked his beefy legs. A couple guys stood by with AK-47s.

Robbie dragged me up the makeshift steps. Tom followed some distance behind.

“Well, well, WELL!” roared Big Trent, standing up. “What have you brought me?” He walked a circle around me, appraising me like a cow or something.

“This is what I’m talking about,” he said. “This is what we’ve been looking for! I have been wanting some FINE piece of ass, not this shit you’ve been giving me.” He kicked the girl who had been at his side. She whimpered and bowed her head low.

What an asshole, I thought.

“And what might your name be, pretty young thing?”

“All I can get out of her,” interrupted Robbie. “Is ‘Fuck-you’.”

Big Trent glared at him, as if to say ‘Was I talking to you?’

“What’s your name, honey?” he asked me again.

“Fuck you!” It was all I could think of to say.

“Ah, defiance! How nice. Well I’m sure we can beat that out of you. Or fuck it out of you. Lots of men here… they’d all like a crack at you. Wait a second, what’s this?” Big Trent had lifted my hair and saw a large bruise near my temple. He looked at Robbie. Robbie just shrugged his shoulders.

“Where’d you get this sweetie?” he asked.

“From dickhead over there!” I pointed my head at Robbie.

Big Trent got very quiet. What came out was just above a whisper.

“You… HIT… her?”

Robbie stood still, frozen in fear.

“He buttstroked me. I passed out.”

“Now she’s lying BT! I just gave her a little tap–“

“A little tap?” Big Trent asked. “She looks pretty banged up to me. Still, God, she’s gorgeous. And look at these tits! They look real. Are they?”

Big Trent squeezed my boobs for a few moments. He stopped suddenly when he felt the wet spots.

“What the fuck?” he asked in shock. “Why are they wet, and sticky?” He looked at his hands in horror.

I told him. “Genius over there jacked off on me and shot his shitty cum onto me.”

Robbie started denying it but Big Trent looked to Tom for confirmation. Tom nodded his head ‘yes.’

Big Trent slowly went over to Robbie. “You… you let me touch… you let me put my hands on YOUR FUCKING JIZZ?”

“No BT it’s not like that! You see she was–“

I didn’t see it because I turned away, but Robbie dropped like a sack of potatoes, his head twisted at a weird angle. One down, I thought.

“Tom. Drag his ass to the gate, have him thrown over. Now, you, start talking. Where your from. What’s your setup, how you livin’. Come on.”

“I uh,” I began, trying to think of something to say. I came up empty. “I don’t have much to say. Except that, my Daddy’s going to kill you.”

“Your what?”

“My Daddy. He will kill you. And everyone here. He loves me. A lot.”

Big Trent thought about that for a few moments. Tom returned from his dragging duties.

“Ok Tom, tell me what happened.”

“Well, they were lining up cars, like a wall. Down in Larchmont. That’s that tiny town a few miles south. We watched them for awhile. Only saw a couple men, lots of girls. They had a couple guns…”

“And,” Trent interjected. “They’re clean. Very clean. They got their shit together, sounds like. Hey! Rat! Get over here! Tom, take her over to ladies wear, get her something else to wear. And get some wipes and clean off that fucking jizz. And you, girly-girl, you are going to talk to me, real soon.”

Tom grabbed my arm and yanked me to come with him. We passed a guy walking towards Big Trent who was obviously ‘Rat’. Pointy face, beady eyes.

As we got to the ladies section, Tom relaxed his grip and looked around.

“Look,” he whispered. “I’m sorry. They’ve got my wife, my kid. Here, grab a shirt. They’ll kill my family if I don’t do everything they say. But… here’s your knife back. I took it from that shithead when we fed him to the deaders. Hide it. Don’t use it now. You might even get raped, don’t use it. Wait til it’s dark and things quiet down. Too many guys around now.

“But, it’s really just Trent and his crew. The rest of us are prisoners, or scared shitless, forced labor kind of thing. They make us kill the deaders at the front, but just with rakes and shovels. Still, if your man comes, we can help out.”

“Ok Tom, and thanks. But my daddy IS coming. When he does, stay out of his way. I’ll try to keep you safe.”

Tom looked at me like I was crazy. But, you know, I’ve seen Michael in action. He’s all chill and stuff, until the shit gets going. Then he turns into this major hard-core killer. It’s almost scary, but it’s also totally sexy. And he’s going to save me.

At least, I hoped he would. Soon.

– – –

They tied me up, tight. I couldn’t get anything even remotely loose. Big Trent questioned me for, I don’t know, maybe like an hour?. He wanted to know the layout of our place, how many people we had, how much food, how many guns, everything. He threatened, hurt me a little, I held out a long time. Finally I gave some bullshit answers. I told them our stronghold was some of the houses right by the road. I told him we were almost out of food. We had 5 hunting rifles. We bathed in the stream. There was only 6 of us.

But each answer, I held out. Trent punched my stomach. Slapped my legs. Slapped my ass. I cried a lot, mostly just to buy time. Come on Michael, where are you?

“Alright Sweetheart,” Trent said, leering at me. “I think the kidding around is just about over. I think the heavy stuff is going to come down just about now!”

Trent pulled out a huge knife. It looked as long as my arm. I just about shit myself.

Trent dragged the knife down my face, between my boobs, I trembled.

“You told me the whole truth, right?” he asked. “Nothing but the truth?”

“So help me, God,” I swore.

“She’s holding back!” hollered Rat. Thanks for the help, dipshit. “Cut her!”

Trent had a wild look in his eye. He pulled at my shirt, and cut it wide open. He cut through my bra. My boobs flopped out there in the air.

Suddenly, we heard gunfire. the guys on the roof are shooting, I thought.

“Rat, go up and check it out.” The firing increased above us. Trent felt me up, enjoying himself. I was about to throw up. The firing lessened, then stopped.

“Maybe that’s your daddy, coming for you. But, it sounds like we got him!”

More shots sounded, and one of the skylights shattered. Right near us.

Suddenly, a body flew through the skylight and crashed about 20 feet away. The head was shot and he was a mess from the fall, but you could tell by his clothing. It was Rat. Two down.

“Rat! Shit! What the Fuck! Wilson! Everyone! Get over here!” Another body came through the skylight, Trent and his guys fired everything they had at the opening. Three down. They ran out of ammo, dropped mags and put in more and kept shooting at the ceiling near the opening. Finally, nobody had any full mags left.

This weird scraping noise emanated from the ceiling. Something was being scraped or dragged. Suddenly, another body flew through the opening and crashed down near us. One of Trent’s guys. He must’ve had 20 bullets in him. Four.

That meant… Michael was still alive!

Trent and his guys were in a panic. They weren’t ready for anything like this. All their magazines were empty, they scurried about looking for more ammo. They finally found a case and started reloading, but they were slow.

Another body fell through the skylight. Five. Shot to absolute shit. They shot a few rounds back towards the hole and ran out of ammo again. Trent screamed at his guys to find more ammo. Jesus, didn’t these dumbasses have it stored somewhere nearby? Oh, they had it up near the front door. Several of their guys went to get some of the cans.

Trent pulled out a gigantic pistol, I found out later it was called a ‘Desert Eagle’. A guy named Johnson had an M-16 rifle, he fired random shots into the roof until Trent told him to knock it off and listen.

I’m still standing there, tied up with my boobs hanging out. Trent came over and put this big ass gun to my head. I, um, peed right then. I do not like being defenseless, no sir.

“Tom!” Trent yelled. “See who these dead guys are.”

Disgusted, Tom sifted through assorted two dead guys. Trent and Johnson scanned the ceiling skylight trying to catch sight of something. I watched Tom roll the dead guys around, and saw him pocket a pistol. Tom smiled at me.

“It’s Pablo and Shorty,” Tom reported. “Shot in the head, amongst other places… They won’t be turning. I can’t make out the other guy, he’s too messed up.”

Trent whirled in panic. “How many guys were on the roof? Huh?” Tom shrugged his shoulders. “No shooting now, I guess they’re all dead. Fuck!” Trent pointed the Desert Eagle at me, and jammed it right into my forehead.

“You… bitch… Call him off!”

I made a face at him, and he thumped me with his gun in the forehead. It didn’t knock me out, but it hurt like shit and made my head spin. I could hear Trent but it was like I was underwater. I could hear him yelling about covering the back stairs or something. Next thing I know, Wilson has a big gaping hole in his head, and Tom is standing there with a vicious look on his face and a smoking gun in his hand. I guess he scavenged it from one of the dead guys. Tom shot two more bad guys before Big Trent fired on him. Tom was able to duck down an aisle.

Trent couldn’t chase him because he heard his name being called. By my Daddy!

“Trent!” Michael called from behind me somewhere. “Put down the gun and we can still be friends.”

“Yeah right!” responded Trent as he ducked behind a stack of Coors beer cases. “And how the fuck do you know my name?”

“One of your little toadies squealed up on the roof, but don’t worry! He won’t ever squeal again.”

More shots and shouts came from various parts of the store. The ‘slaves’ were rising up against their masters! So cool! Trent didn’t know what to do, or where to look, or who to cover.

“I’ll… I’ll shoot your bitch!” Trent yelled. And he looked at me and started to point the Eagle at me.

Trent’s head exploded. I thought, I didn’t know a head could just explode! Then Tom and Michael were facing each other, guns pointed warily.

“No!” I managed to scream. “You’re on the… same side”

I blacked out.


I shot this shithead Trent right in his fucking head. I scanned for targets and saw this black guy also shooting at Trent. I covered him with my 1911, but I was kind of hoping that he wouldn’t shoot me since we both shot Trent.

Then Lorrie shouted that we were on the same side, and we lowered our weapons as Lorrie collapsed in her bonds.

“Cover us!” I said tersely to this new guy as I cut Lorrie down from the paracords. “Are there any more of these guys?”

“I don’t know, I think my friends took out the rest up near the front, but I can’t be sure yet.”

Lorrie looked okay, she had a lump on her forehead.

“Stay here, uh–” I started to say.

“Tom. My name is Tom Zander. I’ll protect her.”

“You better, Tom. I’ve killed a lot of people today, I don’t mind adding to the list.”

There was some commotion up front, so I skirted around through the toys and cosmetics to see what was happening. The cause of the ruckus became clear; 20 or so people were beating 3 or 4 people to death. I stepped out from behind the racks.

“I’m with Tom!” I yelled as they all turned threateningly towards me. “And the captured girl!” They had rakes and shovels and started advancing on me. There was blood in their eyes!

Fortunately, Tom rounded the corner, carrying Lorrie in his arms.

“It’s alright!” Tom asserted. “He’s cool. He just killed about 15 of our asshole warlords. Let’s not kill him just yet.”

As the situation defused. Tom and a few others ran off with some captured rifles.

“Where are they off to?” I asked to nobody in particular.

A bruised up gentleman, calling himself Nathan, responded.

“They’ve been keeping the women and kids locked up in the nail salon next door. I imagine that Rollie, that fucking piece of shit guard, doesn’t have much breathing time left.”

Then Nathan explained what happened to them. The town was swarmed early on by zombies. If you went outside, you got eaten. All these living people were in the Walmart when they shut it down on a Saturday. For a lucky few, the whole family was shopping at the same time and survived intact. For others, their loved ones were ‘outside’ somewhere. Then these “Rattlers” showed up and easily took over the store and the group. The Rattlers acted like saviors on the run, and were gladly accepted into the group. After the first night, however, the Rattlers showed their true colors; they enslaved everyone and began their reign of terror and rape. This went on for three weeks, and then Lorrie and I showed up.

Erin drifted in from the roof. She covered the group with her AR-15, I quickly motioned for her to lower the barrel, these were friendlies.

“Thank God you’re alright!” She said to Lorrie and me. “I didn’t hear anything for awhile, I was thinking the worst!” She hugged us both, then glanced around at the people and also the store.

“So…” she began. “What happens next?”

Just then Tom and his crew returned, Tom holding tightly to a woman and a small girl around his neck. “I think we got them all. Hey, who’s the new girl?”

“This is Erin,” I announced to him and the group. “She shot about 6 or 8 of your ‘Rattlers’–“

“Ten! If you don’t mind!”

“My bad, Erin. She shot Ten of your rattlers on the roof, which allowed me to climb up and into your Walmart here where, with the help of Tom, we don’t have a Rattler problem anymore.”

I expected the survivors to be a little more happy about us, seeing as how we rescued them and all. But they were a bit leery of us and our intentions. Rightfully so, I guess. The last ‘saviors’ didn’t work out so well.

“Well, guys,” I said. “We’re gonna get going. These shitheads shot one of my people back home. Do you mind if we get some medical supplies? Then we’ll be on our way.”

I headed over to the Pharmacy section. These guys still had fully stocked shelves of most everything. Jesus, I thought. Wish I was a little more mercenary in my way of thinking. I would take everything. But whatever.

Tom came over to me, with his wife and little girl still around his neck. “Look, um, Michael. I’m a veterinarian. Or, I was. I could take a look at your person if you wanted… Maybe we can work out some kind of trade, know what I’m saying?”

“Awesome, that would be great, Tom. Um, I know we’re all new to each other, but we might be able to work out some trade between our groups, maybe even merge them together… for our mutual benefit.”

And that’s what we did.

= = = = = = = =
One Year Later
= = = = = = = =

“Please honey!” I begged. “For the love of God put her down already, she’s had enough!”

Lorrie smiled innocently at me. “Why, whatever do you mean?”

I walked over and gently took my darling baby Jessie from her mother’s arm and breast. Carefully, I set her down in her crib. Jessie mewled a bit, stretched a little, but stayed asleep. Yes!

I looked back at Lorrie. Her impossibly large breasts lay against her stomach, her left one still leaking milk. I pulled her out of the rocker and led her towards our room and the bed. She tried to argue but I held my finger to my lips, telling her to keep quiet and not wake the baby.

“But Michael,” she protested as I closed the door. “I’m tired from the feeding.”

“Don’t worry, this won’t take long!” I can’t sit in a room with her for very long while she feeds the baby, I just get way too fucking worked up! I stripped quickly and jumped on top of her. My iron cock bashed into her legs as I grabbed her tits and squeezed them together.

Milk gushed from both her nipples like a water fountain, except this fountain had many different streams! Warm milk sprayed on my face and dripped off my chin. I opened my mouth and savored the sweet flavor. Quickly, I fell upon a tit and sucked the shit out of it. I mean, sucked the milk out of it! Warm milk flowed down my throat, gulp after gulp. I couldn’t get enough.

Gayle whispered from the doorway, “Did the baby poop? Oh…” I didn’t even look up. It was my feeding time.

I guess Lorrie motioned her mom in, for the next thing I knew, Gayle was pushing me aside a little. She was trying to get between her daughter’s legs. Grudgingly, I moved out of the way, a little, so as not to lose my grip on Lorrie’s tits. Gayle snuggled her face into Lorrie’s pussy, gently licking and kissing her deliciously wet slit.

I sort of lose track of time when I’m latched on to gigantic milking tits, especially when they are filled with milk. So, I don’t know how long it was, but eventually Lorrie started to moan softly. Then she jerked and bucked as the sensations from my milk-sucking and her mom’s tongue-lashing took over. Presently, she composed herself after trembling but quiet orgasm.

“Go ahead Michael,” Lorrie whispered. “Fuck Mee-Maw.”

“Bullshit ‘Mee-Maw’!” Gayle complained. “I’m ‘Nana’ you little bitch!” As punishment for this breach of etiquette, Gayle resumed licking her daughter’s cunt, even more vigorously this time.

I detached, somewhat reluctantly, from Lorrie’s tits. Truth was, I think I had enough. Must’ve been eight or ten ounces! Gayle rose up on her knees but kept her face buried between Lorrie’s legs.

I worked on Gayle’s pants, struggling to get them off. I’ve asked her before to take them off before she gets in the bed, but she doesn’t remember! Alzheimer’s, I guess. She is an old woman, anyway. Almost as old as me…

Finally, I exposed her glistening pussy lips. I was too wound up for finesse and felt a little selfish; I just mounted her quickly and rammed my cock in hard! Oh yessss… the only thing that feels better than drinking warm tit-milk is sliding my cock into a hot and steamy pussy! I looked up at my two hot mamas. Well, technically one mama and a grandma. But the Grandma just turned 40, so it ain’t no thing! Maybe in a few weeks I can fuck my wife, Lorrie. She’s still too tender from the delivery.

I’m sorry to say, but I could only last a minute or so inside Gayle’s sopping wet cunt. My orgasm was approaching, and there wasn’t much I could do about it.

“Lorrie,” I panted. “You know you (…pant…) need to stay hydrated!” I only had about ten seconds to go.

“Give it to me baby!” she said.

Leaping up and around Gayle, I planted myself right next to Lorrie’s face. Grabbing my cock, I stroked it a couple times and placed it between her lips.

YES!!! Hot streams of man cum erupted from me, into her welcoming mouth. Gayle’s work kicked in right then, so Lorrie was cumming as she swallowed down my jizz gleefully, even gratefully, perhaps.

I rolled off to the side, exhausted, as Gayle straddled Lorrie’s tits. She ground her clit into Lorrie’s erect and milky nipples. Gayle came hard in just under a minute, mixing her cum with Lorrie’s milk. They both looked at me.

“Oh alright,” I said, feigning boredom. Lorrie leaned over and dragged her cum and milk covered tits in my face. I revelled in the mixed concoction and my cock recovered from it’s previous state of about 95% hard to completely rock solid again.

This could go on all day!

Suddenly, a radio call interrupted our fun.

“Mustang, come in Mustang.” That was our house call sign.

I struggled over to the handheld. “Yeah Little Tiger, what’s up.” Erin wanted something.

“Just letting you know that chopper flew by again. Looks like he wants to land.”

“Ok LT. Don’t shoot unless they shoot first. Got me? Don’t shoot! I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Soon?” Erin cackled. “Put that woman down for ten fucking minutes! We need you!”

“I was, unavoidably detained… I’ll be right there.”

“Hurry up asshole. Little Tiger out.”

Is that any way to talk to her commanding officer? I didn’t think so. She will need some kind of punishment tonight. Probably have to tie her down and make her watch me fuck her girlfriend Payton. Yeah, that would work!

I did want to hurry, though. We had seen a chopper go by a few times in the last weeks. They were checking us out. It was the Air Force or the Army, we couldn’t tell which but knew it was military.

The girls helped me dress in my best zombie killing outfit. We didn’t have uniforms per se, we concerned ourselves with more practical matters. They finished strapping on my gear and I hauled ass down to the rear of Master’s and Johnson Hardware store in the Jeep. They were going to follow me in a couple minutes.

The Blackhawk hovered about 500 feet away, the door gunner covering us. Some troops inside also covered us with M-16s. I put my AR-15 on the hood of the Jeep and stepped away from it. I made big pointing motions with my hands, hopefully indicating that I wanted them to land here.

They came directly over us, still at a few hundred feet. A small bag dropped out of the chopper and landed in a heap of dust.

I ran to the bag and discovered a radio wrapped in dirty socks and tshirts. I switched it on.

“Howdy,” I called, might as well sound friendly. “Whatcha guys want.”

“This is Lt. Col. Marcus Peterson, United States Army. Do we have permission to land? I’d like to speak with whomever is in charge.”

“If your intentions are peaceful, Colonel, then come on down.”

They sat the bird down in a whirlwind of dust and shut it down. After a few tense moments where we each wondered if we would shoot at each other, I turned slowly to show I was unarmed. Erin and the Masters brothers still covered the helo, though. Actually, all my people had their weapons trained on the Army fellas.

The Colonel stepped out and approached me. I saluted him, and he returned the salute.

“Michael Larson, Mayor, Commandant, Captain, and Father of this town.”

Col. Peterson smiled and we shook hands.

“I have no interest in shooting you fellas,” I informed Peterson. “Maybe your guys could assume a less aggressive stance?”

Peterson motioned, and they pointed their guns elsewhere instead of directly at us.

“Drink, sir?” I queried. “A little of Tennessee’s Finest?”

Col. Peterson smiled. “Sounds like a good idea!” I ushered him into the Hardware store where Morgan quickly set us up with a bottle of Jack and two glasses. I poured us each a couple fingers worth.

“Well Colonel, you’ve seen most of our area from the air. How about filling me in on how you’re set up, and what your intentions are with us.” These guys had the upper hand, for sure. I mean, they had a chopper, fuel, men and arms. But I didn’t want to just give away the keys to city to these guys.

The colonel allowed as how they were out of Fort Carson. Like everywhere else, they had their fair share of zombie trouble, but were fortunate to not devolve into total anarchy. They still had over half of their troops, about 8,500 folks including families on base.

“Most other installations weren’t that lucky,” the Colonel explained. “Many were entirely overrun, or lost all their folks in the subsequent city battles. We’ve stayed out of the big cities so far, just seems like too big of a job to tackle. But now we’ve seen your, uh, what do you call your contraption out front?”

“Ah,” I said beaming with pride. “The Sanchez Death Pit, you mean. Invented by an eighteen year old girl, who happens to be my wife and mother of my child. Anyway, it’s pretty simple, but very effective. You wanna take a look?.”

We walked outside and found the chopper guys talking with Gayle, Lorrie, Tina, Payton. Guys were smiling and laughing, having a good time.

I said jokingly to the Colonel, “Looks like your boys forgot to pull security!”

He shook his head. “We’ve got about an 8:1 ratio of men to women, so your gals here are a sight for very, very sore eyes!”

“Not going to be a problem, is it Colonel?”

“No sir,” he responded. “We will not tolerate any kind of unwillful behavior. That being said, we do have some VERY comfortable women who have found it to be, um, shall we say, ‘profitable’, if they are of certain moral standard.”

I winked at him as I led them up the walkway. Tom greeted us up there.

“This is Tom Zander, my second in charge.” They exchanged pleasantries as we walked on the raised walkway to get to the death pit. I continued on. “Tom and his people moved here from another town after a shared incident brought us together. We took over a truck stop north of here, arranged the shipping containers to act as walls and funnels, and to act as ramps for our zombie friends. We’ve got a little Bobcat skidsteer machine over there, dug out the pit with that and voila! The Sanchez Pit of Death! By the way, we claim all copyrights and trademarks to that name.”

The Army guys were stunned by the Death Pit. We were currently in the middle of passively dispatching a pretty good-sized heard of a couple thousand zombilators, at least. We mostly stood guard, somewhat out of sight so the zeds wouldn’t get distracted, and fired a shot every now and then at those who survived the 40-foot fall and tried to clamber over the container wall.

“It’s so simple!” cried Col. Peterson. “And yet, elegant! You don’t even need bait, right? You’ve got smoke rising from the burning dead, and that draws in others, right?”

“Exactly. See, early on we nearly got overrun a few times, and we didn’t have enough people or ammo to fight them one by one. We needed a passive solution, and Lorrie Sanchez came up with it! I’ve seen enough zombie films, although I never expected to be in one. But the people were always making dumb mistakes. They never had a place they could lock down and try and start over. We think we’ve got that, and that’s what we’re trying to do here.”

“Any problems with it?” Peterson asked.

“Mmmm, sometimes they get a little confused. The fire might die down or a bird might distract them. But then we just ring this bell we got from a church.” I pointed to the bell hanging out in the middle of the pit, supported by a 2×4 structure. “Also, we’ve got rotating beacons, cop lights, to get their attention again. When it gets slow, we have to block up the ramps so we can clean out the trampled bodies. That’s probably the biggest danger, getting clogged like that.”

The Colonel’s mind was spinning. “You could, wow, build more ramps, dig a deeper pit so they always break, rig up lights so they fire in sequence to create illusion of movement up the ramp… holy shit, this could really work.” He seemed lost in thought.

“Well, sir, it does work. But yeah, you could enlarge it sure, you’ve got big equipment, right?”

The Colonel ushered us aside and spoke to his men. They all seemed pretty excited. After a couple minutes he turned back towards Tom and myself.

“Listen, can you guys make me a list of what you need? You’ve got a good setup here and I want to see you succeed. You’re going to need more farmland than what you’ve got now. What can we do for you?”

I just about came unglued with pure glee. “Well. Let’s see. Some .50 cals would be nice. Ma Deuces and Barretts, and plenty of ammo. 100 M-4 rifles. About 20,000 rounds of 5.56, too. Um…1,000 gallons of gasoline, and tanks to hold it. A few thousand MRE’s would help. What else. Clothes. Soap. Toilet paper. Bigger bulldozer? Farm equipment. oh yeah FENCES! We need fencing material so we can expand our farms. Goats, chickens, cows, and some more families, too.”

Cpl. Flint wrote down everything.

“Mayor Larson,” Col. Peterson began. “If it’s okay with you, I’d like to set up an auxiliary post here. Man it with 50 people. Some Humvees. 2 Strykers. Medical trailer and staff. And I’d like to offer you a commission as a Major in the Army Reserves. The post will be under your command.”

“I’m honored sir,” I said, my voice faltering. “Not sure I want to be in the Army, though. I just want to stay here and raise my family. No disrespect, sir.”

“That’s why I’m putting you in the reserves. You’ll stay here and command the entire county, maybe even several counties. But you will live here. With our support. Meanwhile, we will take your Sanchez idea and liberate all of Colorado, and the country, too!”

We talked awhile longer, then they took off in their chopper. However, they left the Corporal behind to act as engineer and designer of the new post. Erin fairly leapt at the chance to escort Cpl. Flint around. Poor guy, I thought. He doesn’t stand a chance!

I went back to the house and told the ladies and the baby about the conversation. Jessie spit up a little, but I didn’t take that as a negative. Gayle, however was a little different.

“Let me get this striaght,” she said, crossly. “You’re giving up everything we’ve fought for, and letting these Army guys waltz in here and take over? What happened to you? Weren’t you the one always talking bad about shitheads that live off the government tit?”

Well, shit, when she put it that way, it didn’t sound like such a good deal.

“Babe,” I said, trying to sound hopeful. “We have to connect with others. We have to get rid of these zombies. We need medicine, more food, or else we’ll just be subsisting. I want your kid and my kids,” I looked at Lorrie, “to be able to grow, and become something other than just semi-starving zombie fighters! We don’t have to go back to the old ways of pure greed and avarice, but maybe we can make a better world this time.”

Gayle looked at me, unsure.

“I’m not just making this shit up. I don’t want to be beholden to the Army, either. But I feel the best way to improve the world is to get involved, be the one on the inside and guide policy and change. Not just sit here and have fantastic, abundant sex while the rest of the world dies completely…”

What the fuck did I just say? I don’t want fantastic, abundant sex? Maybe I have Zombie fever, I should lie down…

“Michael,” Lorrie said. “We just don’t want you leaving us. Show the Army how to build these Death Pits. But let *them* do it. You stay here, mister. That’s an order.”

Lorrie scooped up Jess and stormed out of the room.

– – – –

Four days later, I was getting dressed in my ‘Class A’ Army uniform. Already had a ribbon on it, too. Red, white, and blue stripes with a ‘Z’ in the middle of it. I got several sets of camo also, as did everyone in town. But the colonel said I should wear this for my formal induction and address to the town.

I stepped out into the family room of my adobe castle to see what the ladies thought. They were already dressed in their new camo utilities.

Wolf whistles. Catcalls. Fist pumps. And that was from baby Jess! Naw, she was sleeping in her room. Well, it seemed to go over pretty well.

“Turn around mister,” ordered Lorrie. She and Gayle and Erin made appreciative noises.

“It has to be done,” Gayle said as she began moving towards me.

“Definitely,” added Erin, also moving.

“Cover me, I’m going in!” Lorrie chimed in.

“No!” I protested, meekly. “I’m supposed to address the troops in… fifteen minutes!”

“This won’t take that long,” Gayle promised.

Gayle and Erin unzipped my uniform pants and took out my hardening cock. They each began licking their side of it. Lorrie undid her uniform blouse and took her tits out. Staring me down, she lifted her nipple to her mouth and began to suck her own milk.

They were right.

It didn’t take long at all.

– – – –

The End!

Special thanks to my friend Queen Anne who helped me with the Lorrie parts.

Comments welcomed!

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