Love , Everything Else Pt. 02

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I am sitting at the breakfast bar when the door alarm rings through the apartment at eight on the dot. I rush over, my heels clicking on the floor, and buzz Marcus up. It takes him no time and by the time I have touched up my makeup in the bathroom he is knocking at my door.

“Coming!” I call, walking fast back to the front door, pulling my dress down a little to expose more of my cleavage. I open the door and my breath is taken away when I see him, a dark blue suit, white shirt with no tie, a brown belt and shoes and a huge bouquet of red roses.

“Wow,” He breathes at the same time as me, “You look stunning, June.” He leans in and kisses my cheek, handing me the flowers.

“Thank you, you look sharp Marcus. Blue really suits you. How was it taking the elevator up?” I tease, I can’t stop thinking about Marcus in his suit. I place the roses down on the bench, leading Marcus into my apartment as I fill up a vase to hold the bouquet.

“Such a relief, two days without an elevator is brutal on your legs when you live in a penthouse. Not to mention all elevator rides have become incredibly boring without you.” I can feel my cheeks growing warmer, he looks around my apartment with a genuine smile. “It’s just how I imagined your house would look.” He walks up behind me as I place the roses in the middle of my dining table, placing one hand on the small of my back setting off tingles up my spine.

“You should know then that it usually isn’t this tidy.” I giggle, turning around and placing my hands on his chest. He places a kiss on the top of my head and pushes me to arms length and spins me around, my dress twirling out around me a little as he nods, and smiles cheekily in approval. I stayed safe with a long flowing black dress, however he had told me to dress in something sexy so I made sure to deliver with a thigh high slit and leaving little to the imagination on the top half. This was the sort of dress where I wasn’t going to be able to wear underwear, and I knew that Marcus had figured that much out for himself.

“Let’s go shall we? I have a car waiting downstairs and a reservation in a couple of hours. It will take us nearly that long to get there because I thought we could explore the city around the restaurant beforehand.” I shrug on a coat, the weather getting colder outside as the full swing of winter hits the city.

“That sounds perfect. Thank you so much for this by the way, you have been nothing but charming and polite since I met you.” Marcus takes my hand, kissing my forehead as we walk.

“It is absolutely my pleasure, nice girls like you deserve nice guys like me to give you the world. Or at least the city, anywhere you haven’t been to in New York yet?” We get into a sleek black car, Marcus then me. As I close the door, Marcus wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me in close to him and whispers, “I want you to know that while I plan on this evening being lovely and R-rated, as soon as we get home I am going to tear that sexy fucking dress right off you.” He then kisses my cheek and smiles innocently, leaning forward to open the divider to the driver. I cross my legs, a damp patch forming in my panties.

“You have a way with words, Marcus. I can’t wait to see what else your mouth can do later.” I kiss him softly, pulling apart as I think of an answer to his question.

“I’m not going to lie, I haven’t actually been to many places at all, I live away from the main part of the city and close to where I work and get groceries so I never saw the point. Besides, the big crowds seem really intimidating to navigate.”

“Well this time you’ll have me, Porno is that okay?” I nod and he tells the driver to take us to Times Square, or as close to it as we can get. The snow was starting to fall lightly, attracting tourists and photographers from all over the place to take photos of the city’s icons as they were illuminated by the many lights. We hop out and are immediately swept away by the crowd, Marcus holding onto my hand tightly as he attempts to keep us together.

We wander down streets and into Times Square itself, the crowd thins and I slowly turn on the spot trying to take in as much as I can.

“It’s amazing. Better than I could have dreamed, photos just really don’t do it justice do they?”

“No, that’s the tricky thing about wonders like this. They’re meant to be experienced, not just seen. Where to start?” We wander around and do the usual touristy things, novelty stores, posing with various people in costume, all the while Marcus was snapping photos of me and making cheesy remarks about how the city “isn’t nearly as stunning as you are.” I blushed every time, the colour thankfully blending in with my already rosey cheeks from the cold.

“How about we start making our way to dinner, I promise I’ll bring you back to do everything else we didn’t manage to see some other time, yeah?” I take his hand and peck him on the cheek.

“That sounds perfect.”

We walk hand in hand, occasionally being jostled by other people hurrying past us, back the way we had come.

“You are an absolute ball to spend time with, June. You’re so genuine, so unapologetically yourself. I can’t believe I get to take a woman as amazing as you to dinner.”

“It’s so easy to be myself around you, I know we haven’t known each other for very long but it feels as though I’ve known you forever, you know?”

“I know, I feel the same way.”

He tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear, his hand gently caressing the side of my jaw and tilting it upwards into a soft kiss. His hand snakes around my back, under my coat where he makes contact with my bare skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps. I shiver involuntarily, which must shake up back to reality as he pulls back with a warm smile and carries on walking.

“Come on, just wait until you see this place. It isn’t the best restaurant in New York but it’s definitely my favourite. I hope you like italian.”

“Are you kidding? I could happily live off nothing but pasta, this is the perfect place.” His eyes sparkle in delight, quickening his pace as we dodge cars and people together. The snow starts falling harder now, leaving puddles of slushy snow at our feet as it gets trampled faster than it sticks.

“I can’t get over how beautiful the snow looks, this is the first snow I’ve seen in years.”

“It’s not as beautiful as you, but it’s certainly a show-stopper of an evening. Great sights, great food and best yet, great company.”

“Why so cheesy all of a sudden?” I giggle, starting to walk with him in the direction of the restaurant as he points it out a few stores down.

“I’m just trying to show that I can be a genuine and sweet guy, we did meet by fucking in an elevator after all. I don’t want that to be your only impression of me.” He holds the door open for me and we wait to be seated.

“I already know you’re a sweet guy, Marcus. We were in there for hours, not to mention you made sure to take me out for dinner after.” I wink at him, handing my coat to him to have put away. We sit down at our secluded table on the second floor, intimately lit by candles.

“Good point, I’m sorry.” Altyazılı Porno I take his hand on the table,

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” I kiss his cheek as the waiter hands us each a menu and reads us the wine list. Marcus orders a bottle of their best red and a pasta dish each.

“So you live alone in New York, you work as a receptionist somewhere, you are brutally honest and are almost too polite for your own good. That’s all I have observed about you since we have met. Why don’t you tell me some more?” Marcus takes a sip of wine and doesn’t let go of my hand.

“Well, I studied to be a teacher but quickly fell out of love with that job. I decided to take a leap and move to the city about a month ago and took a receptionist job at an elementary school to pay the bills. I also have a cat, but he gets nervous around strangers so I imagine he was under the bed the moment he heard you in my apartment.” Marcus nods, laughing about my cat.

“What kind of cat?”


“That explains it.”

What do you mean?” I giggle, sipping my glass and crossing my ankles under the table.

“I repel redheads. Every time I try and get close to them they just run.” he lets go of my hand and reaches out to brush my hair behind my ear with a smirk,

“And you do realise I am a redhead?” I giggle.

“I do.” His hand lingers on the side of my face, “So why did you decide you didn’t like teaching? You strike me as a very good teacher.”

“I’m not really sure, my passion just fizzled once I actually became a teacher. I never put too much thought into what I wanted to do as a career, and I still don’t really know.”

“And do you like being a receptionist?”

“I do actually, I thought I would hate it and it would just be a means to an end. Which it is really. I imagine if I worked in the right place I would really be at home as a receptionist.”

“How about a personal assistant?” He asks pointedly,

“Okay Mr. Mystery. What’s with all of the specific questions about my relationship with my job?”

“How would you like to come and work for me? My firm has taken off in the last year or so and I am in need of a personal assistant to take some weight off our receptionist.” My mouth drops open at his offer,

“Your firm? You’re Marcus Ender, aren’t you. The most powerful lawyer in New York City.” I ask, gobsmacked and also a little embarrassed that I didn’t make the connection earlier.

“You got me,” he laughs, “I hope you don’t think too differently of me. So will you take the job?”

“Seriously?” Our dinner is placed down in front of us and Marcus takes his fork in his hand, pointing it at me.

“The hours may be a little longer, and the boss can be a little demanding at times. But he will make it worth your while.” I giggle, taking his fork and using it to steal some food off his plate.

“I can only imagine, I’ve seen how he is in bed…or rather, elevator.” Marcus’s laugh is bright and reaches his eyes with a glimmer. It rings like music through my ears making me want to try harder to hear it more.

“So what do you think?”

“I think it’s too good of an opportunity to pass up, when can I start?”

“As soon as possible, I think maybe we should order another bottle to celebrate.” Marcus empties the bottle into our glasses, gesturing for the waiter to come over with another. We finish our dinner, a second bottle of wine being delivered as our plates are taken away and our desert order is taken. Marcus and I decide to share a lemon tart as we continue to idly chat, the second bottle of wine Brazzers quickly depleting.

“So you mean to tell me that not only did you choose to take the stairs to the top of the eiffel tower, like a madman, but that you walked to the top with two of the biggest football players in Europe?” Marcus asks, impressed, our conversation becoming more relaxed as we get to know each other more, and once again poking fun at the elevator motif.

“Yes, but one of them didn’t speak any English, I think they just liked my shorts.” I reminisce, finishing my glass of wine, then Marcus reaches to top it up again but realises the bottle is finished.

“I think maybe that might be a sign for us to get out of here.” Marcus pays the bill as I fasten my coat around me, he takes my hand and we walk out into the night together, flurries of snow leaving piles in our hair and on our coats.

“Would you like to come back to my house, June? I know I made it out like you had no choice in the car but you do actually have the final say here.” I reach up and kiss Marcus deeply, his arms wrapping around my waist and holding me close, we pull apart slightly, staying in each other’s arms,

“I would love to, so long as you promise to still fuck me.” Marcus laughs, opening the door to his car and letting me in first. He crawls in after me, shutting the door and the divider between us and the driver. He pulls my legs across his lap as he wraps an arm behind my shoulders, kissing my lips hard and holding my ass.

“I hope this answers your question.” Marcus reaches under my dress and gleefully confirms that no, I wasn’t able to wear underwear in this dress. His hand makes its way up my thigh, spreading my legs slightly as he goes to tease my clit.

“Won’t the driver know what we are doing?” I whisper,

“He’s probably used to it. Plus he can’t hear anything through that divider.” He slips two fingers into my pussy and starts to slowly push them in and out as I let out a little gasp in pleasure. Marcus climbs on top of me, pulling his cock out of his pants and pushing my dress up around my waist. He leans down and kisses me, pushing the tip of his huge cock against my tight hole,

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since the other day, I hope you’re ready for a few days of pent up sexual frustration.” He slams his cock all the way in, putting a hand over my mouth as I cry out. He waits for a few seconds before he starts to buck his hips, pulling his cock almost all of the way out and teasing me.

“Ready? I literally dreamt of this last night.” Marcus fucks me, not being too creative as his rhythm stays slow and sporadic. I moan softly in his ear, his huge member stretching me and filling me up completely.

“I think we must be nearly there by now. That’s all you’re going to get.” He wipes my pussy juices off his cock on a handkerchief, tucking it back in his pants and sitting normally again. The car draws to a stop and we climb out, thanking the driver and walking into the main doors of the building. Marcus goes to press the button, quickly remembering that the elevator is broken, “Stairs it is. Up you go.” Marcus gives my ass a slap as I walk up the narrow stairs ahead of him. Marcus bunches my dress up in one hand in the small of my back, my bare ass jiggling in front of him, wetness still running down the inside of my leg.

“My, that car ride really did a number on you, didn’t it?” He grabs my ass, spanking it hard as we turn what feels like the millionth corner until we reach the door labelled “PH”

“Go in, make yourself at home. I just need to go and grab something.” Marcus guides me inside, I walk into the lounge and sit down on the sofa beside the floor-to-ceiling window. I take off my dress completely, leaving my heels on and crossing my legs, my heart beating a million miles an hour as I nervously await Marcus’ return.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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