Love, Lust and Marriage Pt. 02

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Love, lust and marriage part two

[This is a direct continuation from part one if you have skipped straight to this part lots of things won’t make sense and it’ll upset me. You wouldn’t want to upset me would you? Go back and read it and when you have I’ll be waiting here for you. If you’re ready now, let me begin…]

I slept for about an hour and when I woke up Sophie had gone, I had a visit from the doctor and I was told I’d be allowed to go home tomorrow. I was feeling good because I would be able to go to an event Sophie had been looking forward to, her firm had bought an art gallery, which was opening up with an upper-class party thing. Sophie had told me there would be free wine, which had won me over, any excuse for a little black dress! When Sophie and I were in public together, especially at a club or party, we got a lot of attention. I don’t mean that to sound arrogant, it’s just that seeing two attractive women dancing with each other and being close usually made people look up.

I was looking forward to it, and I let my mind run free with what might happen there, sometimes we would hook up with a man, or woman, and tempt them to a nearby hotel room. It was always fun when we explored a new person, making them our plaything. I was starting to feel a little tingle between my legs as I thought about what we had done earlier today and I wished we had had more time together. Our lovemaking was not usually so rampant; we normally like to take our time until we’re both utterly spent and naked in each other’s arms until the next day.

It was around 11pm and apart from the dim light coming from the nurses’ station and the soft glow from the monitors beside the beds, the ward was bathed in darkness. I tried sleeping but I could not turn my mind off, instead, I kept replaying the events of the day and how turned on I had been in the bathroom with Sophie. I started running my hand over my stomach and weighed up whether or not I could have a little play before bedtime, but I was distracted by the sound of footsteps approaching my bed.

I quickly stopped stroking and put my hands on top of the bedsheet, trying to figure out a position to lay in which looked like I definitely wasn’t about to touch my naughty bits…again. I looked into the darkness and saw the person approaching me was Louise, the nurse who I’d flashed on my first day here and had been here earlier when Sophie and I had…been close. At only 5 feet tall with her blonde hair back in a ponytail and petite frame, she was unmistakable. I tried to look like I was thoughtfully contemplating…anything, while also looking cute and frail.

“Hello, Mrs Cotter,” she said. Her voice was very low so as not to awaken the other women on the ward. “How are you feeling?” Louise didn’t look at the monitors or my chart, she seemed uncomfortable as if she wasn’t sure of herself.

“Hi,” I said trying to match her volume. “I feel good thanks, just struggling to sleep. I don’t normally go to bed this early and I can’t seem to make my mind go blank.” Louise smiled and looked down at her feet.

“Good, that’s good,” she said.

“Is everything okay?” I asked. “It’s a little late for a check-up, isn’t it? And please, call me Alice.”

“Okay, Alice, yeah I know it is,” she looked down again. “It’s just uh, there’s a few of us on tonight and there’s not much for us to do. I saw you moving around and thought I’d check on you.”

“Oh okay,” I was sure I had not been moving around that much and it was very dark but I took her at her word.

“There was something though,” she said awkwardly. “Something I wanted to ask you.”

“Oh,” I said suddenly intrigued. “What did you want to ask?”

“Earlier on, when your wife was here,” Louise spoke very deliberately and carefully. “Were you… making fun of me?” She did not seem upset or angry, if anything she sounded concerned as if she had somehow failed.

“No, of course not,” I told her.

“It’s just that, you seemed to tease me and laugh at me…” she trailed off.

“No Louise, we weren’t making fun of you it’s just, we were playing around and,” I tried to think of a good way to word it that did not make my wife and I look like attention-seeking slags. “Basically, we are attention-seeking slags!” (Shit!)

“Oh, so you uh…” Louise’s brow furrowed as she tried to understand.

“Look,” I stopped her. “We enjoy showing off together and having fun, it’s a turn on when we know we’re being watched. Thinking about another person’s eyes on our bodies is a thrill that we share.”

“It turned you on knowing I was watching you?” Louise asked. Eager to understand what I meant.

“So you were watching,” I teased. “Did you like what you saw?” Louise shifted uncomfortably and stepped closer to my bed.

“I uh…” she stammered. “I saw you when you first came in and, I don’t know if you knew it but your hospital gown was around your waist and I could see your umm… and today you were kissing today it was…I’ve never seen two women rus escort kiss each other like that before.” She took a breath and looked down at the floor again.

“Ah right, I see,” I said softly.

“Did you know I could see you yesterday?” Louise asked.

“Maybe,” I teased.

“And today,” she pressed.

“Definitely maybe,” I smiled. “So you’ve never seen two women kiss like we did?”

“No, never,” said Louise.

“Not even in a movie?” I asked.

“No, never,” she shook her head to emphasise it.

“So, what did you think of it?” I pressed on. “Did you like watching us?”

“It was…beautiful,” she said in a voice just barely above a whisper. I swear my heart melted when I heard that, it sounded so genuine and innocent. She was right next to my bed now; I sat up, reached out, and took her hand in mine.

“That’s so sweet honey,” I told her. “Did a part of you wish it was you kissing me rather than my wife?” I felt her hand tighten around mine a little. I gently stroked my thumb over her knuckles and kept the touch soft.

“Yes, but I know that’s wrong of me, you’re married and I’m…” Louise stopped talking because I had brought her hand to my lips and softly kissed it. She watched with a look of disbelief that I was encouraging her further.

“Listen, Sophie and I have been married a long time and we have rules,” I told her calmly in-between kisses on her hand and wrist. “We can have fun with anyone we want so long as we tell each other all about it afterwards, no secrets, and no lies.”

“So, she wouldn’t mind that you’re kissing my hand like that?” Louise asked. From the sound of her voice, I think she still wasn’t believing what was happening here.

“No, and she wouldn’t mind this either…” I said calmly. I let go of her hand and stroked her cheek with the palm of my hand, then reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. I held her there and sat up until my face was right up to hers, with our noses touching. I could feel her slightly trembling, so I did not want to go hard and fast in case it scared her away. I moved slowly instead, giving her time to process what was happening and looked into her eyes.

“I uh, I’ve never,” Louise whispered. “I mean, I don’t know how to…”

“Shhh, it’s okay. Have you kissed before?” I asked with no judgement in my voice, I did not want to make her feel embarrassed. She gently shook her head and I felt her hold her breath as if she was bracing herself for what I might say or do. I moved back and looked right at her, I had one hand on each cheek but her eyes wouldn’t meet mine.

“Nobody has ever wanted me like that,” said Louise.

“I want you,” I told her. She slowly lifted her gaze and finally looked me in the eyes; I closed the remaining gap between us and softly kissed her lips. I lingered there for a moment with my lips touching hers then pulled away. “Did it feel okay?”

“Mmm,” she nodded slightly.

“Do you want more?” I said quietly.

“Yes please,” she sounded so damn cute. I moved back in and kissed her again, I put a little more pressure on this time and I felt her pout and kiss me back. It took a moment but after she got used to it, I let my tongue gently trace over her lips in the hope of encouraging her to let me in; and when she did, I accepted the invitation. There’s something very special about being someone’s first kiss or first sexual experience, knowing that you’re going somewhere no one else has been felt so pure. She was tentative at first but she got more confident, and her tongue moved around mine and we smooched together.

I moved my hands around her neck and pulled her closer; I playfully pulled her bottom lip with my teeth and sucked it between my lips. Then, I felt her tongue push into my mouth, so I closed my lips around it, sucked, and licked it like a lollipop before releasing it. Our mouths pressed together and we explored like that for what seemed like hours, but eventually, I pulled back.

“You’re a good kisser,” I told her with a smile. “Will you get in trouble for doing this if we get caught?”

“Tonight was my last shift here, and technically I finished work a few minutes ago,” said Louise. “I can slip out the side door without being seen.”

“Oh, that’s good,” I giggled. I let go of her and got back in bed, then moved away. “Get in.”

“What, no, I can’t do that,” Louise said suddenly worried. The reality of what I wanted to do with her must have just hit her.

“Of course you can,” I told her with a cheeky smile. I got hold of the sheets and pulled them right back over me, Louise’s eyes bulged when she saw my naked body suddenly revealed to her!

“Oh, wow you’re naked,” she said astonished. I couldn’t help giggling at her as her eyes travelled all over my body, I loved it and judging by the look on her face she loved it too! She slowly moved towards me and started to step up.

“Wait,” I stopped her.

“What?” she looked up startled, maybe afraid istanbul bayan eskort I’d changed my mind or something.

“Your dress,” I said smiling and shaking my head. She looked down and then back at me, she looked so scared and worried.

“Seriously? You want me to get undressed here?” She sounded worried but I knew what I wanted! To let her know I meant it I leaned forward and pulled at her dress from the bottom, bringing it up over her knees and thighs, I was desperate to see what she had under there! It was like unwrapping a new present.

“Come on,” I urged her.

“Okay but, what if someone sees us?” She asked as she reached around to unzip her dress.

“Then they’ll get a hell of a show,” I winked and she smiled uneasily at me. “Stop worrying about what might happen and focus on what you want to happen!”

That seemed to do the trick; she quickly lifted her dress over her head and let it fall on the floor, then quickly climbed into my bed. She still had her underwear on but I threw the covers over us anyway, I could deal with that in a moment. We were giggling like mad; I pulled her close and felt her hot body against mine. We kissed again and our hands were all over each other, she was still being cautious; she did not touch my breasts or pussy yet. Instead, I felt her hands on my bare back and bum.

With our lips pressed together, I let my fingers run up and down her spine, I could feel her heart pounding so much it was making her body shake. I unhooked her bra and pulled the straps down her shoulders and she lifted her arms out of it, I felt her hold her breath as I removed it and tossed it out of the bed. I pulled out of our kiss and glanced down at her chest, she didn’t have much there but they were pert and proud. I took hold of her right breast and softly squeezed it, drawing a sweet sigh from Louise; I felt her nipple start to harden in my palm as I returned my lips to hers.

I did not want to rush this, if this was her first time I wanted to make it more than a five-second fondle and finger blast! I moved my lips to her neck and softly kissed her there. Every new part of her I touched or kissed made her writhe as if her senses were on overload. It was all new and exciting for her and I was revelling in making her feel this way, my hands wandered down to the small of her back until I found the waistband of her panties. As soon as I touched them, I felt her body stiffen; she was about to be completely naked with a woman in a hospital bed and when that realisation dawned on her she had to stop and catch her breath.

“It’s okay Louise, it will all be okay,” I stroked her cheek and kissed her again. She loosened up a little and I started to work them down over her bum and down her thighs. When I reached to pull them off, I peeled her socks off too and dropped everything on the floor. When I was back beside her, she had stopped smiling but the arousal in her was unmistakable.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Louise whispered, more to herself than to me. I ran my hand back up over her bum, and back, and rested it on her breast again.

“Believe it,” I said lowering my lips to her ear. “You are naked and in bed with a married woman!” I giggled again and kissed her lips. She rolled onto her back, I was propped up on my left elbow beside her with my hand roaming over her belly, I waited for her breathing to slow down and relax. She was getting used to being touched and starting to enjoy herself, I could tell because the nervousness in her smile had been replaced with a more joyful expression her hands had begun to do a little exploring of their own. I overdid a couple of gasps when she brushed against my nipples to encourage her further, and when I was sure that she was ready; I moved on.

I swung my right leg over her hips and straddled her, letting the cover fall off me, which gave her a clear view of my naked body on top of her. I drank in the view from my position as well; she looked tiny underneath me from her narrow shoulders and small breasts down to her slim waist. If I had not known she was over school leaving age I probably would have stayed away from her in case I got a visit from the police the next day! I looked down at her face and I was pleased to she was looking at my body with a mixture of desire and surprise. I put my hands on her shoulders and ran them down over her body; her skin was so soft I just wanted to rub myself all over it.

I shifted my hips down a little so I was over her thighs, giving me a proper view of what she had down there. Her pubic area was bare just like mine, Sophie and I had hair removing laser treatment as a Christmas present one year.

“Mmm you’re so pretty down here,” I said while gently stroking over her mound. “I love a nice smooth pussy to play with.” I couldn’t tell if she was blushing or not because of the darkness but the slightly nervous laugh told me she probably was.

“Uh thanks,” she whispered. Probably unsure of how to respond to my dirty ukraynalı escort talk, I think her focus was on the feeling of my hands running over her body so close to her most intimate part. I leant down and kissed her just below her navel, if I was with Sophie now I’d go straight down to the ‘main event’ between her legs, but as Louise was new to me I wanted to explore some more. I kissed upwards from her navel to where her ribs pushed out against her skin, licking and kissing all along the ridge until my head was between her breasts. A few times she squirmed beneath me, I think my hair was tickling her skin as well as the effect my lips and tongue were having on her.

“God that feels so nice,” she said breathlessly.

“God’s got nothing to do with it,” I said between kisses. “This is all me, honey!”

I heard her giggle and I moved my lips to her left breast and kissed her nipple. The girlish giggle turned into a very womanly gasp, I circled my tongue around it slowly and closed my lips over it. I sucked it lightly between my lips before releasing it and using my tongue again, then replaced it with my fingers so I could use my mouth on the other side. The squirms I felt beneath me now had nothing to do with my hair! After just a few seconds of the gentle licking, sucking and light pinching her nipples felt like bullets.

“Oh wow,” Louise arched her neck back and pushed her chest out to me. Her nipples must have felt incredibly sensitive because every light touch was making her gasp and causing her to wriggle against me. I took each one between my finger and thumb and mercilessly rolled and pinched them, her mouth hung open in a silent scream and again arched her neck. This time I moved up and licked her from between her breasts to her chin, gliding over her throat on my way there. She lowered her face and threw her arms around my neck, pulling me in for a passionate kiss. Her tongue greedily invaded my mouth, her hunger was unleashed and she wanted to be satisfied for the first time in her life!

I finally released her nipples to give Louise a chance to catch her breath; I raised my lips away from hers and looked into her gorgeous eyes. Neither of us spoke, we were beyond words now, we communicated by looking and feeling. The next thing Louise would feel was my hand travelling downwards and this time it wouldn’t be stopping, her eyes narrowed and her mouth opened as my fingers reached the wetness between her legs. Her silky lips were damp and inviting; I pushed one finger into her crease and slid it up and down making her quiver with each pass. When I found her clitoris, I dragged my fingertip around it and Louise’s eyes widened again. She was breathing heavily and her head lolled to the side offering me a chance to put my lips on her exposed neck. Her skin was hot and judging by the way she reacted to a simple kiss on her neck, incredibly sensitive.

“Your lips are so soft,” said Louise between heavy breaths. “It’s like a… mmmmm!” I stopped her in her tracks by pinching her skin between my teeth and then licking her from her neck to her cheek. Stopping only to gently bite her earlobe, she let out a sound similar to a cat’s purr and I had to stop myself from making a pussy joke and spoiling the moment!

When I rubbed my wet fingertip over her hot little button again, I could feel her legs instinctively trying to open but, because I was sitting on her thighs, she couldn’t move them so I began to reposition myself. I lifted my hips off her and gently moved her thighs apart and knelt between them, then guided her legs so her feet were flat on the bed with her knees pointing to the ceiling. She was up on her elbows and watching me intently as I slid my palm over her wet pussy lips, before I could start doing more I needed to ask something.

“Louise, uh you said you’re a virgin right?” I didn’t want to make her feel awkward here.

“Yeah,” she nodded slowly. She looked down at my hand as my fingers circled her opening and then looked back up at me, evidently she’d realized what I was asking. “Don’t worry about it, I broke it myself, by accident.”

“An accident?” I was partly relieved I wouldn’t have to pop her cherry, and weirdly disappointed at the same time.

“Yeah,” said Louise. “Do you like bananas?”

“Sure,” I replied. I teased her open slightly which made her ability to speak falter.

“Me too, and one day I…uh,” she trailed off.

“Oh,” I tried so hard not to laugh. The idea of her riding a fruit was so priceless though! “Was it one of your ‘five a day'” I teased. We both giggled for a moment but the constant touch of my fingers around her pussy and her clitoris turned the giggles back to lustful moans.

“Louise,” I whispered again. “Have you ever tasted yourself?” She shook her head but didn’t recoil at the suggestion. I gave her a naughty smile and teased the tip of my finger into her body, as I pushed it inside of her and felt her tight walls surround it I flicked my thumb over her clitoris again. Soon, my finger was in her nectar; I pulled it out and showed her the wetness on it.

“My, my,” I teased with a smile. “I guess you’re pretty turned on aren’t you.” With that, I opened my mouth and, showing off a little, licked her wetness off my finger then sucked it into my mouth.

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