Marina Pt. 04

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I completely lost all my sense of time, I was not able to tell how long I was in the closet. Sometimes it appeared to me that just a few hours ago my Mistress left me here. Sometimes I was thinking that I’m here for 2 days already. I lost count of my orgasms after 5. I was falling asleep few times, but every time was woken up by one of the vibrators. Another time I was woken up by light from the open closet door. My Mistress was standing there, dressed in a short black dress. She released my arms, pulled me out of the closet and laid on the bed. She partially pulled off strip of duct tape from my lips and pulled out her panties from my mouth.

– Nice, slut, – she spoke, – now I know that there is at least one thing that you are good for. Your mouth can be used as a washer for my panties, slut, – her arms went under her dress and she pulled down black panties, – here is another pair for you, slut. Wash them well, make sure all sperm from them is gone.

Mistress pushed panties in my mouth and placed duct tape back in place. She removed vibrators from my holes and released me from the ropes.

– I see that you are exhausted, whore, so, I’ll allow you to stay here, – Mistress said, – you can rest here until 2pm, I’ll set alarm for you. Then you should get yourself ready and wake me up. But, do not touch duct tape, slut.

I bowed my head, showing that I am grateful, and she left the guest bedroom. I fell asleep immediately as door was closed.

When I was woken up by alarm, I still was not felt rested. Body was hurting from uncomfortable pose I spent night in. My pussy and ass were itching after they were fucked all night long. My mouth still was occupied with dirty panties of my Mistress. Looks like she had sex yesterday and now my mouth was full of taste of my Mistress’s juice and some unknown man’s sperm.

Despite that I felt tired, I left the bed and headed to my room, under the stairs. I went to shower, blow-dried my hair and applied usual makeup. Dressed up in to regular maid uniform and headed to kitchen to cook breakfast for my Mistress.

In the Mistress’s bedroom I placed tray with her breakfast on the nightstand and slid under the blanket. Mistress ordered me to wake her up, usually I am doing it with my tongue, however she said to keep duct tape in place, so I had no choice but to use my nose. I got in between Mistress’s beautiful legs and pushed my nose into her pussy. Her flower was wet and fragrant, but it was not just familiar scent of my Goddess, but there was something else. The liquid got inside my nose and thru it flowed into my throat, only now I remembered about sex that my Mistress had and understood that I am eating sperm of unknown man not just by mouth, panties were still there, but also thru the nose. Despite all that, I still had to wake up my Mistress and I was fucking her pussy with my nose until I heard sweet moan from her. Mistress squeezed my head with her legs and pushed me away with her hands. I got from under the blanket and kneeled at my regular position before the bed, sniffing by the nose. Mistress opened her eyes and looked at me.

– Full mouth of cum, and sperm dripping from the nose… My whore in her real look, – she said, – go wash your face and come back.

I quickly rushed to the bathroom and returned to the bed.

– Come closer, slut, – Mistress ordered.

When I approached, she removed duct tape and pulled out her panties. Mistress looked closely on them and after she did not find any spot, she threw them on the floor.

– Good, slut, – Mistress said, – you are natural sperm dump, you can have great career in this area. Are you sure you are on the right place here?

– Yes, Mistress, – I replied, – To serve you is the dream of my life! I am at the right place.

– Not exactly, my little slut, – Mistress said, – but I will show you… Get on the bed and lay on your back.

I promptly executed order, and then Mistress got up with legs on each side of me, and slowly sat on my face. Her anus was right on top of my mouth and her pussy covered my nose.

– Now, this is your right place, slut, – Mistress said, – Your head in between my legs – this is your place and everything you are doing, you should do to get to this place. And now show me that I am feeding you not in vain. Bon appetit, by the way, whore!

She got tray with her breakfast, unfolded small legs of it, and placed it over my face. She wiggled a little bit, and as I slid my nose back into Mistress’s pussy and my tongue inside her anus, she began her breakfast as well.

Mistress was eating her meal for about 20 minutes, all this time I was working with my nose in her pussy and with my tongue in her ass. Once she finished breakfast and removed the tray, Mistress looked down at me:

– Now is time for dessert, slut, – with these words, she grabbed my head on the back, pushed it into her privates, such that I was not able to get any air and started sliding on may face bursa escort up and down.

I pulled my tongue out and my Mistress were riding my face, she was moaning and screaming as she got herself to orgasm. My nose and mouth were full of her juice and remains of sperm. My face was completely wet when Mistress finally stopped fucking my face. She raised up and went to bathroom.

– Go, take a shower, slut, – Mistress ordered, – and get dressed as nice girl, we are going to do some shopping.

– Yes, Mistress, – I answered, and rushed to my room.

I went to my room, quickly showered, washing off scent of unknown man and aroma of my Mistress from my face. Hair, makeup… now to the closet. Mistress said to dress like a nice girl. In a closet there was about dozen maid dresses, sometimes I had to change few times a day. But there are also few more sets of cloth. I’m moving hangers with labels: “good slave”, “naughty schoolgirl”, “cheap whore” … Oh here it is: “good girl”, I think this is what I must wear today. I wear white panties, black skirt a bit above the knee. White lace bra and white shirt with buttons to the neck and long sleeves. I wear white shoes without hills. I’m ready. I went to the stairs and waited for my Mistress there. In about 20 minutes she came down the stairs, beautiful as always. She was dressed in tight on top and loose on the bottom black dress to the floor without sleeves and decollate. She also had black atlas gloves above the elbows and nice Chanel clutch.

– Turn around, slut, – Mistress orders, – skirt up, slut. Panties down, slut. – I executed her orders. – leave your underwear here, you will not need it today. Now follow me.

I removed panties and followed my Mistress outside. There was a cab waiting for us. We got in and driver took us to the address that Mistress gave to him. Car arrived in to downtown of Seattle, to the old building next to Pike market.

– Wait here,- My Mistress said to the driver,- It shouldn’t take too long. We are going to the mall after this.

We left the cab and I followed my Mistress to the store with a sign: “Déjà vu adult superstore”. Once we entered the girls, the salesperson, bowed before my Mistress and welcomed her to the store. Looks like they know her here.

– Take the shopping cart, slut, – Mistress ordered. Girls looked at me and smiled, as I got card and followed my Mistress into the store.

I was so ashamed: without panties, called a slut, whispering and laughing of sales girls, they probably discussing me right now. I was just following my Mistress, eyes down, totally inside myself. I was not paying attention what she is placing in the cart. I got concentration back only when Mistress stopped next to fitting room.

– What are you waiting for, slut, – Mistress looked at me, – get your fucking ass inside and undress, you will try your new costume now.

When I undressed in the fitting room, first that I was trying were strange shoes: mix of ballet shoes, boots and stockings. Made of black shiny leather with lacing all the way, 7-inch heels and tiny locks on top. Mistress asked one of the girl, dark skinned about 25 years old beautiful with DD breast, and she helped me to wear these shoes, then she locked locks and passed key to Mistress. Now it is up to my Mistress to let me take these off. I raised and tried to walk. It was extremely difficult, I was forced to walk on my toes, I constantly was losing balance and had to help myself with hands holding to the wall. Next was the corset, same material and same color. When assistant finished with lacing I looked on the mirror. Yes, it was difficult to breath in it, but my boobs pushed from the bottom were looking bigger than they really are. After corset, there were gloves, also black, all the way to the shoulders. Followed by the sleeve. My arms were moved behind my back, sleeve was put over them and lacing bound my arms together.

At this point one more woman entered the store from the back door.

– Oh my God! You finally came, – she approached my Mistress and they kissed each other cheeks, – The thing you ordered arrived yesterday.

– Great, – my Mistress replied, – I fortunately have a slut with me to try it on. Shall we try it?

– Shure, my dear, – woman looked at me and smiled. Then she turned to the black girl who was helping me in dressing room, – Trisha, please bring travel suitcase we received yesterday.

Trisha was absent about 5 minutes. During this time my Mistress and the lady were chatting about something and I was trying to hold balance, standing on the least comfortable shoes in my life with hands behind my back, what made it super difficult. Trisha brought large black suitcase, she placed it on the floor and opened it such that I was not able to see what is inside.

– I see you already selected something in my store for your slave, – Lady said to my Mistress, – she can keep everything on, it will not prevent the demonstration. bursa escort bayan For now, let’s take a sit and Trisha will show you how to use the case.

Mistress and lady, who appeared to be store owner, seated in the soft armchairs in the middle of the room and the other girl brought them something to drink. Meanwhile Trisha took my elbow and escorted me closer to the open suitcase. The store owner turned to my Mistress and started explaining.

– So, traveling with the slave in baggage have 3 problems. First one: slave have natural needs, second: slave should eat or at least drink during travel and finally slaves can make noises during travel. I heard story how slave started snoring during travel and employees of Mexico airport were surprised to find sleeping slave in one of the bags. – both she and my mistress started laughing, – luckily it was Mexico, and everything ended up happily, well almost for everyone. The snoring slut had to service all those guys who found her. I heard she eat like half gallon of sperm that day. – laughing again. – So, this travel complex is solving all three problems. First can be solved very easily with butt plug and catheter in pee hole. Melissa, can you please assist Trisha with demonstration.

The girl, who brought drinks, approached to me and seated me on the floor. I immediately felt release in pain in my feet. Melissa sat on the floor behind me and Trisha approached to me and spread my legs and pushed them up. Melissa grabbed my legs and Trisha brought plastic speculum and thin pipe about 10-inch long. She spread my pussy with the speculum and after about 30 second of trying inserted one end of the pipe in to my pee hole. I felt some discomfort, but it was fine. Girls then raised me and forced to spread my legs and bended me over. While Melissa was holding me, Trisha got something from the suitcase and approached to my defenseless butt. I relaxed, understanding that she about to insert butt plug in to my ass. This was my biggest mistake of the day. Trisha, probably was trying to be good to me and wanted to lubricate my anus, but when she just touched my ass hole with her tongue, I was not expecting that and farted right in to Trisha’s face. Melissa started laughing and store owner asked what is so funny.

– This slave just marked Trisha, she also will become slave now, – Melissa continued laughing.

Store owner and my Mistress also started laughing at poor Trisha. I turned my head and looked at her, I did not realize that my lips were smiling at that moment and I watched as face of her changing filled with anger as she looked at my smile. Trisha turned around and returned pretty small butt plug that she was holding in her hands back to the case. The other one that she pulled out of the case was much bigger. She approached to me and without any lubricant started pushing butt plug in to my anus. My anus was dry, and plug was very big for it, but anger of Trisha overcame that. She was pushing very hard, I was slightly screaming on every push. Every push was moving me slightly forward and Melissa, finally, instead of just holding me, started pushing me toward Trisha. Trisha were pushing harder and harder, she also started rotating the plug and I, finally, felt as my anus accepted it completely and my anus ring shrunk on the waist of the toy, holding it inside.

– Good job, Trisha, – store owner said, – the pipe, that is hanging from your slave’s cunt will be connected to the urine collector inside the case. Also, it is recommended to give enema to the slave before trip and also keep her on special diet few days before. You can find all details on the manual. And now we shall move to the problem of feeding the slave.

With these words, Trisha pulled some strange thing from the case. It was looking like a box with a tiny dildo on one side and few straps hanging from it. Trisha immediately disconnected dildo from the box and replaced it with bigger one. I understood that this dildo will be used to gag me, but still it was very small, about 4 inches long and barely 1 inch in diameter. Perhaps, Trisha satisfied her anger torturing my ass. She, as I was expected, inserted dildo in to my mouth and tightly tied straps on the back of my head.

– This model allows several options, – meanwhile lady continued explaining, – the easiest one allows slave to select her own feeding schedule. At any point of time she can suck the dildo and get her food. Yes, you understood right, my dear, dildo is cuming with food in to slave’s mouth. This is special solution of water plus vitamins, mineral, protein and all other stuff necessary. By the way it looks exactly like sperm. Anyway, back to feeder. You can select ration size, you can select how long blow job should last before slave receive her food. You can also select the size of dildo, please don’t be fooled by the size, it is inflatable and will be way bigger than it looks now. Trisha just attached the biggest one, once erected it will escort bursa be 3 inches thick and almost 1.5 feet long.

Oh my god, so Trisha is still mad at me I can not imagine such a big dildo in my mouth. I looked at Trisha, she was looking at me and smiling. She seen fear in my eyes and it made her happy.

– And another option is forced feeding, – woman continued, – you can select how often you want your slave to be fed. In this option it is not blow job anymore, it is more like face fucking. In this mode you can use this tool to train your slave in deep throat, if you wish.

– This is good, – my Mistress replied, – this slut needs some training in this area.

– This is great, – the store owner smiled, – I’m glad that I can provide you with something that you need. But we are approaching to the third problem of traveling. Girls! Please finish with the slave preparation.

Trisha and Melissa dived in to the case and brought some more stuff. Trisha inserted in my pussy average sized vibrator with straps, which were tied on my back. Melissa got some clips, two of which were attached to my nipples and one to my clit. Clips was not like crocodiles and they were not very painful, but they were holding very good. After that girls pulled bunch of wires and pipes and connected them to everything: vibrator, butt plug, clips, box in my mouth, even few wires were connected on stickers on my body. After than they dragged me to the case and I finally was able to look inside. Case was filled with foam rubber leaving hole in the shape of bent human body. Some place was left for different sizes of plugs, gags and vibrators. There were two containers, one filled with pearl colored syrup like liquid and another one empty. Along one side there was whole control panel with switches, wheels, small monitors.

– Developers of this model, – store owner continued, – decided that easiest way to avoid snoring is to keep slave awake. To do this, once system detects that slave is falling a sleep vibrators in ass and pussy bringing slave close toorgasm, computer using sensors gets the moment when slave is very close and sends electric shock to nipples, clit, even inside vagina and anus if necessary. This way slave is awake during all trip so she is not able to produce anything louder than moaning. Which is very well absorbed by special sound blocking material of the case. So, shall we unpack your property?

– No, I want to take her home in the bag, – my Mistress replied, – please finish packing her, while I will pay for everything I got here today.

The happiness on the face of Trisha was indescribable. As my Mistress and store owner moved toward the register, she immediately started to do something on control panel.

– Oh my, Trisha, what are you doing? – Melissa asked, – This poor creature already had enough from you today.

– No, this cunt should pay for humiliating me, – Trisha continued with control panel, – She will learn the lesson: 10 minutes of deep throat every hour and maximum vibration intensity with no cum allowed. I hope they will have very long road home today. – she looked in my eyes, – Take this bitch, I hope one day I will get you for myself for some time, then you will remember today’s torture as innocent play, little white slut. Bon voyage!

They laid me in to the suitcase and closed it. Before closing Trisha blew me a kiss and turned on computer. I felt as case was raised and moved somewhere on the wheels. Also, I remembered what Mistress told to a cab driver, that she wants to go to the mall after this. And I remembered well, that when she is going for shopping, she is coming back home with dozens of bags from different stores, so it means that I will be stuck here at least for few hours. And I also was very sleepy after last night, so I will be fucked and electroshocked before orgasm, and there is also deepthroat with huge dildo. Oh, my! it will be very long few hours.

I felt as cas was moved and then raised and placed on a side. Am I in the cab’s trunk already? At this point dildo in my mouth started growing filling it completely and then it started moving deep inside me, then back and in again. Tears appeared on my eyes. It is only 10 minutes, just 10 minutes. I was fucked brutally in my throat, it looked like whole hour passed before I felt like something warm draining down my throat and dildo shrinking back to it’s small size. I relaxed, Suitcase with me inside was swaying in the trunk of the car and my eyes started closing. I started fading to sleep, and was immediately brought back to reality by intensive vibration in my pussy. As usually, I got aroused very quick and then I felt pain, looks like everywhere. Pain slowly gone away and I felt just some burning on my nipples and clit. Oh, my! Please, please let Mistress change here mind about shopping and go directly to home! I felt that car stopped and not moving for few minutes. Are we arrived? Will anyway take me out of trunk? I was waited and then dildo in my mouth woke up again. Oh, NO! We are probably on a parking lot and Mistress went shopping leaving me in this torture box. Next moment all my minds disappeared pulled out by huge dick fucking my throat.

To be continue…?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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