Married couple’s moving anal lovin

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Ruth was surprised to not find her husband Levi waiting for her in bed when she exited the bathroom. She had been expecting him to make love to her this morning. Ruth had just showered and shaved in preparation for sex, but he wasn’t in their room. She opened the door and looked down the hall. He was sitting buck-naked on one of their dining room chairs. The sight made Ruth smile and she walked towards him. The couple had been married for more than 35 years and they still loved having an exciting sex life. They’d both put on several pounds over the years, but their physical changes hadn’t diminished their love for each other.

Ruth stopped when she got to him and bent forward to give him a kiss and reached for his big-o dick. He however had other plans and started to stand and direct his wife toward the breakfast bar that separated their dining area from the kitchen. She faced the kitchen and he stood behind her, then he said, “Bend forward and put your hands on the counter.” She obeyed and he slid to his knees behind her. She spread her feet apart and he moved his face towards her pussy. This was one of his favorite positions to serve her orally. With his hands, he separated her butt cheeks and continued to lick her pussy. Ruth moved her hand to stimulate her clit, but when Levi saw it he said, “No. Hands on the counter.”

“Oh, I’m sorry honey.” She said returning her hand to the countertop.

“And keep them there!” Levi said using his right hand to spank his wife with a firm swat. Then he returned to his task of eating his wife. His nose would brush against her puckered butt hole, and his tongue would penetrate her vaginal opening, before returning to her clit and back and forth.

Levi was very good at oral sex and Ruth absolutely loved him pleasuring her like that. She looked between her feet to see him kneeling. There she also saw his massive hard-on. His foreskin had retracted due to his erection. She knew that he was going to give that beautiful cock to her from behind after she climaxed and so she concentrated on the pleasure and anticipated the penetration that she longed for.

“Oh honey, please keep licking my clit, I’m almost there.” Ruth said.

Again he smacked her butt cheek and said, “I could tell, you taste so wonderful.”

The feeling and anticipation and passion pushed her to the point of no return. Her body started to shake and she let out a deep moan as she orgasmed. “Oh baby, thank you. Oh! Yes! That was a good one!” she said.

He stood up and she kept her hands on the counter. Ruth knew she was about to get a good doing and her husband’s big tool was going to make her morning even better. However, there was the sound of the bottle of lube being opened and then she felt the cool gel between her butt cheeks followed by his massive mushroom head being rubbed up and down her butt hole.

“Oh, babe… in the butt this morning?” Ruth asked with disappointment and apprehension.

“I gave it to you in the pussy every morning this week, now my dick is going in your butt.” Levi said as he began to press his glans against her backdoor.

“Oh! Ahh! Please go slow, go slow, go slow.” Ruth said with a soft cry in her voice.

Unexceptatly, Levi stepped back from his bent-over wife and said, “Oh yea, I almost forgot.” He took a tripod from the kitchen table and put it on the counter where his wife could see it. Her cell phone was held by the tripod and it was linked to his cell phone. Levi opened the camera on his phone and Ruth’s phone showed what his camera saw. She saw herself bent over and ready to accept his large penis into her butt.

Ruth watched her phone’s screen and saw her husband again apply a large blob of lube gel onto her butt hole. He also rubbed more lube on the tip of his penis and rubbed it back and forward. After that, he pointed his large weapon at her small backdoor. She watched as he pressed it to her butt and she moaned as it started to penetrate.

Levi’s gland was the second thickest part of his manhood, the thickest being the very base. It was bell-shaped and right now it was entering his wife’s tight sphincter. “Oh babe,” she said, “Slow! Slow! Slow!” On her phone, she could see the head was almost halfway in and his corona was still visible. As she watched she thought, that a person might think that something that big could never fit into such a small anal opening, but it had been in there many times before. Although there was a bit of pain, it finally happened, his penis’ big head was inside of her anal canal. She again in a soft voice asked, “Oh, please baby just wait a second. Give me a moment to adjust. It’s so big honey.”

“It’s bursa eskort ok Ruth. Just start pushing back when you’re ready for more.”

“In a minute, it’s still in that very uncomfortable stage. A cue ball doesn’t just go into a thimble.” Ruth said with discomfort. She took a few breaths and allowed her anus to stretch. After a while, she pushed herself back and accepted more of Levi’s large dick into her. Ruth did this with a soft moan. She looked at her phone screen and enjoyed that she saw it from his perspective. Her husband stood still and allowed his wife to control the action. She stopped and pulled forward until she could see his penis glans was about to escape her butthole, then she reversed and again pressed back accepting the massive shaft into her rectum. “Levi baby, it’s starting to feel good but it’s just so big.” This is the catch-22 of a wife whose husband has a big dick. They feel amazing in the pussy but they’re very difficult to accept in the butt.

“Are you ready?” Levi asked.

“Yes, but only go this far.” Ruth answered as she stopped about halfway along his manhood.

“Ok, I’ll only go this far.” And with that, Ruth stopped moving and allowed Levi to start doing her.

“Ahhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, mmmmmhhhhhh, ouch!” Ruth moaned.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes, ohhhhhhh.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Nooooooooo. Ahhhhhh. Please don’t stop honey. It feels good but hurts too. Ohhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, oh. You’re doing good.” Ruth continued to moan in a low half-pleasure-pain way. She looked at her phone screen and enjoyed the view.

Levi leaned forward and reached around Ruth’s belly to stimulate her clit with his finger, but this forward motion pushed his big cock deeper into her than she wanted. “Oh baby, not so deep, not so deep. It hurts too much when you go that far.” So Levi attempted to pull back his member and still reach his wife’s clit.

Ruth understood what her husband was trying to do and it felt really good to have both her front and back doors being stimulated at the same time. But her legs and arms were getting tired. She asked, “Honey, can we move to another place?” Levi withdrew his penis from his wife’s butt and they moved over to the dining room table. Ruth got onto the table with her butt at the edge and her legs spread wide for her husband. Levi moved into position and orhangazi escort again opened the bottle of lube. He squeezed a large amount onto his mushroom head and then he pushed it back into his wife’s anus. She moaned as her butt was again invaded by the big dick but Levi again only pushed about half of it into her.

Ruth lay back on the table and lovingly took it in her butt as Levi used his hand to arouse her clit. Once the discomfort subsided, she loved her husband doing her anally. Her moans were now of pure pleasure and enjoyment. She was completely his and withheld no part of her body from him. Her’s was the only anus he ever took and now it was his. The joy of her submission brought her again to the cusp of orgasm and so she said to him, “Honey, you’re making me cum again. Oh, baby do it, do me, give it to me!” Her orgasm overtook her and she moaned and panted. After a few more thrusts from her husband, she felt her rectum flood with his cum. His big tool pulsated again and again and she felt wad after wad filling her butt.

After their orgasms subsided and his dick began to soften, Levi pulled his wife closer to him and kissed her loving mouth. She used her arms to push herself upward and accepted his kiss. More of his tool pushed into her butt but since it wasn’t as hard it felt good. Ruth had given her anus to her husband many times over the marriage, but each time she remember her vows to love and to cherish him. Since he love to love her butt so much, her accepting it when he wanted it was a definite way that she loved and cherished him.

His tool was now soft and it withdrew from her butt. Ruth stood up and took his soft penis in her hands and then led him to the bathroom. She turned on the water in the sink and began to wash his manhood. Once it was clean, she took a towel and patted it dry before getting on her knees. She kissed it again and again and she rubbed her face against his pubic area. Ruth lifted his shaft to access his balls and she kissed and sucked them, then she licked the underside of his penis and lowered it to again kiss and suck it. She looked up at her husband’s loving face and said, “Thank you for doing me so good this morning. I’m fortunate to have a loving man like you and I love this big thing!” Her hand pulled back his foreskin again and she accepted it into her mouth. It was working and she felt it again begin to harden.

Levi’s stamina was amazing. Even at his age, he could meet his wife’s needs again and again. Ruth expressed her love by kissing his penis again and again. She wanted to pleasure him the way that he’d pleasured her and she wanted his cum in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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