Maternal Girl

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Sequel time. Perhaps this should be May 2018’s story instead of April’s, but here we are. This is part 4 of the “Step-Mommie Dearest” series. If you haven’t read its previous installments, you may wish to know: for reasons too complicated to explain, I posted the first three under their subtitles. If you’d like to read them, you’ll find them under the titles I’ll boldface here—

Chapter 1: “Step-Mommie Dearest” (Saga


Chapter 2: “A Date With Fate (Jessie’s Girl)” (


Chapter 3: “And The Truth Shall Set You Free” (


Now that you’re up to speed—and hopefully not too traumatized—I give you…

Chapter 4: “Maternal Girl” (#83)

ADDITIONAL CATEGORIES: (just some light and playful) BDSM



Saturday, May 10th, 2014, 12:43 p.m.

“Do you, William Kenneth Townsend, take Gretchen Peterson to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?”

“I do.”

“Do you, Gretchen Myriam Peterson, take William Townsend to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?”

“I do.”

“Then by the power vested in me by the state of Minnesota…I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The guests applauded. The light breeze toyed with everyone’s hair and formal dress. William and Gretchen had wanted an outdoor springtime wedding, chosen today, and fortunately the weather cooperated. This early May afternoon was chilly but pleasant at 63°. A hundred guests, give or take, were seated on either side of the aisle. Behind the bride, Gretchen’s family and friends occupied the first rows. Behind the groom sat the same of William’s—in closest proximity his suit-clad daughter Jessie, and her now well-established, floral dress-gussied girlfriend Annabella. Though a welcome member of her wardrobe, the dress was a bit formal—on her—for Annabella’s taste. But she could confidently rock just about anything she wanted. Including (but not limited to) her outfit’s other components: her trademark saddle shoes and elbow-length gloves. And were there an occasion to go “too” formal, this was it.

Jessie, who got a big chunk of fashion sense from her Dad, at first thought it a touching…well, touch, to wear one of his own suits. But she also thought it wouldn’t fit, and she was right. Very right. So they went shopping together. She had a few suits of her own, but wanted a three-piece “virgin,” as it were, for the wedding. In the same spirit of Gretchen’s snow-white dress and veil.

The knot was tied and the ceremony concluded, after which came the reception, where the man and woman of honor met back with the kids. And where Jessie hugged and kissed Gretchen with a “welcome to the family, Mom!” And where Annabella followed it up with a “Yeah, what she said! Congratulazioni, Mamma!” and kissed her on either cheek. Gretchen found it a bit funny Jessie’s girlfriend would call her “Mamma,” but was moved nevertheless. She noticed Annabella already liked to call William “Papà.” She wasn’t overly familiar with Italian culture. Maybe these were more terms of endearment than designation.

Later in the afternoon bordering on early evening, everyone went home, including now three Townsends. Jessie had this worked out in her mind beforehand, and so told the newlyweds she’d be spending tonight at Annabella’s. This was of course so the bride and groom had the house to themselves, to enjoy as much “newly wedded bliss” as they wanted. They were appreciative. Annabella agreed, that was indeed a lovely gesture on Jessie’s part.

This, however, constituted only half of Jessie’s evening’s plot.


Let’s Play…Mistress And Servant

Saturday, May 10th, 2014, 10:37 p.m.

After the tremendous late lunch/early supper at the reception, Jessie and Annabella stopped for a small, light dinner at Café Petite before retiring to the home of the latter. Since having this evening—or the looming portion thereof—mapped out mentally, Jessie’d packed everything in her trunk. She told Annabella to go ahead in, and wait for her in the bedroom.

She expected her father and Gretchen were up to roguish mischief of their own, perhaps even getting down with some kink. While still not the most pleasant thought to enter Jessie’s mind, it amused her more now than last fall. And she felt comfier with Gretchen, as did Gretchen vis-à-vis her homosexuality. It may have taken half a year, but Jessie finally felt familial harmony’d been restored. She had a new Mom. It made her very happy. Life felt almost complete again. Another item on her agenda bursa sınırsız escort was to return to college and continue studying, hopefully to find a desired vocation. Besides one along the nature of what she was about to do to Annabella.

Once Jessie’d toted her toy box upstairs and reached the bedroom, she received a treat. Upon the bed lay Signorina Fiorello, on her side, facing the door. She’d removed all her clothes and replaced them with nothing except a translucent red lace halter that covered her from torso to waist. One arm rested on her belly. Her other hand was squeezed between her thighs, gently stroking her unclad pussy in anticipation. Hair draped half her face. The face’s visible half smiled at Jessie.

A charmed Jessie smiled back with smoky eyes, setting the box down outside the door. “Why, you bad, naughty thing,” she admonished, sauntering into the room. “If you’ve started without Mistress, you’re in trouble, little girl.”

“Uh-oh…” chirped the most heavenly voice Jessie’d still ever heard. “What’s going to happen to me?”

Jessie smirked with a small, evil chuckle. She leaned close enough to reach, and harshly palmed Annabella’s upper ass cheek with a clap! of the hand, digging in her nails. Annabella obediently played along, coweringly hiding her face with a squeal. Her pussy twitched under her fingers, hearing her dominant lover’s following words.

“I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen to you, slave…” Jessie purred, smirk spreading to a grin. “…I’m gonna teach you some discipline.”

Annabella tingled, already enjoying the hell out of this. She and Jessie had played a number of bondage and S&M games throughout their courtship, with Annabella always in the submissive role. Given their personas and preferences, it just wouldn’t work the other way. It was one example of a relationship in which it simply made no sense to switch. Others might feel they missed something not experimenting with the reverse, but Jessie and Annabella were intimately familiar with themselves and each other. Swapping positions would prove a disaster. Annabella wouldn’t know what to do or how to muster authority as a domme, and Jessie’d be unable to enjoy herself in the least as the controlless sub. Annabella’d push through her awkwardness by giggling like a fool the whole time, and Jessie didn’t even have to be tied up to know how much she’d abhor it. It was quite simply a very bad idea. But more importantly, going about the way they were and coming up with scenarios for their appropriate roles was a very good idea.

Annabella was at first, and remained to date a bit shocked by what Jessie’d done in August to the woman who was now her step-mother. But she also knew how long and how aggro Jessie’d flirted with the idea of becoming a pro dominatrix. The chick may have still been but a “baby” of almost 24, but knew what she was doing. The amount of wet, hot, sticky orgasms she’d forced, coaxed and sucked out of Annabella attested to that. Girls with gloriously drained pussies tended not to sit up in bed frustrated and unsatisfied. If able to even stay conscious, their feelings reflected delirious happiness and glee. On the other hand, while tied up, Annabella sometimes paid for it. And suffered, even if the suffering was still fun. Sometimes Jessie’d have a crappy day, and decide the steam needed to be let off, the unpleasantness taken out…on her girl. Annabella had bad days too, but was so much better at dealing and coping, it seemed. It made Jessie jealous. So she in turn coped and dealt by subjecting Annabella to some tough, rough love. Most times, Jessie still made them both cum. But depending on how mean or ticked off she felt, she might just “have” to play extra dirty. A bit of tease-and-denial. A vicious little game of keep-away with Annabella’s orgasm. Luckily, this was not to happen tonight.

Annabella did not love being denied, but would admit it kept her wanting Jessie and her domme love ever more badly. Yet while not in her nature to point it out, Annabella couldn’t help but wonder what would cause Jessie such a crapstorm day. For her part, Annabella got up every weekday morning to go to work at Team, Inc., and straighten out colleagues’ human resources concerns. Jessie didn’t work—at least not since she’d known her—and as well took time off from college while she decided what she wanted to do. Her doting Dad was a successful pediatrician, and took care of her and Gretchen in their beautiful huge house. She and Gretchen shared a nice, smooth relationship now. And as far as she could see, Jessie could sleep in as late as she wanted, go out and shop all she liked—one of her favorite pastimes—and otherwise essentially do as she saw fit. …What was there to complain about?

Oh well, thought Annabella, now wasn’t the time to focus on it. Especially as Jessie ordered her to get up out of the bed. “And get your hand bursa üniversiteli escort off your pussy, slave,” Jessie added. “You’ll have pleasure when I decide you can have it.”

Pleased with Annabella’s halter top, Jessie opted to have her keep it on, merely adjusting down a bit there and up a little here, to expose her tits, ass and cunt. “Mm. Lovely,” she remarked. “Now stand here.”

She’d recently taken note of a hook in Annabella’s bedroom ceiling. Inspired, Jessie chose today to incorporate it. She tied her wrists with thin velvet rope, brought her arms to a 60° angle from her body, and stood on a chair to secure them to the hook, which was strong enough to hold. Next, she produced a four-foot spreader bar, and two latex cuffs she affixed to either end, these of course for Annabella’s feet. She urged her legs and peds to the desired positions and slipped her ankles into the cozy shackles. She now half-stood and half-slouched just as Jessie wanted her. Jessie fondled herself, admiring Annabella there so helpless and vulnerable.

“Yes,” she cooed, gripping her pussy, fingering with the middle digit. “My gorgeous slave…don’t you just make the prettiest picture.”

She regaled Annabella’s tushie with a few nice spanks, turning her cheeks pink. She then adjourned from the room, leaving her there a few moments. When she eventually reentered, it was Annabella who was visually treated.

Jessie’d made up her face just a bit with some dark blue eyeshadow and deep red lipstick. The eyeshadow, though, was trickier to discern under the leather domme cap she’d donned. The rest of her was dressed in leather as well, albeit not much. Straps snaked her body, hugging but keeping visible her own breasts, pussy and ass. Her (front) paws wore fingerless gloves. And just to gain a few inches on Annabella—figuratively and literally—her feet were placed in stacked leather boots. Oh, and then, of course, there was the riding whip she held in one hand, tapping into the palm of the other. Annabella gaped and blinked at her in lusty awe.


Jessie raised her authoritative gaze, approaching her.

“You’ll speak when spoken to, slave. And just for that—”

She dealt Annabella a first sharp smack on the bottom with the whip. Annabella jumped, stung but aroused.

“I’m sorry, Mistress!”

Jessie smirked. “That’s better. So then! I’m feeling in quite the kinky mood tonight…”

Annabella liked the sound of this. Her domme stepped in front of her, face to face.

“…And willing to take a rather taboo direction. Therefore, slave…” Jessie leered, tilting up Annabella’s chin to look her in the eyes.

“This evening…you’re my daughter. My dirty, mischievous daughter…in need of some straightening out.”

Annabella’s big innocent brown eyes widened in “fear.” She knew Jessie loved when she was scared, so she quivered and whimpered.

“Oh no…but…” she murmured in mock terror, pleasing her maternal-feeling Mistress. She gladly played along.

“But, but…Mommy, I…I’ve-I’ve been a good girl.”

Jessie’s deep red-stuck lips curled into a terrifying, but smoking hot smile.

“On the contrary, little Annabella. You’ve been a dirty, naughty girl. Very, very bad.”

“But…but Mommy, what did I do?”

“Why…” Jessie chuckled. “All you’ve done is allow yourself to fall into the clutches of evil Mommie Dearest. And that, my dear…is a crime for which I cannot let you go unscathed.”

She reached with her free hand, and pinched one of Annabella’s already stiffening nipples. Annabella gasped.

“Mommy!…” she whined.

Jessie shook her head. “Just look at you. Getting sexually aroused at the presence and touch of your own mother. Filthy little thing.”

“But mother, y—”

“Don’t you ‘but mother’ me, slave. I brought you up better than that. But I see now I’m gonna have to teach you even more respect.”

With her hands already tied together, it was easy and convenient for Annabella to clasp them and beg.

“Oh Mommy, please don’t hurt me!”

Jessie shot her a reprimanding dagger, tapping her riding whip in hand more harshly.

“Your pleas are of no use. When a girl misbehaves, that girl must be chastised, dear daughter. You have to pay.”

“Oh, but I’m so-o-o-orry!” Annabella whined, as Jessie sauntered around her. “Mother, please! I didn’t mean it!”

“Tough. Suffer.” Whap!


“Bad girl. Bad daughter!” Whip! “You’re grounded for life, young lady. You’re going to be under Mommy’s thumb forever. You can’t escape me. No matter how much you ever grow up, you’ll always be Mommy’s…” Whip!

“…Little…” Whap!


Playing along and loving it, Annabella hung her head and cried crocodile tears. Welts began bursa anal yapan escort to crop on her supple round ass. But all she felt was pleasure in and out. Jessie went on whipping, alternatingly on both cheeks, until she rightly sensed it was really starting to sting. And until Annabella’s fists were clenched and toes balled tight in the carpet. Jessie chuckled, easing up on her, and using the whip’s business end to stroke Annabella’s beautifully exposed pussy instead. The slave’s reaction changed.


“Mmm?…That feel good, does it?” her mother figure taunted, rubbing her cunt. “You a little pervert, sweetie? Huh?…Gettin’ off on your Mommy teasin’ your soft, pure virgin coochie?”

“Nnnnnnggh…” said Annabella. “I am, Mommy…I’m an incestuous little pervert.”

Jessie crossed back around to her front, taking Annabella’s chin in her unoccupied paw. She tapped her on the nose with the whip.

“Big word for a little girl. You think you’re all grown-up now?”

A shake of the head. “No, mother.”

A smile. “Want a kiss from Mommy?”

Annabella’s face cheered up.

“Yes, please.” She puckered and leaned forward. But as she neared, Jessie pulled back away. She snickered sinisterly. Annabella gasped again as Jessie resumed massaging her pussy with the whip.

“Well, you can’t have one.”

Annabella dampened. Her dangling tits plumped with twitching nipples.

“Please, Mommy…it feels so nice when you kiss me.”

Ignoring her request, it was Jessie’s turn to gasp, in mock indignance at what began to transpire.

“Why! You’ve soiled Mommy’s whip!” She took Annabella roughly by the back of her Italian chestnut hair, forcing her to look up, brandishing the whip two inches from her face.

“You little brat! How dare you get wet without my permission?! And moisten mother’s toys with your misbehaving pussy?!”

“I…I’m-I’m sorry, mother! I didn’t mean to! You made me get excimmmph!”

Jessie forced it into her pleading mouth. “Suck it clean, you dirty little cunt!”

And how ironic, she thought in amusement. Annabella gurgled through it as she obeyed. Another moment later, it was removed. Jessie let go of the slave’s hair and shook her head, t’sk’ing her.

“You really are a pitiful little thing, daughter.”

Annabella dropped her head, pouting in shame. She next felt the whip caress her cheek.

“But Mommy loves you anyway. In fact…”

She slipped the whip’s eponymous end under Annabella’s chin and eased her gaze back up again.

“…I think it’s about time to show you just how much I love you. Despite your being such a pathetic little Momma’s perv.”

She stooped just a bit to face Annabella, and granted her the so very much desired kiss. Both warmed and went pink in the flesh as arousal took effect. Mistress Jessie’s pussy moistened as well, her own nipples perking. As the whip once more found its way betwixt Annabella’s thighs to torment her helpless pussy, Jessie tugged on her nips one by one. Annabella groaned and whimpered through the kiss. Jessie forced her tongue through, and Annabella’s happily danced with it. The motherly Mistress then let go of her titties to stroke herself, middle finger on the slit, index and ring rubbing the labia. She moved in on Annabella, forcing her to straighten a bit from her slouchy position. She felt Annabella’s hard nipples tickle her belly. As giggling at it would undermine her authority, Jessie abruptly halted, denying her any further kissing. Annabella’s eyes opened. She whined. Jessie shook a chiding finger at her.

“You’ll accept the affection Mommy chooses to give you, and you’ll be happy with it, slave. Now then…

“Have you made mother dear’s riding whip all wet and mucky again?”

Annabella gasped in apprehension, willing her pussy to behave itself. She clenched, only theatrically hoping she hadn’t gotten into more trouble. She cringed and grimaced on the outside, but relished it on the inside. Sweat ran her face and torso, as liquid lust similarly slid down her inner thigh. She hopped and tittered as Mistress Jessie poked and tickled her armpits.

“Answer me, Annabella. Hm? Ticklish? Huh? Goochie-goochie-goo. Answer me or I’ll keep tickling you.”

“Eeeeheeeheeheeeeee!” chortled Annabella. “I-I-I dunno! I’m sorry, Mommy, I don’t know!”

“‘Don’t know’?” Jessie parroted. She shoved the whip lengthwise into Annabella’s mouth, forcing her to hold it between her teeth. Both hands free, she burrowed under the front of the halter, and dug her fingers into the slave daughter’s ribs. Already knowing she’d be expected to keep it in her mouth, Annabella snorted, laughing like crazy through the whip.

“I’ll give you ‘don’t know,’ you whorey little slut. And don’t you get your saliva all over Mommy’s whip either.”

Annabella didn’t see herself being able to take a lot of this, but fortunately for her it didn’t last long. Jessie ceased this most recent tribulation, leaving red finger marks in the sides of Annabella’s tummy, the newest brandings of her submission. She plucked out the whip, prompting Annabella to throw out desperate breaths. A dribble of drool indeed seeped from her lips.

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