Me and Jim #2

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“So, uh, what do we do now?” asked Jim.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, do you want to go any further?”

“Like what?” I asked.

“I don’t know…This’ll sound kind of weird, but I’ve always wanted to…fuck someone up the ass.”

“Are you kidding? That thing would destroy me!” I stared at his fat cock, now hanging limp, and still fucking huge. Lust started to rise up in me again.

“Come on,” Jim pleaded,” I promise I’ll take it easy. And we can use lube.”

“I don’t know…Even with lube, that monster is still gonna hurt. And it’ll tear me apart.”

“It’ll only hurt at first, it must start to feel good at some point. Why else would people do it?”

“Well, I guess you’re right…Okay, I’ll try, I guess…” I said half reluctantly, half with hidden anticipation.

“Awesome. Do you want to, um, clean yourself up first?”

He pointed at my face. It was still completely drenched in his man juice.

“Oh, shit, yeah…I guess I should do that.”

I walked into the bathroom and looked at my face. I was quite a sight to see. From my forehead to my chin, I was covered 100% in sperm. It kind of turned me on. I licked as much off as I could, and then washed the rest off with water and a towel. I walked back out into Jim’s room.

“So, let’s get started. I guess you should…get naked.” Jim said.

“Alright” I said. I took off my shirt, and then slid down my pants. I gulped, and then dropped my boxers, revealing my, in comparison to Jim’s, puny six incher, fully erect.

“My cock is still soft…why don’t you harden it up for me?” Jim asked slyly.

I didn’t hesisitate. I walked over to him, got on my knees, and engulfed all of his soft, but still enormous schlong. It the back of my throat and I Sex hikayeleri bobbed my head up and let it out slowly, inch by inch, completely covered in spit. I pushed his cock against his belly and licked all the way from the tip to his low-hanging, cum-filled balls.

By the time I had reached the bottom he had grown about an inch. Again, I spent a good bit of time on his manly balls, enjoying the musky smell and the taste as I licked them all over and attempted to take them in my mouth.

I began licking back up to the tip of his cock, and he was now fully erect so it took significantly longer to get up then down. Once I reached the head of his fat cock, I wrapped my lips around his fantastic tool, stretching my mouth, once again, to insane proportions, and bobbed up and down like a madman. His cock pounded the back of my throat every time I would bob my head down, but I didn’t mind. I had begun to enjoy it. I even almost managed to swallow his whole cock, but my almost long forgotten gag reflex kicked in and I coughed up his cock, just when I made it to the twelve inch mark.

“Wow, I’m impressed. Almost all of it at that angle, and without being forced too. Bravo. And as great as this feels, and it really feels great, I’m going to have to stop this, and get on to the…action…you know.” Jim said, pulling my head off his cock, bending me over and walking behind me.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“What about the lube?”

“No, need for lube now, your saliva is all over my cock”

I looked at it…I suppose he was right. Damn, I really took a lot of that sucker in.

“Well, I guess I’m ready…” I said. I braced myself for intense pain.

He positioned his thick cockhead at my, at the moment, virgin ass.

“Here Sikiş hikayeleri we go.”

He plowed his fat cockhead into my ass, stretching it, like my mouth, like mad, and immediately I felt tremendous pain. I bit my lip, and took it though, only letting out a small “uhh”. He continued to shove his tool into my ass. After about a minute of cramming it in, I was sure it must’ve all been in. I turned around only to find that he was barely halfway.

“Ah, I can’t take this.” I said, cringing with pain.

“Sure, you can, come on! You’re not backing out now. Here, I’ll get it over with.”

Done with slow and gentle method, he slammed the last half of his cock into my ass with such force that the front half of my body fell to the floor, my ass still in the air.

“Oh my god, what happened to gentle?” I moaned. My ass was filled with his monstrous tool. It felt strange. Extremely painful, but sort of good, I guess.

He started to pull his tool out. It came out much easier then it went in. Inch by inch he pulled it out. Once only the head was left in, he shoved it all right back in, making me cringe with tremendous pain again. He now began a steady pace of filling my ass with his fat cock.

“Ughhhhh. Ahh!” I cried as he plunged in and out of my violently stretched ass. It was still incredibly painful, even if mixed with pleasure. I thought about stopping him, but like earlier I knew it wasn’t possible. He was far gone.

He increased his speed now, and was pounding me with wreckless abandon. His cock was sliding in and out, and in and out, over and over again, his giant tool ripping my ass apart. I felt his huge balls slapping against my ass. It had not gotten any less painful. I knew my ass was going to be sore for weeks Erotik hikaye after his huge tool had it’s way with it.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!” I cried each time his cock plunged back into my stretched ass. My god, he must’ve been plowing me for at least a half hour now, I thought. How long can this boy last?

He pulled his cock completely out of my ass, and I thought perhaps he was done, but, of course, I was wrong.

He flipped me over, pushed my legs back, and drove his engorged member into my violated ass once more.

“Ungggh” I moaned, in pain and pleasure. Mostly pain.

He was now fucking me even harder and faster, I knew he was must’ve been close to climax. And I was right, but instead of cumming in my ass, he whipped his huge cock out. I looked at my asshole. My god, it was stretched so wide I could’ve fit a soda can in it, comfortably. Anyway, he moved quickly so that he was aiming his fat schlong directly at my face from only about a foot away. He jerked his huge tool just a few times, and then blastoff.

He began to shoot load after huge load of thick, creamy cum all over my face. He shot it in my eyes, my nose, my hair, my mouth. On my cheeks, he didn’t miss a spot. Spurt after spurt continued to cum, until my face was practically drowning in cum. Near the end, he opened up my mouth and shot the last few loads into my mouth, overflowing it. I tried my best to swallow it, but there was way too much. Finally, he stopped. I could barely see.

He was sweating. “My God that felt good.” he said, panting. His dick was now softening.

“For you. I mean it wasn’t bad for me, but damn, man, you tore me apart.”

“Sorry, as you know, I get caught up pretty easily…”

“Yeah, I know. It’s alright. It wasn’t too bad.” I said, face covered in cum, dripping off onto the floor.

“Heh, looks like you need to clean yourself up again.” Jim chuckled.

I half laughed, half sighed, and walked into the bathroom once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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