Meeting Abi Ch. 02

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This story brings together my FWB at the time Erin and my now current Girlfriend Abi.

Erin owns her own law firm that employs 2 other lawyers, 3 paralegals and Abigail the secretary. Erin invited all of them and their spouses along with me to her house up in the mountains this past weekend.

When we got there Friday, everyone spent the evening eating, drinking and having a good time. I was a little concerned about it being awkward because I fuck Erin on a very regular basis (once or twice a week) and had also taken Abigail’s virginity, but after a few drinks, everything was fine, and no one else in the office knows me other than just one of Erin’s and Abigail’s friends.

Saturday rolled around and we spent the day lounging on the deck, talking, hiking and a bunch of different things. That night, after dinner we all moved back to the deck with all of the women getting in the hot tub while the guys drank whiskey and smoked cigars.

As it got later and later, people trickled off to bed leaving myself, Sam (one of the other lawyers) Abigail and Erin still awake. Abigail and Erin were still in the hot tub and were giving Sam and I shit about not getting in the hot tub.

Sam chuckled and said: “As much as I would like to join you, Stacy (his wife) and I have to get out of here early to pick up the kids from my parents.” With that he said good night leaving just them and me.

As Sam got inside, Erin and Abigail turned their attention to me and started heckling me. I just laughed and walked towards the hot tub and said, “Ladies, I didn’t bring a bathing suit, so I can’t be joining you.”

They both laughed and out of nowhere Abigail goes, “We’ve both seen you naked, just get in in your boxers!”

This kind of caught me off guard and I looked at Erin for approval and she said, “Sure, everyone else is in bed!”

I refilled my glass from the minibar and then peeled my shirt and shorts off to the obnoxious whistles of Erin and Abigail.

I climbed in and sat across from the two women, and we chatted for another 15 minutes or so before Erin looks at me, then Abigail and goes, “So Abi, was losing your virginity to Jack everything you thought it would be?”

I literally spit my drink into the water, and quickly looked at both women. Abigail just smiled and said, “Actually it was better. I always thought my first time would be all clumsy and awkward, but I let Jack take the lead like you told me too and it was wonderful.”

I was left speechless, and Erin filled the silence with, “Well I’m glad, he is always such an attentive lover and has a perfect cock, not to small and not too big.”

I muttered something like, “Thanks” as I surely was blushing and still didn’t know what say.

Abigail spoke up and said,” I’ve only felt one other cock than his and it was way too big, but I think you’re right, his is just perfect size.”

Erin responded, “Whew, I’m getting all hot talking about this, would you two like to head back inside?”

Abigail said sure and I just nodded like an idiot.

We all climbed out and I shut the cover before following the women inside. As we get into the house, I notice that Erin is wearing a bright red bikini that while covering everything well, it couldn’t hide her ample cleavage.

Abigail Hd Porno was wearing a purple sting bikini that was a far cry from the conservative full coverage granny panties and bra she wore a month or so before.

As we move through the house Erin goes, “Both of you upstairs to my room. We don’t want to wake the others up while we talk.”

I knew exactly where I was going because the night before I had snuck up to her room, woke her up and fucked her good before sneaking back out before everyone else woke up. As we got up to Erin’s room, she paused and locked the door behind us.

As Abigail and I turned around, Erin said, “Abigail, how would you like to expand your horizon a little bit more?”

Abigail goes, “I was wondering if that is where this was heading and if you both are patient, I think that would be great.”

Erin looked over to me and said, “Jack that okay with you, you’ve been awfully quiet?”

To this point, I honestly thought I was dreaming, 2 threesomes with Erin and a former FWB was awesome, I never imagined another one.

I finally smiled and said, “That sounds great to me.”

Erin walked over to where we were standing and said, “Clothes off, you’re dripping all over the floor.”

As Erin stripped her bikini off, I shed my boxers and Abigail untied her bikini. As everything was on the floor, I first noticed that instead of the full bush from before, Abigail had shaved everything but a small landing strip above her pussy.

Erin turned around and bent over to pick up our clothes, giving us both a full view of her pussy and ass. As she walked towards the bathroom she goes, “You two dry off with the towels then make yourself comfortable in the bed.”

Abigail and I grabbed towels and dried off before climbing into bed. I looked at her and smiled and said, “I like the trim job, mind if I look up close?”

She giggled, blushed and said, “If you want, I liked it last time.” She reclined against the headboard, spread her legs and I eagerly climbed between them. I didn’t waste any time and I began to softly lick her outer lips before spreading them with my fingers and licking her inner lips before focusing on her clit.

Abigail began to moan softly and gasped just a little bit when I inserted 1, then 2 fingers. As I licked and sucked on her clit, I worked my fingers in and out of her at a steady pace causing her to moan louder and louder.

I had been eating her out for about 30 seconds when I felt the bed shift and heard music turn on causing me to stop and look up.

Erin had slipped into the bed and said, “Don’t let me interrupt, I figure the music will help cover up the moans.” I smiled and went back to what I was doing. As I continued to eat Abigail out, I heard her begin to whimper and I glanced up to see Erin sitting beside her sucking on her nipples while at the same time rubbing her own clit and pussy.

This continued for another minute or so when I felt Abigail’s pussy clench down on my fingers and she let out a loud, long moan as she orgasmed and even squirted a little on my face and the sheets.

As her orgasm finished, I sat up and Abigail said, “Oh my gosh, that was the best orgasm of my life!” When she noticed the wet sheets, she Türkçe Altyazılı Porno covered her mouth and said, “OH MY GOD did I pee!?”

Erin and I both smiled and laughed and told her no, but that she had squirted which Erin said was the sign of a great orgasm.

Abigail calmed down and said, “Okay, that’s good, I think. Jack, can I try sucking your cock this time?”

I said sure and switched positions with her. Erin got down beside her and gave her instructions on what to do. For the next two or three minutes I got a very basic blow job from Abigail.

Erin looked at her and said, “I think you’ve got the hang of it, just keep it up, and don’t forget to vary what you’re doing.”

She crawled up the bed and then said to me, “I can’t be letting you two have all the fun, lay back, I’m going to sit on your face.”

I shifted a bit and laid back, letting Erin straddle my face before lowering her dripping pussy to my mouth. I had a hard time focusing on eating her out while getting my cock sucked but I did my best and managed to bring Erin to one orgasm.

As she moved off my face, Abigail came up and said, “Jack did you cum, I felt a little bit of something salty in my mouth?”

I told her, “No I would have warned you; it was just precum. It means you’re doing good.”

As Erin caught her breath beside me, we all three relaxed for a moment before Erin said, “Jack, I think it’s about time you fucked one of us.”

Before I could say anything, Abigail goes, “Yes Jack, would you fuck Erin while I watch?” Erin scooted down the bed as I slipped between her legs and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. I slid all the way in causing her to sigh.

Abigail had shifted beside Erin and was slowly fingering her pussy. I fucked Erin slowly and enjoyed the view of her tits bouncing and Abigail fingering herself as she watched us.

After a few minutes Erin said, “Abigail you have three options, either suck on my tits, lick my clit as he fucks me, or straddle my face like I did to Jack.”

Abigail seemed shocked for a minute before saying, “I loved when you sucked on my tits while he ate me out.”

With that she leaned down and took one of Erin’s nipples into her mouth. Erin began to moan more and more as Abigail sucked on her tits and I fucked her. Abigail suddenly stopped sucking on Erin’s tits and her eyes got huge, I noticed that as she was sucking, Erin had slipped a finger into her pussy.

I told her, “It’s okay, just go with it.” She went back to sucking while at the same time moaning from being fingered.

This went on for another minute before Erin’s moans turned into,” “Fuck, Yes.” Over and over again as she began to cum. As she came, she only fingered Abigail faster, causing Abigail to collapse onto Erin’s chest as she came also.

I slipped my cock out of Erin as both women came down from their orgasm. As we all caught our breath a bit, Abigail said, “That was all so amazing, can I ask a couple things?”

Erin and I just nodded, and Abigail said, “Does eating someone out taste weird? I’ve tasted myself but never someone else?”

Erin and I both said no, and Erin said, “You can stick a finger in me and then taste it.” I watched Abigail do Brazzers just that before tasting Erin.

She goes, “That tastes a little different than me, but not bad.” She then said, “I’ve watched a couple videos where the guy cums inside of the girl, how does that feel?”

I once again deferred to Erin and she goes, “It feels amazing, you can feel the man’s cock pulse and then there is a wave of warmth as his cum splashes inside of you.”

Abigail sat there quietly for a minute and then said, “I know it is a lot to ask, but Erin can I eat you out, and Jack can you finish inside of me?”

Erin responded first with, “Of course you can darling.”

They both looked at me and I said, “You swear you’ve taken your birth control religiously?”

Abigail smiled and said, “I actually switched off the pill and got an IUD because my moods were all fucked up.”

Before I could say anything else, Erin piped up and said, “Well that settles it, Abi get on all fours between my legs.”

We began to shuffle around and the last thing anyone said before I slipped into Abigail was Erin who said, “He is going to be really deep, but it will feel amazing. Just try to do what he did on you with your tongue and fingers on me.”

I slipped into Abigail slowly causing her to grunt and moan. As my pelvis met her ass, she lowered her head and began to gingerly lap at Erin’s pussy. I began to speed up my thrusts causing Abigail’s head to move from Erin’s pussy; after giving all the orgasms to this point, I figured they could work it out and began to fuck Abigail harder and harder.

She in turn grabbed Abigail’s head and shoved it into her pussy while moaning, “Oh my god, keep that up!!”

I kept fucking Abigail and as I felt myself getting ready to cum, I said, “Oh god, I’m going to cum.”

Between her moans I heard Erin say, “Yes fill that tight young cunt up.” With one final thrust I emptied my cum deep into Abigail’s pussy, causing her to lift her head up and moan and she began to orgasm also.

She only got half a moan out before she shoved Abigail’s head back down and said, “Don’t you fucking stop!” As I slowed my thrusts down and Abigail’s pussy milked the rest of the cum out of me, Erin began to twist her own nipples and started to orgasm herself.

I have to hand it to Abigail, she kept eating her out through the entire orgasm. As Erin came down from her orgasm, Abigail collapsed beside Erin causing me to slip out of her. We all laid there catching our breath and it was Abigail who spoke up first with, “Oh my god you were right, feeling him cum inside of me was so intense, but what happens to the cum?”

Erin just laughed and said, “Well it will leak out of you tonight, but that is part of the fun.”

Abigail just nodded and Erin said, “No since in trashing two sets of sheets, you two are sleeping here tonight.”

Abigail was clearly shocked and goes, “What will the others thinks?!?!”

Erin just laughed and goes, “We will set an alarm for 5am and you two can sneak out then, no one will hear you. I know you didn’t hear Jack sneak back to his room last night.”

Abigail just grinned and goes, “That’s fine, can I sleep in the middle?”

With that we all curled up in bed and cuddled up, but before we all fell asleep, Erin had to finger Abigail one more time, wanted to taste her mixed with my cum and as she came, Erin licked her fingers clean and said, “That’s tasty, that’s enough for tonight, goodnight guys.” Before rolling over leaving Abigail gasping for breath and me with a half hard cock.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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