Meeting with Real Estate Agent

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Monica and I have known each other since 1998, I have bought a number of residential and commerical properties. When Monica has property that she thinks I may be interested in she calls me and we set up an appointment. Sometimes these meetings are for sexual pleasure. I was standing in front of the house waiting for Monica to show up to give me the nickel tour and hear the typical pitch on why I should buy the property. As I was about to look at my watch, here came the car. Monica is 6′ black hair with a slender body. Her breasts are prominent with erect nipples, “What a beautiful woman,” I whispered to myself.

“Mr. Malone, it has been awhile” she said shaking my hand. “Yes, please call me John.”
“Well lets get started. I think you’ll find this property of interest. Also I think you’ll be an easy sell once I get you inside.” Up the sidewalk we went, she fumbled around in her coat pocket and got the keys and opened the door. Upstairs in the master bedroom she said, “Please don’t mind if I take off my coat, its awfully hot.” Now I could get a better look at those beautiful tits.

“Please be a darling and get my notebook, I think I left it in the basement.” Off I went, for her I’d do anything. I was just coming up the stairs when I heard the shower running. The door was open in the bedroom when out she came from the bathroom water still dripping off her onto the floor. I was immediately getting hard. She was wiping her pussy off with a towel and had a gleam in her eyes. “Don’t just stand there, come dry my back.”

I sort of half ran/walked and just as she was handing me the towel it slipped to the floor. I stooped to pick it up not daring to take my eyes off her body. I was at eye level to her black bush. I knelt down in front of her perfect body and started kissing her pussy. She slowly spread her legs revealing her flesh, which I greedily licked and kissed; I felt her hand on the back of my head pressing it into her harder.

After about five minutes she pulled me up and started undressing me. “Now its your turn Honey.” Kneeling before me she slowly massaged my balls with one hand and began licking the tip of my swollen cock with her tongue. The other hand was kneading the cheeks of my ass slowly. All of a sudden she pushed her head forward and I felt the tip of hard cock rubbing the back of her throat.

“Damn, suck it!” I yelled. She kept up the slow pace just as I was on the verge of coming; she stuck her finger up my ass and started sucking on my balls while jerking me off. The next thing I knew I started spurting my cum while she was aiming my cock at her beautiful tits. When I finished, still kneeling in front of me, she licked off the last few drops of my cum with her tongue.

When she got up I could see the come running down the front of her chest. She grabbed my hand pulling me over to the bed. She lay back and pushed both tits together, I straddled her chest and she guided my cock between her tits with just the tip entering her swollen lips each time I thrust forward. Damn could she suck hard. A few times she wouldn’t let go with Sex hikayeleri her lips and I felt her tongue go around the tip of my cock.

I slid down to her spread legs, I hear you saying OH yes. Monica felt my hairy legs again pushing her legs apart. She felt my rock hard 14 inch cock pressing aganist the lips of her pussy, she jerks as my hand runs up and down her pussy, stroking her clit, then back down and now one finger begins to enter her pussy. Monica whimpers and moans opening her legs more, giving me access to her pussy.”Please, don’t do this, it hurts,” as one finger becomes two and then they begin to move in and out of her pussy. With a hard jolt, I push two fingers deep inside her and stop. Monica feels my fingers beginning to spread her open. ” It hurts, please stop” she cried, but the fingers continued to spread open her pussy. The two fingers retreated, but three entered into her pussy.

I placed my hand on the side of Monica’s face and turned it gently towards me. Leaning over, I began softly kissing her lips. Monica was looking at me with lust in her eyes as I continued kissing and carassing her gently. I slowly shifted my body on top of Monica, kissing her gently as I did before. Slowly, I changed my position. Kneeling between her legs, I slowly rubbed both hands up and down Monica’s inner thighs, enjoying the feel of her soft skin. I always been a leg man, and Monica has beautiful legs. I rubbed my hands over her inner thighs, up to her stomach and over the soft skin, up to her breasts. I gently, softly rubbed her breasts, looking into her eyes as I did so. A small moan escapes Monica’s throat.

Leaning over, I began kissing Monica’s thighs. Gently using my tongue, I licked and kissed her thighs and inner thighs, working slowly up towards her stomach. Continuing the gentle kissing and nibbling, I laid between Monica’s legs, my chest resting lightly on her pelvis area while I kissed and nibbled her stomach. My hands gently kneading her breasts as I continued flicking kisses softtly over her stomach. I moved further up, gently kissing and nibbling her breasts as my hands softly rubbed her sides and face. Monica closed her eyes and sighed.

“Uuuoooohhhhhh.” Monica moaned as I gently pushed sliding my big hard cock into her wet pussy, lightly kissing her as I did. She looked into my eyes as I began to slowly, thrust easily into her. As I leaned down to kiss her, she closed her eyes and returned the kiss.

I had my left arm under her shoulders, holding her close as my right hand softly stroked her hair. My lips touched hers in a long, soft kiss. Slowly, her arms moved up and around my back, pulling me closer as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my hips. I continued kissing her and massaging her body with my free hand. She returned my kisses as she rubbed the back of my neck. Her hips began moving in time with me as I slowly continued thrusting into her deeper.

” Ooooohhhh.” she moaned as she nuzzled into my shoulder. ” Oooohhhh.” These were not the moans of pain. They were moans of one body responding to another. Sikiş hikayeleri Moans of acceptance. ” Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh.” she continued responding to my gentleness. ” Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ooohhhhhhh.” she was moving in time with me, her pace increasing as mine did, her pelvic area grinding against mine. Monica felt the stirrings deep inside her. Slowly, she was becoming aroused. I was kissing and fondling her, moving in cadence with her as I felt my own excitement grow. I drove deeper into her like a pile driver and she responded, moving with me, driving her hips forward to meet my thrusts.

” Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!” She clamped her mouth onto mine, darting her tongue in and out of my mouth as I did the same. Their tongues intertwined as the pace of their thrusting increased.

” OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!” Monica moaned as she pulled me tighter against her. She felt the feeling of arousal growing inside her, felt her body responding more and more to my attentions. “OMG! OMG! OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO” Monica screamed as I thrusted hard into her.

” OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Monica groaned as her body was wracked by a multiple orgasms. Her entire body trembled, pushing me over the edge as well.

” Oh God!!” I moaned as I began shooting my load into her. Monica was still in the throes of her own orgasm as she felt the heat of my sperm filling her insides. The throbbing of my cock inside her caused her to groan as her orgasm began abating.

” Mmmmmm.” Monica sighed, holding me close, her legs still wrapped around my hips, as the trembling of her body slowly ceased. I collapsed on her with a sigh of contentment. I rolled Monica onto her stomach lying face down . I slid my hands up her long slender legs and rested them on her ass. “You have such a beautiful ass and I bet it is hot, virgin and tight. I parted her legs, tears began to fall from Monica’s eyes. Her legs were now spread obscenely, opening her pussy and her ass to me. “No! don’t fuck my ass”, she cried.

I looked at this beauty spread naked before me, her ass open, her anus peaking out. I eased between Monica’s thighs. “What are doing” she yelled. “Quiet down and do as you are ordered. My hands began fondling her ass. My hands slipped between her cheeks moving toward her anus.”Please not there, that will hurt.” My finger reached her anus and Monica cringed in fear as it began to enter her.”Relax your ass and let me have my way.”

My finger was dry and it hurt as it entered her. I pushed deeper into her rectum,”OOOWWW, that hurts, you’re pushing too hard.” I pushed hard and my finger plunged deep into her rectum until my knuckles hit her ass.”Tighten your ass on my finger. She grasped my finger, “Again, you are very tight.” She grasped my finger again. My finger pulled from her anus with a pop.

“First time to be fucked in the ass, Monica. “Yes, I would never do that, it would hurt.”

You look so good spread out and your ass is so hot Erotik hikaye and tight. I am going to fuck you in the ass. As you know I have a large cock, so it will tear your ass as I fuck you, but the blood will aid as a lubricant. I can go about 20 minutes so by the time I come up your ass, you will be very sore. As I pull my cock out of your ass, I want you to squeeze my cock with your ass muscles.

Monica felt me get back between her spread legs. I pressed my naked body aganist her. She could feel my big hard cock push between her cheeks of her ass, resting on her anus. My 14 inch long and 3 inch diameter hard cock rested on her anus. She began to sweat in fear.

I stroked her sides squeezing her breasts, “OOOWW, that hurts.” That’s nothing, wait untill my cock forces its way into your asshole.” Monica could feel me push up from her body and fist my cock placing it on her anus. “Your lesson is about to begin” and I began to push the bulbous head of my cock into her anus. My cock was dry so at the beginning, all it did was try to push into her anus. I lubricated my cock with KY gel and again pushed into her anus. It felt like a baseball bat was driving up her ass as I continued to push and pull back and push again, each time gaining a millimeter at a time.”OOOOOWWW, it’s too big, don’t stick into my ass,” she wailed.

I pushed harder and Monica’s anus gave up to the assualt and opened to the head of cock. “AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW, its tearing me, take it out, don’t push it in,” she yelled. You only got the head, wait until you get all 14 inches fucked up your ass. I am going to stretch you open, You better fuck back. I pushed another inch in, than out. The next thrust gained two inches, than back out. Monica’s asshole was bleeding from the assualt, adding lubrication to my cock for me to continue.

“Here comes all of it baby” and I pushed with all my might into her asshole. 14 inches of hard cock forced her asshole to open bigger then it ever did. Her asshole was stretched and torn to accept the fucking of her ass. I pulled my cock out to the head and than began the painful journey back up her ass. My cock was gripped tightly by her ass.I began to fuck her ass hard and fast, riding her. My cock thrusted into her deeper each time, causing her to cramp as it was forced to accept my hard cock. Each stroke of my cock brought a fresh batch of pain to her ass. Kelly felt my cock swell as I thrusted into her, I groaned as I exploded in her. My hot cum flowing like lava in her. I collapsed on top of her breathing hard in her ear. Monica was shivering and crying as I pulled my cock out. I went into the bathroom to clean up and got dressed.

I grabbed the pen and signed the contract. I started to grab her arm when she jerked away “Now I’ll need an earnest deposit from you John.” I reached for my checkbook in my pants and wrote a check handing it to her, all the time, thinking about the “Earnest Deposit,” that I had just given her.

While she got dressed she said, “Well hope you enjoy your new house and don’t forget to meet me here in two weeks so we can have the final inspection before settlement.” I was so exhausted, I just nodded my head while we walked down the sidewalk to our cars she winked at me and said, “Told you, it was a lovely house.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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