Merry Christmas to One and All_(0)

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Liz and Mike staggered in the front door of their living room. Liz flopped on the sofa and Mike sat on the floor in front of her. Both dozed off. They had been at the family Christmas party at Liz’s brother’s home. The drinks had been flowing and they were at their personal limit. The lights twinkled, soft Christmas music played from their MP3 player, and the usual cookies and milk were sitting on the mantle.

Mike snored on his back as Liz curled up on the sofa. Mike jerked awake when his heard a strange voice in the room.

“You have been a bad girl,Liz” A short pudgy man in traditional dress was looking at Liz as she lay with her legs spread and an obvious wet patch covering her downy pussy lips. “How are we going to change that?” An evil twinkle flashed behind the wire rimmed glasses that covered the intruder’s eyes.

“Santa” sat down on the throne that had appeared in the corner next to the tree. He pulled off his mittens and snapped his fingers Liz instantly became entranced. “Take your clothes off,” Santa pronounced. Liz began swaying in time with music. She slowly unbuttoned her white silk blouse and let it fall off her shoulders. Mike heard a faint “zzzzzzz” and watched as her short, blood red skirt dropped to the floor.

Mike tried to stand but four elves piled over him and pinned him in place. “Hmmmm. You Sex hikayeleri have been naughty as well,” a thick, sausage shaped finger pointed in mike’s direction. They sat there effectively mashing Mike in place. Santa snapped his fingers and Mike’s clothes faded as if smoke. He felt the cool floor against his nether regions and exclaimed,”What the fu***”. “Silence young man you have to atone for your indiscretions as well” Santa tugged out a scroll and read,

“Mike you had intercourse with your niece on multiple occasions. As did Liz. ” She reached between her breasts and unhooked her bra.

” You had sex with three men while on various camping trips. Two on training trips. And your uncle tonight in the basement when you supposed to be playing pool. While you were with your uncle Liz was sitting on her brother’s cock in the upstairs bathroom”. She opened her hands and her bra traveled down her body to pile up on her skirt.

“Then there were all the little indiscretions”. Liz touched her hips and lowered her silk panties until she stood naked in all her glory in front of Santa, four elves, and Mike. Mike tried to wiggle his cock in a better position as Santa told Liz, “Come sit on Santa’s lap”. His red satin trimmed in white fur pants disappeared and a large cock arched upward. Liz sat across his lap and gasped as his tool Sikiş hikayeleri split her pussy lips. Santa’s beard moved as he blew out a large breath of air. Liz rocked back and forth across his lap as she became more excited. Mike tried again to stand but Santa had another idea. The next finger snap removed the clothes of the elves and each moved into place. The biggest one was behind Mike and unceremoniously invaded him from that angle. Two of them placed their cocks in either of his calloused hands. The fourth elf walked up and slid his cock in Mike’s face and started moving his hips in and out.

Mike could hear his wife getting more excited as she rode Santa’s cock. Santa was not passive. He bounced his legs lifting Liz up then letting her slam back down on his tool. Their movement was a sexual dance Liz pushed out her chest pushing her pussy down on the cock under her.

Mike was becoming a more willing participant as well. The large elf behind him was a human machine. His hips moved in short hard thrusts that ended against his prostate. The cocks in his fists were hard as granite as he pumped each of them. The elf in his mouth had lost his load when Liz started riding Santa’s lap. The elves backed off in unison then Santa snapped his fingers and Mike landed on his back. The four elves returned to position and slid Porno Hikayeleri back into Mike’s available parts. Another crack of the bearded fingers and a naked female elf floated down on Mike and slid his cock home. Mike was covered with sexual partners and it was obvious he was not going to last much longer.

His dick twitched when Santa took Liz’s tits on at a time in his hands and kneaded the soft flesh. At light squeeze or flick of her nipple then Santa moved to the next. Santa dropped his hand between Liz’s legs and stroked her clit making her thrust down on his massive tool. Mike was responding to her excited moans and drove his cock into the tiny woman above him. The elf between his legs went off first. He sprayed his juices over Mike and the little lady sitting on him. Both his “hand” elves sprayed the elven maiden as she bounced on Mike. The one in his mouth coated Mike’s tonsils and they all faded like goats. The elf on his cock threw her head back and cried as she accepted Mike’s Christmas gift. She then faded as well. Mike moved to the sofa and stared as Liz went mad on the big cock filled her. She was babbling as she sprayed her juices into Santa’s lap.

The next thing they remembered was waking up naked on the sofa with several large boxes under the tree that neither remembered buying. Gone was any evidence of the intruders. The throne by the tree was gone. No small clothes were anywhere. And the milk and cookies were consumed. They both moved to the bed where they slept until noon. Then the opened all gifts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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