michell new interest part 2

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After Michelle and Sally discovered the attributes of a neighbor’s chocolate Lab Luka the story continues after Michelle’s adventures are captured in a journal.

FOUR Michelle’s New Interest 2.

It wasn’t long before I moved out of my apartment and found a small house with a tall wooden fenced back yard. My Vet told me that Blue was vulnerable to other male or fixed dogs. She asked me,
“How did you get this dog?”
I told her I got it from a abused dog rescue mission. She commented on what “different” breed he was and that she has never seen one before.
She advised me that he was herding dog and could be very aggressive toward strangers or groups.
I said, “I think he channels his aggression in other ways,”
“I have never seen him upset.”

We were enjoying our typical routine, I was bent over a small Victorian padded footstool and Blue was tonguing my clit to my asshole. His long snout would allow him to stick his nose in my ass and nibble or lick my labia and clit. I began to reminisce my first anal experience decided to give it another try. I could look under the footstool and see Blues purple tool at its best half exposed and glistening drips of nectar on the tip. As I gave him the signal of patting my butt, I had to get a hold of Blue’s dick before it was planted in my pussy.

The only problem was when I grab his dick he goes into hyper-drive and pump his hips like crazy. I did this once in a while when I didn’t want his knot in me and wanted a hyper-drive orgasm, which was totally different than him packing me to the max.

I decided to put my four fingers in my pussy so that Blue couldn’t get his dick in. He got the message right away, one hit on the back of my hand and the next in my tight ass. It was like he knew the difference, he pumped my ass with slower and longer strokes. As the pain eased I began to meet his thrusts and my fingers were making magic in my pussy. I could feel his dick pumping in and out of my ass with my fingers as they tickled my cervix. This was so good, slow smoldering orgasms peculated up as Blue knot was knocking at the door. I clamped down my sphincter muscles to keep his knot from entering me. Well, I just should have just grabbed his dick, because that sent him into hyper-drive and he started jack hammering my ass. So I reached around and grabbed that knot to keep it out of my ass and he went into hyper-drive heaven until my ass was filed with Blue’s boiling cum.

I had a wonderful home and a beautiful dog; things couldn’t have been any better. I rarely saw Sally anymore; I just went about my business. Until my doorbell rang un-expectantly one day, I looked through the peephole and saw my Vet Andréa. As I opened the door she said,
“Hi, I was in the neighborhood and saw your car in the driveway, so I though I’d drop by and see how you and Blue are doing. Is that okay?”
I was shocked and wondered why she would be here. We have had only the most professional relationship. I have only Sex hikayeleri been to her office twice with Blue and those visits were brief and unremarkable.
Andrea was forty-something, not tall with a small frame but not skinny. She didn’t wear make-up and her hair was a lightly graying auburn with that tan-peachy colored skin that some redheads have.
I opened the door wider and invited her in. I went in to automatic hostess mode, small talk and offering something to drink and serving iced tea. It wasn’t long before Blue bounced in the room checking out our new visitor. Andrea patting Blue on the head he caught a scent on her fingers and began to lick them. Andrea moved her hand away slightly embarrassed or nervous saying,”He must smell another dog on me.”

She began to question me about what I knew about Blues past history. I did my ‘best blonde’ and acted clueless. She went on about how odd it was for a dog to be de-clawed and to have filed down the pads on his feet.
I asked “Why would some one do that to a dog?”
She just kept talking about Blue’s particularities and then got to the part about his sheath being surgically adjusted. At that point she called Blue and he came right up to her. Andrea took a hold of his collar and pushed his rump down so he sat and then pushed his head down so Blue was on his side with his belly facing me in the next chair. She knelt next to him then sitting on her legs, she moved his sheath out of the way with two fingers and pointed out the finest line of a scar. Someone who was very knowledgeable about plastic surgery did this. She then pointed out how the sheath was reattached to form a tube to protect his penis. This was a very intentional surgery designed for a specific reason. While she was holding Blues sheath to show me his almost invisible scar his dick started to grow.
It’s one thing about this dog, touching his dick means it’s show time!
“Oh my,” Andrea said, I think he likes this.
She didn’t move her hand, she held his sheathed dick between her two fingers as his dick got bigger and bigger until it was about as big as it gets. She slowly slid back his sheath exposing his dick to the knot. She looked me square in the eyes and said,
“This was done to make it easier to have sex with him. This dog is designed for sex with humans. Do you know anything about that Michelle?”
I was squirming in my seat like a kid getting caught masturbating.
“Oh really,” was the only thing I could say.
Andrea was staring me down with those light green eyes but didn’t let go of Blue.
“Come here, let me show you something.” as she waved me over and patted the floor next to her. Not thinking I sat cross legged, Indian style right next to her. As I looked down at Blue I saw a wet spot on the crotch of my baggy shorts. I didn’t have any panties on so I guess she could get a peak of my shaved pussy if looked in that direction. I just pretended everything was okay and kept my eyes on hers.
Andrea slid back Blue’s Sikiş hikayeleri entire sheath exposing his knot. She began to explain how dogs tie to insure conception pointing out how the now swollen knot seals the joining. She gently picked up my hand and placed on Blue’s dick .
“See how warm and smooth it is.”
I froze in place, now only looking at and holding Blue’s dick, which was starting to twitch. I then felt Andreas touch on my pussy as the tip of her finger moved my puffy labia out of the way so she could get at my clit and my hole.
“You are so wet” Andrea said as she leaned over and lightly kissed me on the lips as she slid her finger deep in my pussy. I moaned and then she filled my mouth with her tongue. I let go of Blue’s dick and pulled her head closer to mine and returned her kiss. With her other hand she worked at my shorts to undo the snap. I didn’t know what attracted me so to this women. As our kiss ended she asked,
“You do know about sex with dogs, don’t you?”
“Well, I have seen some things on the internet” I said.
“Oh I think you know more than that my dear, this is only the second dog I have in my whole career that has been changed in this way.”
By now Andrea had my shorts undone and wide open.
” Lay back my dear,” as she held my shoulder and pushed me back.
I laid back on the floor and untangled my legs and if right on queue Blue’s nose was on my clit and began probing the depths of my folds with his tongue.
Andrea slid my shorts off and I let my legs spread open and enjoyed the moment. Andrea unbuttoned the shirtdress she was wearing to show all she had on besides it was a thong.
I decided to take control of the situation though difficult, pushed Blue away and stood up.
“If we are going to do this, I need to make some changes.”
I went to the door and locked the double bolts and closed the blinds.
“Please take your glass and pick up your dress and come with me.”
As I lead the parade Blue’s nose at my butt and Andrea behind him we went into the guest room.
The room had high rectangular windows at the roofline with heavy back out curtains. Double padding under the faux oriental print wall to wall carpet which hides stains well. A modest double post bed with small night stands with lamps and plenty of room around it. In one corner was a modern block style red leather covered foam rubber chair and in the other, a wing backed cloth-covered chair with a small needlepoint cushioned Victorian footstool. As we entered I cranked down the thermostat to 68.
“Please put your things on that chair,” pointing to the wingback chair and picking up the footstool. As I placed it on the floor in the middle of the room I gazed at Andreas body. About five one or two and flawless, smallish tits with puffy nipples she would have been a model if she was eight inches taller. Light freckles speckled her skin, she was in good shape but not muscular. I asked,
“What would you like to do?”
With a devilish grin Erotik hikaye she said, “Get to know you and your dog better.”
“That can be arranged.”
I slid the footstool out of the way with my foot and moved the red chair into the middle of the room. The chair is designed to accommodate various sexual positions. Kind of the same shape of an “M” with one point much lower than the other.” Please sit here” as I gestured to the chair. Andrea sat in the chair and I knelt down at the foot and reached up and slowly pulled her thong off of her. As she lifted her butt to let the strings pass her glistening pussy appeared. Not what I was used to, she had almost no pussy lips and the most protruding large labia with a clit as big as the tip of my pinky finger. Now it was my turn, as I spread her legs wide apart and reached in to tickle her flower. Her labia was thick and firm not at all like my soft and floppy one. I sank two fingers into her soaking hole as she thrust to meet them. I explored the inner regions of her pussy finally hitting her cervix she moaned in approval. My thumb worked her clit. I felt the hot breath of Blue over my shoulder, he was getting anxious.
I move away and finally with drew my fingers. Blue took my place devouring her pussy, lapping a way like a machine. Andrea was trembling all over so I decided to tweak those puffy nipples. I gently rubbed her tits as she gazed up at me with her mouth half open like she wanted to kiss. She had at least three orgasms in less than five minutes.

I moved around behind Blue and took a hold of Andrea’s legs just at her knees and gently pulled so she slid on the leather until her asshole was at the edge of the chair. Blue took advantage of the better access to her asshole. Andrea was hanging on by the small handles on each side of the chair. I could see Blues dick twitching and dripping pre-cum, 5-4-3-2-1. Blue hopped up between Andrea’s legs burying his dick to the hilt, knot and all in one clean stroke. Andrea shrieked with the pain of so much dick at one time but quickly began to meet his thrusts so hard the chair was rocking. I was getting so hot watching her do what I do almost every day. The best part of it is, that it gets better every time.

Blue dumped his load and was tied with Andrea’s tight pussy. I didn’t need to tell her what was happening. Blue’s head was lying on her chest grunting and gasping a wheezy breath as he deposited every drop in her pussy.
His first load of the day was always the biggest, that’s why I usually sucked him off first. Blue slipped out of Andrea and like a good dog began to clean up his mess. Andrea’s pussy was electric she couldn’t take anymore for a while.

I sat next to her and had to give her a kiss which she hungrily sucked my tongue out of my mouth. The chair is barley big enough for two but her slight frame made it easy. I had my arm under her neck with a hand on her tit teasing her nipple with my finger. She in turn and started probing my pussy with her fingers while kissing my rock hard nipples.

Andrea slid off the other side of the chair making more room for me. Blue was next to the chair cleaning himself as to say “Whenever you’re ready.”

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