Mind controled Janice Pt.13

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My name is Lauren I live with my partner James and we have two young children.

We have lived next to Janice for a few years and have become used to hearing her temper tantrums, lots of shouting though to us she has always been very polite. She is probably in her mid 50s and overweight.

I noticed what I think as unusual behaviour soon after we moved into our house. I have seen her walking in the street in the nude at least five times. The first time I was placing my daughter in the car and could see her walking up the full length of the street naked thankfully I was sat in the car when she reached us so I did not have to acknowledge her.

I think nudity for women in our street is a hobby as I have seen at least six other women from the street nude. I am not certain what is going on!

Janice I knew most be up to something, before lockdown I had on occasions observed other men and women visit her and on other occasions she was picked up by a van.

At night during lockdown a large van had park opposite our house two or three times and Janice in her nightie would cross the road from where she lived and climb in to the back of the van.

This event occurred in early January 2021 just before England entered its 3rd lockdown

The kids were asleep, James and I had just finished an energetic love making session. James has part of one arm missing so always sleeps on his back. He had nodded off to sleep and I found myself thinking about Janice, what was the reason for her been so brazen that she would walk the streets nude in daylight. I wondered if this was a night for the van to be parked up.

I gently slipped out of bed to look out if the window and yes the big black van was there. I wanted to see inside the van I wanted to see Janice I could not say why. It was such a strong urge that I pulled my gown on to coved my nudity, crept downstairs trying not to wake the kids.

I stepped outside and shivered it was cold, my feet were bare. I felt drawn to the van and even more drawn to Janice as though she was a magnet. I have never had sexual feelings towards a woman so it was a strange sensation. I crossed the road and paused; I was nervous of what I might find in the van but also excited about seeing Janice. I stood about a minute considering and fighting the pull to open the van doors.

The decision was taken from me one of the doors opened and Dave Robinson ‘Rob’ was looking out of the door.

Rob had been a previous owner of our house and had visited us once to see his old house. He was short Sex hikayeleri and fat, a creep and he smelt as though he needed a good wash.

I was surprised when he opened the door, Rob was naked.

“They said they would arrange someone,” he said.

I was surprised by that comment and not certain what it meant.

The van was warm, I noticed there were racks on the side of the van with, whips, chains, handcuffs and a range of sex toys.

On the floor was a large mattress Janice was laid on it. When she saw me Janice immediately stood up. My eyes were fixed on her I had never wanted a woman until now and I needed her. I didn’t know why this feeling had come over me!

She untied the cord of my gown so it slipped to the floor, we were stood naked facing each other. She kissed me her tongue in my mouth, within seconds we were french kissing, arms around each other.

We had both forgotten about Rob

The two of us embraced again and shared another kiss. I could feel Janice’s breasts against mine her nipples were hard. I enjoyed the feel of her tongue caressing mine, darting in and out of my mouth.

“Unnnghh…” I let out a little moan as Janice’s hands closed over my breasts. The she tenderly caressed them, squeezing them and running the tips of her fingers against my hard nipples. My breaths were shallow. I watched as Janice bent down and took my left nipple between her lips, gently suckling before switching to the right.

Her hands slid down, cupping my ass as she continued to kiss and suck on my breasts. My hips were gyrating now, grinding against Janice’s body.

We fell on to the mattress, she wasted no time straddling me, she leaned forward to share another kiss. This time, the kiss was cut short. Janice pulled away and pressed her lips against my neck, alternating between soft little nuzzles and playful bites.

Janice started sliding down, and I let out a soft little whimper of encouragement as I savoured the exquisite sensation of skin against skin. Janice returned to my breasts, showering them both with a flurry of kisses. By now I was gasping with each kiss, and when her lips finally enveloped my sensitive erect nipple, I let out an ecstatic cry. Neither James or previous boyfriends had ever made me feel like this.

“Ohh Janice” I hissed. “Please!, Ohhhhh my”

I suddenly became even wetter between my legs and I gasped feeling Janice’s hand drifting across my stomach, tracing down to pussy I opened my legs in anticipation.

She used one finger, and then Sikiş hikayeleri two, in my pussy. They slid up and down along my slick inner folds, dipping briefly inside for a moment. That feeling of her in my body wax intense. Janice withdrew her fingers now, eyeing the thread of clear viscous liquid that stretched between them.

“Lauren , you’re so wet!” She brought her slimy fingertips to her mouth and licked them clean.

“Janice I want you!” I pleaded, I was desperate to climax. My hips were rocking back and forth as those fingers returned to the space between my legs.

“Fuck me please!”

She slowly eased her fingers inside me, so slowly, teasing me, I let out another loud moan of pleasure. She began thrusting her fingers in and out, building a steady rhythm as she reached further inside me. She eased a third finger inside now and she began thrusting a little harder and faster.

“Oh yes right there…don’t stop!”

Her fingers were rubbing my sensitive inner walls and clit. I was crying out the feelings were so intense. I had lost all my inhibitions all control my legs and body were thrashing about.

“Unnnghh!” I heard myself cry out loud.

My climax came in waves, causing my back to arch away from the mattress. My pussy began to spasm, firmly gripping Janice’s fingers. My pussy juices ran.

And then it passed, I was panting and trembling.

“That felt amazing…I have never come like that ever.”

We paused and then kissed, I now wanted to pleasure Janice, my first time with a woman was turning into the best experience of my life. Our lips came together.

“I need you, I need to come,” whispered Janice.

She exchanged another deep lingering kiss with me. I kissed Janice all over her body feeling its heat and the softness of her skin. I fondled her breasts.

I paused. “Does that feel good, Janice?”

“Oh yesss…” Janice whimpered.

I began kissing her way down and across her stomach, distributing a barrage of butterfly kisses around her hip bones.

I leaned in and pressed my lips against the damp thicket. Janice slowly spread her legs open.

Another sharp gasp came from her as my tongue entered her cleft and a flood of wetness was released. It was earthy and pungent; the aroma of a woman in heat, Janice tasted wonderful. I ran my tongue around her opening prompting a volley of hard, delighted gasps from Janice.

I found her clitoris with my tongue this elicited a loud groan from Janice. Her hips were quivering.

By Erotik hikaye the quickly mounting tension of Janice’s body, l knew it was coming.

Her orgasm came at first as a series of loud cries. I continued licking, her back tensed and arched upward and my mouth was flooded with her liquid.

We relaxed for a moment.

Then Janice pushed me on to my back on the mattress her palms made contact with my breasts, tenderly cupping and squeezing the firm little mounds.

Janice kissed my neck and slowly worked her way downward; dragging her lips to my stomach.

“God, I can’t wait,” I whimpered “Go lower, please…”

and I opened my legs as wide as I possibly could. Janice’s head was straight between my spread legs. Her lips and tongue were hot and licking me.

The intensity was such that I started to lose control again. My hips back and forth, moaning and sighing with sheer abandon.

“Oh my God!” I cried.

I was panting now; rapidly sucking in and releasing breaths as Janice feasted on my juices her tongue rapidly licking and dancing on my clit.

I moaned and wrapped my legs around Janice’s head holding her to my pussy as I came, I came like never before, muscles shaking and clenching it seemed to go on for an age and I did not want it to stop,

I collapsed back on to the bed with Janice laid panting on top of me.

I knew it was time to go. I looked up surprised I think we had both forgotten about Rob.

He was grinning.

“That was great to watch.” He smiled.

We had obviously turned him on as he had a big erection.

As I stepped out of the van I looked back, Rob was pushing his erection into Janice’s open mouth.

I walked across the road in the nude and quietly slipped into the house. I laid in bed remembering what had happened and hoping for a repeat performance another time.

In the morning it was the usual chaotic routine of getting the family ready for the day. The events of the night seemed strangely distance as though they had been a dream.

I went out to my car ready for work, on the bonnet was my gown which I had left in the van, neatly folded.

Two days later James was away, and Janice came on joined me in my bed rather than the hectic passion of our meeting in the van this was a slower but still passionate session we spent several hours in each others arms kissing, exploring our bodies and reaching several climaxes each.

A few days later I found myself in bed with Janice and a neighbour called Jane we had a really passionate two hours together.

Over the next few days the memory of that night and the days have faded rapidly which is why I have written about what happened I feel I am about to lose that memory.

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