Mind Controlled Janice Pt. 07g

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Ava Addams

Kay and I arrived at the address Wayne had given us, it looked like a disused textile mill the only give away that it maybe anything different was the number of cars parked outside it.

I looked at Kay, like me she was dressed casually. Kay was in a short skirt button up white blouse and I knew she was not wearing any underwear. To me she looked stunning.

The entrance was down a flight of steps and just inside the doorway were a couple of bouncers. They looked us up and down, obviously decided a cool looking guy with an attractive leggy blonde in a mile high mini skirt and high heels both in their early forties were the kind of clientele they wanted, and let us through. A corridor with its red painted walls covered with pictures of men and women nude or all but nude in horny poses led to the desk where we received a warm welcome from Jo.

I was amazed to see Jo, I had no idea she was involved in group sex but her she was acting as the hostess. Jo’s day job was at the college.

“Wayne said you were invited.” Said Jo with a smile.

The other surprise was she was in black stockings and suspenders and nothing else.

Jo took us through a room the place was gloomily lit only by dim wall lights, all except for a raised platform in the corner lit by flickering red spotlights. Smoke was billowing from vents in the platform floor, making it look like a scene from hell. On the platform people were dancing to the music. Most of the dancers were nude, and the dark shadows of their pubic hair swayed hypnotically in the flickering red light.

We passed through the red room into a corridor with several doors leading from it. Jo opened a door and we entered a large room that was lit with pale green lighting.

The room was completely different to everything else we had seen in the building. The room oozed opulence. we could see a Jacuzzi in the far-right hand corner, four king sized beds to the far left, covered in red satin sheets. At the other corner sat several five-seater sofas, a striking brown colour. There was a stage in one corner of the room. Off the main room we walked in to the bathroom and were greeted with large mirror, posh sink basins and a large shower cubicle that could easily accommodate six people.

There was another room with casual chairs and a large table holding a mountain of food. “You can have sex anywhere except in this room,” explained Jo, “Here you can eat, drink and recharge your batteries.”

Jo left us and I looked around there seemed to be about fifteen women and at least thirty men. I realised that about half the attendees were from the college. Everyone was naked and engaged is sexual activities or talking.

Kay and I looked at each other, smiled and without talking we both undressed. I could tell by the look in her eyes that Kay was eager to start.

I noticed a couple had moved close to us. I recognise him as James who worked at the main college site. The woman was brunette with loose dark hair almost down to her shoulders, nude, ever so slightly plump in that way that escort kahramanmaraş bayan makes a woman look even more appetising, with big heavy breasts that swung sensuously as she moved, a big bottom and a neat little landing strip of almost black pubic hair above her vagina slit.

“This is Brenda, my wife,” James announced. I introduced Kay to them. I noticed the door at the far end of the room open and Janice, Wayne and Terry entered. Terry and Wayne quickly undressed leaving their clothes in storage boxes that were provided for the purpose of holding clothes. Janice was in her underwear which she quickly removed.

Kay and James had moved away from Brenda and me.

The smell of sex perfumed the air which turned me on even more.

I led Brenda to one of the king sized beds, there were two other couples on it but there was room for us. I was very soon fondling and kissing those magnificent breasts, I rolled on top of her and she spread her legs invitingly. She kissed me, took my cock and eased it into her juicy pussy. It was very lucky I didn’t shoot immediately. But I got control and pushed myself as deeply into her as I could, over and over. She was increasingly excited, alternately smiling and making small shudders. Her hands were now on my ass, urging me on. Her eyes closed, her back arched and her body trembled. I could feel a rush of more wetness around my still thrusting dick. Either she was having a massive orgasm or she was a great actress.

Before I could decide which, I cried out as I ejaculation into her. I can’t even guess how many ropes I shot into her. She started giggling, “Oh wow, I think you’re trying to squirt right through me!” I was totally, but temporarily I hoped, spent and out of breath. We lay together with my cock still buried in her pussy. There was another pulse and, I’m almost certain, another small shot of jizz before I slipped out of Brenda entirely.

Brenda was collected by Jason who I thought worked in IT. Before I could leave the bed Holly who was one of the college lecturers joined me on the bed.

Holly was a small Asian woman who naked looked stunning, her small breasts and buttocks were in perfect scale to the rest of her body. I kissed her breasts and could feel myself getting hard again. Holly took my expanding cock and began stroking it. I was fully ready, once more, in seconds. She gently pushed me onto my back and moved to straddle my body. Holly was fully concentrating on slowly riding my dick. I could swear I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock as she rode me. She was making mewing sounds that made me even more excited. Not sure how much longer I could last, I pushed up hard two or three times and she started to rise up and down increasingly fast with her pussy, grasping at my cock as she did. I knew I was about to explode. She was bouncing up and down on me furiously now. I was gasping for breath, with my entire body shaking wildly, until I came with every single thing I had. It seemed like I’d just escort kapalı gaziantep bayan fired my testicles and all right into Holly. She eased back as I quickly became softer and softer. Finally, she leaned forward to rest her face against my neck. I felt her biting softly as she whispered, “How was that?”

“Wonderful!” I replied.

I needed a rest so moved off the bed heading for a drink and a sandwich. I noticed on the next bed Wayne had for the moment claimed Kay and the two of them were making out. Next to them Janice was laid on her back with her legs wrapped around David Fell and on the same bed Peter M was having his way with a woman I did not recognise and across the room I could see Sandra on the bed being fucked from behind and another guy’s cock inside her mouth. Lisa was in the Jacuzzi being fucked by Mike Patterson.

I reached the rest area grabbed a coffee and was joined by Julie.

Julie was in her late 50s with a big body, though not the best looking woman she had a personality that bubbled and she made everyone she came into contact with feel happy, she was that type of woman.

Julie was not the sort of person I expected at these sort of events and I expressed that opinion. Turned out that it was the third orgy run by the organisation that she had attended. She was encouraged by both Terry and Wayne to attend and she was enjoying herself. Julie volunteered that both Terry and Wayne were previous lovers.

The room was getting busier are more people arrived. There were still many more men than women and many of the new arrivals were from the college.

Julie allowed me to escort her towards one of the beds but they were full with lovers.

“Get on all fours, on the floor,” he told her. Julie did so, getting on her hands and knees and looking up at me expectantly. My cock was hard and ready, I walked behind her and I could feel that she trembled at my touch as I caressed her ass, pulling her cheeks apart so that I could look at her little asshole. I was tempted to plunge into that puckered hole, Kay adored anal.

My hands began roaming over her back and her ass, squeezing at her flesh. Julie moaned, especially when my hands came around to her front and began squeezing her breasts. I pressed into her from behind, my cock rubbing along the length of her wet pussy.

I pulled one of my hands away from her breast in order to line myself up with her pussy, and I began to push into her from behind. Julie gasped as my cock rubbed the inside of her pussy. I pushed into her from behind, all the way until my groin met up with her ass cheeks, I could feel her ass pressing against my body.

Then I pulled out and slammed in again, taking her breath away and rocking her body, “Oh YES!” she cried out. My hands moved around and started kneading her breasts again, making her moan as she pushed back against him.

She lowered herself to her elbows, which had the pleasant effect of making her ass high in the air while she was in kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan a better position to be on the receiving end of my thrusts.

Liking her new position, I slid back, putting my hands on her hips so that I could admire the way my cock looked splitting open her pink pussy.

My cock started to slip in and out of her pussy as I fucked her. She had a climax squealing loudly. The jerking of her pussy muscles squeezed my cock and I delivered a load of cum into her.

We both collapsed breathless, and I decided to seek out the restroom again. Wayne was sat talking to Kay, Ruth and Janice they were sitting in chairs relaxing and chatting so I joined them. I soon found out Ruth was an old hand at these orgies having attended several with Wayne.

Janice was led to a bed by Ian T who was a higher education lecturer so while she was receiving Ian’s black cock I took Ruth to a bed with the thought of having anal sex with her and that the evening was still young.

I rolled Ruth onto her back, smiling she opened her arms and we enjoyed a long lingering kiss, our bodies entwined touching at every possible point. We parted briefly and she offered me her left breast imploring me to be rough, I took her whole nipple and aureole into my mouth and sucked in one long action, my mouth was full, and she gasped with pleasure. As I concentrated on her left breast, I grasped her right nipple between thumb and index finger and twisted with a squeezing action, her body spasmed as if hit by an electric shock.

Her legs fell apart and she drew her knees up towards her chest, I moved down and proceeded to apply gentle pressure to her whole pussy with my flattened fingers, until she produced her own pussy juices which lubricated her perfectly. She produced so much that there was an accompanying squelching noise as I introduced two fingers in search of her ‘G’ spot, flattened and upturned they found the place. I continued to apply an upwards circular pressure and she shook her head from side to side as a monumental orgasm approached.

I leant forwards and sucked her clitoris between my lips, she bucked and twisted like a woman possessed. In so doing she managed to give my temple a hefty crack with her pelvis.

During our frantic actions Ruth self-lubricated her asshole from her pussy juices, it glistened with the moisture and looked so inviting. I knelt between her legs and lifted her bodily to make her anus an easier ‘target’. I inserted my finger and proceeded to spread her nectar around to lubricate her asshole, to make the insertion of my now desperate member as trouble free as possible, her knees were across my shoulders and I again lifted her and positioned her bodily on my thighs my eager member pointing towards her ass.

I shuffled forward until the head of my penis came to rest against her anus, without warning I now thrust in one motion through her sphincter and rested for a moment in her warm rectum. Ruth had a smile on her face.

I commenced thrusting and soon neared my own orgasm as Ruth approached her own. As I thrust one more time into her inner being she bucked and rolled and nearly throwing me off, I emptied my cum into her as every muscle and sinew stiffen into a rigid demonstration of her pleasure, she emitted a long groan and slumped to the bed.

I did not know until later that Wayne had previously taken control of Kay’s mind.

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