Mira Ch. 2


Mira slowly came out of the fog of pleasure that surrounded her, feeling the night breeze flow over her exposed breasts, almost as erotic as the feel of Hiroshi’s hand still molded to her center. Never before had she been driven to such agonizing pleasure and satisfaction. Never before had she allowed herself to free her inhibitions in such a way to allow herself to be made love to in such a way, and outdoors in a public place no less!

Hiroshi’s hand traveled up her body, leaving her center feeling hungry for more of his touch, even as her body reveled in the sensations his wandering, caressing hand was evoking. His arm still cradled her against him as his other hand once again found the full round nipple and rolled it between his fingers, pinching lightly as he pulled on it, his lips tracing a path from her neck to behind her ear.

Mira moaned and arched into him asking for more. “Patience, Mira.” His whisper tickled erotically in her ear. His husky voice hinted at the pleasures to come. “There is more, so much more, but for now, we should compose ourselves. I do believe we have an audience.” Amusement sounded in his voice now.

Startled, Mira pulled her sweater down to cover her breasts and rearranged her skirt. Following the direction of Hiroshi’s glance, Mira spied two gaziantep grup escort bayan figures under a tree several yards away. A woman was down on her fours, her skirt hiked up over her back, her blouse on the ground next to her, facing in their direction. Her male companion was kneeled behind her, his pants down and in the processes of inserting his cock between her legs. It was obvious the other couple knew Hiroshi and Mira were there, and watching them, but that did not deter them. Fascinated, Mira watched as he slowly entered the woman and began rocking in and out of her, his hands grasping her hips. The woman kept her head up, staring in Mira and Hiroshi’s direction.

Her moans of pleasure were carried on the stillness of the night to Mira, and she felt her own body reawakening, her nipples hardening again, a new wetness developing between her legs. Her hand had found its way to Hiroshi’s cock which was hardening under his clothing. Impatiently she struggled to release it from its confines, and with Hiroshi’s assistance she finally had it free so that she could wrap her hand around it and move up and down his length. Emboldened by Hiroshi’s lack of denial and the other couple’s erotic actions, Mira sank güneyşehir escort bayan down to the ground and placed herself between his legs, lowering her hot, wet mouth onto his cock. Her lips closed around his thickness and she ran her tongue over the exposed tip of his penis, caressing it with her rough textured tongue as her hand glided up and down the shaft of his hard member. She bobbed her head up and down, keeping her lips tightly wrapped around Hiroshi’s penis as her tongue tickled and licked dancing patterns of pleasure along its course.

Hiroshi”s hands were on her shoulders and she could feel his fingers biting into her through her sweater as her mouth gave him pleasure. With her other hand she reached up and captured his scrotum, gently squeezing it, manipulating carefully the balls it protected. She took her mouth off of his cock long enough to lick its whole length, sucking the sides as she worked her way down until she reached beneath him with her mouth and sucked in first one ball then the other into her mouth. She gently sucked and ran her tongue over the prize she had captured with her mouth and Hiroshi’s sudden moan of delight and the shudder of his body told her that he was enjoying her ministrations.

Behind islahiye escort bayan her she could hear the frenzied yelps of passion from the other woman. She slowly allowed first one ball then the other to escape her mouth as she clasped her hand around Hiroshi’s cock, slowly but tightly pumping his as she turned to watch the other couple once more. The man was vigorously pumping in and out of his partner, his head thrown back, his body arching into her just as she screamed out her orgasm. He pumped into her a few more times then he too called out as his own orgasm shook his body. He held himself in her, his body jerking in release, before he collapsed down across her back, his hands reaching for and finding her swinging breasts and squeezing them.

Hiroshi pulled Mira up beside him on the bench, then readjusted his own clothing over his cock. “I think now it is time for us to go and find our own privacy.” He reached under Mira’s sweater and refastened her bra over her breasts. Mira thought about pulling her stockings and lace panties back up, but elected to take them completely off and carry them in her purse.

To get back to Hiroshi’s car they had to walk past the other couple, and as they did so, Mira saw that the woman looked to be in her fifties with salt and pepper hair and her companion was a man apparently in his early to mid sixties. The woman smiled at them as her male companion lowered his head to her breasts.

Hiroshi opened the car door for Mira and helped her into the car, again fastening her seat belt for her before going around and getting into the car himself. “Are we having breakfast at my home or yours?” he asked.

To Be Continued…

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