mom and her 2 boys part 2

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After she jack off her 2 boys she then got up and went to clean herself up. The 2 boys sat on the couch with there little cocks hanging out amazed of what just happen. She would return to the living room with just a small silk robe on that showed alot of cleavage from her big tits. The boys saw this and instantly got hard again. She looked down at them and said “you boys are hard again?”
The youngest boys said “well I really like it when you wear sexy things like that around. Will you wear stuff like that all the time mommy?”
She said ” sure baby anything for my 2 boys. What would you like to do now?”
They both look at her and said “will you suck our cocks for us mommy?”
She then got on her knees and told the boys to stand up. As she stroked there cocks with both hands she started sucking on one of them and stroking the other. She would do this for a little while and then turn to the other son untill they were about to cum. She then told them to get closer together and put both cocks in her mouth and stroke them at the same time untill they squirted in her mouth. The boys let out a moan and cum filled there moms mouths. She sucked a little more untill she got all of there cum and they both sat down after that. She was really horny and wet after swallowing both boys cum she sat right in the middle of them and started playing with herr pussy. She spread her legs wide and rubbed and spanked her pussy moaning louder and louder. She took one of the boys hand and rubbed it on her pussy untill she came. Jack the older son just watch as she made herself cum if front of them.

After that she told the boys to get dressed and she would make them some lunch. Jon asked her if she was going to Sex hikayeleri put on some sexy cloths and she said ” Yes baby for the rest of the day I will wear something sexy for you to look at.”
So she went to her room and found some sexy lingerie she use to wear when she was married but that was years ago. She tried it on and the thong fit very nice and it brought out her nice round ass. The see through bra she had was a little small and barely held her tits in but she wore it anyway. She new she needed more so she was going to got to a lingerie shop soon to get something sexy and hot for her 2 boys. She would got to the kitchen and start to make some lunch and the boys just sat at the table watching her every move. This turned her on and she love the fact that she could walk around in whatever she wanted to. After making a couple of sandwiches she sat down at the table to chat with them.
“ok boys what is something you want to do with mommy since we have a good relationship now?”
The boys just sat there and stared at her tits which were falling out of her bra and thought about what they wanted.
Jon said “Mommy I would love to do this all the time.”
she said “I know baby, we can now anything you want.”
Jack said ” Mommy can I rub my cock on your tits when I want to.”
“yes of course you can.”she said
“what about leting me put my cock in your pussy mommy.” Jack asked
“I would love that baby.”
She was getting horny just talking about what her boys wanted to do with her and she kept thinking about the endless possibilities of what she could do. All her sexual dreams could happen and she loved it. She loved being a slut for her 2 young boys.

After the boys finished Sikiş hikayeleri there lunch they went back to the living room and started watching Tv. She did the same routine as usual and put the dishes away and cleaned up the kitchen. Both boys were very tired and fell asleep on the couch. So she sat at the table and thought about how nasty and dirty she wanted to get. Lots of things went through her mind like letting them fuck her in her ass and her pussy at the same time. Playing with herself whenever she wanted to and even with things to masterbate with. Her pussy was getting wet just thinking about how nasty she could get and started looking for things she could put in her pussy while the boys were asleep. She saw on the counter there were some bananas and that was it for her. She grabbed on and spit on it and started rubbing her pussy with it untill she was readdy to fuck herself. She slowly stuffed her pussy with the fruit and bounce up and down on it, her tits bounceing up and down falling out of the bra that could barely hold them. Finally cuming on the banana she licked up her juices and put the banana back on the counter. Then she thought she need more sexy lingerie to wear. So she got dress in normal cloths and went out the door.
She would get some more sexy thongs and nice see through bras. Garter belts and some see through dresses. Of course she bought a couple of dildos and vibrators and alot of lube. She would get back home with all this stuff and the boys were sitting up still in the living room waiting for there mom to come home.
Jon said “where did you go mom?”
” I just went to get more sexy cloths for you boys to see me in.”
” Cool mom can you put one on Erotik hikaye for us now?”
“yes baby I sure can.”
So she went to her bedrooma and picked out a see through bra and a thong and garter belts.
She walks out to the living room and both boys are naked with there cocks hard. She said “you boys readdy for your slutty mommy?”
Jack said “mommy can you take off your bra I want to rub my cock on your tits.”
“ok baby you can cum on them if you want to as well.”
She unhooks her bra and both tits fall out and bounce alittle.
She gets on her knees again and he starts to rub the head of his cock on her tits. She slides his cock inbetween them and squeezes them together. “now move back and forth like your fucking my tits baby.”
So he did and he love the feeling it gave him. She looked back and saw jon playing with himself and she ask, “what do you want to do baby?”
He said ” I want to put my cock in your ass mommy.”
She love that so Jon layed down and she sat down on his cock. She knew he was still small so she was not worried about hurting her ass.
He slid right in to her ass and he moaned a little as she bounce up and down on his cock while jack was fucking her tits. Jack looked at his mom and said “I am gonna cum mommy!!”
she said ” cum on me baby, cum for mommy all over my tits.”
He then exploded all over her big tits cover them, and the younger boy was enjoying her sitting on his cock and was about to cum also.
After Jack was done Jon told his mom that he was ready to cum so she jumped off and made him cum on her tits also. She Jacked him off untill he came and added more cum. She loved it and rubbed it all overr her tits and nipples. The boys just stood there and watched as she played with there cum and she then told them to stay naked for the rest of the day.
She grabbed each tits and licked the cum off her tits and said to the boys
“I love your cum boys.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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