Mom Eyes The Kids Chapter Three

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Big Tits

Dan pulled his prick out of her very slowly, reluctant to leave that snug harbor. His long cock emerged inch by glistening inch. The fat cock-knob stuck in her cunt for a moment, then popped free like a cork from a bottle.

Her vacated cunt slot stayed open in a wide oval, retaining the outline of the prick that had molded it. Cunt cum and jizz flooded from her fuckhole in a creamy cataract, the tide breaking around her stiff cunt.

Dan’s prick stood out parallel with the bed, no longer so stiff that it was looming up at the angle of a full hard-on, but still taut, not drooping, either.

He slid down and lowered his face into her widespread groin, kissing her cunt and stirring his lapper around in her juicy pussy.

Her cunt flared and tingled. Her cunt was still steamy hot and as he inhaled he was breathing in the tantalizing fragrance of pussy perfume.

Diana still seemed horny to Dan.

And the last thing on earth that he wanted to do was to go away for the weekend and leave his lovely wife unsatisfied and frustrated.

It didn’t seem fair.

And, too, it was the sort of thing that was liable to lead to adultery, he reasoned.

He figured it was a good idea to suck her up to another cumming and began to munch her cunt with concentration, working on her clit and cunt together, then driving his lapper up her fuckhole in a French-kissing action as his lips nursed on her swampy slot.

Diana lay back, purring, enjoying the oral sex following the furious fucking. She knew that her doting husband was eager to satisfy her and it was tempting to cream off again, on his nimble tongue.

But Diana didn’t want to be satisfied.

Not yet.

Her lurid imagination had it all worked out, step by sordid step, and Diana wanted to be plenty horny, to start with, as she wrought her wanton ways.

She ground escort gaziantep olgun bayan her cunt gently on his devoted mouth for a while, but when she started to heat and tremble, she stopped moving and sprawled back, feigning fulfillment with a sigh. Dan raised his head out of her vee, his mouth all creamy and his jaws dripping with goo, lifting his eyebrows again.

“Did you cum again?” he rasped, slightly puzzled.

Usually when his wife creamed off, her juice poured out so heavily that there could be no doubt of it.

“It’s okay, darling. I had such a lovely cum when you fucked me. It should last me the weekend,” she added, with a mischievous smile.

Dan looked doubtful. But then he supposed that his wife was being thoughtful and unselfish, knowing that it wouldn’t be a good idea to be late in meeting his boss.

He shifted back and his prick loomed but, slightly stiffer than it had been when he’d gone down on her and his cumbags a bit fatter as they reacted to the stimulation of sucking pussy, as if the man’s tongue and balls were connected by some clockwork system through his body.

Diana twisted lithely down and held his slippery prick in her upturned palm, gazing at it with a smile.

Then her blonde head bobbed down and she began to lick up all the cunt cum and fuckjuice from his meat.

Her tongue slurped up and down his prick, laved his balls, then fluttered on his cockhead. She sucked the meaty slab into her lips and polished it to a luster. When she drew her mouth away, his cock-knob was gleaming like a wet purple gem stone.

Diana knew what she was doing – and why she wanted to do it, as well. She wanted her mouth to be as horny as her cunt, and nothing made her drool with more oral need than giving a guy half of a blowjob, especially when his prick escort bayan gaziantep oral yapan was soaked with cum and cunt cream.

But she didn’t want to finish the job and drink Dan’s next load, either – because she had other plans for satisfying her mouth now that she had made herself so hungry for jizz and pussy juice.

The experienced woman had judged it to a nicety, whetting her own appetite but stopping just before she had made Dan so hard and hot that she would have to finish the job as an act of charity, if nothing more.

As much as Diana adored drinking Dan’s cum, it wasn’t what she wanted today.

The cock-hungry woman gave his flaring cock-knob a last moist slurp, then shifted her face from his groin.

Her mood puzzled Dan. Surely she wasn’t turning into a cockteaser at this stage of her life?

“You’ll have to go soon, honey,” she explained. “You don’t want to keep Mr. Gordon waiting.”

Dan grunted, taking her point – yet regretting the fact that he would be chasing wild animals this weekend, when he could have stayed in bed with his wild wife.

He got up and dressed, having some difficulty stuffing his prick into his trousers. His cock had gotten big again in Diana’s mouth and his balls were beginning to recharge their virile vigor.

It was a good thing his woolen hunting pants were loose and baggy, Dan figured. If his cock stayed swollen, it would be mistaken for a pocketful of shotgun shells.

Diana got up and slipped into a frilly, semi-transparent negligee. In that sheer, sexy garment she looked even more desirable than when she was stark naked, her husband thought. Her big tit tips poked out in twin peaks against the slinky fabric through the material. Lots of sleek thigh showed below the hem and plenty of deep, smooth otele gelen gaziantep escort bayan cleavage spilled out at the low-cut neckline.

Again, Dan figured that it was stupid to go hunting – and only hoped it would lead to promotion, so that the weekend wouldn’t be a total waste.

Diana went downstairs with Dan and they had a quick cup of coffee together in the kitchen. By then it was time for him to leave. She walked him to the door.

She tilted her face up for a goodbye kiss. Their lips brushed casually and lightly. But then she couldn’t resist the impulse to feed him a tongue sandwich.

She wanted to make sure that she stayed horny.

And, although she knew it was cruel of her to send him on his way with his prick aroused, that couldn’t be helped. She would never have considered it if Dan had been going into the city, where frustration might well lead him into the arms of another woman.

But he could hardly get into any trouble in the woods with his boss, she figured.

In that, though, Diana was mistaken.

Because, although she didn’t know it, nor did Dan – yet – Mr. Gordon had some very strange ideas on what sort of duties merited promotion.

So did Mrs. Gordon.

Diana ground her sensual lips on Dan’s mouth and their tongues slid back and forth, entwining like moist serpents mating in a cavern. He held her around the ass and she arched, rolling her belly and bush against the outline of his hard-on through the heavy wool of his pants. Her nipples were getting explosive, her clit was throbbing and cunt cream was streaming down her inner thighs. His cock bucked like a bronco on her belly.

Diana knew that if she continued with this heated embrace, she was liable to cream off and Dan was quite at risk of shooting in his pants.

With a wistful sigh, she disengaged. Dan gave her a wry look and went out, walking rather awkwardly, his cock jutting out like a pole and his thighs bowed around his balls.

Diana stood in the doorway until her husband got in the car and drove off, smoke spilling from the exhaust in the crisp morning air.

It was still very early.

And that was good – because naughty Diana had a lot of things to do today.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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