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My mother-in-law was truly a beautiful woman with short blonde hair, curvy thick figure and C cup breasts (or maybe even larger). Not that I had ever noticed her figure before but that’s just to give you a description of her. At 44, she was much older than I was, whereas I was 24.

A year after my marriage to Sarah (my wife) my company transfer to Alabama and both my wife and I moved there. We only flew back home during the holidays whenever we could to visit her widowed mother.

So this summer we decided invite her mother to come over to Alabama. As I mentioned before Father in law passed away 4 years ago and we knew that besides out quarterly visits she was pretty lonely back in Michigan. Although, she has recently begun dating it was only casual and nothing serious (from what I heard from my wife).

Because it was a long road trip to come from her place to ours, my wife persuaded me to go pick her mom up and drive her back since she’ll need some help with the luggage and not to mention the fact that her mother didn’t like to drive. My wife decided to stay as she needed to prepare the guest room for her mom and we knew the road trip would take a few days including a stay overnight at a motel (at least it was cheaper than catching a domestic plane).

I drove over to my mother-in-law’s house the next morning and the journey took up the whole weekend. Since I had my own business- plumbing, renovation and electrical services, I had advantage when it came to taking time off work. My wife on the other had was an IT consultant and had strict working hours.

As I arrived at her place, my mother-in-law was packed and ready to leave. I walked up to her, gave her a hug, and began loading the luggage into the car. That’s when I realized what she was wearing. A simple summer dress under her overcoat, which was left partially open. Her big, full mounds were on almost full display and she wasn’t wearing a fucking bra! Now, I’ve always loved big boobs something my wife lacked in with her B cup breasts. Although she was athletic, and had a nice firm ass her breasts were just too small for me. Her mother on the other hand, while not entirely fit was chubby in all the right places with big boobs and a phat ass completed by a curvy figure over all.

As my mother-in-law walked up to the car, she almost tripped on the driveway due to her 2-inch heels. Luckily I caught her by the waist before she fell.

“Oh god thank you so much Jacob, these new heels have been tripping me up a lot lately. I’m just really clumsy.”

“Don’t gaziantep yabancı escort bayan worry mom-in-law, you know what? Just hold on to my hands whenever we have to make a stop and I’ll support you while you walk.” I replied, as I grabbed her smooth hands, guided her into the car, and closed the door. We were set for the journey! Little did I know how drastically things were going to change.

Starting the journey at noon, we made a stop for lunch. I’d hold my mother-in-law Rose’s hand and she’d lean in close to me for support her face just near my armpit. Walking together holding hands, I knew we looked more like lovers.

Finally, a few hours later, we stopped at a cheap hotel to stay for the night. Hearing almost all the rooms were occupied, we were lucky to get a room with two twin beds.

“Mom-in-law, is that okay with you? I mean we can continue and find another hotel but the weather’s getting worse as we speak.”

“That’s fine Jacob, it won’t be a problem. There are two beds anyways. Let’s check-in.”

Soon, we were walking into the hotel room that we had to share. It was a rather simple room with a bathroom and two beds however, there was no heating in the room and it was freezing cold.

Mom-in-law Rose immediately went to change in here night grown and slipped under the covers. I had a quick shower and then came outside clad in a towel to get some clothes as it was cold. I could feel Rose staring at my abs as I quickly grabbed a shirt and sweats returning to the bathroom to change.

Soon, we were both slipped under the covers and made some small talk but I could sense from her voice that she was shaking and cold.

“Are you cold mom-in-law? I mean I could always come over and our body heat can help to keep warm.”

“Uhhh…” My mother-in-law stuttered and did not reply

Regardless, I moved next to her bed and held her hand and it was cold. I sat on the side of her bed and started to rub her back through the cover. She was feeling better within a few seconds.

“Do you mind if I hold you in my arms? It’ll be much better that way”

My mother-in law didn’t reply but moved over and let me lean by her side, I put one arm around her shoulder and held her against me. We continued chatting, and after a few moments I slide another arm underneath her and held her tight to my body with the cover still between us.

As I did so, my lips accidentally brushed against her exposed neck and she gaziantep genç escort bayan responded by grabbing both my hands frantically. Instead of moving my lips away, I stayed in that position and my cock was now rock-hard. I slowly moved my cock against her butt rubbing gently against it and she did not move an inch.

Next, being adventurous I gave her a kiss on the back of her neck and blew some warm air on her neck. She finally responded by kissing my arm.

I was getting excited as every moment passed, and I let go of one hand and start rubbing her shoulder and her side.

“I’m getting cold Rose, can I slip under the covers?”

I could hear her shudder as I called her by her name and she replied softy,

“Yes Jacob.”

Immediately, not wanting to waste a second I slipped between the covers next to her, we returned the same position but this time there was no cover in between us.

I kept rubbing and caressing her shoulder and back. Now I could feel her silky smooth skin of her arm against mine, which sent electric pulses directly to my groin. I slowly started rubbing my hard raging hard on against her butt and she stayed still. I gave her another kissed on the back of her neck and we were there lying like two lovers –husband and wife- on the bed.

Then she kissed my arm again and this time I responded with series of wet hot kisses on her neck and shoulder. Again, I pushed my hard cock against her butt for her to feel my very very hard member.

I could feel that her excitement and arousal through the goose bumps all over her arm. I was still rubbing her shoulder, decided to stop on her bra straps (which she changed into while I was showering), and traced the contour of the straps through her nightgown.

She said nothing so I started from the top of her shoulder to the back and slowly went back up her shoulder and down her front. I stopped a while where the bra strap ended on top of her right breast.

I gave her another kiss on her neck and lowered my whole hand towards her breast, surprisingly she moved her arm so as to giving me full access to her right breast. I was in heaven, here I was holding Rose’s humongous breasts which were twice the size of my wife’s breasts

I was held and caressed her ample soft melons, I could feel her nipple harden. I kept kissing her neck and this time I was almost sucking on her neck, and ears giving her hickeys to make what was mine.

She turn around to face me and gaziantep gerçek resimli escort bayan looked at me in eyes intently. I placed my lips on hers and she responded right away with a kiss, without hesitation I slide my tongue into her mouth dominating the kiss and she opened her mouth in submission.

I held her in my arms as we made out for another half hour. We were not cold anymore.

“I’m gonna take my clothes off Rose.”

She helped me and in a jiffy I was down to my boxers under the bedsheets with mother-in-law Rose.

She caressed my chest and abs feeling the hard muscles.

“Your body is so hard and sexy Jacob!” my mother-in-law exclaimed.

“It’s all for you babe. And you have a gorgeous body Rose, I could play with your tits and never get bored” I replied.

I now reached down under her nightgown and unclasped her bra releasing both soft ample breasts.

I grabbed her left breast and started devouring savagely on her hardened nipple. Her large pink areola looked utterly delicious.

She would make some audible soft moan of pleasure. I then reached for the other breast and serviced it as if it deserved to be cherished.

I could not resist anymore. I slide her nightgown off her shoulders and pulled them down, my mother-in-law was now naked with me under the bedsheet.

I could feel her soft silky skin against mine and we went on kissing and tonguing each other again for a long time. To my surprise my she reached into my boxers and grabbed my rock hard 6.5 inch cock. I could feel her soft warm hands and fingers on my cock as she gave few strokes and then grab my balls.

In the meantime I was playing with her busty rack.

I lower my hand between her legs and she was all wet. Her hairless pussy was soaking wet and I could smell her arousal. I decided I wanted to taste her juices, and I lowered myself onto her, moved down her tummy with my tongue and slowly worked my mouth and tongue to her pussy.

I then proceed to remove her panties and she lifted her hips up to help me remove her panty, I buried my face right away into her pussy and start licking all her juices.

She smell great down there, and I licked her pussy and moved to her inner thigh. I would then returned back to her pussy.

I now came back to her pussy and concentrated more on her pussy lips and clitoris.

I could feel that she was to the verge of an orgasm, so I keep pressing my mouth to her pussy as I fervently licked and tongued her rosebud. As her gasps and moans grew louder, she became a writhing mess rocking her hips from sides to sides while I held her in place.

“Ahhhhhhhhh Jacob…oh god please don’t stop.” She screamed and finally came into my mouth.

After her orgasm, she want panting and lay on the bed with her legs still spread apart, as I licked the remaining cunny juices.


To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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