Mrs. Cole Ch. 07

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Big Tits

The first several weeks of college passed in a blur of new friends, difficult classes, studying, and the occasional party. Mike found himself generally too busy to be homesick even though this was really the first time he had been away from his parents and hometown for more than a couple of nights.

His biggest adjustment to college was the general lack of privacy of dorm life. He went from having his house to himself virtually every weekend to having to share a small room with another person all the time. Fortunately, he and his roommate got along pretty well and enjoyed hanging out together.

He kept in regular e-mail contact with Gail. Mike thought about her often and jerked off to memories of her and of their encounters whenever he had the chance. He always read her e-mails carefully hoping she would type something “dirty” to help him pass the time until her first visit. She never did, however, and her messages were always very friendly and warm but never gave any indication of the type of relationship they shared.

He had suggested she come for a visit many times previously, but she had always replied that it wasn’t the right time yet. Finally, she mentioned having a free weekend and being able to come for a visit in one of her messages. He rapidly hit the reply button and typed a message saying he would love to see her. Over the course of a few more e-mails they made plans for her to come and visit him the following weekend.

The last few days before her visit passed slowly for Mike. He had a harder time than usual keeping up with his studies as he kept thinking of her and of what they might do together.

Gail had been trying hard to keep up a cool front for Mike, but the truth was that she was as eager to see him as he was to see her. Their last encounter with Roger had been beyond anything she could have imagined possible. She and Roger often discussed that wild weekend and they both decided they wanted to do it again.

Despite what she had hoped, Roger ended up having to work this weekend and so was not able to join her. He still urged her to go and told her that he wanted to hear every last detail of their escapades when she returned. As Gail had hoped, opening up their relationship with Mike and having all three get involved with each other had lifted any jealousy that Roger might have felt. He almost seemed excited to have her visit Mike without him so she could come back with all the lurid details.

Gail’s excitement grew as she drove to her old college. She and Roger had been fucking like newlyweds ever since she had “introduced” Roger and Mike. In fact, they were probably fucking more now than when they were actually newlyweds. Despite that she still longed for Mike’s young, eager body and was anxious to feel him inside her once again.

She hadn’t been able to leave until late so she didn’t arrive at his dorm until a little after 9:30pm. He waited for her outside the main entrance and quickly jumped into her car wearing a huge smile when she pulled up. They kissed quickly and she drove straight to the hotel where she had made reservations.

The desk clerk raised an eyebrow when she checked in. The clerk was used to parents visiting their kids and was surprised when Gail confirmed she only needed a room with one king bed. Gail felt a little self conscious as he obviously had thought they were mother and son. She took the key from the clerk and walked upstairs with Mike.

They had barely closed the door before they were in each other’s arms. Their kiss started hard and wanting but became softer and gentler as they both realized the long awaited moment was at hand and they could take their time. Mike felt her tongue slowly slide across his and he moaned when she pulled back slightly and ran her tongue over his lips making a complete circle before dipping back inside his mouth. He returned the kiss and let his own tongue wander in lazy circles across her soft lips. He felt her beautiful white teeth under his tongue and again let his tongue dance softly with hers.

Eventually he pulled his tongue away from hers and began to softly lick and kiss her neck and ear as she groaned and caressed the back of his head. He let his hands drop to her ass and began to caress her through her skirt. The soft feel of her ass under her skirt made his already growing cock twitch. He continued caressing her ass and softly teasing her neck with his mouth as he led her over toward the bed.

They continued their slow and sensual kiss as they lay together on the bed. Eventually they began to remove each other’s clothes until Mike slipped Gail’s nylons off her legs and paused to watch her naked body next to him.

She slipped her hand down his chest and stomach until it reached his hard cock. She slowly wrapped her fingers around its base as Mike groaned and rolled onto his back. Gail sat leaning over Mike letting her tits drag teasingly over his cock. She started rubbing the tip of his cock around and around her nipples until they began to stiffen. Mike was overwhelmed jigolo escort gaziantep with the sensations and lay still watching her intently.

He watched excitedly as Gail positioned his cock between her tits and squeezed them together. He began fucking her tits as Gail licked at the tip of his cock whenever it drew near her mouth.

As much as he wanted to fuck her tits until he came all over them, Mike needed to taste Gail’s sweet pussy. He sat up and laid her back down as he dropped his head between her legs. She moaned deeply when his tongue touched the folds of her pussy and he began exploring her. He dipped his tongue inside her and savored her taste and smell as she groaned again. He could have licked at her for hours but after only a few minutes she held his head between her hands and pulled him up toward her face.

“Fuck me,” she simply said as Mike moved between her spread legs. He quickly positioned himself and drove his entire length inside her pussy. “Yessssss,” she hissed as he paused to prolong the experience of the wonderfully warm, wet feeling of her pussy surrounding him.

He started fucking her at a slow, measured pace to keep himself in control. Gail began moving her hips in unison with him and they easily fell into an almost effortless rhythm of practiced lovers. Gail slipped her hands under her knees and used them to hold her legs wide open for him.

Mike was determined to make Gail cum first so he slipped his hand to her clit and began to tease it as they continued fucking. She moaned louder and faster as he kept his fingers busy teasing and tickling her clit. She lasted a couple of minutes before she gasped, “Oh Mike,” and starting cumming. Her pussy initially clenched tightly around his cock and then slowly relaxed as it spasmed and twitched throughout her orgasm.

Seeing and feeling her cum, Mike moved his hand away from her clit and used it to support his weight as he began driving his cock into her faster and harder. She grunted in unison with his thrusts and he fucked her faster and faster until he couldn’t contain himself and he began filling her pussy with his cum.

He cried out loudly as he shot load after load into her. He felt his cum surrounding his cock and could feel their combined wetness seeping from her pussy. He slowed his thrusts but continued fucking her until he was completely spent. He stopped and lowered himself onto her enjoying the feeling of her naked body.

Gail wrapped her arms around her young lover and held him close as she felt his cock slowly shrink inside her. She thought about the rest of the weekend and how she planned on making him hard again and again.

She thought about taking his wet cock out of her right now and sucking it until he was ready to fuck her again. She imagined tasting herself on his cock and briefly thought maybe she would just suck his cock until he unloaded his cum in her mouth.

Before she decided what to do she heard Mike’s breathing change as he had fallen asleep on top of her. She softly rolled him off of her and felt his cock gently slip from inside her. She smiled at Mike as he continued sleeping soundly. She cuddled up beside him and gently played with his wet cock as she relaxed and listened to his deep breathing. She eventually drifted off to sleep beside him with her fingers still resting on his cock.

A loud knock on the door woke them both in the morning. They had forgotten to put out the “do not disturb” sign and the maid was just starting to key herself in when Gail opened the door and politely told her to come back much later. She shut the door and moved back to the bed wrapped loosely in a blanket. She let the blanket fall to the floor as she slipped under the covers and pressed close to Mike.

They lay together and snoozed for a while longer before they both started to wake up again. They finally got up, showered, dressed, and went downstairs for a leisurely breakfast. After the plates were cleared Gail said, “I was hoping maybe you could show me around the campus a bit. It’s been a while since I’ve just walked around and I’d like to see your classrooms and hear about how you are doing.”

Mike agreed and went back upstairs briefly to grab their jackets. The hotel was close to campus but still a few minutes walk at a brisk pace. They were in no hurry and it took them nearly 15 minutes to reach the edge of campus. They walked through the various courtyards and as they reached buildings where Mike had classes he took her inside and showed her around. They passed a few hours this way, strolling or sitting on a bench outside. Gail was very interested in Mike’s classes and life at college and he told her about everything.

“Do you do any studying in the library?” Gail asked. Mike said he sometimes did. Gail continued, “I used to love studying in the cubicles, I wonder if they have changed?” They got up and began walking toward the large library. Mike had no idea what the cubicles were and was curious when gaziantep lezbiyen escort bayan they exited the elevator and he saw a long row of small rooms, each with its own door.

Gail smiled when she saw the row of tiny rooms. Back when she was a student here she occasionally used them to surprise her boyfriend when she was feeling particularly horny or naughty. She got excited thinking about surprising Mike as she led him to one of the doors. In a very quiet whisper she told him these were great places to do serious work, but they needed to keep really quiet as the people there studying wouldn’t tolerate any noise.

They both entered the small room and had to stand very close simply to fit. The room had a built in desk along one wall and a small chair. It was empty other than that and only a small square window in the door allowed any contact with outside the room.

Gail had been carrying her jacket since they entered the library and she turned and hung it on the small hook above the window completely blocking their limited view. She was now very excited in anticipation of what she was about to do.

Gail turned to Mike and held her finger up to her mouth in the “keep quiet” gesture. Mike didn’t understand what she meant but let her guide him over to and up on the desk. Gail sat on the small chair in front of him and looked up at him for a brief moment before she carefully took the zipper of his pants between her fingers. She slowly pulled the tab down and silently unzipped his pants. Mike’s heart was thumping hard with excitement and he was afraid someone might overhear his beating chest or excited breathing and interrupt them.

Gail smoothly slipped her fingers through the open zipper and located the opening in Mike’s boxers. Slipping her fingers inside his boxers she softly guided his cock out of his pants.

She leaned forward and slowly brought her lips to his partially erect cock before parting them and letting them slide over the tip of his cock. Mike’s body tensed and he stifled a moan as Gail teased his cock with her lips and tongue. Mike quickly grew to full size in her mouth and she continued sucking him.

Mike could hear people shuffling past in the hall and could hear the occasional rustle of paper or some other noise from the neighboring rooms. It excited him to have Gail sucking him off so close to so many people, but he was sure that someone would catch them at any minute.

Gail expertly teased and sucked his cock until she was so excited she needed to feel his hot cum fill her mouth. She changed techniques and began using her lips more and tongue less as she moved her head up and down. His slick, hard shaft smoothly slid through her lips. Mike gripped the edge of the desk tightly and prepared for his rapidly approaching end.

Mike let out a long sigh and gritted his teeth hard as he started cumming. Gail tightened her lips around his cock and let him fill her mouth, finally swallowing a couple of times to keep his cum from overflowing her mouth. She didn’t want any evidence of their encounter left behind so she greedily drank all his cum.

Mike continued cumming and Gail held him in her mouth until he was completely drained. She carefully let him slip out of her mouth before holding his cum on her tongue for just a few seconds to savor her lover’s taste. Finally, she swallowed it down with a wicked smile for Mike.

She pushed her chair back against the wall and stood up. Mike stood up off the desk and returned his wet cock back inside his pants. Gail kissed him softly and he could taste his cum in her mouth. He tried to caress her tit but she deflected his hand and winked at him before she picked up her coat and opened the door to their cubicle. They exited the library holding hands and laughing.

They passed the next hour or so strolling through the main shopping district of town. Their last stop was at a coffee shop before they began a slow walk back to the hotel. It was only the middle of the afternoon but Gail said she was tired from all the walking and wanted to relax in their room. Mike was anxious to “repay” Gail for the surprise she had given him at the library and happily agreed to return to the room.

Soon after they entered the room Gail said she could use a soak in the tub to refresh her legs. Mike waited as she disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. He heard the water start to run in the tub and Gail soon reappeared wearing one of the complimentary white robes that had been left in the room.

“Care to join me?” she teasingly asked Mike as she tossed another white robe at him.

Before Mike could even answer she stepped back into the bathroom. He quickly stripped and put on the robe. He pushed the bathroom door open and entered to find Gail sitting on the edge of the tub waiting for him.

The tub was oversized and had jets in the sides to create a whirlpool effect when turned on. The steam from the hot water in the gaziantep escort masaj salonları tub was already rising and starting to fill the room.

Gail stood as Mike moved over to her and they embraced in a kiss. Gail’s hands moved to the knot holding his robe closed and she pulled it open. He stepped back slightly and Gail moved her hands up to his shoulders pushing his robe open and finally off his shoulders. He watched as she then untied her own robe and slowly opened it for him. She stepped toward him and continued their kiss after she let her robe drop to the floor next to his.

He climbed into the large tub first and leaned back against the wall as Gail flipped on the switch to activate the jets. She climbed in and sat in front of him between his legs so her back leaned up against his chest.

Mike’s semi-hard cock pressed against her back and ass as he wrapped his arms around her. They sat silently together for several long minutes. The feel of her soft, wet skin soon became too much for Mike and he moved his hands up to her shoulders and started to give her a massage. Gail sighed heavily as Mike’s hands started rubbing her shoulders and neck.

Mike took his time massaging her and asked her to lean forward so he could continue on her lower back. He rubbed her back over and over for a very long time before he moved his hands to her sides and slipped them under her arms. He started massaging her side but both of them knew his ultimate destination.

His hands soon moved around and caressed Gail’s soft tits. Gail moaned and leaned back against him as Mike’s hands began teasing her already hard nipples. Gail reached behind them and put her hands behind Mike’s head. She rubbed his hair and scalp as he continued his sensual massage on her tits.

His cock was now completely erect and was pressing against her back as she leaned into him. She loved feeling his excitement and thought about moving so she could take care of his hard cock, but the wonderful feeling of his young hands caressing and exploring her held her in place. She loved the sensuality of being with Mike like this and getting the chance to reconnect with her young lover after many weeks apart.

After much more rubbing and caressing Mike’s hands slowly moved down Gail’s stomach toward her pussy. Gail shifted slightly and spread her thighs apart as Mike’s fingers searched for and found her clit. Gail groaned as Mike teased her already excited clit with his fingers.

Mike held two of his fingers together and slipped them inside Gail’s wet pussy. He slowly fucked her with his two fingers before adding a third and continuing his fuck. Gail leaned her head back on his shoulder and closed her eyes as the feeling of Mike’s fingers fucking her quickly drove her to the brink of orgasm.

As he fucked her with his right hand Mike slipped his left hand back up toward her tits and circled her hard nipples with his fingertips. Gail responded with a lusty moan and Mike increased the tempo of his fuck. Gail moaned, “Oh yes,” and started cumming.

The water in the tub splashed back and forth and over the side onto the floor as Mike’s arm kept pumping into Gail’s pussy and she wriggled and swayed as she came. When her orgasm passed Mike let his fingers slip out of her and he again moved both hands to her tits. He softly massaged and caressed them as she leaned against him and basked in the aftermath of her orgasm.

They stayed in the tub for a while longer until the water began to cool. Mike’s cock was still rock hard and he hoped she would provide him some relief soon. Gail, however, had decided to make her young lover wait a while before she would attend to his excited cock. As they climbed out of the tub and began toweling off Mike’s hard cock stood straight out in front of him. Gail looked at his cock and said, “It looks like you could use some cooling off.”

Mike took this as his sign and moved toward her hoping to fuck her. Before he reached her Gail held out her arm stopping him in front of her. She looked into his eyes and said, “Patience lover. No need to be in a rush. Good things will come to those who wait.” She then leaned over and picked up his robe before handing it to him and putting her own robe back on.

As they left the bathroom she suggested they get dressed up for a nice dinner and evening on the town. Mike agreed as he was ready for something to eat although he was disappointed this would delay the opportunity to fuck her. He changed quickly and then sat and watched TV as Gail finished fixing her hair and putting on her make up. When she finally appeared from the bathroom Mike knew the wait was worth it.

Her short hair was as perfectly done as it always was. She wore very light make up but the shade of lipstick was just a bit darker red than she usually wore and it made her lips look very sexy. He fantasized quickly about what his cock would look like between her deep red lips.

She wore a pair of maroon high heels, nylons, and a maroon skirt that matched her shoes. The skirt ended several inches above her knees and had a slit that went several inches higher up her left thigh. Her cream colored silk top had buttons up the front with the top two buttons left open. All in all the outfit wasn’t all that much different from what he had seen her wear to school many times before, but there was something just a slight bit sexier about her tonight than she had ever looked at school.

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