My Cousin Raped Me At Just 10yrs Old

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For a few weeks i had been spending every weekend at my grandma and grandads, friday till sunday. But very early one sat morning about 2.00 – 2.30 ish, my cousin John came into my room and climbed into the side of my bed with his pajarmas on. I awoke but was scared to make a noise in case i woke grandma and granddad up. My cousin John aged 18 told me to watch what he was doing, i looked down at him and he was wanking himself off, he had a very big and fat penis, it was the first time i have ever seen anything like it im my life. He then asked me to take over and finish wanking him. I was scared but i did, as i was doing this my cousin was rubbing me between my legs with his fingers and playing with my little breasts. I didn’t know what was happening, after all i was only 10 years old. Eventualy my cousin was making moaning sound and then all of a sudden i seen this white coloured liquid shoot from his penis, my hand and fingers was covered in this white liquid. I wondered what it was, his breathing was very heavy and he made a noise and then said mmm, thats it ive finshed, i just found my self staring at his penis and at this white liquid stuff what had shot out.

After this happened he lay there for a while by my side and then he got up and then got a towel which unknown to me he had brought Sex hikayeleri into the bedroom when he had sneaked in. he placed the towel under my legs and bum. He then removed my pajarma bottoms and opened my legs, i was wondering what was going to happen here. i could see his penis was hard, he then got over the top of me and placing his penis near my vagina. He told me everything will be ok, he the penetrated me fully, i cried with pain and he said shush Kerry everything will be ok, i was still crying and he then started to thrust in and out of my vagina. The pain was terrible and i was crying. It seamed like he was going faster and faster, in and out of me with the more i cried. Eventually he made a noise far greater that before then he was not long before he stopped and pulled out his penis from my vagina, i could feel like a fluid running from in between my legs.

He told me we had just had sex together and not to tell anyone, he got up and pulled his pajarmas up and took the towel with him and went out of my room. I was very sore and still crying slightly. After a while i went to the toilet to clean myself up. I was very sore and still bleeding slighly, plus id got this white liquid running from my vagina, unkown to me my cousin had broke me in and took my virginity from me.

The Sikiş hikayeleri day after nothing was said between us, but he did keep looking and staring at me. After a few times my cousin John kept coming into my bedroom having sex with me, eventually i got to like it and started having orgasms myself and even at times i got on top of him, we even did oral sex with each other at times, he had to show me how to do it, but i soon got the hang of it. He never used a condom with me until one day i started my period, then once i told him about my period, he started to wear a comdom with me. My cousin also had a steady girlfriend at the time all this was going on, which i found a turn on for me, because even though he was seeing her, he was still having sex and doing things with me also, unknown to her, he would even tell me the things he had done with her.

It wasn’t for a while after all this started, me and my cousin started to kiss each other, wiered i know, one would think he would probabley kiss me the first time he made me have sex with him.

At times when i went back home after the weekend, i would masturbate thinking about what we both did together, this whole thing with us went on for about 6 – 8 months. Untill one day i decided i didnt want to do this anymore, i Erotik hikaye felt it was so wrong of us both, so i stopped it and stopped going to my grandma and grandads house to sleep over. Even to this day i still get turned on thinking about what we both did together, i get very very wet at times and still sometimes masturbate over it. Sometimes even now, i even regret stopping it with him.

The thing i find hard is when we all get together for family gatherings, i find myself still looking at my cousin and remembering only to well what we did, we never talk about it, but i know with that look in his eyes he remembers only to well what he did. I am now 36yrs old but remember everything as though it was yesturday. Ive told my husband recently about this and how i still get turned on over it. My husband also gets arroused when i talk about it. Anthony ( my hubby ) even tells me to think about my cousin at times when he gives me oral or has sex with me, this is a great turn on for me and Anthony especially when we do things in the dark. lol.

But i don’t always tell my hubby when i do masturbate over my cousin, i generally do this when i go in the bath or when i goto bed before my husband comes upto bed. The biggest turn on would be to have just one last night alone with my cousin and re-live what we did together. But i know that will never happen because he is now married and has children.

Hope you all enjoy this story and don’t think to badly of me for the way i feel towards my cousin !!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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