My Daughter’s Sleepover


My daughter, Liz, was having a sleepover with two of her best friends. I am a single father and have raised Liz on my own for most of her life. I have a pretty relaxed attitude toward most things including the topic of sex.I tell my daughter that she can talk to me about anything and that sex is nothing to be ashamed of but she should always feel safe with a partner and exercise caution.That is why I was not surprised when she came to me to ask for permission to go on the pill. She expressed concerns about regulating her periods, but I was also happy with the added protection it offered her if and when she did decide to have sex.I have never crossed a line or groomed my daughter but I’m still a horny male and she does enter my fantasies occasionally. And having three eighteen-year-old girls running around my house in their skimpy nighttime attire had my hormones raging.I did my best to keep my cool whenever one of them would pass by me on the way to the kitchen or restroom, but on the inside, I was as giddy as a schoolboy again.I decided it would be best to hide away in my office before my lust got the best of me.As I headed toward my office I had to pass by my daughter’s room. Her door was cracked open slightly and I could hear the sounds of talking and giggling.I fought the urge to peek inside as I passed when I heard the word ‘penis.’I stopped in my tracks and listened outside her door.“How big was it?” asked one of the girls.“I don’t know, not very big, I guess,” said the other.“Did you touch it?” asked my daughter.“No way!” she protested and the other girls broke out in laughter.“I wish could see a penis,” admitted my daughter.My cock twitched at that comment and I decided it was best to get to my office before I heard too much.I sat at my desk and immediately opened my favorite Daddy/Daughter porn.My cock was already hard before I sat down so I opened my fly and grabbed ahold of my engorged cock.I was stroking it slowly as I imagined it impaling the three hot girls in the other room. I closed my eyes and pictured my daughter’s pretty face looking up at me.She looked at my cock and licked her lips.“Daddy?” I heard her say.I started to stroke faster.“Daddy?” she said again more urgently.I opened my eyes and saw my daughter standing in the doorway to my office looking at me.I minimized the porn on my screen and covered my cock with my shirt. Based on the position of my desk my daughter would not have been able to see my exposed cock but I could only imagine that she could tell what I was doing.“Yes, baby?” I asked, “What do you need?”My daughter looked down at her toes and tugged on her short, pink sleeping shirt, “Never mind. Sorry for bothering you.”She spun around and walked away, leaving my door open. I watched her as she walked away and admired her sexy body and exposed long legs.‘Fuck, that was close.’ I thought to myself.My daughter made it back to her room and I could just make out their conversation.“What did he say,” asked one of the girls.“What’s wrong?” asked the other,  “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”“He… He was… umm… playing with himself.” stuttered my daughter.“What do you mean? Like playing video games?”“No. Like, playing with, himself.”I heard both girls gasp loudly.Without even realizing it, my hand returned to my cock and slowly stroked it while I listened.“I want to see!” exclaimed my daughter’s friend.“No way,” my daughter yelled, “Stop! Don’t!”Just then, one of my daughter’s friends was standing in my doorway. It was Emma.Emma had a slender body and the largest tits of the group. She had dark red hair and a fiery attitude to match.“Mr. Tanner?” She asked.She was wearing a loose crop top and tight boy shorts that might have well have been panties. I could tell that she was not wearing a bra and her large perky tits swayed when she moved.She reached her arm out and slid it upwards along the karataş escort door frame, lifting her shirt, and exposing the underside of her left breast.“Yes?” I asked as I slowly slid my hand out from under my shirt.“The girls and I are hungry, Mr. Tanner.”“Please, call me Jake.”“Okay, Jake. Do you mind if I order a pizza?”She stepped into my office and started walking towards me.“I can order it if you like,” I said hurriedly.She continued moving towards me, “I have a coupon for a free pizza.”She was standing directly next to me, looking down at me and taking several glances at my covered crotch.“Oh, okay,” I said as I felt my heart beating harder in my chest.Before I could object, she spun around and sat in my lap, “I need to use your computer to order it though. Is that okay?”“Yes, I suppose so.”I could feel my hard cock pressed up against her ass cheeks and just about came right then. I was so preoccupied with the situation of her pressing against my cock that I wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing on my computer.She moved the cursor and opened my internet browser. The porn I had been watching sprang back to life, “That feels good, Daddy,” the actress on the screen said while a man licked her pussy.The girl in my lap did not seem surprised by what she saw. She simply turned to look back at me and smiled. She then opened a new tab and began ordering a pizza.She kept repositioning herself on my lap and slowly rocked her hips from side to side and back and forth.“I like mine with extra sausage. What do you like, Jake?”“Like?” I asked, lost in lust.“Well, I know what you like now. But I mean what do you like on your pizza?”“Oh. Yes, sausage is good.”“Yes it is,” she said as she pushed back into my hard cock.I enjoyed the feeling one last time as she slowly rose and gave me an eye full of her tight ass.“Should I tell your daughter, or will it just be our secret?” she asked.“Let’s keep it between us, please” I pleaded.Emma leaned down and whispered in my ear seductively, “Okay, but you owe me one.”“Tell me what?” my daughter asked from the doorway.I looked up and saw my daughter and her other friend, Ashley, standing in the doorway to my office.“Umm,” I said.“We can’t tell you. It’s a surprise. We’ll tell you later. Right, Jake?”“Umm, right.”“Pizza is on its way. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go to the bathroom and relieve myself,” Emma said as she passed the other girls and looked back at me, and winked.My daughter stayed while Ashley returned to the bedroom, “What was that all about?”“Nothing. She used my computer to order a pizza.”“And what is this surprise?”I had no idea, so I answered simply, “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you.”My daughter glared at me with suspicion but her lips curled up into the slightest smile. I knew she loved surprises but I had no idea what her friend had in mind.Trying to change the subject, I asked, “What was it that you wanted to talk to me about earlier?”I noticed my daughter blush slightly as she said, “I’ll tell you later.”She returned to her room just as her friend exited the bathroom and joined the others. I continued to listen to their conversation.“Your dad is so hot!”“I know, but do you have to throw yourself at him?”“Did she just say, ‘I know?’ Does my daughter think I’m hot? No way,” I thought to myself.Their conversation quickly turned into talks about boys at school and other uninteresting topics. I decided to go to the kitchen to get out some plates and wait for the pizza. I stood up and my pants fell around my ankles.I pulled them back up and fastened them closed. I walked down the hallway slowly trying to hear what the girls were talking about.“Mmm, that feels good.”My eyes went wide and I closed the distance to my daughter’s bedroom quietly. The door was wide open and I looked in when I reached her doorway.I looked karkamış escort inside her room and saw my daughter laying on her bed on her stomach with her shirt off. She was only wearing a pair of hot pink panties. The other girls were giving her a massage. One was working on her back and the other on her legs.Ashley saw me watching them and said, “Hi, Mr. Tanner.”“He prefers to be called Jake.” Emma corrected her, “Do you want to help us, Jake?” she asked.As tempting as her offer was, I declined, “Maybe next time,” I said half-jokingly, “What would you girls like to drink with your pizza?”“Do you have any beer?” Emma asked.“Yes, but…”“Soda is fine, Dad.” my daughter said as she turned her head to look at me. She suddenly went wide-eyed, and then said, “Goodbye, Dad.”The girls began laughing as I took the hint and turned to walk away.“Did you see that?” Ashley asked.I couldn’t hear them anymore as I walked away but wondered what they saw. I looked down and noticed that my cock was pushing out a large tent in my pants.I wished that I had be able to relieve myself earlier as I was still horny and my cock was betraying me.I pulled out the plates and sat at the kitchen counter. My cock was begging for release so I grabbed a towel and decided to get myself off as quickly as possible. I could see down the hall so I felt safe.I opened my pants and pulled out my cock. I pictured my daughter in her panties as I gave her a massage. I was close to cumming when the doorbell rang. I heard the girls come charging out of the bedroom.‘Damn it!’ I thought.I shoved my cock back into my pants, and I head for the door. I passed by the girls as they head to the kitchen.I retrieved the pizza from the delivery driver, gave him a tip, and returned to the kitchen. The girls could not contain their laughter as I entered.“What’s so funny?” I asked.“Are you afraid of heights?” Ashley asked me.“No. Why?”“Because your zipper is.”The girls broke out into louder laughter as I scrambled to put down the pizza and zip up my fly.“Sorry about that,” I said.“It’s okay, we don’t mind,” said Emma in an overly flirtatious tone.This resulted in an elbow jab to her side from my daughter.I pulled three sodas and a beer from the fridge. I handed each of the girls a soda when one of them asked, “Can we have one of those instead?”“A beer? I don’t know. I doubt you would like it anyway.”“Try us. I promise we won’t drive.”I looked at my daughter to see if she was interested in her friends drinking and she gave me a slight nod.“Okay, but don’t tell your parents. I don’t want to get in trouble.”“Don’t worry, we won’t tell our parents about anything that happens tonight.”I reached into the fridge and pulled out three more beers. Luckily I had just bought a full case of beer so I didn’t mind sharing.I watched the girls as they opened their beers and took a sip. I expected them to immediately turn it down in disgust but they all seemed to enjoy it.“You didn’t think that was our first beer did you,” joked one of the girls.I grabbed my plate and beer and started to walk away when the girls stopped me, “Wait.”I turned back around and the girls were looking at my daughter, waiting for her to speak.“We want to tell you about what happened to Emma today.”“Okay, go on,” I said, setting down my plate.“Well, Emma was walking to school today and…” she paused to take a big sip of her beer.“…she passed by the park. You know the one where all the homeless hang out?”“Yeah.”“As she passed by, one of the bums opened his jacket and he was completely naked.”“Wow, that’s not okay,” I said.“It’s okay. It was funny. But that’s not the problem,” Emma added.My daughter continued, “So she got a clear view of his…” she took another sip.“Penis?” I asked, finishing her sentence.But at the same time, Emma said, “Cock!”“Right,” I said.Emma picked kilis escort up the story, “But his cock did not look like any of the pictures we’ve seen. It’s like his penis didn’t have a head. It was just skin.”I laughed slightly, “It sounds like he was uncircumcised.”The girls all looked at me confused.“Let me explain. When a man is born his cock, I mean penis..”“You can say cock,” Ashley said.“Okay, his cock has extra skin known as the foreskin.”The girls looked at me intently and hung on my every word. I took another sip of beer and the girls did the same.“Most people, but not everyone, choose to have a surgical procedure known as circumcision to remove the foreskin.”Emma set down her empty beer and asked, “Can I have another one?”“Yeah. You might need it for this next part.”I pulled out four fresh beers and put one in front of each of us.“The most common practice is to circumcise the penis when the boy is still just a baby. Only a few days old.”“Oh, my God. That poor baby.”Everyone opened their beers and took a healthy swig.“But not everyone does this.”“I think I’ve heard enough,” Emma said, “Thank you.”“You’re welcome. I’m sorry if I traumatized you.”“No you’re fine,” Emma said, “But can I talk to you about something in private?”“Whaaat?” my daughter said.“It’s about your surprise,” Emma reassured her.“Okay. Where do you want to talk?” I asked Emma.“Let’s go to your office,” Emma said to me, “Don’t worry, we’ll be quick,” she then said to the other girls.The girls started heading down the hall as I followed. I was looking at their cute asses when my daughter’s pizza fell off her plate.She bent over quickly to pick it up giving me a good look at her panty-covered ass. I couldn’t help but stare when suddenly Emma poked me in the side when she caught me looking. The event was over in a flash but the damage was done.My daughter and Ashley walked into my daughter’s bedroom as Emma and I continued into my office. I entered first and Emma closed the door behind her as she walked in.I took a seat in my chair and asked, “So, what is it you want to talk to me about?”“Not much, I mostly just wanted to watch that video of yours again.”“Which video?” I asked, playing dumb.“So you have more than one like that? I want to watch a video that makes your cock hard.”“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I told her.“It’s either that or I tell Liz that you like to jerk off to Daddy/Daughter porn and that I caught you eye-fucking her ass when she bent over.”“Fine.”I opened my web browser and opened the porn that was still in the minimized tab and pressed play.Emma turned to look at the screen and back at me. She leaned towards me and placed her hands on the armrest of the chair. I thought she was going to kiss me but instead, she wheeled my chair backward a few feet and stopped.She then walked back to the desk and leaned her elbows on it while she watched the video play, “You just do what you normally do when you watch this video.”My eyes went back and forth from the screen to her ass. My cock began to swell in my pants but I did not touch it.Emma looked over her shoulder and saw that I was not touching myself, “I wasn’t kidding. If you don’t stroke yourself, I’m telling Liz.”She watched me as I placed my hand on my crotch and slowly rubbed my cock.“Take it out and play with it,” she demanded kindly, “Or do you need some extra motivation?”Emma grabbed the waistband of her boy shorts and pulled them down to her thighs. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath and she exposed her ass and pussy to me.My cock was rock hard and I couldn’t fight the urge to jerk off. If I didn’t jerk off, I might just fuck Emma’s tight pussy instead.She continued to watch me as I opened my pants and pulled out my cock. She smiled at me and was satisfied enough to turn her attention back to the screen.As she leaned over the desk she slowly moved her ass back and forth, “I can see why you enjoy this video so much. It’s turning me on, too.”Emma reached between her legs and started playing with her clit. I was pumping my cock faster now as I stared at her pussy being played with.Just then I heard the click of a camera app. Emma had taken a selfie of herself with me jerking off behind her.

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