My Elder Lover

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Once again I must thank the ‘BIG BOPPER’ for all his time and encouragement in helping me to write this story



I was at university at the time, and like all students I was finding money very hard to come by, not having rich parents, and not getting along with my mother. She had wanted me to marry this nice lad, but he wasn’t for me.

I was doing media studies, public relations, and arts. I thought I had the looks to get on in those fields. I had done some modelling when I was a bit younger, so I thought I might be able to get into that.

I was just 18 at the time, a true blonde, 5-9 tall, 34-24-35, slim build, a non-smoker, and just a social drinker. I liked to look after myself. Please don’t think I am being big headed, but I am very proud of my body, which I have looked after all these years.

At the time I was really struggling to keep up with my payments for uni, plus my rent where I was staying, in a house with two other girls. They had no problems with money, for their parents were paying for them.

I became very friendly with one of them, she used to ask me to stay over at her house at weekends. I got on very well with her parents. Their house was huge, they even allowed me to use the room right by the swimming pool. It was at the rear of the house, which I loved. The summers are very hot here in oz, so some times I went for a nude swim at night when I thought no one was around.

I want to tell you about what happened on one particular night, I was in the pool, just keeping cool, and nude of course. I was just doing some laps – I love swimming – it was dark, no lights, I thought it was just me there, relaxing in the water, when I heard a man’s voice.

“Hi Luci, what’s the water like?”

I stopped swimming, looked around, ‘Oh God, its Beth’s grandfather,’ I realised. He is about 64, and around 6ft, but in pretty good shape.

He is the CEO of a big firm down here. I had met him before and we got on very well, always laughing and joking with me. He used to pat my bum as I would pass him, and sometimes he would put his arms around my waist. He was constantly telling me that he wished he was 30 again, then I would have had to watch myself. But it was all in fun, or so I thought.

I don’t mind that sort of thing when no one else is around. Like all young girls, it’s nice when someone pays attention to you. He was not hard to dislike, very easy going, pleasant to be in his company … my friend and I have had lunch with him many times.

“It’s great,” I eventually answered, having swum to the side by now, hoping he could not see that I was nude. What could I do, my towel was on the small table by my room. While I was contemplating my next move, he dived in.

“Okay Luci, do you want a race?” he asked when he surfaced, swimming over to where I was, “Four laps okay, and the winner get a prize.” He turned around, and swam to one end, before I could answer him.

“Hey,” I called out to him, “what’s the prize?”

“What would you like?” he replied, “what about a kiss?”

I laughed at him, “Okay,” I agreed, because I knew I was a good swimmer. I swam over to where he was at the end of the pool,

“Wow Luci, you are cheating.”


“Well look at you!”

I suddenly realised he could see I was nude, even though I was crouched down in the water.

“Wow Luci, has anybody ever told you how very beautiful you are?”

I could feel myself starting to blush, but at the same time, I was getting a tingle throughout by body. I could feel my nipples starting to tingle too.

He touched my arm and I could feel all the very fine hairs on my arm rise. It was like a small electric shock coursing through my body, my breasts, running down into my stomach, down to the apex of my legs. My legs felt weak, lucky I was holding onto the side of the pool.

“Okay Luci, four laps, and if I win I get a kiss, okay?”

I laughed, “Okay, but what do I get?”

He looked at me with those dark mischievous eyes, “Luci, you can have whatever you, want,” he replied, with a big grin on his face.

‘I had an idea what he wanted, recalling all the times he has touched me.’

I am not a virgin, that went when I was 15. It was not very pleasant, and since then I have had only one other guy four times, so I was not really experienced. But at that time, Beth’s grandfather really did something to me. We got on so well, I felt happy in his company, comfortable, relaxed, for I knew I could trust him.

“Okay, lets go.” I shoved off the side very quickly, then into my stroke, I could feel him drawing up alongside me. We had done 2 laps, ‘okay,’ I thought, ‘this is it.’ I put a bit more effort into my swimming, but he was still there down the last lap. I could still see him alongside me, going stroke for stroke. I put more effort in, but I could feel my arms getting tired. I put all I had into the last few metres, not thinking gaziantep bayan escort numaraları where he was, just wanting to win. I hit the wall at the end, looking up, gasping for breath. He was there holding the end with his hands. He had won. I stood up, but I seemed to lose my step and started to go under the water. I felt his arms grab me, I was a bit dizzy, he held onto me.

“Hey Luci, are you okay?”

I put my arms around his shoulders, gasping for breath, “Yes,” I replied, “just a bit winded.”

He held onto me as I got my breath back. I stood up, feeling my bare breasts rubbing on his chest, as I gasped for breath. I put my feet on the bottom, getting my breath back, he still had hold of me.

“So,” he said, “do I get my kiss now?”

Laughingly, I still had my arms around his shoulders, “Okay!” I kissed him on the cheek.

“Hey, that’s not a kiss,” he said,” I want a proper kiss, on my lips.”

He bent his head to kiss me, taking hold of the back of my head.

I looked up at him, ‘what do I do?’ I thought. He put his lips on mine, wow it felt so nice. I could feel something going on inside my body.

I felt his tongue attempting to pushing between my lips, ‘Oh God,’ he held me harder to him. I could feel all his body, I did not know what to do.

“Hey, relax Luci,” he said, then he pushed his tongue into my mouth. ‘My God,’ I thought, ‘I have never been kissed like this.’ I just seemed to melt into his body, then I felt something starting to push onto my thigh. ‘What is that,’ I thought, then I realised what it was, it was his cock.

‘Oh God,’ I thought, ‘What do I do?’ I could feel the juices running into my sex, my nipples were so hard, I had never felt like this.

I leaned back, looking down to see if it was what I thought it was. He looked at me, saying “It’s okay Luci, you tell me when to stop.” He pulled me back onto him, letting his cock rub onto my stomach, with my breasts pushing onto his chest, feeling my hard nipples burning into him, feeling them being rubbed by the hair on his chest, this was another new sensation to me.

It was just as well that he had his bathers on, for I knew that if he wanted to fuck me, I could not have stopped him. I came up for air as his mouth dropped down to my oh so hard nipples. I could feel the start of my body wanting more, feeling my sex moistening, clinging onto his shoulders, feeling that hard thing pushing into my sex. I felt my legs opening, I could not stop them, wanting to feel that ‘thing’ push into my sex. I knew that I wanted him to fuck me.

Even though he was old enough to be my grandfather, I felt his big hands slide onto my bum, pulling me harder onto that cock … it felt so big. I had never felt anything that big and so hard. He bent his head down onto my nipples, gently kissing them, sucking them, feeling that cock pushing into me, I could not help myself.

My hands just seemed to have their own mind and I just wanted to feel that cock. One went slowly down to his stomach, then further on down, to what felt to me like a huge cock. I touched it through his bathers, ‘Oh my God, it was so hard, hot, yet so soft.’ I knew then that I wanted to try this big cock … I started to stroke it, feeling it throbbing in my hand, ‘Oh,’ I thought, ‘could I handle such a cock?’

I had never had – or felt – a cock this big, for I had only ever seen them in porn movies, He bent his head to my breasts, sucking my nipples, gently rolling them on his tongue, his teeth. I was stroking, holding, squeezing his cock, it felt so alive in my hands.

I thought about how big and thick it was, but I knew he would not hurt me, he would be gentle.

I could feel my sex starting to get tingles in it, going to my clit. I could feel myself opening my legs, wanting him to fuck me right there in the water. He slid a hand off my bum, to my mound, then into my sex, letting it run the length of my opening, running it around my entrance, but not quite entering.

Then a finger touched my bud, ‘Oh God, I was nearly cumming.’ I wrapped my legs around his waist, wanting that cock inside me, his finger found my entrance, easily entering me, I was so wet.

I started to fuck onto his finger, then I felt another finger entering me, ‘Oh God, it felt so nice,’ as I felt him starting to push them into me, opening me up. I could not stop myself, I just fucked onto them letting my feelings go, holding onto his shoulders, crying into his neck, as I started to cum!!!

“Ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh, oh God, pleaseeee.” He kept gently touching my clit, with his other fingers inside me. It seemed orgasm after orgasm shook me, they just seemed to keep coming, I had never felt like this before. I just wanted them to keep cumming, all my body was shaking, with the things he was doing to me, “Oh oh, pleaseeeeeeeeeee.”

I grabbed hold of his wrist, crying gaziantep escort bayan reklamları into his shoulder, “Oh no, stop, stop, it’s too much, oh oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.”

I felt him stop fucking me with his fingers, just holding them inside me, as I held onto him, kissing him. “Oh my God,” I cried, “no more,” as I felt his fingers slide out of me, and looking at me, he put them to his mouth, sucking his fingers, smiling at me.

“Oh Luci, you taste so sweet, just as I thought you would,” he said, as he once again kissed me, letting his tongue enter my mouth, letting me taste my sex juice on his tongue.

‘So this is what you guys love,’ I thought’.

He held me, kissing me, as I came down off that high, holding me to him, caressing my back, my bum, my body.

“Hey Luci,” he whispered, “I think it would be nice if we went to your room, in case someone comes, would you like that? It’s up to you.”

If only he knew I could not have stopped him fucking me there. It felt so nice, my whole body was in complete shock.

I looked down at him, as I still held onto his shoulders, my legs were so weak. “Oh yes please, I want to very much.” Thinking of what had just happened, wanting more … lots more. So we swam to the side, he got out first, then leant over with his hand, pulling me out, holding me close to him, kissing me. “Hey,” I said, seeing his bathers barely containing his big thick manhood, “you had better stop now,” pointing at his bather’s. We both burst out laughing as we ran to my room.

As we entered my room, turning out all the lights, I went to close the blinds, “Luci, leave them open I want to see you, I want to enjoy you,” he told me.

There was a nice big moon, shining into the room. It seemed as if it was out, just for us on this special night, for I knew I was going to be loved by a very experienced man. I wanted to feel all that he could give me, for I knew it was going to be a night I would never forget.

He pulled me to him, letting his hands slide down to my bum, pulling me onto him, I could feel that cock once again, so hard, so big. I held him around the neck, knowing that all my body would be tight up against him. I felt his tongue enter my mouth once again, searching for my tongue, sucking on it. I could feel my hips starting to push onto his cock, ‘God, I have never wanted to be fucked so much, I was looking forward to this older, experienced man, I knew he would take me to heights, places I have never been to before.’

I put my hand down onto his bathers, “let me take them off,” I said, I wanted to feel this cock. I slowly slid them down his legs, watching as that big cock sprung out.

“Luci, are you sure you want to go through with this?” he asked.

I looked up into his eyes, “Oh yes,” I replied, as I kissed it, holding it with my hands. Seeing I could not quite circle it, blowing gently onto the head, I heard him gasp, “Oh Luci, oh” as I let my tongue lick the head, tasting his pre cum.

“No Luci, that can come later, let me just pleasure you first.” With that, he pulled me up to him, once again pulling me to him, letting his hands stroke my body, touching, squeezing, kissing my breasts, gently biting the oh so hard nipples.

‘Oh God,’ I thought, I am ready to cum again, with all these new feelings swamping my body. I had never been touched like this before.

He laid me down on the bed, getting alongside me, holding me, “Luci, don’t be scared, I will not hurt you, okay. You can tell me to stop anytime.” He leaned over me, kissing my breasts, letting his hands run up and down my legs, gently over my mound, feeling my hairless sex. He looked at me, “Luci, you are so beautiful, all shaven, so smooth.”

I felt my legs open wider, giving him access to my sex, I felt his hand over my mound, gently rubbing it over my mound, just touching my clit.

He was kissing me all over, on my breasts. I have never felt like this before, ‘Oh god, what have I been missing?’ But I knew it was the experience of an older man, I jumped as I felt his finger gently touch my clit, then slowly enter me. ‘God, I was so wet,’ then I felt his fingers searching for my clit, gently caressing it. I could not hold out any longer, my body shook as I started to cum, “Oh, oh, oh God ohhhhhhhhhhh!” I shuddered to what must have been my third climax already. I got hold of his hand, stopping him, I could not stand the pleasure he was giving me, I looked up at him, “that was so nice,” I said.

“Would you like more?” he asked.

“Oh yes please,” I put my hand down to his cock, ‘Oh God,’ I thought, ‘he is big, I don’t think I will be able to manage it.’ It was what I guessed to be, around 8 inches, and thick, the most I have had was around 6 inches, and definitely not as thick as this.

But I trusted him, wanted him so much. I could feel his cock, hot, hard, throbbing, as I gaziantep escort kız telefonları started to stroke it, “That’s nice Luci,” he said, “if you keep doing that you will make me cum, but not yet.”

He got up, then standing at the edge of the bed, he pulled me to him, then he knelt down on the floor with my legs over his shoulders, ‘What is he going to do?’ I wondered. Then I felt his kiss on my legs working his way up to my sex, kissing the top of my mound, around my outer lips, kissing all over my sex, as his hands held my breasts, pinching the nipples so gently. Then I felt his tongue kissing, pushing, into my sex, searching between my outer lips, ‘Oh, oh fuck, oh God, what is he doing?’ No one had done this to me before, this was so new to an 18-year-old at Uni.

Then I felt his tongue touch my clit, running it up and down my now open sex, “Oh, oh, oh fuckkkk.” I could feel another climax coming into my body. I grabbed his head as I started to cum, “Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, oh, oh fuckkkkkkk.” I held his head to my sex as he licked and licked. I even sat up, with his head still between my legs, I was holding the back of his head, “Oh, oh fuckkkkkkkkk, no more, no more, ohhhhhhhhhh pleaseeeeeeee,” I cried, as he gently kissed my sex bud.

He stopped, as I laid there getting my breath back, thinking how I have already cum so many times, do I have any more in me. I held his head, pulling him up to me, letting him slide up to me, kissing him, what was that taste, then I realised it was ‘me’ but there was lots more on his lips, and tongue this time.

He got up alongside, as I slowly got my breath back, thinking ‘Oh, what is he going to do to me next?’

He rolled onto his back saying, “Luci, get on top of me.” So I straddled his body, placing my legs each side of his hips, looking down and seeing that big cock reaching up to my stomach. I got hold of it, wondering ‘Oh, how am I going to manage that inside me, it was nearly touching my belly button.’

“Luci,” he instructed, “push it down flat, then you can just sit on it,” which I did, then he started to push up to me, making me slide up and down along his flattened but erect cock.

I felt it push open my outer lips, feeling it hard against my sex bud, “Oh, oh God,” I moaned, as it rubbed on my clit. I grabbed his chest, “Oh no, oh no, I am nearly cumming again,” I cried.

With that, he squeezed my breasts, rolling my nipples in his fingers, “Oh, oh yes oh yes, yes,” as I rubbed myself on that big cock, feeling some ‘nice’ pain, as he pinched my nipples. “Oh, oh yes, yes, yes,” I cried as I felt as if my body was going to burst with the pleasure I was getting, “Oh God, pleaseeeeeeeeeee, pleaseeeeeeeee, oh oh.” I collapsed onto him.

He held me to him, kissing my head, “Oh God Luci, where were you when I was younger, we could have had so much fun.” We lay there for a while, as I slowly got my breath back, thinking of ‘how many times has he made me cum.’ He has not cum yet, what will he do to next?’

He kept stroking me, caressing me, kissing me, talking to me, as I lay on him, feeling his cock so hard.

He gently rolled me over, so that I was on my back, he lay alongside me still kissing me, as I held that beautiful proud, hard cock.

He got up onto one elbow, using his other hand to caress me, letting his hand stroke my legs, as he kissed my breasts. Running his hand over my mound, letting the palm of his hand rub my sex, then touching my outer lips, gently letting his finger slip in between them, “Oh God, nooooooo!” It felt so nice, I was so wet, so open, as he gently pushed a finger into me again. My legs just opened to him, wanting to feel him there once more. My hips started to buck up to him, wanting more, I felt so wanton, my whole body was so alive, no matter where he touched me.

I pulled his head down to me, wanting to kiss him, wanting to feel his tongue inside my mouth. I sucked it, “Oh God,” I cried, “you are so beautiful so gentle, so loving. Please love me, please.” I cried into his neck as I kissed him, running my hands all over him, wanting to feel him inside me, “Please love me.”

He moved up, getting between my open legs, letting his cock push onto my stomach and he lay on top of me, kissing me, talking to me. I felt his cock touching the entrance to my sex.

He put his hand down there, holding his cock, then slowly started to rub it up and down my ‘so wet sex’ rubbing it on my now swollen bud, ‘Oh God,’ I thought, ‘if he keeps doing that, he will have me cumming again.’

Then he gently pushed the head into the opening of my sex, I could feel my sex starting to open to him, but it felt so ‘huge’, I could feel it opening me, as he gently pushed into me. “Hey, relax Luci,” he said, “I will not hurt you.” I looked down to where his cock was starting to enter me, I could see the head of his cock was already inside me. Then he slowly pulled it out, “God Luci,” he said, “you are so tight.”

He pulled out, then slowly pushed back into me, letting me get used to his size, ‘God, I felt as if he was starting to push through my belly.’ He was playing with my breasts pinching the nipples, as he slowly opened me up, inch by inch. ‘God, I had never felt so full.’ I could see it going into me, ‘how did I manage to take that?’ I thought. But he still had a bit to go, then I felt my body relax, as he slid all of his nice big cock into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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