My First Time Bi

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Finally, it happened!

After weeks of jitters, unsure if I really wanted this, I made love to another woman. And it was great!

Now, I’m happily married, and not planning on changing my life. I just wanted something, well, new. When I told my husband, he understood, as long as our relationship wasn’t jeopardized. Once I assured him it wouldn’t be, he gave his blessing.

So, here we were. My husband was out of town for a few days, and I decided it was time. I had found Jaden on the Internet, and was instantly attracted to her. We shared many interests, and she was also happily married. But she listed her orientation as bisexual, and I just knew she would be the one. We exchanged emails, and talked on the phone. I was smitten!

Jaden arrived at my house around 2:00 PM, and we hit it off like old friends. I introduced her to my horses, and we went for a ride, chatting like old friends. But we didn’t ride long, and soon we were back at home, sipping a glass of tea, and looking into each other’s eyes. We didn’t discuss what we were going to do, it just happened. One minute we were sitting at my breakfast table, the next escort bayan we were holding hands, and then we kissed. Wow! I’d never had a kiss hit me like that one. We stood up, and I took her hand and led her to the sofa. When I turned around, she was right there, her arms around me, her lips searching for mine. We kissed, our tongues swirling and searching!

I fell back into the cushions, where I had often made love to my husband, and she took control. She knew just what to do, where to touch, how much I needed her! Soon she was undressing me, pulling my sweater over my head and reaching behind me to unfasten my bra, slowly, sensually slipping it from my aching breasts. My nipples were hard and begging for her touch. She took them in her hands, pinching them hard, the way I liked it.

I knew this first time would be quick, because I was about to cum just from the way she handled my tits! She took a nipple into her mouth, grazing her teeth across it, and then biting it. Damn, this felt sooo right!

She paused and removed her blouse, and I reached out and released her bra clasp between her breasts. I wanted to make görükle escort it last a little longer, so I treated myself to her body as she had done, caressing her and tweaking her as we kissed. I nibbled on her ear, and then kissed down her neck and across her chest, which was heaving with her heavy breathing. It turned me on even more to know she loved what I was doing. I sucked her rosebud between my lips, flicking my tongue over it, reveling in its feel. I had never been so turned on!

She rose up, looking into my eyes as she pulled my boots off, then my socks. She unfastened my jeans and tugged my zipper down. I raised my hips, and she pulled my jeans off, tossing them aside. I pulled her down to kiss again, feeling our naked skin touch, expecting sparks from the contact. I pushed her to my side, then, following her lead; I removed her boots and jeans. I took her by the hand once again and led her to my bed, which we tumbled into, our legs entwining as we shared a passionate kiss. My leg pressed against her sex, and I felt her wetness as she did the same. Her hand made it’s way down my tummy bursa elit escort till it rested on my soaked crotch. As we kissed she rubbed and stroked my aching pussy through my panties. Pushing the fabric aside, her singer slipped between my lips, stroking across my opening before sliding easily inside.

That was all it took! I exploded, creaming on her fingers and crying out in pleasure. As my orgasm took over my being, I clutched my lover to me tightly, biting her shoulder as I rocked on her hand.

As I came back to earth, I felt her shift on the bed, tugging my panties down. Again I lifted my hips, and she removed my soaked undies. Now I was completely naked and open, and brook lowered herself between my trembling thighs. Lovingly she began to lick my sex, savoring the juices, which were flowing so freely. Unlike my husband, who closed in on my clit, trying to make me cum, she licked my pussy like it was candy. As she licked, her finger found its way back inside, curling forward to stroke that magic spot just inside, and I was off like a rocket!!

I lost count of my orgasms, as she licked and stroked me expertly, until I could take no more, and pushed her face away. She raised her head and looked at me with a devilish grin, and said, “My, my, I do believe I found heaven!” Then she slipped beside be and we kissed. I could taste myself on her lips, and I wanted to return the pleasure she had given me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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