My girlfriend’s sister took my virginity

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My girlfriend’s sister took my virginity

My name is Jason. Im a white male, average build 6″5 in height, ever since I hit puberty I’ve noticed my cock was huge. When I’m hard it’s about 7 and a half inches and thick in girth. At the time this happened I was 19.

Me and Jane (who was 18) had been dating a few months. She was piete with A cup tits, long red hair. We hadn’t had sex yet though but we fooled around. She loved being fingered, I got to where I was able to make her orgasum in about 5 minutes. She’d squirm, moan, and start breathing hard. “Ohhhh babyyy, ahhhh fuckkkkk, don’t stopppp” she’d beg as her cum would run down my hand. Then she’d reward me with a handjob or if she was feeling really generous she ‘d suck my dick till I climaxed. However, were both virgins, even though I didn’t think we would be long at this rate.

One day I got a text from her, “hey why don’t you cum over this afternoon?;)” I knew that meant I was about to have some fun but I didn’t know the half of it. I get to her house, and her sister Clare lets me in. “Go sit down on the couch and I’ll get my sister,” Clare said as she walked to the back. I never thought Clare liked me. She’d always ignore me in public or talk bad about me to Jane. I always thought Clare was hot though. Jane’s height was 5’2, Clare was 5″4, she had a little more meat one her bones. But by no means was she was fat. She was 24 and her boobs were probably about a C cup and her long brunette hair made her very seductive.

I knew with Clare here me and Jane wouldn’t get to do much. After about 10 minutes Clare walks back out. She’s wearing a tight mini-skirt and a bikini top covering those delicious C cup tits and sits down next to me. She sits down next to me and starts rubbing my cock through my pants. In shock “What are you going Clare?!” “Relax,” she said as she pulled my shorts down revealing my boxers, she started again rubbing my dick. “No one is here but us. I sent that text to get you over here.” She said, ” I know you want to fuck my sister.” “No I’d nev..” I tried to say, but she cut me off. “I don’t want to hear it, I saw you both in the parking lot of the school in your car. You fingered her pussy and she sucked Sex hikayeleri your cock. It made me soooo fucking horny!” She said as she took my hand and put it under her skirt on her panties. “See how fucking wet you both made me?”

Her panties we so wet and moist from her juices. Claire took it back out and said “Take your boxers off, I want to see your huge dick.” I tried to protest but Claire said angrily “If you want to fuck my sister you are going to have to fuck me first! Here maybe this will help you come around” she took her bikini top of exposing those two huge tits. She started in a more seductive tone “I know these are bigger than my sister’s. You want to suck them don’t you?” I tried to refuse but I was so hypnotized by them. “See I knew it. You men are all the same. Show them your tits and they’ll do anything you want. Come on, touch them.” I reached forward and took on of the nipples in man and started rolling it around with my thumb and bird finger. “Ohh. That feels good” she said, “why don’t you take of your boxers now? I can see your pole is saluting my tits.” I look down and I was fully erect.

I still didn’t want to take them off, not right now. I figured it would be fun if I made her mad. “Take them off you ass!” She demanded. I just sat their playing with both of her tits. “I guess I’ll just have to do it” she said as I let go off her tits, she got up and got on her knees in front of me. She pulled my boxers off and my spring jumped out. “That damn thing my sister had in her mouth. Your dick is fucking huge!!!” She said as she took it in her hand and started stroking it, “It’s much bigger than my boyfriends or anyone I’ve ever fucked!” She stroked it some more and started to lick it on the head and right in the dickhole. I grunted with pleasure and she laughed. “You like that don’t you, you like me licking that huge cock! I know it’s better than my sister. I’ve had experience,” she said as she stuck my whole dick in her mouth and she swallowed it! “Damn!!” I grunted. She took it out and started stroking it again “Yes I can deep throat, and yes I do swallow cum. You want me to suck your dick and make you cum right now?” Claire said as she began to lick. Sikiş hikayeleri I was so horny I said “yes suck my dick bitch!” “That’s what I like to hear,” she said with a grin.

She started furiously sucking it, she’d take it out and say something to make me hornier, then start again. “I bet my sister doesn’t suck you off like this!” Started sucking it hard again, took it out started stroking fast “Oh you like to have your dick sucked don’t you?” I started moaning “ohh” She put it back in and started sucking, took it back out “you gonna cum? Cum in my mouth, cum in my fucking mouth right now” I started moaning “yessss fuck yesss” she’d started sucking again faster and this time sucked it for a long time, deep throating it several times. I could feel an orgasum building in my balls “I’m bout to cum I’m about to fucking cummmmm! Ohhhhhhhh!” And with one grunt I shot my load out all in her mouth. While I was cumming she pulled it out and let half of it go on her tits! It was so hot! I couldn’t believe my girlfriend’s sister just sucked my cock and took my cum in her mouth!

“Ok little fucker, now you’ve got to satisfy me!” She said. “Which means?” I asked. “You are to get on top, suck my tits and lick all your cum off them and finger me while you do that! Then as soon as I’m satisfied you are to eat my pussy then after I cum in your face, you are going to fuck my pussy until you cum in me!” She ordered. “I can’t do that! I’m dating your sister!” I protested.

“That didn’t stop you from letting me suck your cock now did it? Either you fuck me or I’m going to tell her you did,” she said as she got up and sat down on the couch and took of her panties letting them lay on the floor. Knowing she had the upper hand, I did I was told. I strattled her and starting sucking and licking her chest, licking up all my cum and sucking those beautiful tits. I spent and extra few minutes on the nipples which she loved. “Ohhhh, suck my titsss,” she said as she put her hand on back of my head, “Finger my pussy now!!” I then obediently began to run my finger around the lips of her vagina just like I do her sister. “Ohhhhhhhh” she moaned. I opened the lips and started moving up and down as Erotik hikaye I had always done her sister. This got Claire really moaning “ohhhhhh shittttttt I’m gonna cummmmm. Ohhhhhhh” She pushed me harder again her chest as I continued to suck her erect nipple. I started moving it faster up and down. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuckkkkkkkk” Claire screamed as she came all over my hand.

“Good job! Now clean me up!” She demanded as I got up and got between her legs. I got down there and started to gently like her cunt. “That’s not good enough” she hollered. She forced my head into her pussy. “Tongue fuck me!!” She ordered. I quickly begin moving my tongue in and out very quick. This caused her to start moaning again. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhh fuckkkkk, I’m bout to cummmmm, ahhhhhhhhh!” She moaned. She pulled my head out of her cunt and laid down on the couch with her legs open. “Put your damn cock in cunt and fuck my pussy now!!” This was the first time I’d ever humped a vagina. I quickly put it and started slowly humping. It felt incredible it was so tight and so warm. My girth fit her like a glove. “Yessssssssss” Claire began to moan “it’s so biggggggg! Fuck me harder!!” I began to pick up the pace. The sight of her tits bouncing back and forth and her moans made me that much harder. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ohhhh fuckkk!!! I’m about to fucking cum on your damn huge dick!!!” I could feel her pussy start contracting and she started screaming “ahhhhhhh shittttt I’m cummm…ahhhhhhh!!!” I felt an awesome amount of warmth and wetness hit my dick which made my orgasum start to build. She yelled “fuck me harder I want you to fucking cum in me!!” I was really close “ahhhh I’m bout to cummmmmm. My dick feels like it’s about to explode!” I said. “Ohhhh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!” With that last fuck she wrapped her legs around me and shoved me in all the way as I exploded in her wet cunt. “Shittttt!” She yelled as I let all my hot sticky cum flow in her pussy.

“Damn I did know it was gonna be that much,” she said I got off of her and started putting my shorts back on. “Ok you have my permission to fuck my sister, but when ever I choose you have to fuck me or I’ll tell her about how you just exploded inside me,” she threatened. “I think that sounds like a pretty fair deal” I said as I got up and left.

“Thanks Claire” I said I walked to the the door. “You are very welcome,” she answered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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