My Initiation into Adulthood

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Disclaimer: I do not encourage or condone many of the behaviors depicted in this story. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental.

I had my first menstruation when few years ago but in our culture the initiation into adulthood is celebrated after the first menstruation once turned eighteen.

I was finally eighteen years old a week ago and had my first menstruation since while I was at college. I told my mom later than evening regarding that. My mom said that as per the traditions of our family we need to go to our ancestral house to celebrate my elevation into adulthood the next day. Though it may appear a bit weird and insane in most parts of the world, it’s a big thing indeed in where I was brought up. There was a warm celebration planned with all our relatives and known acquaintances present. The ritual started with a puja at around nine in the morning followed by which they asked me to be ready to take a bath. I said okay and tried heading towards the bathroom. They all laughed and said I need to take my bath right there in the open backyard of the house. I was confused and didn’t have any idea what that was all about and agreed rather hesitantly. 

It was my aunt as per the customs of our native, my dad’s eldest sister, who made me sit on a wooden stool and poured yaşlı escort the turmeric water on me first. Then everyone else came and poured the yellow colored water on me. My skirt and blouse had become all wet. When everyone was done pouring water, my aunt came to me and told me to take off my clothes. I was taken aback for a while due to the overwhelming presence of around fifty women and girls around. She came up from behind and started to unhook my blouse and then from the front she pulled it off my shoulders amidst my reluctance. She proceeded to nonchalantly unhook my brasserie and made me stand half naked in front of the gathering with both my hands across my breasts.

She glanced at me for a second, taking a good look at my stature and proceeded further, getting me out of my long skirt and finally my panties as well, making me threadbare and embarrassed in one go. I didn’t have much of a choice but to give in. I tried my best covering my pubes with one hand but in vain when my aunt came up to me and removed my hands to the sides, letting everyone have a clear view of my reasonably developed feminine assets. It was quite a different feeling altogether. My first time standing bare in front of a gathering with nothing on my body. I felt ashamed in the beginning but also I felt quite intrigued and excited about the whole set of proceedings as the center of attraction altogether. Perhaps it is a realization gaziantep yaşlı escort that this is something each one of these women in my community might have experienced in their lives too and this was my turn to undergo the same and let it sink in deep into myself. It was one of those moments where I realized not only physically but also emotionally that I had attained proper adulthood and this was something I should be looking forward to than to shy away from.

The ritual continued, as my aunt began applying a paste made up of herbs mainly consisting of sandalwood, turmeric and honey on me, starting from my face. She knelt down in front me and rubbed it around my neck, along both my arms and the shoulders on both sides before cupping my breasts in each of her hands and giving them a gentle squeeze altogether. She proceeded downwards to my stomach and poked deeper into my navel with her index finger, making me let a slight moan for the first time. I was starting to feel more and more embarrassed and humiliated as she started rubbing the paste over my mound. I didn’t have any hair there almost and she rubbed directly against the sensitive fleshy parts of my privates.

I felt pretty light on my feet as she slightly entered a couple of fingers inside my frontiers and gave me a jerk, making me unable to control my moans that had come quite louder and audible to many of those who were around us. gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan Once my aunt was done exploring me, the ritual was followed by one of my former teachers who happened to be a relative of me and who had always been fond of me over the years. She didn’t give a pass to the chances of playing with my bosoms and pubes as she spent considerable time rubbing them thoroughly with the paste and sliding her fingers inside me gently. She made me open myself by gently widening my legs as she took complete advantage of my already vulnerable state. I was dripping uncontrollably by then when was done with her own share of exploration. 

A slew of women showed their lust filled affection all over me before my cousin sister, who made me bend forward and entered one of her paste filled fingers inside my rear, while another into my pubes, making me drip once again from my already wet orifices in front of everyone rather shamelessly.

Then I was made to sit down on the wooden stool again and they began pouring on me from the barrel of pre prepared water on which another set of herbs were immersed overnight, while thoroughly washing away the paste with constant rubbing all over my body. My aunt and the other relatives ensured that they had access to every inch of skin on my body during the process giving me a jerk every now and then. Though I felt awkward in the beginning, by then I had become habituated and started only enjoying it thoroughly but subtlety within. 

My aunt dressed me up with a pair of white colored brasserie and panties, before donning me up in a new yellow colored silk saree like a bride. An array of customs followed on the day as well as the following days to come but nothing was as eventful as this rather memorable beginning into my adult womanhood. 

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