My Roommates


But they keep on insisting me to get involved in such discussions. After few days Rajeev again started a sexual discussion, and this time he is discussing the length of our cocks.Rajeev himself said his cock would be 7 inches and Anand said 6 inches. They are looking at me. I have hesitation to tell about mine but I said 7 inches. They started to discuss about masturbating.

They tell about themselves and curious to know about me. Rajeev asked me ‘have u masterbate anytime? I said I started it when I was in 11th.Next whom do you imagine when you masterbate? I said I imagine any of classmates or teachers. They are interested to ask more as this is the fist time Iam involved in sex topics.Then Rajeev continued asking some questions about the classmates and teachers in college.

This was going casual, but we do not have any gay thoughts now. When it continued, Rajeev is saying my ass is hot for him, Anand also agreeing with him. I was surprised with their thoughts and took it casual.He moved away from this topic and start to discuss general topics. But I was still thinking of their thoughts. But I remember a neighbour friend saying me same about my ass, I have scolded him that time.

I have no idea why these guys are feeling hot about my ass. Also I have a good pair of small boobs, which is more than normal for a man. I know’s about my breast size so I always wear briefs to cover them. Even after taking bath I wear briefs and I come out, I have never been in room without briefs or T-shirt. Now I am thinking what happens if these guys get a chance to see my boobs. I was feeling ugly and I do not want to imagine anything.

I took everything casual but I started feel something different with Rajeev’s behaviour. He is touching my ass with every opportunity and continuously looking to press my ass, I did resist his moves all the time. I do not like to talk to him as usual, he has realized it and for a while he stopped touching my ass. I felt ralaxed. Then I got close to Anand, I felt he is a good friend and not like Rajeev.

Anand is keen on studies; he often comes to us if he do not understand something. We would clear his doubts and one day when discussing a lession he kept book on my lap and his hand is touching my thighs. I was feeling his hands and getting sexual thoughts but he was casual and took his hand when our discussion was over. I felt I am having wrong thoughts as I was feeling both of roommates having wrong intentions.

I was confused. Next day, we were discussing a lession, I am having the book on my lap and he pretend he want to look at the book and he was holding the book and looking at it sametime he is touching my thighs.Soon I felt erect in my dick and covered it with the book and he noticed the erection. After seeing the erection he took his left hand from the book. I was relaxed.but soon he is back with both hands holding either side of the book.

His right hand is placed above my dick. His fingers started feeling my erect dick over lungi.I wear a brief inside. I just watch his hands. He is looking at me for a while. I did not react.Slowly he started putting hand inside lungi. He pretends he is studying and asking some questions. Sametime he is pressing my dick and feeling my dick over brief. He took his hands out and kissed me on cheeks. He put his hand back on dick and rubbing it.

We did hear the sound of Rajeev, he took hands out and continued discussing the lesson. Next few days with Rajeev and other guys around us, He was quiet. Another day, I was sitting in bed and reading newspaper. He came near to me and asking what is special news today. Before responding to him he moved his hands over my thighs and reached my dick. He is pressing it over lungi. He is asking me to open lungi.

I have some hesitation to show mine. Then he asks again to show it. I did not respond. He put his hand inside my lungi and starts to rub it. It is the first experience of other guy touching my dick. I am looking at him. He was feeling my dick over brief. He pulled brief down and holding my dick. He said escort gaziantep rus bayan mine is having little more lenth than his one but he said his dick is thicker than mine. I feel ugly to hear this and anand holding my dick in his hand. He was moving his hand up and down to masterbate my dick.

Sametime he is kissing me on lips and licking. After few minute I spilled all the cum over lungi and bed. I got up to clean cum in bed but he pulled me down. He was asking me to masterbate his dick. I do not want to touch his penis. He took my hand to his dick, but i pulled out.He took his dick out and asked me to do what he did. I resist and got up from bed and moved away. He is stoking his dick and masterbating. I feel guilty for not helping him and thought I can help him next time.

I was looking at his dick, it is close to 7 inches long but it is very thick. May be double thick as mine, I felt mine is slim.After few minutes he was cumming and he collected everything in left hand, asked me to taste it. I asked him to throw out. He went to bathroom and cleaned it. Anand is looking for next opportunity to make me his slave. We both are in the hostel room and he put his hand and pulled down my brief and took my dick in his hand.

He stoke my dick few times he took my hand and placed on his erect dick. I did not hesitate to hold his dick in my hand.I feel his is twice thick as mine.He is asking me to stroke his dick. I am moving my hand up and down and I see the precum on the tip of his dick.I think he feel good with my act. I am stroking his dick continuously and he exploded and spilled his cum over my hand.

We went to bathroom and cleaned my hands and after seeing my erect dick, he catches my dick and masturbating. I stopped him and I do not want to cum whenever he had opportunity he automatically moves his hand over dick. We have repeated this few times in the week. He looked bored with this; he said he want to fuck me. I did not say anything. I feel good when he stokes my dick and masturbate.

We rarely got a chance to repeat this in room for next few weeks. Then one weekend he took me to his hometown and we were alone in his house and his parents are out from town for a function in relatives’ house.As soon as we reached his house, he locked the door and he undressed and standing naked with erect dick. Then he removed my dresses and looking at my little boobs. This is the first time he is seeing my boobs and said you are having good pair of boobs and ass.

I hesitate. He is hugging me tightly and licking my lips. He moved hands down and pressing boobs and pulling the nipples out. I’m excited with his hands on my boobs. He then hug me tightly and licking my lips. His hands are pressing my ass. He is excited with boobs and pressing, fondling it for more than ten minutes. He made me to sit on bed and came near to me. His dick is positioned in front of my face.

He asks me to suck it. I resist. I do not want to take his dick in my mouth. He is rubbing his dick on my lips I feel the hotness of his hard dick he tries to insert dick in my mouth. He asks me to open my mouth but I did not. He keeps rubbing his dick on my lips and inserts one finger inside my mouth. He is moving finger in and out. Now he is trying to insert his dick with finger. I resist taking his dick inside my mouth. He made me to lie down on bed and he fell over me.

He is licking my lips and started stoking between thighs and exploded cum over bed and thighs.He did this in different places and position in his house over the weekend. But I did not take his dick in my mouth yet. Neither could he insert his dick in my asshole. The thickness of his dick not allowing him to enter my ass. He is now interested in my boobs than dick.

He rarely touching my dick nowadays but he is pressing my boobs everyday he pulls my nipples as if he want to take them out.This gives little pain on my boobs.Again we are in hostel with Rajeev around us we couldnt do anything these days. Still rajeev is escort bayan gaziantep swinger eyeing my ass and presses it whenever he gets a chance I usually move out as I pretend I am not interested. Anand is now looking for the two days of Rajeev’s vacation.

He is eagerly waiting for two weeks. Rajeev left to hometown on a Wednesday soon as we reached hostel room he locked the door and removed his dresses and my dresses. He said he want to fuck me in my mouth. He hugged me tightly and licking my lips and pressing my ass. He moved hands up and cupped my boobs and pressing and fondling it for sometime. He is repeating this few times and inserted one finger in my mouth and moving in and out

He made me to sit on bed and rubbing his dick on my lips. I resist.he insert two fingers in my mouth. Then three fingers and making way to his dick to mouth I took my head out. He got little angry and he grabbed my boobs from behind ands queezing it. I felt pain on my breasts. He bends down and kissed my dick and took my dick inside his mouth. He took it in his mouth once and got up.He is asking again to take his dick inside my mouth.

He is asking why I am not interested to suck his dick. He again made me sit on bed he is rubbing his hard cock on my lips. He is asking me to suck his dick. As he took my dick inside his mouth once I thought I can allow him to put his cock inside my mouth this time.but I am still thinking second time whether I should allow him to insert his dick inside my mouth. By this time he had his four fingers inside my mouth and guiding his dick to penetrate inside my mouth.

Head part of his dick is inside my mouth and my lips stick around his dick. I feel salty taste of his urine and precum in his dick. His hair area smells badly I know he takes bath once or twice in a week. He is asking agin to suck his dick. My tongue is moving around his dick and sucking his dick. He slowly inserted his whole dick inside my mouth.I struggle to have his whole dick in my mouth. I took my mouth out from there.

He got me up and pressing my boobs and twisting nipples. I told him it is paining he did not mind that he got me back and placed dick inside my mouth this time he is holding my head and making sure I can’t take my head out. I started moving mouth up and down like a machine and sucking his dick. After few minutes I stopped succking but still having the hot dick in my mouth. He slowly started moving his dick in and out. I co-operate with him for few minutes

And he starts to fuck my mouth with his hot dick. I took my mouth out because he insert his dick deeper throat and I felt breathless.He pulled my head back and stoking inside my mouth, he held my head tightly and increased the speed. I struggled and started giving goggling sounds with his movement in my mouth.After few minutes he exploded his cum inside my mouth and swallowed half the cum. First time ever I swallowed the cum and

I want to spill out the remaining cum in my mouth. But I am still having dick inside and I do not have choice and swallowed all his cum. I cleaned his dick with my tongue. Then he wear his lungi and looking at my boobs which turned into red. He asked me is it paining. I said yes having little pain he spoke kindly and asked why I didnt tell before itself. Then he went to gym. Later we had dinner and back in room after 9 pm

He is getting ready for another shot. He removed dresses and locked the door. He made me to knee down and immediately he placed dick on my mouth. I did not hesitate. I took his dick inside my mouth and sucking the hot dick. After few minutes I stopped sucking the dick but holding it inside.He got me up and licking my lips then hubbed my boobs from behind. He is massaging my breast and pressing and screwing my nipples.

After few minutes he got me back on knees and asked me to suck. I stopped three or four times while sucking, all the time he got me up standing and massagaed breasts. When I stop sucking he repeats massaging breasts which is gaziantep travesti escort kızlar more painful now so I do not want to stop sucking because he will squeeze my boobs. So I continue to suck his dick, after few minutes i stopped for a while.

He asked me to get up but I did stand on knees suddenly he held my head and started stroking deeper in throat. I stuggeled and got angry with his violent movements.I got up and refused to knee down and suck his dick. He held me from behind and started squeezing my breasts and nipples. It is getting more and more painful. I want to get away fron this I can even go ahead and suck his dick.

When I try to move away he held boobs more tightly and pressing them more violently. I did try to take his hands out but I couldnt. I am pleading him not to squeeze breasts anymore but he continued violently squeezing, squeezing and squeezing my boobs. I have given up and feeling more pain on my breasts. He then stopped after few minutes. Soon I knee down and getting ready sucking his dick.

I do not want him to massage my boobs again but he said i need to suck his dick until he releases cum otherwise he will again play with boobs. I do not have any options but agreed him. I am sucking and keep sucking his dick and eagerly looking him to release cum but he is relaxed and ensuring that he will not going to cum soon. I tried my best to extract his cum but I felt tired and took my head out. He took the chance and caught my weak point.

He immediately grabbed my breasts started massaging them. He squeezed my breasts for 10 minutes and took a rest. He continued squeezing sqeezing, squeezing and squeezing my breasts. After around 20 minutes breast massage he made me to sit on bed and started stoking inside my mouth. After few minutes he explode his cum on my mouth.I swallowed all the cum. I turned his slave and he continued fucking me on next few months.

After few months I start feeling my breasts are growing in size. Anand made me his slave and I have been fulfilling his sex desires all the time. Rajeev is back on me after few months and he continued his focus on my ass. I thought he is very slow and Anand already made me as his slave. He have been fucking me almost everyday on a saturday Anand went to play cricket and I was back from bathroom with towel and briefs and standing below fan to dry out my hairs.

Rajeev was sitting behind me and he could see my ass over wet towel. He came from behind and touched my ass as usual.He pretend as if he did this unknowingly. I did not resist this time. So he is touching my ass with right hand and asking me some questions. Soon I felt erection in my dick. I turned towards him to reply him. He has noticed the buldge in my brief, now his hand is touching my dick over towel he is feeling my dick

And soon removed my towel and put his hand inside my brief. He took my dick out and squeezed it few times and he is showing me his dick. He kissed me and licking my lips. I’m getting ready to suck another cock. His cock is more than 7 inches in length and is not as thick as Anands dick. He is rubbing his cock on my ass and trying to insert it in asshole but he couldn’t he turned back and asked me to suck his cock.

I did knee down and took his dick inside my mouth and moved my mouth up and down. With few minutes sucking he exploded his cum in my mouth and I drank all the cum. He then asked if I had gay experience before. I said I have it with Anand for last two months. He was surprised. Anand is back in the room and Rajeev called both of us as gays. Anand refused that and soon he is asking me. I didn’t say anthing Rajeev is ready to fuck me again and Anand joined him when

Rajeev had his dick stoking inside my mouth, Anand massaging my boobs from behind.After few minutes Rajeev released his cum again im my mouth. Anand took position in mouth and stoking hard inside after long time he also released his cum on my mouth. I drank all the cum. I became slave for both these guys and

I suck their dick and drink their cum almost everyday, with their service my boobs were also growing. The size is like the boobs of teenage girl. I can’t wear tight shirts or T-shirts as it will expose the size of my boobs. We were roommates for the four years in college and had sex all the time. Now also we have sex whenever we get a chance to meet each other.Hope you have enjoyed reading my experience.

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