My Sister The Escort

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I had gotten the room and was waiting for the escort to show up. She texted & asked if she can bring the new girls for training & I said yea. I just paid $500 to an escort so she can pretend & role play as my little sister Nikki. I cut off all the lights & played porn, then I took my ecstasy and viagra pills. I texted her that the key was downstairs at the reception office because I was going to take a quick shower and if she got there before I got out to just start without me. I heard the door open and a couple of feminine voices walk & 1 of them walked in the bathroom to tell me that they have arrived & moved the shower curtain to expose me. I told them I would be right out & to drink or take a couple pills. I met them in the room as I dripped on the bathroom floor as I tried to listen to the ladies.

I walked in the room & heard the porn I left on. Then I see the 4 girls on their hands and knees as they took turns putting ecstasy up each other’s asses. I stood there and gaziantep escort kız watched as they got off on each other and the porn. 2 girls that were fingering the other 2 on their hands and knees & they looked at me and motioned me over. I got on the bed and one girl grabbed my cock and told me to fuck my little sister’s pussy while I finger her asshole. The escort looked up at me & as she sucked me off, her friend asked ask me if I’m ready to fuck my little sister’s tight pussy. She lined me up and I said yes & she pulled my cock into the strange girl’s pussy.

“Oh fuck Cynthia. Your pussy is so tight. I love this cunt. I love fucking my little sister’s pussy as her slutty friends help.” I pulled Cynthia’s hair and forced her to look back at me as I rammed her. When we made eye contact I immediately started cumming as I gripped my little sister’s hips as she bucked trying to get me out of her vice gripping pussy & escort kız gaziantep try to run from the dick. I pounded her in front of her friends while they cheered me on while I creampied her. Then I flipped her over missionary and said, “I didn’t know that my sister sold her pussy.” I pulled out and watched my cum dripped out of her. That’s when Nikki finally told her friends that she knew me and that I am really her brother. They thought we were still role playing when I called her by her government name, they believed me.

Her friends went wild and started to suck me off and calling me big brother when they did too, “If I knew my big brother had a cock like this I wouldn’t care if he fucked me, I wouldnt care were related. Now it makes me wonder.” I fucked Nikki’s throat & I replied back to the escort, “You should try with a body like that, he wont turn your thick ass down and he would probably fuck the shit out gaziantep escort kızlar of you if he had the chance. He busted so many times thinking about you. All his friends telling him what they would do to her if they got the chance.” She looked up at me and laid on her back as she fingered her pussy listening to me. I turned my attention back to Nikki as she spread her legs and watched. “I want you to finger your pussy & taste it. Show your friends what they are missing.” Nikki refused but her friends pinned her down. Then made me fuck her dripping cunt. Then she pulled my cock out of my sister and told me to face fuck her mouth to teach her lesson. I stood up and told Nikki to kneel in front of me and listen to her friends. Nikki looked around and grabbed my cock and my balls. Then she start showing off while she took all 9 inches thing down her throat, moaning while she did it.

“That’s a good little slutty sister. Look up at him as you suck off your big dick brother like the whore that you are.” Then without warning the girl stands up and one of them grab Nikki’s arms and put them behind her while the other 1 grabbed her by her hair and forced her to take my cock deeper and deeper. Every time Nikki gagged I feel her throat tighten up and I see spit all over her cheeks as her mascara ran down her face like a broken whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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