My Sister’s Desperation Ch. 01


The weatherman said it was going to be a hot one. High in the 90s and sunny all week long. Everybody would complain about the heat, but I couldn’t be happier. I enjoy the summer time, and love being able to go outside, even if I end up getting a bit sweaty.

Summer clothes are more comfortable, the sun feels nice on your skin, and the girls always appear more attractive…Besides, with a lazy week and hot weather, there’s nothing better to do than lay out by the pool. I couldn’t wait.

Boy was he right too–when Monday came, it was 85 before I had even had breakfast. By the time my parents left for work, I could feel the 90 degree mark rapidly approaching. I stepped outside and inhaled the hot summer air. It would be a good week.

Noon came before I changed out of my pajamas. I sat lazily watching TV, building up the motivation to move outside to the pool. Finally, when the daytime TV shows took over, I got up to grab my suit.

With my sunglasses, towel, and a good book, I walked out back to relax the rest of the day.

It really was hot. It seemed I hadn’t been sitting for more than a minute when beads of sweat began to form on my brow. The sun beated down on me and its rays warmed my skin. I love summer.

When it became unbearable, I jumped in the pool. Just a quick dip to cool off, then back to the lounge: a routine I would repeat indefinitely for the rest of the day.

At 1:00 I head the back door slide open. Kelly was finally awake.

“Andrew?” She called out.

I peeked around the chair, and lifted my sunglasses to respond to her, “Yeah? I’m here.”

“Oh cool. I’m coming out in a minute! Did you want anything to drink?”

My savior! I knew I had forgotten something, and had become parched without any refreshment.

“Yes please!” I responded enthusiastically.

“K!” She smiled, and closed the door to get our refreshments.

It took her longer than I thought it should have, but soon enough, Kelly popped out the door wrapped in a robe and carrying a cooler. It looked like she had similar plans for her day, and came prepared.

“Sorry,” she said, taking the seat next to mine “had to change first.”

She set the cooler between us and lifted the lid. Ice, water, and corona, even a plate of lime wedges sat on top of it all. Kelly had thought of everything.

“Awesome! Thanks Kelly!” I said, grabbing a water and a beer from the cooler.

She tossed me the opener and I cracked it open, handing it to her before grabbing myself one.


I am only nineteen, and Kelly’s a year younger, but our parents allowed us a few beers for laying out by the pool, so long as we didn’t go overboard. After all, it’s really perfect for such a hot relaxing day.

I took a wonderfully refreshing gulp as Kelly disrobed to her blue bikini. I couldn’t help but glance at her behind my sunglasses. She was very attractive. But I didn’t allow myself to dwell on such thoughts, and I quickly dove back into my book.

Kelly took a minute to get settled down, but soon enough, she was relaxing too. The beer quelled the heat for a while, but with my bottle empty the sweat began to bead again. Time for another dip.

“I’m getting in,” I told Kelly as I stood up from my chair.

“Okay,” she said, barely looking up from her book.

I looked down at her for a moment getting up, and found naughty thoughts returning to my mind. Sweat had began to bead on Kelly as well, and the effect was incredibly alluring. Her tan skin glistened in the sun, and the contours of her bikini didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Her breasts sat beautifully in the cups of her top, their petite but proportionate shapes glowing in the light, and her bottoms seemed just a bit too tight. With her dark hair framing her face, sunglasses, and long slender legs, how could such thoughts not come to mind?

But again, it was only an instant I allowed myself to imagine, before pulling myself back. “The heat is getting to me,” I thought, and jumped in the pool as quickly as possible.

“Ahh. Refreshing.” I thought as the water soothed my body and my mind. I was back in my head, ready to relax, and without a hint of a boner.

“Do you want to come in?” I asked, feeling confident that those thoughts would not return.

“No, I’m good,” Kelly replied as she cracked open another beer.

It was gone by the time I got out, and suddenly I felt like I had to catch up. I grabbed another for me and for her as I dripped my way back to my chair.

“Thanks!” She said cheerily. I think she was starting to get buzzed.

More beer, and more reading. That’s how the day went for a while. Until we were through the six pack and had moved onto water. That’s when nature called.

Three beers and a bottle of water, I’m surprised I wasn’t bursting at the seams. I’m surprised Kelly, with her petite body and similarly petite bladder hadn’t wet herself, but she sat seemingly content, enthralled in her book.

“Oh well,” bursa escort I thought, and got up to take a leak.

“I’m going in real quick. Want me to grab anything?” I asked.

“Ummm, I think I’m okay,” Kelly said only briefly looking up.

“Cool,” I said before heading inside with some urgency.

At the toilet, I peed like seabiscuit, and took a moment to enjoy the air conditioning.

Outside, I could see Kelly through the window, relaxed and reading, working her way through another bottle of water. I thought briefly about how she couldn’t possibly not have to pee after drinking that much water, and then even more briefly about her wetting herself.

It was a quick thought, a fleeting thought, but it made my heart (and another thing) jump. It was weirdly sexyt, and I subconsciousy grabbed my suddenly horny cock through my suit as I walked down the stairs, even while I tried to shake the feeling out of my head.

Again, as I sat back down, I was back in my head, ready to sweat and swim some more.

And sweat I did. Before long, the heat had gotten to me again and I had to get in the pool. This time, Kelly stood up as I did.

I guess she was getting in too.

We both slid in the side. And treaded water to the middle, where we stayed laughing and remarking about how refreshing the water felt. Kelly seemed very bubbly, I think it was definitely the heat and the beer, but it made me happy. Her smile always got to me, with her cute little cheeks and plump red lips.

But then she got still. Very still. She treaded water, but seemed to become focussed, tense even. I stopped too, perplexed, and tried to figure out if she was alright. And then she relaxed–and I felt it. Warmth, incredibly hot, fluid warmth, a shock against my legs in juxtaposition to the cold pool water.

Oh my god. Kelly was peeing. In the pool. What the fuck. I was shocked, and confused, and–turned on? What? Why was this not grossing me out? I mean, sure I might have done it too when I was younger, but my sister was peeing in the pool, basically on my leg. I should have been jumping out of the pool as fast as I could, but I didn’t. I couldn’t.

My heart raced as I realized what she was doing, and my cock turned to stone. It was so wrong, so dirty, but so carnal, sensual, and sexy. My sister was releasing herself in the pool and I wanted it. I treaded towards her, closing the 2 foot gap between us, swimming towards the warmth as it emerged from my sister’s most private part.

I got as close as I could, treading so my leg was basically between hers, where it was hot, steaming, but only for a moment, before her trance was broken, and she swam away. At the edge of the pool she climbed out and walked back to her chair. I stared at her as she did.

In my confusion and shock I allowed myself to gawk. Her bikini clung to her body, accentuating the globes of her ass as she climbed out. I throbbed a very confused boner in the pool, basking in the remnants of my sister’s piss until the temperature of the water was uniform once more.

And when it was, I was sad. But I was glad that it was in a cognitive dissonant mindfuck that plagued me until my dick deflated. And that took a while. When it finally did, I climbed out too, averting my eyes from Kelly until I could hide behind my book.

I tried my damnedest to distract myself with the story, but the fuse had been lit, and infatuation ensued. I guess this is how fetishes are born.

I spent the rest of the day not relaxed, but horny, going back in forth between imagining Kelly’s damp bikini bottoms, what lied beneath them, golden showers, and trying to read text on a page.

As afternoon began to shift to evening, I had had enough and brought my things back inside. Up to the bathroom I went, and with a swiftly locked door, my laptop, and noise-covering shower, I was pumping away to movies of desperation and wetting, indulging my new found pleasure.

I figured it was the pissing that did it for me, but even the most attractive of actors became surrogates for my desires for Kelly. In my mind I was thinking of her.

It was at that moment that I knew I needed more, and so my plans begun. I spent the rest of the day reclused in my room, dreaming and scheming and masturbating in between. By night I had figured out my plan, and over the next week I would put in into action.

One more tug on my aching member, and I went to bed. It was early, but the sooner I slept the sooner I could bask in Kelly’s “warmth” again.

I woke up early and guilty. I was ashamed of what I felt for Kelly, and even more ashamed that I had spent so much time obsessing over it last night. I thought the night’s sleep had given me some clarity, but all it took was one quick daydream to bring back all my desires, and though I tried to convince myself I didn’t want to, I began to put my plans into action.

I went downstairs already in my swimsuit, and after a quick breakfast I grabbed the cooler. I filled it with ice, and put bursa escort bayan another six pack in it. With the addition of some water bottles and a lime, I was set.

The weatherman said it would be a hot week, and If I knew Kelly, that meant she’d be out by the pool every day of it. So now I just had to wait.

And wait I did. I knew I was out there early, so Kelly would probably be a while, but the moments ticked away as slow as they could in my anticipation. When I finally I heard the door slide open, I jumped to crack a beer before Kelly got to her seat.

As she reclined, I handed it to her.

“Thanks!” She smiled, apparently flattered that I would be so kind.

“Sure thing sis,” I replied with genuine and new kind of affection.

She sighed, “Ahh, what a nice week, huh?”

I agreed with her, and smiled as she draped her robe beneath her almost naked body.

I didn’t have a book this time. I decided it would be futile to try and read so I just decided I’d give in to my daydreams. As time passed though, I found I could truly relax though every time Kelly would prop up a leg, or reach for the sunscreen, I’d find myself admiring her.

As she took her last sip from beer number one, I cracked another and handed it to her. Of course, I had one for myself too (didn’t want to seem too suspicious). And then, I gave her a third.

It was early afternoon Kelly sipped the last of our beer, and I traded her a water for her empty bottle. She gave me a brief look, quizzical, or confused, but I assured her all was fine.

“It’s hot. You’ve got to stay hydrated.” And with that I cheersed her with my water, and took a big gulp.

By this time, I could feel the fullness in my own bladder, and knew she’d have to go soon. I wanted to go use the bathroom myself, but I couldn’t miss Kelly’s routine, or what I hoped was a routine.

And soon enough, my waiting paid off. About halfway through her water Kelly stood up. Sweat dripped from her torso as she did, and the material of her bikini clung to her ass. I stared as she adjusted it.

“I think I’ll get in too,” I said before getting up from my own chair. I rather jumped, but didn’t want to seem too anxious so I walked aloofly behind her until she got in.

Like the previous day, she treaded to the middle of the pool, and I treaded behind her, trying to make small talk, laughing, and getting her to laugh. And then she got still again. I carefully treaded close to her, trying so seem ignorant to her dirty activities, until I felt it again–a current of heat rushed from Kelly over my submerged torso and legs.

Kelly seemed focussed on the relief so I treaded a bit closer, feeling my leg briefly brush against hers. It sent a shiver down my spine, and I wanted more. I took a breath and dropped below the surface of the water and opened my eyes to the stinging chlorine.

The pain was worth it. As the submarine view came into focus my head was level with Kelly’s pelvis. Underwater I felt safe and allowed myself to stare unabashedly at her immaculate form. The material of her bottoms was tight, held against her by the pressure of the water.

Her tanned torso rose above it and her legs below. At the point where the two joined, I could make out her mound, the soft but firm flesh that rested at her pelvis like a peach. And below that, a faint dark line, apparent through the slightly transparent material that indicated her slit.

And I could see it. Subtle, but there, hot golden nectar emerging from Kelly’s cunt. It swirled and merged with the pool water like heat-waves. I could see it emanating from her core, as she released all of the fluid she had no doubt been holding in for quite some time.

I dared to bob closer, only just, so as not to seem suspicious. But it was enough. I merged with the waves coming from Kelly and felt the warmth on my face. It was Kelly’s warmth. It was carnal and intimate, and it drove me wild.

Eventually, my need for breath grew and I reluctantly rose to the surface and tried to act innocent.

Kelly didn’t seem any wiser. She stayed still for a moment longer before swimming to the edge again and hopping out.

I couldn’t wait this time. I jumped out of the pool, trying to hide my hardon as my swimsuit clug to me. I basically ran inside. And when I was out of view, my cock is in hand. I shot my load quickly with the fresh memory of Kelly’s crotch on a loop in my head.

With the added sensation of my own desperation the orgasm was particularly intense, but lead to an unpleasant need to pee when the pleasure was over. I stood over the john trying to pee as my boner refused to subside, until finally I got my own relief.

Then I went back outside.

“Where’d you go?” Kelly interrogated upon my return.

“Had to pee,” I said, suddenly feeling caught. But there’s no way she could have known.

“I’m surprised you haven’t had to go,” I followed with a subtle knowing tone, freeing myself from any accusations.

escort bursa Kelly just smiled, though it seemed like she may have felt “caught” too.

I laid back, satisfied for the moment until we went in for the day.

The next morning, I was ready again with the cooler. The sun was out, bright as ever, and I trotted out to my chair to resume my activities. I brought with me, in addition to the usual items, a spray bottle, which I would say was to help stay cool, but I figured I could use it to remind Kelly of her “need.”

This second day I felt more confident. It was easier to relax laying there, even if my mind was still flooded with images of my sister peeing. I almost fell asleep at one point, but was able to remain awake until Kelly finally showed up.

It took a while too. It was noon before she came out, and I had actually had a sinking feeling that she wouldn’t be joining me today, but my worries were washed away quickly with the familiar sound of that sliding door.

Out she came in the same blue bikini, only this time without the cover up. She wore no robe as she walked from the house to her chair. It was a treat to watch her walk, as she smiled on her way over.

Once again I handed her a beer before she had the chance to sit down, and once again she thanked me kindly. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. It was warm and loving. If only she knew.

She laid back and opened up her book. I stayed sitting up, not being able to help myself from admiring her. Her skin looked so soft, so perfectly tanned. Her form likewise was perfect. I wanted her.

Apparently I had let my eyes linger too long. Kelly looked up from her book.


“Nothing. Just thinking,” I said mindlessly.

I took my seat. Kelly returned to her book, and for a while we relaxed until Kelly finished her beer. And just like the day before, when she did, I handed her another. And then another.

She was drinking them fast today. She must have been thirsty. Maybe it was hotter. It felt like it. I had been misting myself with the squirt bottle every few minutes, and it was actually working quite well.

Kelly chuckled every time I did. She called me a dork for using it, in that teasing sibling way. I sprayed her with it in return.

“Don’t you dare or I will take it from you!” she retorted, though the smiled as she did.

Hmmm. That gave me an idea…but she hadn’t had quite enough to drink yet. I handed her a water after her third beer.

She really must have been thirsty. She drank half of it in one chug. And very quickly finished the rest. I was ready with another.

If my previous experiences were any gauge, she was getting ready for her routine. Her bladder must be nearing its limit, but I wanted to push her. So as she took a sip from her bottle, I began to make small talk.

I tried to make it sound like I was just bored, bringing up random topics and questions for her to think about, letting her time to empty the bottle into her self. And it worked.

We sat chatting about this and that, and Kelly sipped her water. It was out of habit. There’s no way she could be thirsty after all of that fluid, but it’s like when you’re at a restaurant and they keep filling your water before the food arrives, you’ve got nothing better to do, so you drink it.

And soon enough she was halfway through her third. I knew she would HAVE to go soon, so I waited in the heat.

I took out the spray bottle and misted myself again. Kelly laughed.

My response was to spray her. She looked over angrily, but teasing. I sprayed her again.


I smiled, “fine.”

“Good,” she smiled back and returned to relaxing.

But I wasn’t done. I twisted the nozzle of the spray bottle so that it would spray a concentrated stream instead of a mist and aimed it at Kelly. She noticed.

“Don’t you dare.”

I squeezed the lever and shot kelly straight in the tit.

“That’s it!”

She jumped up in attack mode and tried to snatch the bottle from me, but I got up in time to dodge her first assault. But she was quick and grabbed it on her second try. She jumped a few steps back, out of my direct reach and trained the nozzle on me.

“Kelly,” I warned jokingly.

And then she squirted water on me. I jumped over the lounge chair between us and Kelly ran. She looked back laughing and tried to keep spraying me, but with the motion she mostly missed.

She reached the grass of the yard before I got to her, but there I grabbed her by the waist. Admiring the softness of her skin by sight was wonderful, but that first touch of my hand on the supple curve of her hip was electric.

We had wrestled before, as siblings do, but with my new found desire her body felt a whole new kind of right as I grabbed her.

She squealed and cracked up laughing as I lifted her off the ground.

“Put me down!” She commanded between laughs and squeals. She squirmed in my arms, trying to spray me with the bottle that she still possessed.

As I lifted her up I became more acquainted with her shape as her weight pressed against me. Her skin was soft and slid against mine, sweaty in the heat. I felt her ass against my stomach, a wonderful protrusion.

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