My Sister’s Unavowed Desires

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— Claire’s small body lies beneath me, she’s moving her legs wide apart and this is my cue to bring my cock to her pussy. I press my dickhead past her opening; she shuts her eyes and her mouth opens in a perfect ‘O’ and she takes a deep breath as I slide slowly inside her —

“Mark! LOOK OUT!”

I come out of my short day dream and correct the car’s aim down the road. Not five minutes before this, Claire, my sweet little sister, suddenly blurted out she wants me to make love to her… What could be wrong with her? I had to yell at her before she would shut up. In the silence that followed my outburst, I suppose my mind wandered as I started thinking about what Claire had said and that must have started me imagining how sex with my sister would feel. Sex with my sister? What the fuck!

Here is how this completely awkward situation began, earlier on that bright, beautiful day.

Sis and I were on our way to Disney World and a one-week stay for two at a resort hotel in Orlando. Claire had won the trip in a college raffle and our parents would only allow her to go if our sister or I could accompany her. Because our sister Jane was away on a summer job, the task had become mine as I was on summer vacation from my banking job. Another thing was that I had broken with my girlfriend recently and, so, I simply agreed to go with Claire. The prize included airfare for two but, since we lived in Atlanta, we had elected to leave a couple of days early and sightsee along the way. I was driving my Chevy and our parents had offered to pay my car expenses. Mom did not think we would have to pay for separate rooms during the drive down, provided the rooms had two beds. She had offered to pay for the hotels too, which was fine by me.

I am a 27 year-old male, 5′ 9” and 160 pounds, fair-haired and good-looking from what I’d heard. Due to a recent breakup with my girlfriend, I looked forward to the Florida stay as a distraction that would help me forget Dana.

As I drove, I realized I really did not know very much about my second, youngest sister, and this was probably the first time I would be spending any real time with her. My other sister, Jane, was only two years younger than I and I knew pretty well all there was to know about her. Little Claire was an entirely different matter. There were nine years between us and so we had never had much in common. Claire was almost like a stranger to me, as far as I was concerned. After we left home and hit the highway, I reminisced about my early twenties, when little Claire was usually with one or another of her friends and the girls would blush and giggle a lot as they went by me in the house or in our driveway. I had never paid much attention to my kid sister or her friends but I knew they looked at me at any chance they got.

Claire is a small woman; petite would be a correct description for her tiny frame and probably less than 5-foot height. With her small face framing beautiful dark eyes, a small nose and dark hair, she looks much younger than her real age. She sat quietly beside me, wearing a white blouse, jeans and sandals.

We were about one hour into our trip when Claire suddenly asked if I had been sleeping with Dana, my girlfriend, before we broke up. I told her we had indeed been sleeping together and I asked Claire why she wanted to know and her only answer was “Oh, just because.” She immediately asked how old I was when I first made love. “Well, I think I was 16. Why?” I glanced at her, this tiny girl sitting next to me. For the first time, I realized how lovely she was. I knew Claire was 18 but she looked much younger than that in my opinion. This probably had more to do with her small body than anything else. In any event, as she later admitted, she is barely 4′ 8″ and still looks like a little girl. Watching her, I could understand why our parents had insisted on my going with her. She looked very cute on that day with her big, vivacious dark eyes, her tiny up-turned nose and shiny, dark hair tied in a high ponytail. I wondered about Claire’s small frame. It was true her older sister was barely five feet tall and mom was not much taller. Oh well.

“All my friends are in love with you and I would be too only you’re my brother.”

Claire was looking at me, eyes wide open and with a serious look on her face. She kept folding and unfolding her hands in her lap and I noticed she had painted her fingernails a bright red. Looking at her mouth, I noticed she had vivid red rouge on her lips and I remembered she had done something to her face after we drove away from home.

“I guess it’s normal for girls to think a boy is nice looking and all”, I said. “Doesn’t mean much.”

“Do you miss Dana a lot?”

“Yes”, I said.

“Did you leave her”?

“She left me for Peter and I’m pissed at her for it”.

We drove in silence for a while.

“If you could punish Dana in some way, what would you do to her?”

“I’ll think about it and let you know.”

We stopped for lunch and, sitting opposite Claire in a booth, I told her what I would bursa escort do.

“To get even with Dana, I would turn her into my personal sex maid, an obedient plaything.”

Claire looked at me, eyes widening, and asked for details.

“What exactly would Dana have to do? Be a sexual sex maid, like?”

“Among other things, yes.”

“Wow! That’s cool.”

I was not expecting this reaction.

“Would she have to suck your dick?”

I felt myself blushing and I saw Claire was blushing too. I asked myself where in the world this conversation was heading. I decided to play along and see how much it would take to bring my sister to her senses.

“Whenever I felt like sex, Dana would have to give me a blowjob or let me fuck her, immediately, as in ‘right this minute’, and not only as soon as I asked but also as often as I felt like having sex. As I feel like having sex several times a day, her work would be cut out for her. And what do you think of that?”

My sister looked at me, mouth open, eyes blurring with tears and I thought I had gone too far.

Finally, she uttered, “I wish I could be Dana and that you’d treat me just like what you just said.”

“What?” I said, thinking my young sister was really fucked up. However, how could this be?

“Last year, a boy from college had sex with me. I never told Mom because I sort of encouraged him. We made love four different times and I finally began feeling good about it. I never came when we made love but I began to really like having sex just the same. Then his parents moved to Omaha and he had to go. I’ve missed having sex and that’s why I said I’d enjoy having sex with you like Dana had.”

“Claire, you’re my sister, how could you even begin to think of doing anything like this with me?”

“I can’t help it, just because you’re my brother doesn’t mean I can’t want to have sex with you? I feel safe with you, I don’t have to worry about anything and I don’t think I would feel safe like that with anybody else. Whenever I see you or think about you, I get turned on, like. I often have to touch myself at night and I make believe it’s you who make me come. There, now you know!

“For Pete’s sake, Claire, I’m a grown man and you’re still a young girl. And you’re my kid sister, for crying out loud. I can’t let myself even think about a thing like that and I can’t… I won’t… you know, take advantage of you, I won’t use this trip for anything like what you’re thinking.”

We got back in the car and drove south in silence.


I looked at her. She was half turned toward me, one leg folded under her.

“You’ll have to buckle-up, sis. Come on…”

She sat straight and complied, reluctantly.

“Listen, Mark, I want this, I really want it, please listen to me.”

Driving on, I couldn’t help glancing at her as she spoke.

“I’ll be your sex maid till we get back. Ten days! You can do to me what you said about Dana. I’m ready and I want you to. This is not something I’ll regret, ever, this is something I want and I feel you will want me too, Mark, I saw you had a hard-on when we came out of the restaurant so you need sex like I do. I know you would enjoy sex with me, I’ll be good to you and do anything you want me to, please, Mark, I’ll never tell anyone, not even my friends, I promise.”

“Cut that out, Claire. Stop that now.”

“But there’s nothing to worry about, Mark. I’ve been on the pill for three years. I’m here with you, don’t I look nice to you? I know I look good and I’ll be real sexy for you, as much and as long as you want to, and anytime, I’ll be game for you. Please, Mark, please say yes?”

I braked and pulled over to the shoulder of the road, bringing the car to an abrupt halt. Turning to Claire, I grabbed her shoulder and shook her as I shouted at her.

“I want you to stop that, right now. Are you out of your mind? I cannot think straight anymore after what you’ve just said. Stop it!”

I felt numb as I pulled back on the roadway and drove on, feeling in a kind of daze. I did not say anything but I could not stop thinking about what Claire had just said. I began imagining what making love to my own sister would feel like and I felt a hard on coming on. The more I thought about it, the harder my cock bulged. I finally decided I might be able to somehow go ahead and have sex with Claire but that I would first make damn sure she was serious about the whole thing and would have no regrets later.

“LOOK OUT!” Claire’s shout cleared my thoughts and I quickly corrected my car’s aim around a curve.

“Sorry, sis.” I drove on, thinking about our situation and I slowly came to a decision.

“Claire… Listen… All right, I’ll tell you what. We’ll play… I’ll play this game with you, but, you must… the minute you feel bad about it, I want you to tell me right away and I promise you that will be the end of the whole thing and we’ll never tell a soul about it ever happening.”

“Mark, yes, oh yes! I’m so happy. Yes, I promise to tell you bursa escort bayan if I don’t want to go on. I love you, not like a brother, you make me feel all hot inside and I can hardly wait for when we’ll start this… having sex together!”

“Well, listen good, Claire. You’re becoming my sex plaything, starting right now, and I will use you for sex whenever I feel like it. I hope you realize what being a sex maid really means because that’s exactly what you’ll be and that’s how I’ll use you. If you happen to get sexual pleasure, good for you, but it will be my pleasure first. If you’re good, I may go down on you but, every time, it will be my desire first, yours second. Now! You are very small and I have a good-sized shaft, from what girls have told me so, if I hurt you as I start to enter you, I want you to tell me and I’ll stop fucking you. You’ll finish me off with your mouth or your hands and we’ll try again and again, until my member begins to get tired and does not get so big anymore and it can penetrate you easier. But, that will be the only time I will not be doing exactly as I please with you. This last hour talking about sex with you and looking at you beside me has made me horny as hell so we’ll hit the first motel we see and you will have to begin being my sex maid as soon as we enter the room.

“Oh, I’m so happy, I don’t know what else to say… I want you in me, to feel that, your cock pushing into me… Mark!”

“You’ll do what I want, kiddo. You’ll do as I tell you. Consider yourself my possession, my sex plaything.

I saw Claire blush but, in a barely audible voice, she said “Yes, I will”.

I drove off at the first exit indicating lodgings nearby and I found a motel not far from the exit. I registered as Claire waited in the car. Then we entered our room. There was only one bed, a double. The room was hot and I turned the air conditioner on high.

“Okay, I’m taking a shower. Here’s the deal, turn down the bed and leave only a sheet on the mattress. Pile everything away in the corner and get ready to do me.”

As I walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped over my erection, Claire came up from the armchair. I stood there, like in a trance, as I could not quite bring myself to show my hard organ to her. I saw her walk toward me, unsteadily. She had changed into a short blue dress, sheer nylon stockings and shiny, black leather high heeled shoes with ankle straps. I was surprised, as I sure had not expected my kid sister to bring clothes like these along for our trip. Her hair was down, curling upward where it reached her shoulders. She spun her body around, the bottom of her dress swirled up and I noticed her nylons had black lines at the back, like in movies from the forties. She was sexy all right. I had never really looked at her legs before but now I saw how beautifully shaped they were. Her body was very small but her feminine form was evident. My shaft was ramrod straight under the towel, pointing at my sister, and Claire, not daring to look at it, turned to face me and came into my arms, shaking involuntarily. As I stood there, I realized that she did not quite reach my chin, even with those high heels. I shivered, realizing I was about to have sex with a still rather young girl. And not with any young girl… with my own sister! Then, I felt the towel slide off my rod as Claire gently pulled it away, turning her pretty little face upward and looking deeply into my eyes as she did so.

Disengaging myself, I grabbed the towel she was still holding and walked over to the armchair. I spread the towel on the chair and sat on it. Claire came toward me, wringing her hands as she waited for my command.

“Grab a pillow and kneel in front of me and give me a hand job”. I spread my legs wide and slouched lower in the overstuffed armchair, pushing my genitals toward Claire.

She walked toward me, awkwardly, and I shivered as I saw how sexy she looked. She had put on some bright lipstick and she had done something to her eyes that made her look somewhat like the beautiful girls in glossy magazine ads. My erection was pulsating as she grabbed a pillow from the bed and dropped it in front of me. Sis knelt on the cushion, as instructed, and then began to reach for my shaft.

“I’m not circumcised; have you heard about this?”

“Yes, I saw some pictures…”

I was extremely turned and I had never seen my shaft so extended. Its head was almost fully uncovered.

“Just pull the top skin down, pull it down gently all the way”.

She had a good look at my member then, for the first time, and I noticed she seemed startled and apprehensive. Next, Claire’s beautiful little hands reached for my rod and I felt an exquisite sensation as she slowly put her painted fingertips on the head of my cock. My body twisted with sexual anticipation and the excitement I felt caused my cock to jerk and pulsate in my sister’s hands when, as she held the base of my sex with her left hand, she took my foreskin between her right thumb and index finger and slowly bursa escort kız brought her hand down, hesitantly, until the head was fully exposed, shining in the low room light because it was so swollen with excitement. Drops of pre-coital fluid oozed out of the head as Claire examined it.

“It comes out because I’m so excited. Spread that stuff over the head with your fingertips”, I instructed.

My shaft jerked again as Claire’s fingers touched its glans delicately until the head was all wet. She kept on massaging the tip of my cock with the fingers of her right hand then stopped as the fluid dried up.

“Have you jerked anyone before?”

“I touched my first boy’s prick a few times but just to guide him inside me…”

“Spit in your right hand, a lot,” I ordered. “You need a lot of spit.”

I saw my sister’s mouth move as she worked some spit up and she spat in her hand, three or four times.

“Have you done this before?”


“Wrap your hand around the head and masturbate me with the spit. Gently. Go slow, very slow.”

Claire began to masturbate me and the sensation was exquisite, of course. How could it be otherwise? I knew I wouldn’t last long. I asked Claire to stop and to remove her hand from my shaft, explaining I did not want to come too soon. She remained kneeling quietly in front of me, her left hand around the base of my cock, as my phallus pulsed excitedly as she gazed at it in wonder.

“Claire, see what you’ve made me do? I had no choice but to give in to you, you’re so beautiful and sexy that I could not refuse what you offered me, even though you’re my sister and I should have known better. Now, it’s too late, I can’t go back, you can see I won’t be able to last long when you touch my dick again with your sexy little hands. Okay, very slowly now, masturbate me… that’s it… that’s it, like that, go slow, barely touch me, hah, mmm, mmmmm, you’re exciting me so much, it feels like my cock will just explode if you continue, oh, oh my, yes, that’s so great.”

“You look too excited, Mark; I think I’d better stop again…”

“No, sis, there’s no way you can stop now, it’s too late, I’m coming. Don’t be surprised, go on, go on. Just continue as with the hand, that’s good, that’s just fine, that’s it. Here we go!”

I came, a long, long time, in her hands and all over her, some cum even hitting her neck and chin, but she just kept doing me until I begged her to stop.

Heaven on Earth! I could not remember ever having been so sexually excited before that day.

“Let’s rest a little while, Claire.”

I got up, grabbed the pillow and fell on the bed. Claire lay down beside me, somehow still wearing her sexy shoes.

“You okay?” She said she was. Looking at her, I rolled over toward her and I kissed her. She pressed against me and I felt her tongue dart between my lips. So be it! I pushed my tongue in her mouth and we exchanged a long, very wet and very intimate kiss. We kissed non-stop for what felt like a good five minutes, at least.

“Your turn, sex maid, go shower. Hurry up!” I was wide-awake now, thinking about our situation. Our kissing had started me on the way to another hard-on.

She had a towel around her as she came out of the bathroom.

“Drop the towel, Claire.”

She let go of one hand. The towel hung from her other hand for a couple of seconds then it fell at her ankles and she just stood there, waiting for my orders. I saw she sported a pair of small breasts, which I had not really noticed before. They were small yet definitely there and very good-looking even, with a pointed shape and tiny, erect nipples with small, yet well-defined areolas. There was some hair in her pubic area, just a little, its color a light reddish brown.

I lay on my left side and motioned her over to the bed. She lay down facing me. I began kissing her and pulled her toward me, as I fondled her breasts.

“I will do you, sis, don’t be afraid and enjoy yourself.”

She lay against my left arm and shoulder but I was able to reach around her with my left hand and play with her left nipple while my right fingers touched her pussy and gently massaged the area. I gradually inserted my fingers in her vagina and explored, wondering if I would be able to locate her clit. It took no time at all, Claire’s pelvis bucked against my hand and, hard as it is to believe, she reached orgasm only a short time after I touched her love button. Her chest heaved and she moaned loudly as she came.

“Mark, this was awesome, I’ve never come this hard before. Pheew! That was perfect… Wow!”

She snuggled against me for a while and I caressed her body all over and kissed her lips gently.

“My turn again, sis. No more lying down on the job, I’m ready for more from you. I want you to give me head right away. And when I come, I want you to swallow everything I come up with.”

Holding my sister’s chin in my right hand, I looked at her mouth greedily. “Okay, now, get a move on.”

Without a word, Claire got up and I moved my ass toward the foot of the bed, grabbing one of the pillows and throwing it on the floor. With feet flat on the carpet and knees spread wide, I plumped the other pillow under my head so I could watch my sister’s mouth in action. She kneeled on the pillow between my legs and her hands grabbed the base of my shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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