My Son is the Man of the House by Mrs Walker

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“My Son is the Man of the House” by Mrs Walker

When son Tommy gets home each night while my husband is out of town on business, our usual routine is pretty much the same. We have dinner together, then go into the living room and sit on the couch to watch television for a few hours.

One evening, Tommy says to me, “Mom, I am eighteen now and would like to be the “man of the house” whenever Dad is gone for a few days.

I assure him that he is the “man of the house” when his father is away, but he complains, “But you never let me have sex with you!”

I take a few moments to think of a reply, then say to him, “Tommy, to be truthful with you, I have been thinking about having sex with you recently. After I contemplated the consequences, I decided against it. You would most likely tell your friends and a few days later a person from the County Social Services Office will be knocking on the our front door.”

Tommy immediately says, “Mom, please! I promise that I will never tell anybody! This will be a secret just between us! Please Mom! Please!”

I get up from the couch, point my finger at Tommy and say, “I have decided to let you fuck me just once, then we will never talk about what happened today again! If you ever tell anybody about us having sex together then I will stop paying for your college tuition and new car!”

Tommy intently watches me as I begin unbuttoning my blouse. He just sits there and stares at me, so I say to him, “Well, what are you waiting for? Get up from the couch and take your clothes off!”

Within just a few moments were are both naked and standing in the middle of the living room while we embrace and Sex hikayeleri tongue kiss each other.

After a couple of minutes I get an urge to have a cigarette and a beer, so I grasp Tommy’s hard cock and lead him to the kitchen. I tell him to sit down at the table, then open the refrigerator door and bend over to reach for a beer on the bottom shelf. There are two of them, so I glance over my shoulder at Tommy and ask if he wants one.

I smile when I see him slowly jacking his hard cock up and down while he stares at my naked white ass cheeks!

We pop open our beers, then I get a cigarette from my purse and light it up. Tommy does not take his eyes off my naked body as I walk around the kitchen puffing on my cigarette and taking small sips from my beer.

I stand real close to him several times so he can squeeze my ass cheeks and play with my tits for a few moments, then go back to parading around naked in front of him.

After four or five minutes, I snuff out the cigarette, then hop up on the kitchen counter and spread my legs apart. Tommy’s eyes zoom right between my legs, so I reach down and begin playing with my pussy to tease him. After I take my last swallow of beer, I look at Tommy and say, “Well, let’s get started.”

As Tommy gets up and walks over to me, I position myself as close to the edge of the kitchen counter as I can, and let my legs hand down. Tommy and I tongue kiss for a while, then he works his way down and sucks on my breasts.

Suddenly, he gets on his knees and buries his face in my pussy!

I start squirming around and moaning as Tommy flicks his tongue in and out of me. Oh my God, I should Sikiş hikayeleri have let him start doing this years ago!

Tommy is driving me crazy by alternating between fucking me with his long tongue and sucking my clit! I start screaming, “Don’t stop Tommy, don’t stop! Make your Mommy happy! Please don’t stop!”

After a few minutes, I feel an intense orgasm building up and desperately need a cock inside me!

I scream at Tommy, “Stand up and stick your cock in me! I want your cock in me right now! Stand up and shove it in me!”

Tommy immediate stands up, strokes his cock a few times, then positions it at my pussy entrance and thrusts his hips forward. His first try gets about four or five inches inside me, then he backs it out and rams it back in again. After a few attempts he gets the entire monster all the way in and begins slowly fucking me. Oh my God does his cock feel good inside me!

I look down between my legs to watch his cock going back and forth for a while, then look up at him and say, “So Tommy, how do you like having your big cock inside your Mommy? Is it all you expected?”

Tommy is starting to breath hard, but replies, “Oh God Mom, my cock feels so good inside you, that I really can’t describe it! Is there any chance that you would change your mind and let me fuck you a few times a week? I will do anything you want! Please Mom! Please!”

Between my moans, I reply to him, “Well, let me think about it. For now, just keep making me happy.”

After a five or six minutes, Tommy suddenly says, “Mom, I am going to ejaculate any second now! Should I pull out of you?”

I scream at him, “No, the Erotik hikaye feeling of warm sperm shooting inside me triggers my orgasms! Just let it gush inside me!”

Suddenly, Tommy gives me one last big thrust and stops. I can feel his cock jerking around inside me while it pumps sperm over and over again.

I immediately feel a tremendous orgasm shoot upwards from the base of my spine, then it hits my brain and explodes! Everything goes black and I see hundreds of twinkling little white starts dancing around. After a few moments, I come back to reality and Tommy is kissing me.

I kiss him back for a while, then reach over to my purse and get another cigarette and light it. I take a few puffs on the cigarette, then say to Tommy, “Did you like having your cock squirt sperm inside your Mommy?”

Tommy immediately says, “Oh Mom, I have been wanting to fuck you my whole life! You would not believe how many times I masturbated while thinking of you walking around in your bikini! Now, I finally got to shoot my load in your pussy instead of a paper towel!”

As I smoke my cigarette and we continue our conversation, I notice Tommy’s cock is still hard and he is beginning to slowly fuck me again.

I say to him, “Tommy, are going to fuck me again?”

He immediately replies, “I sure am!”

Tommy starts off slow, but is soon violently thrusting his cock into me faster and faster making my tits flop wildly around on my chest! Oh my God! Oh my God! Fucking Jesus Christ! Holy Christ!

The next evening while my Tommy and I are having dinner, he asks me, “Mom, I know you said that we should never talk about what happened yesterday, but is there anyway you would change your mind?”

I reply to him, “Well, I thought about it before I went to sleep last night and decided that fucking once a day would be okay, but no more than that!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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