My Summer With Emma

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My name is John Mills, I’m six foot and three inches tall. I guess I weigh around two hundred pounds. I have dark brown hair that’s getting a lot of gray on the sides, I just turned 45 years old.

Four months ago, I found out my ‘soon to be’ ex-wife had been taking birth control pills from the first day we had been married. One of my biggest dreams was, to have kids. Lots of them, her dreams didn’t include them.

I guess you could say I had one of the most boring lives on the face of the earth. I’m an auto mechanic and I work from an old barn that sits on the far end of my property.

It was nothing for me to work 12 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week. Hell, I had nothing to go home to. An empty house, no wife, no kids and no pets.

One day last June my life turned upside down. I was replacing a fuel pump on a new car, a spark hit the gas line and ‘puff’ my hands and arms went up in flames.

“How long will I have to keep this shit on my hands Doc?” I ask the doctor, while looking a the massive bandages on my hands. My hands looked like two white basketballs. How was I going to eat, wash and most important, piss?

With a surprised look on his face he replied, ” Shit? That is the best job of wrapping burns, I have ever done.”

“And…. they will not come off until four to six weeks, Sir.”

‘ Oh fuck, I pissed off the doctor.’ I thought.

I made my way out to my truck, ” Yeah right, how do I fuckin’ drive?” and I kicked the side of my fully restored 1930 Ford pickup.

I heard a little giggle, so, I turned to see who was the ‘smart ass’ laughing at me, ” Looks like you are having a very, bad day.” Her English accent sounded so sweet as she sat on the curb.

I held out my hands, ” A very bad day, if I must say so.”

“Do you have any body I could…. help you call?” She ask.

I thought for a few seconds, heck all the years living in Macon, Georgia, I didn’t have any real friends, ” Not really, I guess…. I’m on my own.”

She stood up from the street curb, it was the first time I got a good look at her. She was 18, maybe 19 years old. I’d say she stood about five foot, four inches tall. And had a very slender and toned body.

‘ My GOD,’ I thought, ‘ she is beautiful.’

Her long ‘Honey’ colored hair went to her thin, very sexy and bare tummy. I also saw she had a very deep ‘belly button’. She was wearing one of those little half shirts.

Her eyes were a light shade of green and very soft. The kind of eyes you could look at all day.

Her skin reminded me of a white rose, very soft and so delicate. I guess it was from living in England, I’ve heard they don’t get much sun there.

“Your in a real…. ‘pickle’,” She said, looking at my hands, ” I could help you drive home. How far is it from here?”

“Shit, real far. You waiting for the afternoon bus?”

“Yes, I think I’m finished seeing Georgia, it’s not been very kind to me.” She said, with a sad face.

“Why is that?”

“I got held up last week, the week before that someone took my sleeping bag,” she paused to catch her breath, ” shall I go on.?”

“You poor thing, you had anything to eat or drink?”

“I’ve been living on hand outs, mostly.”

I tried to scratch my head, ” Can you drive a stick shift?”

“Sure, but, I’ll miss my bus.” She said with a worried voice.

“You help me get home, I can feed you, give you a new sleeping bag and I’ll throw in some cash for you.” I told her.

She got a funny look on her pretty young face, ” I… don’t know.”

“Look if you’re worried about me bein’ a pervert, don’t. And besides look at me.” I held my hands out, again.

“Well…. O.K. oh, by the way I’m, Emma,” Her tiny hand reached to mine,” nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you Emma, I’m John, John Mills,” I looked around to see if she had any suit cases,” do you have any bags or things?”

“Oh… yes. I have to go in and them before the bus comes…. And I need to use the ladies room.”

I got a funny look on my face, ” What’s wrong John.” Emma ask.

“I could use the men’s room but….” My hands, how could I?

Emma’s face got a pink glow, ” Oh my…. What are we going to do?”

“I guess I can wait until we get to my place.”

“You sure, John? We can figure something out,” Emma’s face got more pink, as she talked, ” follow me, I think the ‘can’ is ’round back.”

The restroom was around the back of the old bus station. As we stood there, little Emma’s mind raced, ‘ How can I help this poor, very handsome man…. Very, very, handsome man, Piss?’

“O.K. nobody is here,” She pushed me inside, ” this will be a…. um… um… first for me.”

Her little hands moved to my zipper, down it went, ” I feel so hot, now.” Her poor face was as red as a tomato.

She reached inside my pants, feeling for my cock, ” OH MY LORD,” Emma yelled, her hands pulled it out, ” are you part horse?”

“No, not that I know of. Could you point it to the toilet?” Emma stood, looking at my cock, holding it gently in her hands, ” Oh…. Yes. Sorry.”

She held it while I pissed, that was the escort antep hardest thing I ever had to do in my life, not get hard while this beautiful girl helped me. Her warm hands held me so soft, so caring.

‘ This thing looks like it belongs under a fine horse. Well, it also looks good on you, John,’ Emma thought, ‘ my new friend John, what are you going to do? No friends, no wife, I think. All alone. Like me.’

I had finished, ” Do I…. Shake it or something?” Emma ask.

“Um… yes, just a little.”

‘ If you do it to much, I’ll get hard as hell,” I thought, ‘ you’ll run away and I’ll have to find another ride home, and worst of all, I’ll miss out on getting to know a very sweet girl.’

Emma drove my antique truck like a pro, ” Where did you learn to drive so good?” I ask.

I watched her small, round mouth, as she spoke, ” My Daddy, has three old heaps on our farm, old trucks. I must say, this is a fine one you have here.”

“I did all the work myself. I found it in an old barn and it only cost me 50 dollars. Well…. Really about ten grand when I got it finished.

“That’s a real pocket full of cash,” Emma turned to smile at me, that’s when I really saw her beauty, ” may I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything you like.” ‘ Ask me if I like young girls, ask if I like young girls, from England.’ she thought.

“You have no wife? No children? Nobody?” She ask, with a sad face.

“My wife and I broke up about 4, 5 months ago.”

“May I ask why?”

“I found out she had been lying to me for 20 years, saying she couldn’t have kids. Come to find out, she was taking birth control pills the whole time. She hated the idea of having kids. I wanted as many as I could get.”

With a sad face and her bottom lip stuck out, she replied, ” Oh what a crying shame,” she patted my arm, ” Well, I must say, you’re a very handsome man, that won’t have any problems finding a willing lady and I’m sure you can still have children.” ‘ Do you like young ladies? I would be willing to try,’ Emma thought to herself, ‘ you’re so sexy, that cock you have mite, spilt me in two but, I’d mend, I’m young.’

“Thank you, I work so much, I don’t know anybody,” I pointed my hand, ” we turn at that gravel road. This is home.”

“Oh it’s absolutely wonderful. How much acreage do you have?” Emma’s green eyes looked every where, as we drove up my road, ” with so much land, do you own any horses?”

“No, nothing, just me.”

She pulled the truck in front of my house, hell I couldn’t even get the door open, ” Here let me help you with that, John,” She pulled the door open, ” this is just so nice.”

Emma turned away from me, then I saw how what a great little ass she had. ‘ How did you ever get that sweet ass so tight?’ I thought.

“Let’s get inside, so you can wash up and we can start dinner.” I said.

“I would die for a steamy, hot bath,” Emma said, with a smile, ” it’s been a while.”

“Anything for my new, friend.”

We made our way into my house, Emma had unlock and open the door. I was helpless. ‘ What in hell am I going to do when this girl leaves?’ My mind raced.

“Well, lets start dinner, then you can have your hot bath and I can take a nap.”

“That sounds good to me, do you know how to cook? I’m just terrible in the kitchen.” Emma smiled.

As I told her what to do, I ask her, ” How in the heck did you get to Georgia, from England?”

“I met what I thought, was a nice man that had a big horse farm in New York. That wanted to train me to be a manager. When I get to his house, come to find out, he had lied about everything. No horses, nothing.”

She went on talking, ” My Mum and Dad went to Africa for the summer. So, I just figured I would see the USA, then all the bad things happened to me.”

“That’s to bad, I’m glad we can help each other. One thing before you get in your bath…..”

“Emma’s face started to get that pink glow, ” You need to…. Go again?” ‘ Oh yes, I get to hold that wonderful piece of meat again.’ Emma thought.

“Yes, I’m sorry, I really need to think of ways to do things. You won’t be here to help me forever.”

“While I’m here, all you do is ask, OK?” Emma said, hugging me.

I stood in front of the can, Emma unzipped me, her dainty hands found my cock. She gently pulled it out. Holding it in the palm of one hand, while the other rested on top of it.

‘ Don’t get hard, don’t get hard.’ My mind told my cock.

I watched Emma as she held me in her hands. She gazed at my size. The poor, sweet girl, most likely had never done anything like this before.

‘ Oh, my dear sweet, John. If you only knew…. I could hold this wonderful cock in my hands day and night,’ Emma thought, as her eyes wondered over the cock, ‘ PLEASE, PLEASE get hard, I beg you, get hard for me. I would give anything to see how big you get.’

When I finish, Emma’s hands squeezed me hard, pushing the remaining piss out of me. Then, she gently placed it back into my pants.

“All better now?” she ask.

“Oh yes, you take escort araban your bath, I’ll take my nap.”

“Hey, John wake up…. Wake up sleepy head.” Emma said, as she sat next to me on the sofa.

“What time is it?” I ask.

“It’s midnight.”

“You should have woke me up. Did you eat?”

“No, you were sleeping to good to wake and I enjoyed watching you,” Emma smiled, ” time for you to eat.”

Emma stood up, all she had on was, a small night shirt and this about killed me, a very small pair of white silk panties.

As she walked towards the kitchen, my eyes stayed glued on her hips, ass and sexy legs. Her body was so toned. The next time she helped me piss there would be no way I could keep from getting hard.

I sat at the table, Emma pulled a chair as close to me as she could, ” Now I get to feed you,” Her face started to get that, warm, pink glow, ” open wide….”

As she helped me eat, I helped myself to little peeks at her young body. Each look, my cock got harder. By the time we finished, her nipples were standing up and my cock was hard.

“I think I’ll change into my bikini and help you with a shower,” she smiled, ” will that be O.K.?” ‘ Oh please say yes, please.’ Thought Emma.

“Yes, it’s fine but, if you’re in a bikini…. How do I put this?” I stuttered.

“John, don’t worry. I’ll understand.” Emma said, as her hand caressed my face. ‘ Oh John, I understand. At last, I’ll get to see that marvelous cock of yours in it’s full glory.’ Emma thought, as she smiled at John.

I sat, waiting for Emma to change. When she came from her room, my eyes couldn’t help but, stare at her. She was wearing a light pink string bikini, that just did cover her nipples and her sex.

“You ready, John?” Emma ask.

“I hope so.” I said. ‘ Please, don’t get mad when my cock goes wild, you’re so young, beautiful. Everything a man could ever want.’

“It’s O.K. John,” She smiled, as she turned on the water, ” you get all wet. Oh, remember to keep your hands up, so they don’t get wet.”

Emma began to undress me, my cock had already began to stir. When she pulled down my pants, my cock popped out, bumping on her face.

“Shit, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Emma took my cock in her hands, ” John, it’s fine don’t worry. Now you get all wet and I’ll wash you up.”

I got in the shower, the warm water just made me harder. All I could do was think about her, washing my body. Her soft hands, running all over my flesh.

Emma moved into the shower with me, my cock was standing straight out. Her eyes looked at it, then she looked at me, giving me a little smile.

The warm water ran down her body as she started to soap my chest. My stiff cock, found it’s way into Emma’s deep navel, ” I’m sorry,” I stepped back, ” I’m so sorry.”

“John,” her hands held my face, ” It’s O.K. you’re a man, I’m a half naked woman. I understand.” She moved against me, cock went right back to her navel. I swear, she was pushing into me.

‘ Oh I wish that was my steaming pussy and not my belly button,’ Emma thought, ‘ oh John you’re going to enjoy this so much.’

She washed all over my body, saving my cock for last, ” Now, you just relax. Let me help you.”

She sat on the side of the tub. Taking my hard full cock in her hands, she began to stroke up and down my long shaft.

“Please, Emma, you don’t have to do this.”

“Oh John…. I want to, I want to real bad.” She said and started her magic on me. ‘ I want to pump your hard, thick cock, until your cum shoots out, squirting all over my inflamed body.’ Emma thought to herself.

One hand pumped my shaft, as her other hand teased my cock head. She pumped me as fast as she could, my cock was only an inch or so from her face, if I came, it would be on her young face.

“Is it good, John? Do you like my hands fucking your beautiful, long cock?” Emma moaned.

“Oh yes, you’re wonderful, just wonderful.”

“You getting close John? Is your long cock ready to spit some cum on me?”

“Almost, faster, faster.”

Emma moved into the tub, kneeling in front of me, both her hands now stroked my cock meat. Faster and faster she worked my cock.

“Cum John, cum for me.” Emma begged.

“Oh yes…. Oh yes… here…. It…. Comes…”

Emma went crazy, pumping my cock meat like I had never known, ” Cum…. Cum… cum on me John.”

I started shooting, my cum shot all over the front of Emma. Jet after jet it covered her young body. Until she had drained me dry.

“You could kill a man doing this.” I stated.

“Oh I hope not, not you.” She smiled.

We washed off and laid on my bed, falling asleep in each others arms until morning.

We both awoke at the same time. We just talked about anything and everything. Until, I tried to tickle her.

“No, you don’t Mister, I get to tickle you,” without even thinking, Emma jumped on my hips, sitting on me, just like she would ride a horse, my cock lay between us, ” Oh John, you’re so hard.”

She had a look of lust I had never seen on a woman’s face gaziantep arap escort bayan before, ” Oh John.” She laid flat on my chest. Moaning and she began to move her hips into my cock.

“Oh…. Oh…. I’m so close, John, make me cum, make me cum.” She moaned.

I pushed my hips into hers as her panty covered pussy used my cock. My cock was rubbing right in the middle of her pussy slit. She was getting full stimulation on her pussy lips and her tiny clit. Her juices flowed from her body, like a small river.

“Come on baby, cum on my cock,” I humped into her pussy, ” you love that cock, cum on it, cum on it.”


“Cum on it. Cum on it.”

“Oh John, oh John,” she panted, ” can I call you…. Daddy?”

I didn’t even answer but, I said, ” Come on baby, cum on…. Daddy’s cock like a good girl.”

Emma froze, other than a smile of pleasure. Her young body released her orgasm, an orgasm that ran through her for ten long minutes. She came 5 times before her body released her.

“Oh John,” She gasped for air, ” I’ve never, ever came like that in my life.”

“Mmmmm. I’m glad I could help.” And I tried to hug her.

“You didn’t cum John,” Emma stuck out her lower lip, ” let me fix you now.”

She moved between my legs, taking my cock in her small mouth. She began to suck on my swollen cock head.

“Oh yes, that’s Daddy’s good girl.”

“Suck Daddy’s big hard cock,” I moved my hips into her mouth, ” suck Daddy’s hard meat.”

Her hands gently moved up and down my cock shaft as she sucked. Her young mouth sucked so gentle and soft. Her eyes watched my face.

“Suck it baby, suck it dry. Suck Daddy’s cum out.”

Emma started moaning, she was going to cum again, sucking my cock turned her on so much.

“Come on, suck it hard now,” I pushed into her mouth, ” suck Daddy’s stiff cock. Suck it, suck it.”

Emma’s hips went wild humping the bed, she was cumming, cumming hard, ” Suck it, damn it, make Daddy cum in your mouth, SUCK IT.”

I started cumming in the poor girls mouth like never before. She did her best at sucking and licking down my cum. Squirt after squirt, I filled her mouth full of cum.

“WOW, you were full.” Emma said.

“You make me so horny.” I replied.

From then on I knew I had fallen for Emma. Never in my life had I ever seen any one so full of life and love. She had me, hook, line and sinker.

We went into town a few times and I spent so much money buying her sexy clothes, panties, anything I thought she would look sexy in. I loved seeing her in short skirts and high heels, I remember when we got home, ” Go, try on your new stuff.” I told her.

She back out a few minutes later wearing, a white silk blouse, black Spandex mini skirt and her six inch high heels.

“You like?”

“Oh yes, I wish I could pull my cock out to show you how much.”

Emma walked towards me, swinging her hips, teasing me, ” Let me, Help, you,” she freed my cock, seeing how hard it was, ” is that all for, little ol’ me?”

“Yes, all of it.”

“Mmmmm. I can’t wait to, get some of it, Daddy.”

She went on teasing me for an hour or so. Until I had to get her, it was time to see if her young body could take my cock. I needed her so bad.

I was sitting on the sofa, ” Sit on me, please.” I ask her.

“Anything you want, Daddy.”

She started kissing me, moving her wonderful hips into my stiff cock, ” I want you in me, Daddy.”

“Oh yes, yes.”

She stood up, pulling down her wet panties, ” I’m scared, I’ve never had anything like you in me before.”

“You sit on me, you take it like you want.”

“I love you Daddy.” Emma moaned.

She kissed and tongued my mouth, getting herself as wet as she could, ” Oh Daddy, I’m ready, I need your long thick cock shaft in my pussy, I’m on fire.”

“Take it, ride it all day.”

“Oh yes. Daddy, I’m ready.”

She lifted her hips, placing my cock head to her tight love hole, her pussy hole and she slowly sat down, ” OH, DADDY, OH DADDY…… YES… YES.. YES..” Emma screamed.

Little by little, my cock sank into her tender, young body. Her tight pussy muscles locked on my shaft, she would relax a little. Then she would take me deeper inside her body.


I started thrusting my hips up into her body. Pushing my cock pole deeper in her. Emma kissed me with each thrust in her pussy.


Emma started cumming, ” OH, OH, OH, DADDY, DADDY, FUCK ME FUCK ME.”

Her young pussy locked on my cock as she orgasmed. She came hard, hugging me tight as her body exploded around my throbbing cock.


I rolled her over on the sofa, I needed to cum, ” You ready for Daddy’s cum? I need to cum deep in your tight, little pussy.”


I stood between her long toned legs and began to pump her pussy hole, slow at first. Letting her get used to the size. Faster, faster I pumped her cunt, I needed to cum in my new English babe.


She started to cum again, this time I came with her. pumping my cum, seeds deep into her belly, giving her the chance to give me a baby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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