Night Cap

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It was my first business trip after my promotion. It had been a long day of meet and greets across the state. After catching up on email and eating dinner in my room, I decided to head down to the hotel bar for some company. I found a seat at the bar, the bartender (Mandy) takes my order for my first cocktail of the night. The first sip was almost ecstasy; I could feel the tension in my body melt away. There were only a few other patrons in the bar. Mandy kept me company for awhile until SHE walked in.

She was 5’8″, brown hair down to her shoulders, curvy and an inviting smile. She decided to sit next to me although there were plenty of empty bar stools around the bar. I’m not complaining – I was in the mood to talk to someone and I had already spent plenty of time bending Mandy’s ear. Let me start by saying that she smelled REALLY good. She had a friendly disposition about her so it was pretty easy to start a conversation. She introduced herself as Becky from Washington DC. We talked about everything – movies, TV, music, sports – you name it, we talked about. Mandy interrupted our conversation to tell us that we had reached last call. It was only 10:00, I wasn’t in the mood to end my time with Becky, so I suggested we both get another refill and take it to my room. She accepted my invitation. We ordered another drink from Mandy and paid our tabs.

I was feeling extremely relaxed after having a few cocktails and I felt very comfortable with Becky. My room was on the sixth floor. Our conversation never wavered during our elevator ride, if anything it felt slightly more intimate in the smaller area. We entered my room which was more like a suite and for the first time that night I felt a little shy. I was also feeling some sexual tension and butterflies started fluttering in my bursa escort stomach. We sat on the couch – I got up to turn on the radio for some background noise.

We talked for awhile; ever so often Becky touched my arm or leg throughout our conversation. Each time she touched me, my skin felt like it was on fire and tingled. I knew that I wanted to have sex with her and I was pretty sure that she felt the same way. The sexual tension was getting unbearable. I decided to make the first move – she was mid sentence when I leaned toward her and kissed her. She hesitated slightly, then parted her lips and let my tongue explore her mouth. I pulled away to make sure that she was okay with what was happening. She had a look of lust, shocked that I had stopped kissing her. She reached around and pulled my head to her. She started the kissing this time – our tongues were vying for each other’s mouths. She tasted so good; I could taste the coconut rum from her cocktail.

My hands move to her breasts, rubbing her nipples through her blouse. Her nipples were instantaneously hard as my thumb made circles around her areoles. She let out a gasp as I pinched her nipples – I had to touch them. I unbuttoned her blouse, reached in and held her breast in my hand. I placed a thumb inside of her bra to rub her nipple again. She let out a moan; I stopped kissing her and gave her nipple a lick. I put both hands inside of her blouse and unhooked her bra, now her breasts were loose. I took her entire breast into my mouth and started sucking on her nipple, I could feel her hands in my hair and rubbing my back. She was starting to squirm, I could feel my panties start to moisten.

I stood up from the couch, grabbed her hands and pulled her up. As I removed her blouse and bra, I walked backwards bursa escort bayan to the bed. We were kissing again, my hands were roaming her body as we made our way to the bed. I laid her down on the bed, our mouths still locked together. I unbuttoned her pants, pulled down the zipper and slipped my hand inside of her panties. She was so wet. I stood up, removed her pants and panties and also removed all of my clothing while her eyes explored my body. I laid back down on the bed next to her and resumed sucking on her nipples. My hand moved across her stomach and down to her wet center. My finger slipped easily inside of her pussy. I inserted another finger and moved them back and forth. She was really squirming now, asking me to make her cum. I kept up the motion of my fingers going in and out, as my lips travelled their way from her breast, up her neck and found her mouth again. I removed my fingers from her pussy, with the wetness, I used my fingers to circle her clit. Her hips started to rotate with the circular motions of my finger. She pulled away from my kiss, to whisper in my ear, “That feels so good – you’re going to make me cum. Don’t stop.”

Her clit was hard under my touch, as I used my thumb to continue circling her nub, my fingers re-enter her wet pussy. I whisper in her ear, “Ride my fingers Becky, let go, cum for me baby.” I can feel her walls constricting around my fingers, as her waves of orgasm course through her body. I cup her mound and nuzzle her neck as she comes down from her orgasm. I slide down her body to get between her legs to lick up her cum while Becky’s body shakes subside.

Becky reaches down to pull me up to her. She caresses my face as she kisses me. We hold each other, our bodies slick with bursa merkez escort sweat, enjoying the moment as Becky’s heart rate gets back to normal. She shifts her weight so that she can play with my nipples. She takes a nipple and rolls it between her fingers. She rolls me onto my back, massaging my breast and sliding a leg over me. I can feel her wet center against my thigh. Her hand cups my breast, holding its weight while we continue to kiss. My nipple misses the feel of her fingers. I grab her hand and place in on my breast, squeezing it so her hand was squeezing my breast. Arching my back, wanting to keep her hand on my breast, wanting her to roll my nipple between her fingers.

Becky moves between my legs, now both hands playing with my nipples. I feel her tongue lick the inside of my thigh. My body comes off of the bed, sizzling from the path her tongue is taking. Her tongue parts my pussy lips, she wraps her lips around my pussy lips and sucks the juices. One hand on my breast, twisting my nipple, the other hand is on the top of my mound, pulling my lips apart. Becky’s tongue is ravaging my hood, tempting my clit to appear. She flicks my clit, then sucks it into her mouth. My hands grab the sheets, as my hips gyrate under her tongue. The first wave of orgasm courses through my body. Becky doesn’t let up on her assault of my clit, as my body shakes under her. My hands let go of the sheets and caress Becky’s head, applying slight pressure so she keeps her mouth on my clit. The second orgasm crashes wave after wave of pleasure through my entire body. I let go of Becky’s head, sit up to grab her, pull her up to me so that I can taste myself on her lips.

With Becky laying on top of me, our breathing is heavy, our bodies are hot. Our lips meet again for slow passionate kisses. We lay in each others arms as we drift off to sleep.

The sun is shining into the room as I wake up the next morning, I’m alone in bed. I get up, still naked and find a note. “Thanks for the night cap. Enjoyed our night together. Call me when you get back to Maryland. Kisses, Becky”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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