Night Nurse Surgery Prep


Here I was at age 62, back in the hospital for my third go around with an arterial blockage. Three years ago I had suffered a heart attack while on an airplane returning from a business trip and had gone through this life-saving angioplasty procedure where a cardiologist implants a metal stent in the blocked artery to increase blood flow. The procedure includes inserting a thin wire, holding a balloon and stent, through an artery in your groin and up into your heart where the blockage is located. The surgeon can maneuver the contraption by looking at a monitor with a moving X-ray image of your heart and arteries. The balloon is inflated and the stent inserted which keeps the artery open and blood flowing. Quite magnificent technology.

This was the third time and I already knew the routine and was actually looking forward to part of it. Here’s how everything unfolded.

I had been feeling bad for a week, and by Saturday morning, I started feeling those same symptoms, pain in the middle of my back, exhaustion, shortness of breath. When I told my wife she immediately demanded we head for the hospital. I didn’t argue. I did not feel good at all.

When we arrived at the emergency room they immediately took me back to an exam room where they had me remove my shirt and hooked up a machine with several stickies and wires that confirmed I had a blockage, but not yet a heart attack. That was the good news. My cardiologist arrived several hours later and and scheduled the procedure for the next morning.

They admitted me and by 5:00 pm wheeled me to a room where the nurse instructed me to disrobe and put on the standard hospital gown with the opening to the rear. You know the routine!

Once I was completely naked I slipped my arms through the gown and my wife helped me tie the cords around my neck and one other one on the back. I got onto the bed and my wife covered me with a sheet and blanket. A middle-aged female orderly returned and I began the process of being hooked up to several monitors, having an IV stuck in my right arm, with strict instructions not to move that arm, and over the next several hours being visited by a couple of nurses who explained the familiar (to me) procedure for tomorrow, and the same older female orderly who brought me water and a urine bottle, with instructions I was to only use the bottle because they needed to measure my urine flow.

By 8:00 pm I talked my wife into going home, because she was tired, and I really didn’t need for her to suffer along with me. I told her I would be fine. In the back of my mind, I also did not want her to be in the room when the orderly was prepping me for surgery later that night, because the shaving of my pubic hair by a female orderly had become one of the positives of these procedures.

Three years earlier, the first time I went through this, I was really ill and a 30-something female orderly shaved me while a male nurse was hooking me up to the monitors. Two years later, the second time I had a stent implanted, the nurse herself, an attractive 50-something Filipino, shaved me while a couple of young female candy stripers took my pulse while they “checked out the old man’s equipment!” I almost lost control of myself that time and did feel my penis begin to thicken and swell, but I was able to keep from embarrassing myself with a room full of people.

Both of these first two procedures happened during the day with escort gaziantep bayan sitesi lots of people around, but now my male nurse explained that the orderly would be in later that night to prep me for the next morning’s procedure. I realized I would probably be alone with the orderly, and I have to admit I was somewhat excited and looking forward to see how things would unfold.

Around 11:00 pm the night shift orderly knocked on my door and peeked in. I was surprised to see an attractive, heavy set middle aged black woman, dressed in green scrubs, with a bright smile which showed off her perfectly straight white teeth and full lips. She introduced herself as Ruby and explained that she would be returning later to prep me. She asked if there was anything she could do for me and I explained to her that I really needed to urinate, but the other orderly explained that I was not to use my right arm where the IV was attached. I said I didn’t think I could hold the bottle and urinate with one hand “without spilling something.”

Without so much as giving it a second thought she pulled on a pair of latex gloves, reached for the empty bottle and pulled back the blanket and lifted my gown. She told me to lean on my side toward her the held the mouth of the curved bottle close to my flacid four-inch penis as she lifted it and placed a few inches inside the wide opening of the bottle and informed me it was OK to “cut loose.” We both sort of laughed as I relaxed my bladder and allowed it to empty into the bottle with a strong heavy stream.

I could hear the sound of my urine striking the liquid in the bottom of the bottle and she commented that I “must have really needed to go.” It seemed like a full minute had passed before I could tell by the sound that the bottle was beginning to fill rapidly and could feel her adjusting the angle of the bottle to hold more urine.

I looked up at her face as she intently watched what was going on as the bottle filled with my warm golden urine. She was very professional as she pull my penis out so that only the glans was inside the bottle. She didn’t want my penis to become submerged in my urine. For that I was grateful.

I finally able to shut off the flow to a trickle and gave it a couple of more squirts. I couldn’t help the fact that my penis had now began to stiffen slightly from the feel of her warm fingers. When I told her I was done, she expertly shook my penis to remove the last drop or two. This caused me to stiffen even more as she pulled the bottle out and set it on the portable table next to my bed. Shen then reached for a Kleenex and carefully dried off the now swollen glans of my penis then covered me with my gown and blanket. I glanced over and saw that the bottle was almost filled to the top. She noted the amount then took it into the bathroom and dumped it in the toilette.

She then explained that she would return later to “prep” me for tomorrow’s procedure. She asked me if I had any questions and I told her the nurse had already explained every thing. “Good” she said, then told me to push the call button when I was ready for her to “prep” me.

After she left I realized that it was just going to be me and her alone as she shaved me “down there.” I now realized she was a true professional and had probably helped hundreds of men urinate and probably some of them had developed escort gaziantep bayan forum uncontrollable erections. Nevertheless, I felt another slight twinge in my penis as my excitement level began to rise. I also felt a bit of embarrassment because I was not sure if I could control myself from developing a full erection when she prepped me. Nevertheless, as I reached down and felt my semi-stiff penis and scratched my soft scrotum and egg sized balls, I decided to get it over with, and pushed the call button. I looked up at the clock and saw it was 11:45 pm.

Within a minute the door cracked open and Ruby walked in carrying her shaving gear in a large bowl. I watched her as she began to organize her tools and lay them out on the portable table next to my bed. She then took some white tape and began to make loops with the sticky side out. After she made about a half dozen loops she unfolded a large white towel. She pulled the blanket down to my feet and told me to lift my hips so she could spread the towel beneath me. As I raised my hips my gown fell to my waist exposing my semi-erect penis and my low hanging scrotum. I glanced up at her face as she leaned over me to stretch out the towel beneath me. Her hand bumped my scrotum as her heavy low hanging breasts rested heavily on my stomach.

Once everything was situated she placed a folded dry wash cloth on top of my penis and scrotum, to give me some privacy, as she lifted my gown all the way up past my belly. I looked down and could see that my stiffening penis had “tented” the wash cloth.

Seemingly unaffected by how I was reacting to her “hospital activities,” she resolutely took some electric clippers and began to dry shave me. She started with a sweep across the top of my salt and pepper tangled pubic bush then down the inside of my thighs. She slowly began to work her way along the sides of my scrotum and then even down below my scrotum. She lifted the bottom of the wash cloth and placed her placed her warm hand on my low hanging scrotal sac and gently lifted it up and out of the way as she ran the clippers towards my dark nether hole. I glanced down to watch her as she bent over to closely observe that she did not injure me in such a delicate area. Her heavy breasts hung down resting gently on my thighs.

I was proud that up to now I had been able to control myself and keep everything on a professional to patient level.

Periodically she would stop the clippers and used the tape to pat my groin and pick up the loose hairs. After 10 minutes or so, she announced that she was “half way done.”

She now took the bowl to the bathroom and I could hear her fill it with water. When she returned she removed the dry wash cloth, fully exposing me to herself, and dipped it into the bowl of water. She then wrung it out and turned and began to wipe the entire area where she had used the clippers. The feeling of her warm fingers lifting my scrotum and penis as she wiped the area clean of pubic hair began to have an erotic effect on me.

Just as I felt that I was going to “show” a full erection she took a badger hair shaving brush and dipped it into the bowl of warm water and then began to mix up some shaving cream lather in a cup. Shen then began to apply the lather all over my groin, scrotum, and even down between my thighs and close to my anus.

The feel of that brush escort bayan gaziantep pushed me over the edge and my penis began to swell uncontrollably. I was in erotic heaven and just decided to lay back and enjoy the ride.

My “professional” orderly acted like she didn’t even notice my erection, which by now had swollen to a thick and bloated six inches, as she began to use a double edged razor to shave me close. Back and forth she went, swishing the razor in the bowl of water after each stroke. When she grasped my throbbing penis with her fingers, to hold it out of the way as she shaved my my scrotum clean, I glanced down and realized she was not wearing latex gloves. It was skin to skin.

Her warm soft left hand caressed my slick soapy hard penis, and the sensitive circumcised edge of my plum-sized glans, then down to my smooth and slick scrotal sac as she deftly removed every trace of pubic hair, save for a thick graying patch between my penis and my belly button.

Soon she was satisfied with her work as she checked for any stubble as she ran her fingers up and down each side of my scrotum and along my inner thighs down between my butt cheeks to my anal opening. The feeling of her finger just tweaking my back passage sent erotic thrills through my loins and I could feel the beginnings of an ejaculation building deep inside me. It was all I could do to control myself and not give in to the release.

She now wet the wash cloth with warm water and began to clean off the soap residue. Again she had to lift my penis and scrotum as she gently wiped away the soap and thoroughly cleaned my now shaven pubes. She then took a bottle of lotion and squeezed some onto the palm of her hand and rubbed her hands together. She told me she was going to rub the lotion into my groin to help relieve any razor burn.

As she began to massage my penis, scrotum, and anal crack with her slick hands I felt I could no longer control myself as I gave in to my erotic feelings and could feel that my ejaculation was building toward a point of no return.

I tried to think of something else, but when I looked down and saw those warm smooth black hands caressing my private parts, and could feel the warmth of her heavy full breasts resting on my thighs as she leaned over me, I tried to warn her what was about to happen. The final thing that drove me over the edge was when I felt the lubricated finger of her right hand penetrate my anal opening. That had to have been done for only one purpose I thought as I whispered “M’am,” . . . within seconds of my ejaculation spewing out onto her soft dark hands . . . “I’m gong to cum.”

I blissfully surrendered to the inevitable intent on enjoying my ejaculation.

I looked down and with my glistening hard erection cradled in her left hand, we both watched with surprise as my thick ejaculate forcefully popped out in a long string of white sticky gism onto my stomach and gown, then simply began to ooze out of the deep slit of my swollen glans onto her fingers in a thick heavy stream, dripping down onto the freshly shaven and washed skin of my groin. After two or three more involuntary spurts of cum oozed out, I lay back in full satisfaction.

Being the true professional she was, she let go of my erection and began to clean me up with the damp wash cloth, as if nothing had happened. I sheepishly apologized as she finished cleaning me up and my erection subsided to a normal post masturbation four inch penis again.

Later that night she again helped me urinate, and was it my imagination, or could I feel her linger after I was done, shaking my semi-erect penis, and squeezing it a bit longer than before, then cupping my heavy scrotal sac before covering me up with my gown and blanket as she turned to dump the bottle of urine into the toilette?

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