No Accounting for Love

My hand cupped her crotch as I stared into the surprised expression on her face. Her eyes were wide and her sweet lips begged to be kissed. I let mine just hover over hers for a moment. “Kate, I bet you’d taste nice down here.” I pressed my hand firmly against her jeans. “Judy…” Her face moved up and down a few inches as we continued our stare, our lips still a breath apart, my palm rubbing what I’d dreamed about tasting.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself; maybe the fantasy is just a fantasy – maybe not.

For a year, Kate had been coming over once a week to help with the accounting in my home office while I worked on my fourth novel. I knew she needed the money and I needed the help. It was good for both of us.

She was older, maybe late-forties, and always had her four-year-old son with her. He had been a ‘surprise child’. Her daughter was now grown and on her own. Mike, the second husband, had been not all she had expected. Now her savings were exhausted, the home lost, and they had been living in their car and then in someone’s extra bedroom. Her looks didn’t give that kind of impression, you know, the one of being homeless or destitute. She was tall, slim, her long black hair hanging to the middle of her back, and long legs that went all-l-l the way to the floor as they say.

I was just past fifty, well maybe 12 years past. It had been years since I’d had a lover hold me in bed. It wasn’t that I’d not tried, just that I’d not succeeded. I would look in the mirror each morning and ask myself why no one lusted after me. I never heard an answer though. I stood once again in front of the mirror looking at my naked body, lifting my breasts in my hands and strumming my nipples with my thumbs, and twisting back and forth letting my reflection examine my not so bad looking body. I reached back and gave my ass a little slap. “Gorgeous,” I squealed.

The warm water streamed over my body as I cleaned my pussy enough to make the goose bumps quiver and my knees weak. I finished washing my shoulder length gray hair and gave my cunt one last wash. “Oh Fuck!” I screamed this time as the orgasm rocked my body and drove me against the wall before I crumpled onto the shower floor. My motionless fingers still filled my pussy as I sat and watched the water circling the drain.

Six months ago I’d felt exactly like today, horny and in need of Kate’s pussy against my mouth, hers against mine – something that had not happened. She’d even called that day and said she would be without her son, she never was, and she wasn’t. That moment was lost. I’d assumed maybe the next week would be different. It wasn’t and she told me Mike had promised to be different. He wasn’t. He never was. I knew it, she didn’t. She was like a yo-yo and I was the floor, the spinning wheel almost touching me.

Still sitting on the shower floor, I thought about a time both of them came over just to visit. She was wearing a dress and her long legs were stretched out on the couch across from my chair. The hem rode up along her thigh as she shifted back and forth while we talked. Her hand lay against bare skin above the knee. I thought about what I’d do if it were my hand, how I’d push it up higher, maybe against some damp hair, maybe there weren’t any panties covering that hair, maybe there wasn’t any hair around that lovely opening. I imagined the folds of skin being even and short as it surrounded that beautiful pink part hiding inside.

“How’s the book coming?” Mike asked shocking me from the dream state I was enjoying.

“Fine,” bursa sınırsız escort I tersely replied never being willing to talk about current writing projects, not even to friends far closer than he. “Another beer?”

He chugged the remainder and handed me the bottle. “Sure.” Kate’s bottle was nearly full, “I’m fine,” she said. As I turned and walked towards the kitchen I thought, “Yup!”

The top flipped from the bottle into the garbage as I sneaked yet another peek at Kate. Her skirt now exposed her bare ass just a little. “No panties,” I whispered under my breath. Still hidden by the island, my pussy almost let off a cloud of steam as I pressed the cold bottle under my dress. I imagined hearing a sizzle. It was all I could do to move.

“Need a hand in there?” Kate called out.

I knew if she came in, I would wrestle her to the floor and fuck her brains out, so I remained silent as I walked back. “Thanks,” I said.

Mike was oblivious as she let her hand disappear under her skirt for a moment and her tongue slipped once across her lips, before taking a big sip of beer. Her legs moved, one more than the other leaving a lovely view between them.

“Your first novel was very popular,” Mike said. He wasn’t much of a conversationalist.

“It’s in the third printing now.” If I could just push a button and make him disappear. I pushed another button and the fourth quarter of a football game appeared on the TV.

“Great!” he yelled out. “Look at him go.”

“Want to help me with some chips?” Kate followed into the kitchen. “In the pantry,” I pointed towards a frosted glass door. She knew where it was, but I was just trying to control my nervousness.

She opened the door and I stood behind her inside the small room. As she reached up to the top shelf, her skirt rode up. She paused, neither grabbing the bag nor letting her hand come back down. My hand lingered just over her hip. Maybe I touched the fabric, I don’t know, but her hip now rested against my hand as she looked back at me. My fingers pressed the material into the crevice of her crack and slid further down until the tips of my fingers were touching the swollen skin at the bottom of her pussy. “Oh-h,” she softly moaned staying in the same position for a moment.

“Twenty-one to nothing!” Mike yelled bringing us back to the reality of the moment.

Kate held the bag of chips as she stood in front of me, her other hand against my waist. A sensual smile rested below her nose as she paused for longer than needed to regain her balance. She had not lost her balance.

“Kate … you girls have been in there long enough to have an orgasm.”

Mike was so crude. I knew the first one would happen quickly, but the next bunch would take the rest of the day or night or whatever part of a lifetime we had.

That night I masturbated for hours as I relived those few seconds in the pantry. We never had another chance to be close, not that day, not even the next of many times she was over. I wanted her pressed against me. The next time she was over, Sam was with her, and the time after that, and the time after that.

I tossed the damp towel on the bed, pulled my jeans over my naked hips, and then my blouse over my head leaving my clean bra and panties still lying in the drawer untouched. As I adjusted my breasts, I thought about how nice it would be to have them be smaller like Kate’s so I could go without a bra all the time.

The phone rang. It was Kate saying she would not be here because her bursa üniversiteli escort ‘dumb fuck’ husband needed her to stay home. I was used to the last minute calls, I hated that part of her. She assured me that tomorrow would be different, that she wanted to make sure she came over to help, that she wanted to give me a big hug because of the way I’d helped her a few weeks ago. I’d given her some extra money to help leave him. She hadn’t yet.

As I sat in front of my keyboard to work on my novel, I unsnapped the button on my jeans and let my finger lay over my clit. I pretended it was Kate’s finger. It was crazy to let myself think of Kate and me being lovers. Now my clit was demanding that I do more than just touch it. I could feel the moisture building, almost puddling below my finger, and I flicked the chunk of skin. The other hand snaked up under my blouse and squeezed a nipple. I screamed softly, “Fuck Me,” as the orgasm began, then ended.

Ten pages later, the phone rang. “I have two hours.” I was quiet and she continued, “Do you want me?” Of course she probably meant ‘do you want me to come over?’ but I took it like she said it. “Yes,” I replied.

A few pages more and I heard them come in. “Sorry about that Judy,” she mumbled as she hugged me. It was a hug that could have lasted an eternity, but didn’t. Sam played with his toys in the living room while Kate sorted the mail and paid my bills. I tried to focus on my writing, but all I could do was look at her legs under the desk, at her fingers holding the pen, and at her face.

“Mom, I’m hungry,” Sam begged as he stood in the office doorway.

“Just a minute.”

Kate stood in the kitchen fixing Sam a sandwich. I stood behind her close enough she could feel my breath on her neck as I struggled with my desire, my need to kiss a patch of skin just above the shoulder blade at the base of the neck. “Please,” she whispered. I leaned forward the last few inches. Her head cocked to the side. “Yes,” she whispered.

Her bare legs extended well past the hem of her short thin skirt to her bare feet. Before my lips left her neck, my hand slid along her skirt until my fingertips rested under it near the bottom of her cheeks. “Oh-h,” she moaned as they were placed in the same place we last touched that day in the pantry. She thrust her hips back and spread her legs forcing my fingers deep in her. “Nice,” she groaned as she wiggled her hips around making my fingers touch all over inside.

“Mommy,” Sam called out. “Just a minute,” she replied loudly to him and, “Don’t stop,” softly to me as she put the top piece of bread on the sandwich. “Mike doesn’t touch me like that.”

“I’m hungry.” Sam called out. “Me too,” she whispered to me. I reached around and pressed my hand over her pussy pressing a finger against her clit and then rubbing it. She leaned back against me, turning her face enough to kiss me quickly. “I needed that. I need more.”

“Why did you kiss her?” Sam yelled.

We looked down and Sam was standing just a few feet away.

“Judy was sad,” Kate answered.

“Why is she touching you there?”

“Here’s your sandwich darling. Sit at the table and I’ll bring you something to drink.”

As he sat at the table in the dinning room, Kate whispered, “He’ll tell Mike.”

The knock on the door was unexpected; I rarely had company and was a very private person. Kate always just came in, that was expected. I opened the door. A taxicab drove away. bursa anal yapan escort Kate stood with a suitcase next to her feet. “He took Sam and told me to get out.”

I held my hand out and she followed with her suitcase. The door shut behind her with a thud. We stood facing each other in the living room, my arms around her. A hand slid down and held her crotch, pressing softly at first, then firmer. “You want my mouth here don’t you?” It was the wrong thing to even think about at this time, but I didn’t know what else to say or do. Our lips were a breath apart as I massaged her jeans.

Her head moved up and down slightly as we continued our stare, our lips getting closer. She groaned something I didn’t quite understand. I didn’t need to. I led her to the bedroom, to the bed still not made from this morning. We would just mess it up anyway, not that I knew she would be here.

Kate sat on the edge of the bed and began to undress as I kissed her neck and touched her breast. “Just enjoy what I’m doing,” I cooed.

“I am,” she moaned. “I love your touch.”

Naked, we lay against each other amid the wadded up sheets. My hand rested between her legs as I kissed her. My tongue roamed in her mouth, then hers in mine. No rush, no child begging for her attention, just soft skin pressed against soft skin.

I could feel her fingers exploring my pussy, and then finding my clit. “There!” I said a bit louder than I’d had expected. “Sorry. Just so nice to have you touch me there. … Pretend you’re touching yourself.”

“I’m trying to relax.”

“No need to rush. We have plenty of time. Don’t we?”

Kate kissed me like I’d dreamed of being kissed as her finger pushed inside me. “Let me love you,” she begged.

“For as long as you want.”

My lips kissed their way down her chest and across her stomach until my tongue at last lapped the wetness from between her legs that were now pressed against her chest. “So good!” she yelled as I sucked her clit from the hood into my mouth and rolled it back and forth between my lips. “Asshole never did that.”

“Guess he never knew about your clit?”

“Just how to get his rocks off. … Don’t stop.” She rested her hands on the back of my head and held it against her as she rested her legs against my shoulders and moaned. I added a few fingers to the sloppy wet opening as I kept her clit in my mouth. She wiggled against my face. Her juices dripped down my chin. “Oh baby … ah-h-h yes,” she moaned over and over acting like it was the first time anyone had done this for her. It probably was.

“I want you on my face,” she begged. I turned so I could continue. A lick, a suck, and she stopped long enough to mumble, “Delicious,” before spreading my opening wider.

We had finished unnumbered orgasms and were limp against each other when her cell phone rang in her jeans on the floor. Almost falling off the mattress, she unfolded the phone just before the fifth ring. “Hello?”

“Where ever you are, stay there. A judge just gave me temporary custody of Sam and you’ll never find us.” The call ended and Kate began to cry as she fell against me, the phone stuck between us.

I pulled the phone out and held it. “What did he say?”

“I’ll never see him or Sam.” The sobs became louder as her body heaved between each sob. “Now what?”

I tighten my arms around her and kissed her a few times as one hand rubbed her back then her hip. “I could get very used to holding you.”

“Oh Judy … I could too, but I don’t have a job, I can’t help with the money…”

“What’s important is if you want to be here with me.”

“He’s a jerk. He will never be as good to me as you are. Does it make me a bad person to love you more than both of them?”

I could not answer and just held her. I was selfish. At last I had someone to hold me.

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