Ocean’s Edge Book 01: The Tides

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At the Ocean’s Edge, the tides bring new sand and life to the beaches of our lives. This is a story that brings a sudden tidal shift to our personal beach as we walk along it. The path ahead becomes unfamiliar and refreshed with new possibilities. We continue walking the path of life even after the latest tidal wave crashes upon our beach.


The Ad


Many years ago, I married the love of my life, Brandie. She’s been with me through it all and we’ve taken on all life’s events and challenges together. Everything that happens to us as individuals, we go through together. This includes the time we both started reading erotica online. Some nights, when there was nothing on the television, we would go to bed with a tablet or laptop and go to our favorite erotica site. We would sometimes masturbate together as we read. Other times, we wouldn’t be able to finish the story without tearing each other’s clothes off. Sometimes we would just read a good story and drift off to sleep. It’s not often you would find a partner with the exact interests when it came to erotic fantasy, but we both lucked out.

We had the website bookmarked and as our default page that would open automatically. It might seem silly to do that, but it’s a sign of how much we enjoyed the minds of others who share our interests. Besides, with no children in the house, we had nothing to hide from anyone.

It wasn’t your typical porn site with all the “No Credit Card! No Bullshit!” advertisements for whatever you can think of. It simply had graphics advertising their own nude web cam services and old school hyperlinks to their main content. Other than that, it was a very well-organized site that grouped stories according to their genre and was easy to navigate.

Initially, it seemed a bit awkward to jump straight to the Taboo/Incest section in search of a story that would get our motors running. We did some looking around and the amount of content related to taboo subjects was significantly higher than any other. Where there was demand, the supply would soon follow.

One night, a while back, I discovered something odd about an advertisement at the top of the main page. It was out of place for what I typically expected to see there. Initially, I scrolled past it to click my way through to the stories, but something caught my eye. I scrolled back up, stared at it for a while and even read it quietly to myself to make sure I was seeing it correctly.

It read…

You ‘ ve come this far, why not take another step? Click here to learn about how you and a partner can take your fantasies to the next level in a six day, fully customizable fantasy vacation!

What are you waiting for?

It was intriguing. Brandie and I never had or desired to have children and with that, it gave us a lot of freedom we otherwise would not have been able to enjoy. This proved extraordinarily useful when it came to the genre of erotic stories we preferred and as I mentioned, how quickly we set ourselves up to access it.

I looked over to my wife as she lay sleeping next to me. The covers were pulled over her shoulders and all I could see was her cute little nose peeking through the forest of red hair that covered her face. We always read these stories together. The type of ad that was calling me to click on it seemed like the type of curious finding that we would explore together.

I decided to do some investigating on my own.

I clicked the link to see what it was about, and it opened another tab on my browser. I waited only seconds before the website loaded completely. The front page was professionally done and oozed sexual tension; though there was nothing even remotely sexual about it. The words on the screen merely added to the mystery of the original ad I clicked.

We ‘ re glad you ‘ re here.

Have a seat.

What ‘ s your name and how can we reach you?

The background of the website was a professional shot of a sitting room with two chairs; one on either side of a lit fireplace. The fire was animated and the light from it flickered across the image. The flickering of the digital flames created a new sort of ambiance in my room. The chairs on the screen were turned inward toward a dark-stained wooden coffee table. There were two text boxes. One was labeled “Tell us your name:” and the other read “How can we reach you:” I took note of the word “reach” instead of the corporate and cold sounding “contact.”

There were no other words on the screen, not even the legal stuff a professional website would have at the bottom. I looked up at the web address and it was a legitimate dot com address instead of a knockoff extension that people get when they’re in a rush to establish themselves a space on the digital landscape.

I looked over at Brandie then back to the screen. I wanted her to feel the same level of özbek gaziantep escort intrigue that I was feeling in that moment, but love won yet again, and I let her carry on sleeping soundly. I entered only “Frank” just in case it was a new type of scam, and I used a junk e-mail address we have for when we sign up for newsletters or other bothersome mailing lists. I clicked the “Start” button that was centered on the area rug under the coffee table.

I waited for the notification to come in that I had a new e-mail from this promising adventure, but nothing came before I closed the laptop and put my head on the pillow. As I drifted off to sleep, I kept going back and forth about whether I had just opened myself up to a computer virus or if that website was leading me toward a legitimate adventure. The last thought I had before drifting off to sleep was wondering how much this possible adventure would set us back if we liked the pitch enough.

Bright rays of morning sunshine were beaming into the window of our bedroom when her alarm began to go off. She threw her typical little fit after snoozing her alarm for the third time.

“I don’t want to get up!” she huffed as she wrapped the sheets tighter around her body.

I rolled over and cuddled next to her, moving her red hair out of the way to expose the soft skin of her neck.

“I know what will make you feel better,” I informed her.

She turned her head slightly; her grin widening each second. “A shower?”

“Nuh-uh,” I whispered.

My hand roamed down her body. She enjoyed wearing a silk nightie to bed with nothing on underneath. I preferred her to wear nothing at all. If our late-night reading led to some hot fucking, she would leave her silken unmentionables on the floor. Otherwise, she enjoyed the feel of silk against her skin as she slept.

I slipped my hand under her nightie and began to push it up her body.

“Have another idea?” I asked.

“You want to get me ready for my shower, thus saving me some work?” she said, playing hard to get.

“Little minx,” I whispered in her ear as I pressed my hardening cock against her ass.

“Ooohh,” she cooed as she wiggled her ass.

It was no surprise when I felt her fingertips on my cock as she rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her pussy until she was sufficiently wet. I pushed inside her, inch by inch until I was buried deep inside my wife. This was our usual Saturday morning ritual, but we always played like it was the first time and her body never stopped responding as if it were. We moved in beautiful synchronicity as I pushed in and out of her.

“You haven’t lost a shred of your skill, baby,” she complimented.

That was my queue to change it up. I was swift to move her onto her stomach, putting my knees on either side of her hips before pushing all the way inside her again. As I remained buried in her pussy, I put my hands on her hips and pushed her nightie up slowly until she was forced to put her arms up so I could remove the single piece of clothing.

“You want it hard?”

“Yes!” she grunted.

“You want it fast?”

“Fuck yes!”

I snatched up a fist full of hair and steadied myself with my other arm as I nearly pulled out of her before ramming it back into her from behind as she lay flat on the bed. I loved watching the cheeks of her ass ripple as I slammed into her. As silly as it may sound, I fell in love with that woman every time we fucked. She had a way of being passionately aggressive and I loved every minute of it.

“Where do you want me to come this time?” I asked.

She groaned and pushed back on my cock until it was unclear who was fucking who.

“Babe! I’m going to cum!” I told her.

She refused to answer again.

Instead, she used the agility she had as an accomplished soccer player and the speed she developed as a track star to flip around on her back. Her legs were open wide with her knees pulled up nearly to her tits. I looked down between her legs. The lips of her pussy were reddened from the friction of my cock pounding in and out of her.

I leaned over her luscious body and slid my cock back into her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and fixed her eyes upon mine as she lightly moaned each time my cock was completely inside her. She wasn’t a loudly sexual woman and I loved how she gazed adoringly at me while we fucked. Her quick movement temporarily stalled my orgasm.

“You keep staring me down like that with those sexy eyes, I’m going to cum,” I reminded her.

“Put it all over my face!” she said in a lustful voice.

There was an expression of intense focus on her face. It was rare when she let me cum anywhere but on her tits or pussy, so when she asked me to cum on her face, my orgasm exploded that much sooner.

“Fuck! Babe, here it comes!” I announced.

I pulled out of her while she positioned her face directly in front of gaziantep özbek escort my cock.

I shot the first rope of cum over her face. The line of cum stretched from her chin to her hair line. The second landed on her forehead and ran down the curve of her nose and ended on her upper lip.

“Give me more!” she begged, still in a sexual haze.

The third and final rope erupted from my cock and pushed past her lips, just barely into her mouth.

She grabbed my cocked and attempted to milk every bit of cum that was left within it but there was nothing more for me to give her. It wasn’t often I felt so spent that I allowed her to get up and shower without me joining her. She ended up waking me to kiss me goodbye before she went to work. I smiled at her beautiful face after I kissed her and looked forward to seeing her again when she returned home to me.

A couple hours later, after I recovered my strength from fucking my wife, I arose from my bed and went to check my e-mail. I clicked the mail app and waited for it to connect to the server and retrieve my mail. My heart jumped at the appearance of a new e-mail from the fantasy vacation website. I selected the email and the display pane on the right displayed the contents.

The same image that I saw on the website was on the left side of the e-mail. The fire had gone out, but the embers remained. The glowed on and off only barely illuminating their surroundings. There were two empty plates on the table between the chairs and the changed image revealed an open door on the right side. Light shined through as if welcoming me to walk through it.

Thank you for your interest in Fantasy Vacations! We have attracted your interest and for our part, we offer you this link. In it, you will express your innermost desires. Only when you come clean will we be able to offer all you ‘ ve been looking for and more! When you ‘ re ready, tell us your ultimate fantasy and we ‘ ll be one step closer to making your dreams come true. Remember, almost nothing is off the table. Will you tell us more? Follow the link below if you ‘ re willing to move on.

This e-mail is a one-time offer. We are prepared to make it all come true for you. If you ‘ re waiting to hear the catch, here it comes. The link below expires in two days. After that, you will lose this opportunity forever. Won ‘ t you come with us?

“Holy shit,” I thought to myself. “I need to tell Brandie about this.”

I sat there thinking of all the vacation advertisements I’d ever seen. No sales pitch they had compared to what I’d seen on my screen from that company. I walked away from the computer and went to the bedroom the get my phone. I hastily navigated to the text message app.

“We’ve had our fantasies before, yes?” I texted her. I was never much for introductory conversation.

“Yeah?” she replied with some trepidation.

“I’ve stumbled upon something promising.”

There was a slight delay before she responded.

“Do tell, my love.”

“I’ll show you when you get home. Don’t get your pussy wet about it or anything. It’s not like it’s an opportunity to explore our innermost fantasies or anything.”

I laughed a little when I pressed send on that message.

“What the fuck, babe?” she responded.

“lollllll,” I responded.

I wanted her to be anxious about what was happening and to be that way until she got home.

“But by all means, baby, please drive safely home, okay?”

I laughed again despite the angry purple devil emoji she sent to me as a response to the last message.

I moved back to the e-mail and clicked the link that was presented in the e-mail. It brought me to a sub page of the main website I visited the night before where more information was provided. The first bit of information was the only relevant thing I wanted right then. There were codes and links about how to get there again. I wrote it all down and texted Brandie again.

“I have something to show you as soon as you get home!”

I knew I was only putting more kindling on the fire I built earlier when I sent her a series of vague messages about what I had found.

“Tell me!”

I shook my head before I replied. “I need you to come home so I can show you!”

“Damn you! You always do this to me!” she replied aggressively.

I was aware she would reply that way and I was none too happy to reply in the manner she was accustomed to.

“I know, babe. I’m here to make your life difficult! Lol”

There was a moment before she responded with an eye rolling emoji.

I sent her the very same emoji in return and closed out the conversation with a red heart emoji and waited impenitently for her to return home.

She finally got home about five that evening. I eagerly showed her the website I visited; explaining how I got there. I then showed her the email I got after I put my name and e-mail in the text boxes.

She gaziantep özbek escort bayan read everything and was as up to date as I was.

“Click it!” she exclaimed, pointing to the link on the screen.

I clicked the link and it brought me to a new page. The background of the page was a blank scroll but began to fill with information and options as I scrolled further down. We both watched as text seemed to magically appear on the scroll as if it was being burned into it. We kept scrolling down the page and the options appearing on the screen seemed endless. When we thought the text stopped appearing, a small popup appeared in the center of the screen. The text inside was as plain as the text in the ad.

Welcome back, Frank. We ‘ re going to narrow down this list based on what we already know about you. Yes, we have some ideas on your innermost desires, but we need you to guide us further. Would you?

The popup disappeared and the scroll that had a million lines of text suddenly shrunk down to just a fraction of what it was. The top of the scroll read simply “Choose.” We scrolled down to the bottom of the page to see what other information we could glean but there were no other words, not even information regarding money, travel, or experiences that we would expect. It was simply a “what do you want from this” kind of thing.

Brandie was excited and pointed to many things as she saw them.

There was a list of options that revolved completely around our particular kink.

□ Mothers

□ Fathers

□ Siblings

□ Aunts

□ Uncles

□ Sons

□ Daughters

□ Nieces

□ Nephews

There was a button labeled “Give In.” I knew it to be the way to the next page and even closer to figuring out what this fantasy vacation thing was all about.

“What do you think, babe?” I asked, seeing if she had a preference.

We never preferred a single sub-genre of the incest and taboo category. What pulled us into clicking on a story was the very short description we were presented with. Authors didn’t get much space to lure potential readers in. We chose the ones with previews that piqued our interest that moment.

“Siblings,” she said, staring at the screen still. “What do you think about Nieces and Nephews?” she asked, pointing at those additional options.

“So, if this turned into a real fantasy, however that might materialize, would you be into all that?”

“Well, it wouldn’t be real I would wager so, yeah!” she said happily.

“Okay then,” I said as I selected the three options.

Then there was a matter of time. How many days would someone need to fulfill a fantasy? I grinned ear to ear as I realized it wasn’t about fulfilling the fantasy.

“How many times could we repeat it?” I said out loud without providing my wife any context behind my outspoken thought.

I clicked the six-day option and looked at Brandie for confirmation.

“I can only imagine what kind of trouble we could get into in six days,” she said with a tinge of lust in her voice.

I read over everything again and confirmed in my mind that I would also be okay with the selections I made. The mysteriousness of everything made me think that I wasn’t going to be able to go back and change it if I wanted to. I confirmed the selections for a third time before moving the cursor to the button at the bottom of the page.

I clicked it.

The message that followed should have been expected but was as unwelcome as the previous delays. As predicted, it said I should wait until an e-mail was sent providing future guidance. I sighed loudly as I expected an unusually long delay before the e-mail would arrive but as Brandie began to walk away disappointed, she turned quickly back to the screen when she recognized the familiar sound of an incoming e-mail.

“Holy shit. We already have a reply!” I said excitedly.

I began to read the e-mail out loud, even though my wife was perfectly capable of reading it herself.

We ‘ ve taken everything we ‘ ve learned about you and have developed what we believe to be your ideal fantasy vacation. We ‘ ve outlined it below but before we get to that, there is some business to take care of. Based on the information you ‘ ve provided we ‘ ve estimated a cost for your pleasure. We take this moment to inform you that based on what you selected, the estimated* cost of your fantasy vacation is approximately* $10,000.00 USD. This is not the final cost as there are many factors still to consider. If this cost, plus or minus some, is viable for you, please click the link below to continue. If not, please feel free to follow the previous link and re-visit your selections to achieve the price you desire. Fewer days, fewer actors, different roles, and more all play a part in the cost. Select again or move on; regardless, we look forward to completing your fantasy.

I looked at Brandie and watched her finish reading what I just read.

“What do you think?” I asked her.

She sighed loudly, “Ten thousand is a lot, babe.”

If I was told that amount of money from the start, I never would have even clicked the ad. I wouldn’t have entertained any part of this fantasy. I sat there however, and contemplated paying the estimated fee for a vacation unlike any other that I could potentially remember forever.

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