Office Girl II

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Office Girl II

If you haven’t already done so please read Office Girl first…it will make this part more enjoyable for you.

After waking up Cindee and I enjoyed some more awesome sex. This girl was totally insatiable. She could fuck me in every way imaginable and then invent a different way every time. This girl thought of some positions that weren’t even in the Kama Sutra. We would fuck, shower, get dressed, go out to eat something then come back and fuck some more, like I said totally insatiable.

But alas, all good times must come to an end. All too soon it was Friday morning and I had to go back to work and Cindee had to go to her new job as well.

About a week after all this happened Cindee ended up moving in with me and we got into a very comfortable living situation.

I was at work one day when I received text from Cindee saying “Going out after work, you are on your own for dinner. Love you C U Soon.” I was not too surprised as Cindee and I had discussed this early on in our relationship and had decided that if either one of us wanted to go out we had the freedom to do so with no retributions from the other one. We both understood that we had friends and lives before we got together and didn’t expect the other to give up what they had just because we had gotten together.

I went home, ate some dinner, and watched some television. I realized how quiet my apartment was with Cindee not there. I also realized that I missed her not being there, but I also knew when she did come home I would be in for the greatest sex of my life as she always was horny after we were separated for even a few hours. It got to be around 11pm and Cindee was still not home. I decided to send her a text and ask her if she was okay and let her know I was going to bed and would be waiting when she got home. After I sent the text, I went in took a shower and laid down in the bed. After having almost continuous sex for the last week or so it seemed kind of weird going to an empty bed and trying to fall asleep. I laid there and tossed and turned for about an hour or so until I finally fell asleep.

I woke with a start and heard my phone ringing. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Cindee. Looked at the time and saw it was 2:30AM. Worried that something terrible had happened I answered it to find that it had quit ringing and went to voicemail. I played the voicemail message to hear Cindee saying “Honey, I am on my home. I hope you are ready because I have a great surprise for you.” This is not what I had expected; knowing Cindee and I had to work the next day.

After about 15 minutes later I heard the door open and some stumbling around the front room. It sounded like Cindee had been drinking. I resisted the urge to go help her because I didn’t want to spoil any surprise she had for me. She came in to bedroom, ripped off her clothes, jumped on me and said “I missed you so much today.” With that she grabbed my hard cock, sat down on it and began fucking with a wild vengeance. I felt her wet, warm pussy engulfing me over and over. She slid up and down my cock, eventually slowing her movements as she came. I felt her tight pussy squeezing me as she moaned out my name and saying over and over again “So good…Oh God …so good!!”

I felt her reach around me, grab my balls and squeeze, then moving her hand a Sex hikayeleri little higher, grabbing the base of my cock and squeeze there as well effectively keeping me from cumming. She rose up off me, turned around and sat with her back to me re-inserting my cock into her. I felt her shudder as she pumped up and down on me. All of a sudden I felt another sensation. It felt like a warm velvety glove envelope my balls. It was the most incredible feeling ever. I thought to myself “Cindee has brought home another girl to share our bed.” It was an incredible feeling. Having my cock in the tightest pussy I have ever felt and a warm mouth on my balls at the same time. I then felt a tongue go lower and start to lick my ass. Now I must admit that I had thought about someone playing with my ass while having sex but this was an area that Cindee (nor anyone else) and I had not explored as of yet. I had had anal sex with Cindee but she had not done anything to me so I hadn’t really expected it.

I reached around Cindee to run my fingers over her ass and found another hand already there with fingers in her butt. I then felt a finger gently push against my anal ring. I tensed up but tried to relax and let whatever was going to happen, happen. Cindee rose up, turned around without releasing my cock from her pussy and turned round to face me. She laid down on top of me and began to slowly pump her hips up and down while kissing very passionately. I felt her tense up all of a sudden and stopped pumping her hips. I then felt her pussy get tighter around my cock. I ran my hands around Cindee’s soft, warm butt cheeks and felt the other hand run 2 fingers into Cindee’s butt. I realized that Cindee had brought home someone that could give her a DP.

I had never been involved in this type of situation before but was being patient letting the situation go wherever it was going. I then felt a tongue begin to lick my rear passage. The feeling was way different than anything I had ever felt. I felt the tongue try to push its way inside me. I relaxed and let it happen. All of a sudden Cindee rolled us over so I was on top. I began pumping into her slowly, feeling her slick pussy grip me as the fingers in her butt pumped into her slowly as well. It was unbelievable feeling a finger rub against my cock through her pussy walls. I felt the cum begin to boil inside my balls getting ready to explode out the end of my steel hard cock and into Cindee. All of a sudden I felt something push against my anal ring and it did not feel like just a finger.

Now I have never had sex with a man before nor had I even thought about it in the past. I had never had a gay or even bi-sexual experience. I have had only had one three way before in my life and that was a long time ago.

Whatever was pushing against my ass felt huge and hard. As I pulled back to enter Cindee I felt a pair of hands hold my hips from going forward, felt a cold, wet substance rubbed around and inside me and something pushed against my ass and then I felt a pop and it went inside my ass. I groaned and Cindee writhed under me as the fingers in her ass pumped in and out of her. I felt the thing inside my ass begin to push slowly. I felt Cindee’s tight pussy tighten around my hard cock and then the entire length was inside me. Then I felt a pair of large tits against my back. Sikiş hikayeleri It felt strange to have a pair of tits against both my back and front at the same time. I was feeling my girlfriend’s wet, warm, tight pussy sliding up and down the length of my cock while something hard was slowly sliding in and out of my ass.

Warm, wet lips (definitely female I thought) were kissing the back of my neck. Cindee was kissing me so passionately and sticking her tongue as far down my throat as she could. Slowly the pain began to go away and the eroticism of the moment began to overtake me. I started to feel my ass slowly begin to open to the (what I thought) dildo in me. I then realized I was starting to push back as the dildo pushed into me. I kept thinking to myself “Wow!! This is incredible. I am fucking my girlfriend and a woman with a dildo is fucking me.” It definitely was an experience I had never had. It was also definitely the most erotic sexual experience I have ever had as well. The feeling was indescribable. All of a sudden I felt my ass begin to tighten up around the dildo, then it throbbed and I could feel a hot wet feeling deep inside my bowels. I felt my balls boil and shot the biggest load of cum into Cindee. At the same time Cindee began to orgasm. I felt her pull me tighter as the woman behind pulled me tighter as well. I have never felt so out of breath in my life. It felt like hours but was probably a few minutes before I finally came back down to earth and caught my breath.

When I finally felt the thing in my ass soften and fall out me and I was able to roll off Cindee and lay beside her, I saw a very hot redhead lying on the other side of her. I let my eyes trail lower and saw a nice pair of tits. Then as I trailed my eyes even lower on her body I saw a pair of pants with a bulge where you wouldn’t expect one. I looked at Cindee with questioning eyes. She smiled her sexy smile and licked her lips with the pink tongue of hers.

“Honey, when I was at work today I could think of nothing but coming home and making love to you all night. However, as it got closer to quitting time I got more and more restless in my seat and couldn’t sit still. Laura, by the way she works with me, came up to me and asked if anything was wrong because she had noticed I couldn’t sit still and kept squirming around.” I told her that I was just horny as hell and wanted to get home and have my boyfriend make love to me. Laura then asked me to have a drink with her after work because she needed my advice to solve a problem she had.”

Cindee then told me that she agreed because, although she was horny as hell she never put her own needs above someone else’s. Cindee also told me that since she had been working at the new company she had made only one or two friends since she had been there and Laura was the closest one she had.

Cindee continued with her story. “After leaving the office we went to this quiet little place and ordered a drink. As we sat there talking Laura asked me if she could tell me something and also asked me not to judge her. I told that I don’t judge anyone for anything unless they do something to hurt me or someone I love. Laura grabbed my hand, pulled it to her crotch and I felt her cock for the first time. To say I was in shock would have been an understatement. I pulled my hand back and Erotik hikaye sat there looking at her with this perplexed look on my face. After a minute or so of thinking “What the hell just happened!”

Cindee went on to say that Laura explained to her that she had been born a woman but was attracted to women and men in a sexual way. Laura also told her that she had an operation done to give her both male and female sexual organs and she enjoyed the best of both worlds. Laura further explained that she thought I was very sexy and said she would love to have sex with me and if my boyfriend was anything like me she would also love to make love with him as well. I decided that since we both love to experiment that it would not be a bad idea. I also thought that since you loved the anal you had with me earlier you might want to experience it as well. I was a little nervous springing it on you but as you know I am not one to hold back my feelings.

I looked at Cindee and told her although I had never thought about it but it was a damn fine sexual experience.

Laura was listening this whole time and got up took off her clothes (what she had left on) and I could see she had both a penis as well as a vagina that was hairless.

Cindee led me over to Laura and I got to examine my first hermaphrodite. I asked Laura if she could experience orgasm in either of her sexual organs. She said “Why don’t you find out.” With that she leaned over and began kissing Cindee and playing with Cindee’s magnificent tits. After several minutes of this, Cindee began groping Laura back. They got into a heated embrace that wound up with Laura pushing Cindee back onto the bed and mounting her, sliding her cock into Cindee’s waiting pussy. After a few minutes of this Laura looked over her shoulder at me and told me “Slide that beautiful cock of yours into this pussy and see how you like it.” She then quit pumping into Cindee long enough for me to come up behind her and slide into the wettest pussy I have ever felt. It wasn’t as tight as Cindee but it was wet and hot. As I pumped into her she pumped into Cindee.

It was a very strange feeling for me. I could almost feel Cindee vibrating her pussy through this pussy. It was an absolute turn on. All of a sudden I felt Laura’s pussy began to tighten around me and she came hard, squirting what must have been a gallon of cum all over my lower stomach and balls. This was too much for me and I came hard into her pussy. Then Cindee was yelling “Oh God…I am cumming…shoot it…shoot it into me.” I felt Laura tense up and then heard Cindee say “Oh God…I can feel it so hot all the way up inside me.” I rolled off Laura and she rolled off Cindee and we all lay there gasping for air. I looked at Cindee and she was curled up into a ball on her side still trembling from her orgasm. Laura was lying there next to me shaking as well.

I laid there for a few minutes and wondered if Cindee would ever cease to amaze me. Laura finally opened her eyes, looked at me and said “So what did you think?” I just sat there still amazed at what had just happened, and said “That was fucking awesome!!”

Laura still comes over once in a while. Although he/she does not fuck my ass anymore, even though it was an incredible experience one time, I made it clear it was a one time thing that was not going to happen again. Laura was not disappointed as her and Cindee have come up with other ways to blow my mind.

I hope you enjoyed this part. It was some fiction as well as some fact. But it was definitely a turn on to write.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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