On Holiday With Mother

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Ibiza. Sun, sea and oh yes sex. A week away with another woman, all those manly hunks, what else could I ever want in life? Well for one thing, a friend and not my mother.

So it’s out with the tape measure and any dress or skirt under 20 inch’s then it stays in the wardrobe, and need some new foot long knickers anyway. My mother can walk, but prefers to be pushed everywhere so it wont be a very enjoyable time for me, my one piece bathing costume will be the laughing stock on the beaches as even that will be pulled apart as showing to much flesh.

Mother was good anyway, a few large G and T’s in the bar had her mellowing although going to bed at 11 was a pain, if only my lap top was here and this place had a phone line. Oh well, sitting on the balcony watching the world come alive and then going to sleep was fun, roll on Saturday week and the plane home.

Half way through the holiday, yes still seven long days to go we were having a meal at the only wheelchair friendly tavern on the island. It was full of us oldies at the time we went and the proprietors put on the old time music for us to ‘enjoy’. After the meal the music often turned to an ‘excuse-me’ and being mainly full of spinsters and widows the guys seemed to have their pick. We were never considered by anybody however, but one guy I noticed that I could have taken a liking to was extremely particular in his choices. Being inquisitive had noticed he had only ever invited one lady for a dance and he cut the dance short probably he said something and the lady decided enough was enough. Was strange also that the more scarlet type woman were always going over to him and asking for his hand, but he would always refuse them as well.

Was the last Wednesday of our holiday, and this man was here again, dressed so smart, a handsome ‘prize’ but always alone. I hadn’t noticed him giving me any particular attention, but mother needed the loo and as soon as I helped her out there I came back and sat down knowing she could manage alone from there.

Sitting back in my chair this man suddenly came over too me, I knew what he was going to say but with mother here I had to say no to his advances. He didn’t say a word though, just pushed an envelope into my hand and left. Putting it quickly into my handbag by the time mother came back all was back to normal.

Wednesday night ended like the nights previous, spending the evening on my balcony listening to the life going on below. Forgetting, I realised I had an envelope in my handbag from this man, all of a sudden I was in a panic to read it.

Yum, not a bad word in it, but a three day account of his sighting’s of me, on the beach, on my balcony and there at the tavern made me feel a little unnerving knowing I had this man watching my ever movement. I didn’t show a sexual vibe off in all three situations, but this man had somehow suggested that I had in that every time I moved made his body stir. His long story was so erotic that I found myself in the quietness of the night exciting myself by this complete stranger’s letter, although it was still a little weird the amount of things he noticed.

Never having wrote a story like that before I laid awake all night trying to compose something for him and ended up with a pile of screwed up paper in the wastepaper bin with nothing written for him. In desperation, wanting desperately to say something I shook as on the back of his story I wrote a big thank you. Then putting it back in the envelope and in my handbag, I might have been able to pass it to him if there were to be a next time that our paths crossed.

Felt a little worried now, I was only out of our apartment for five minutes and I set eyes on this man, knowing he was looking at me I secretively took the message from my handbag and knowing he was looking I dropped it on to the pavement. Was a silly thing to do in a crowded place, but was fortunate that he got to the letter first, as my mother heard me give out a sigh of relief.

Thursday evening at the tavern was the same as every night only it had been a very warm day so with a storm expected that night the atmosphere was very heavy and the cheap perfumes were disguising the aromas of the food being served. Expecting rain I had only a thin summer dress on, knowing this man was bound to be at the tavern also I must admit that getting ready took a lot longer that night.

My mind was nowhere else either all evening, and our eyes kept meeting as mother was trying to hold a conversation with me. It was as if my eyes were sending a beam of light across to this man that evening as my mother seemed to follow my eyes and a stare from her had this poor guy quickly looking away in an uncomfortable manner.

But mother had to have her pee during the course of the evening and the second I returned expectedly to my seat this man was there waiting for me. He handed me a thick envelope this time and was off before I had time to really thank him for the last one, hiding escort gaziantep bayan numaraları it before mother returned I was suddenly feeling unwell and told mother I wanted to go back to the apartment.

Hurriedly I put her to bed and shut her bedroom door; the wind was beginning to get up with the patio doors wide open as I fumbled hastily in my handbag for this man’s letter. He was spending the night parked out on the beach below my apartment, the silly man, does he not know that the storm is coming. He wanted me to go out onto the balcony and read his story out there, something I wanted to do anyway, so that wasn’t a problem.

It was one of those nights, really warm and I could hear thunder miles away knowing it wouldn’t be long before the rain would come to cool my body down from the intense heat. It was pitch black out on the beach, no moon, so was he there? I will never know I thought.

Sorry to disappoint you who ever you are, but you might be out there, so am keeping my legs crossed and away from view this time while I read the letter. He wrote so nice, not a bad word in his story again even though wish I had decided to read it alone in my bed that night. He couldn’t have known, but have been looking after my mother full time for ten years now have forgotten most of the things he had fantasised about in his story. It was lovely though, so decided I had to answer his queries if nothing else about me and give him the completed reply the next time I saw him. He had told me how lovely I was and the things he wanted to do to me. Well it was called cunnilingus in my day, and I was a bit old to worry about babies.

Felt in a mellow mood that night, a bottle of cold wine by my side and the wind now had began to blow cooler as well. I did answer his queries to the best of my knowledge that was, he will probably go looking for someone exciting afterwards anyway, but this was just a fun holiday thing wasn’t it?

Rain was falling and the night had turned chilly as I tried to answer his questions, was a bit forward with them as well, but knowing this had become a fantasy thing I really didn’t care what I said. Lightening was all around by the time I had finished, and an extra large flash revealed some silly person waving at me I think (hope) on the beach. It was him, that silly man had parked himself outside our apartment and must have been drowning in the rain.

This was fun all of a sudden, so quickly finished his letter off and gestured to him that I was going to throw it over the balcony. He quickly left the beach and was standing below me now, thinking of putting a brick in it wasn’t very nice, but found a weighted carton of water that I included into a carrier bag and threw it over for him to catch.

He was out of sight for a few minutes as I anxiously awaited his return, no doubt laughing at the things I had written to him. After an anxious wait he appeared again and walked over to the beach once more. I was watching as he walked around it, then I was suddenly aware he was giving me his mobile number in the sand.. “Can’t talk! Mum will here.” I mouthed to tell him in mime language; all he could see was me waving my head in a negative manner. Becoming frightened now as he walked back to below my balcony, he was again gesturing with his phone. I was looking down to him confused with my index finger in front of my lips trying to tell him that I needed to stay silent.

I think he understood me as he walked away his head was bowed in a dejected manner, I hope I hadn’t lost him I thought as his soaked torso disappeared onto the beach once more. With the lightning now lighting up his phone number I decided to see whether I could text him.

“Be quiet.. MUM!!” I wrote and sent it.

Couldn’t see what he was doing, but was anxiously waiting to hear my mobile tell me I have received a text message.

Sure enough, a bleep and it lit up and he wanted me to go down on the beach with him.

“Silly!! No.” I replied.

Another bleep a while later and he asked again, saying he was gong to sit there all night otherwise.

I was panicking now, wanted to go so much, just to say hello, the excitement was overpowering my imagination now as my fingers were shaking trying to spell ‘NO’ on my phone. So much so that ‘no’ became a series of nnnn’s and instead of cancelling I sent it. He must have thought I suffered a stammer, or worse was as nervous as a young kid at Christmas.

In a panic now that was taking over my senses, I went into mother’s bedroom, she was sleeping like a baby and knew she wasn’t going to wake up so in my bare feet I took my handbag and crept out of the apartment. On the way down my body was trembling with fear or excitement as another text message arrived.

“Sorry I have upset you and you have gone, have a nice night.” I wasn’t gone, in a hurry now I was hurrying the lift up that seemed to take for ages and escort gaziantep pornoları almost running was suddenly breathless crossing the road onto the beach.

I felt silly now, what was I to do, no sign of this man, shall I put it down to yet another near miss in my life? It was still raining heavily and my thin summer dress was ruined as I sat on the wet sand my eyes were filling making the small type blurred while typing out a message on my phone. Still nervous though, I thought what am I doing typing a message, mothers ears are fine but even she couldn’t hear me from where I was sitting. So sending a half a composed message I phoned his number. He was still out in the rain as he answered and I could hear him shouting down the phone. It took me a while to think of something to say, as this man still kept asking whether there was anybody at the other end.

“Am on the beech.” I somehow whispered to him and ended the phone call.

It was a lifetime waiting to see whether he was going to come to find me. The weather had turned a lot cooler now as my dress was clinging to my body and the wind blowing my wet hair across my face as finally I heard someone shouting to me. We hadn’t even exchanged names as this complete stranger sat down beside me on this dark, wet deserted beach.

“You give up quickly.” I quipped, as his breathing was heavy as if he had been running.

“Well I thought you were annoyed with me and I didn’t want to outstay my welcome, it’s Mark by the way.” Laughing.

I said, “Pat.”

Mark made me feel lovely as we talked, for the first time since, well I can’t remember I was laughing and at ease with a man who for once seemed to be a genuine light hearted chap that seemed to know exactly how to make me feel at ease. Our conversation carried on throughout the night; we were laughing and crying, as our tragic lives were laid bare to each other.

Wishing time would stand still for ever, the rain had eased up and in the distance we could see the light of the next day rising from the sea. Looking at my watch in the light I could see it was time mother would be stirring and told Mark that I needed to get back to her otherwise I would have a lot of explaining to do. The perfect gent that Mark proved to be continued as he lifted me from the wet sand and his strong arm wrapped around my body to protect me as we walked over to my apartment. My dress was a wreck, soaked and weighing heavily of all the sand it had collected, there was no way I could show that to mother. So suggested he come up to my apartment and wait at the door for me. No plans to meet were arranged in the lift to my apartment, think we both knew it was going to happen as my feet left wet prints along the marble flooring as we both tiptoed to my door. Again putting my finger to my lips telling Mark to wait a while I quietly opened the door. Mother was still asleep as I unzipped my dress and shaking it down my body, shaped it into a wet ball of cloth opened the door and passed the dress to Mark, gesturing him to throw it away somewhere.

I was naked, apart from a wet pair of panties and I didn’t want to leave Mark without at least a small kiss, so not caring opened the door wider and hugged him close as our lips met for the first time. We were like a pair of magnets and I had to push him off me as I was wondering what would have happened if we had done that three hours earlier.

The warm shower felt so nice as it washed the sand from me, reflecting on my night with Mark I laid under that shower for ages with him deeply in my mind wondering how, if..

Even mother was in a good mood and she had no chance of wiping my beaming smile of my face either. Suddenly I wanted to be out of that apartment, having no sleep the night before didn’t matter as pushing my mother along the promenade; my mind was reminiscing about last night still. Clutching at straws and needing to just lay eyes on Mark I asked mother whether she would like a pot of tea at the tavern we were in last night, hoping Mark may have had the same idea and been in there.

He wasn’t, I just knew my luck couldn’t be that good so ordered a pot of tea and not really listening to mother as she rambled on about what a lovely holiday we were experiencing. Then my heart stopped and feelings I hadn’t experienced overcome me as I sat facing the entrance and Mark walked through the door. All of a sudden mothers ramblings were unheard by me as Mark and I stared at each other as he went to order a drink at the bar. I made a feeble excuse that I needed something at the bar to my mother and as Mark stood there I went and stood next to him. Not turning his head he looked straight ahead and told me that he couldn’t tie his shoe laces this morning because I was uttermost in his mind. I tried to tell him also that I couldn’t get him from my mind and was so bold I blotted out that I needed him.

“Tonight, on the beach Pat.” He escort gaziantep portalı whispered as the bartender looked on now waiting to serve us. Didn’t know what came over me, but agreeing on that I walked away, but left him with the barman open-mouthed by saying that I wanted him now.

Sitting back with mother my mind was everywhere; excitement was building up as I was thinking of ways to be alone with Mark. Mother was talking to me but my mind wasn’t with her, suddenly she shouted “Pat!” And quickly coming back to reality she asked me what was wrong.

“Nothing mother, why?” I asked in an innocent sort of way.

“Because for the last five minutes I have been telling you to push me to the toilet and you haven’t answered me once.” She snapped.

“Sorry mother was thinking about Darren, my son and hoped he was coping with things while we were here enjoying ourselves.” I said knowing she knew I was talking gibberish.

Pushing mother to the disabled toilet had my sinister mind working overtime. The loos were all situated along a corridor that had a door connecting it to the main bar. To get to the disabled toilet we had to go past the other toilets and the disabled one was at the very end of the corridor. Usually I leave mother to sort herself out which she is well capable of doing, however this time I opened the door and went in with her. It was large, quiet and had a secure lock on it. My mind on only one thing now I left mother and went into the other loo and took a piece of hand towel out into the bar with me.

Struggling to find my pen or pencil I grabbed my lipstick and scribbled ‘Disabled toilet!!’ TEXT ME. Before mother could get back I had walked over to Mark, we kissed and I gave him the piece of paper. Not letting me go we kissed again, the bar was almost empty, only the confused barman was working out in his fantasised mind what we were planning. But that kiss was so special and it made me feel like a naughty kid again knowing I was going to get one up on my mother.

Bleep went my phone and a simple ‘WHAT?’ was on it. Had a few minutes and typed away with my nervous fingers and carried on till I saw the toilet door open. “Am going to the loo… follow me… Will be in the disabled one… love you… With that mother came back and I pushed send and doing so heard Mark’s phone give him the message.

Was in a real state now, what was I doing? Had almost told a stranger to come and take my body, in a loo, in front of mother! The excitement was really something else and mother really didn’t exist now as I was preparing myself for what was to come. I tried to wait, but couldn’t, my nerves were telling mother something was wrong. The perfect excuse was that I had eaten something bad and needed the loo, please don’t make it obvious Mark I thought as I went up to the disabled toilet and waited. I had a new cotton dress on, can’t remember where yesterdays ended up, but really I thought about taking it off and being naked in anticipation for when Mark finally arrived.

That would have been the ultimate sacrifice and something I really wanted to do. I didn’t of course, with my luck Mark would have had a heart attack and mother would have come to see where I was.

He took an eternity to come, but finally the bolted door was pushed and a whisper from outside told me it was him. Didn’t now what to expect, what was going to happen, just needed to be alone with him? I was unforgivable though, I attacked him, and we were locked together without words the moment he closed the door. Sex couldn’t have happened so quickly. I was ready and it was just a matter of Mark to get his trousers down and we both fumbled at that as our lips never parted once as his erection was ready for me and we collapsed on the toilet floor and I willingly let him enter me. Had never wanted sex so badly in my life and in all honesty felt sorry afterwards for Mark. This was sex as I had never known it however and once inside me I was like an oversexed animal as it was the most intense feeling’s I had ever experienced. Mark tried hard to control himself, but I wouldn’t allow him as our love making heightened still further. Knowing my nails were digging deeply into Mark’s flesh and my mouth was tightly gripping his neck, my feet were intertwined tightly around his legs, his rhythm was sending powerful shock waves throughout my body. With my muscles tightly holding Mark’s manhood inside me he suddenly started to scream out my name as my intense orgasm was suddenly joined by Mark’s. Every limb on my body was engulfing Mark as my sensitive nerve ends felt his erection twitching deep within me. A loud groan of delight from Mark was quickly followed by his warm seed deep within me another groan and I could feel his warm liquid being released again and each time he pushed deeper into me his juices were filling deeply into my inners.

Suddenly Mark was a heavy heap on top of my body, both of us breathless and unwilling to talk. Mark’s face, full of his perspiration searched out my lips as all of a sudden our lips were together, this time in love rather than the raw passion of moments earlier.

With my legs open as far as they had ever been I could feel Mark’s hardness relaxing inside me, the liquid he had so gratefully given me was now just wasting away as it was trickling down between my bum cheeks and on to the cold marble floor.

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