One Night at a Time – Carol Pt. 01

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This story takes a little while to get moving.

Carol was another Senior Director with the company I worked for.  She was about 10 years older than me, I was guessing around 42 or so.  Her role had her focused more on recurring clients in Texas, where I spent time with specific industry clients around the US.  Our paths did not cross often in the office.Around the office she was always dressed very conservatively with longer skirts or pants, full blouse buttoned up and low profile shoes.  Had seen a little different side of her at a recent training class in a bikini poolside.  She had a very nice body for a 40 something mother of 2.

At our training she had mentioned she had a client who needed some guidance on increasing the value of and utilizing their real estate assets.   We had agreed to meet when we got back to the office.

Carol dropped by my office the week we got back. She had a black suit on, white blouse with her collar buttoned up.  It all looked very smooth and professional, but my mind kept flashing back to her by the pool in a bikini and imagining what was actually underneath that buttoned up exterior.

She laid out the problem the client had with excess real estate and a desire to cash out.  We met with the senior financial officers of the company and developed a plan to identify and evaluate all of their real estate.  After completing our evaluation we presented the findings to the client.  Finalizing the report took a few late nights to complete.  Carol spent some of that time with my team and got to observe us working.  

We were reviewing the report the night before we were presenting it to the client.  The unofficial bar had been opened and we were discussing the presentation as we enjoyed some drinks.  Carol had removed her normal suit jacket and had her blouse top button open.  I stepped out to freshen our drinks and when I returned I noticed she had opened her blouse a couple of additional buttons and I could actually see the top of her breasts and bra.  Had never seen her like this in the office.  We had finished up our presentation and were just finishing our drinks before we left.

Everyone else had left and we were alone in the office.    

“Your team has done a great job.  Jackie seems particularly attentive to your needs,” Carol said smiling.

I looked at her for a moment before responding, not sure if she was making an entendre comment or not.  “She is very good at what she does and is willing to go the extra mile to get things done,” I answered.

“I bet she does.”

It seemed like she was getting a little drunk and seemed to want to make a comment.  I just nodded my head.

“The staff also seemed very interested in working with you at the training classes.”

“They were very interested in the class and had questions.  I love helping them to understand how to do it,” I smiled.

“I bet they love working directly under you,” she said, sipping her drink, looking over the rim at me.  

“Some do.”

“Hmmmm.  I have enjoyed working with you on this.  Hopefully we will have some more to do here.”

I smiled, “Enjoyed working with you as well.  If all goes well tomorrow, we will probably be spending a lot more time together.  That should be fun.”

“Well, I should go.  Hubby will be wondering where I am, not that he really cares.”

“Oh I’m sure he does.  Hang on and I will walk over to the garage with you.”

She smiled, “Okay, meet you at the elevators.”

I shut down my office, grabbed my coat and headed to the elevators.  Carol walked up as I got there.  Stepping into the elevator, she stood very close to me.  Looking down at her I could see her breasts gently rising as she breathed.

We arrived at the garage floor and I walked her over to her car.  She looked at me, looked around and then leaned up and kissed me.  I started to pull her in when she broke away, turning to her car.

“I’m sorry I should not have done that.”

“Don’t be, it was fine.”

She looked at me with very sad eyes.  Not sure what was going on in her head, but clearly plenty of conflict.  

“I’ll see you in the morning.”  She then slid into her car and left.

We met up the next morning and met with the client.  The meeting went very well and they said they would let us know.  She would not really make eye contact with me and left as quickly as she could when we were done.

Carol dropped by my office about a week later.  Had only seen her once since the presentation and that was across the office.

She came in, closed the door and sat down.

“I heard back from the client.  Are you available next Thursday through Saturday? 

They want us to come make a presentation to the Board.  Their next meeting is at the end of next week and they want to get us on the agenda.”

I checked my calendar real quick, “A couple of conflicts but I can clear them.  Where is the board meeting?”

“Ritz Carlton Naples.”

“Oh nice, I will be there.  Want to fly down together?”

She hesitated a moment, “Yeah, let me check what görükle escort works and I will let you know in the morning.”


Carol stood and reached for the door.  She stopped and turned to me,”I’m sorry about the other night.  Not sure what came over me, maybe the booze, or just loneliness.”

I stepped around my desk and offered her a hug.  She hesitated then stepped into my arms.  I held her loosely for about a minute.

She looked up and stepped back, “Thank you.”

“Anytime.  If you ever need a hug I’m here to help you out.  Or willing to listen if you need to talk.”

Carol smiled, “I might just take you up on that.”  She then turned and left my office.

The next day Carol sent me the schedule for the trip.  I booked us in business class, the advantage of traveling a lot, and got lots of upgrades.  We were going out late Wednesday afternoon and returning early Saturday afternoon.  The Board has us on the agenda twice.  Thursday morning and early Friday afternoon.  They wanted us to hang out through Saturday in case they had more questions.

I met Carol at the airport when it was time to go.  We had met a couple of times to review our proposal and she seemed excited about going on the trip.  She had not been in the office during the day, and when I caught up with her she was in more casual travel clothes.  A nice mid-thigh print dress with a cinch under her tits that made them stand out.

We chatted about work, kids, and life.  Had a couple of drinks on the way.  Since we had some spare time on our hands, I asked if she had brought her bathing suit.

She smiled and nodded her head yes.

“You bring the one you were wearing at training.  You do look good in it.”

She laughed, “Flirt. Yeah, I brought that one and a new one I bought this weekend.  I think you will like it.”

“Oh really?  Then I cannot wait to see it.”

We got into Ft. Myers and grabbed a car for the ride down to Naples.  Took us about an hour to get there.  Checked in and found that the client had put us in adjoining rooms.  Got settled in our rooms and went down to the hotel restaurant for a late dinner.

Between the drinks on the plane, the two bottles of wine at dinner and after dinner drinks, Carol was feeling no pain.  About 10 we decided we needed to get up to our rooms, we did have a meeting in the morning.  

She stopped as she opened her door, “Thanks for a nice evening. It was fun to just hang out.”

“My pleasure, I enjoyed it too.”

She smiled, kissed me lightly on the lips and walked into her room.  I went on into my room wondering what was going on with her.  Could be an interesting couple of days.

Got ready for bed, which means I got naked.  Went to the adjoining door to our rooms, unlocked it and opened to peek if she had done anything with hers.  It was closed.  

I went to bed and quickly fell asleep.  Got up early the next morning and was working.  About 8 I started to get ready for our meeting later that morning.  Had just gotten out of the shower when I heard a knock on my door.  Stepped into the room and Carol was standing in the doorway between our rooms in a Ritz Carlton robe.  I had wrapped a towel around me.

“Oh sorry, did not mean to catch you like that,” she said, stepping back towards her room.

“It’s fine.  Hang on a second, don’t move.”

I stepped over to the closet and grabbed my robe.  Partially blocked by the door, I dropped my towel.  Carol was behind me and could see about half of my ass.  

“OH Wow.”

Slipping my robe on, I turned to face her.  She was blushing.  

“Um, ah, I ah wanted to see what time you wanted to go down.”

I smiled then chuckled a bit.  Carol looked a little confused, until she realized what she had said.

“I will go down whenever you want,” I said, chuckling.  

She got redder and looked down.  Looking up she had a very sad look on her face.

Stepping over to her, I took hold of her arms.  “It’s okay, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“You didn’t do anything.  It’s just that no one has teased me like that in a long time.  I miss it, it makes me feel desired.”

“I think you are very desirable.  Have thought about you a lot since I saw you by the pool at training.”

She looked up at me, “Really, but, you know, we are married, should not even be like this.”

“Well, it is just us and we are just talking.  We need to get ready to go.  Are you good?”

 “Yeah, I’ll be okay.”

I reached around her and gave her a hug, she flinched and was stiff for a second, then stepped into the hug, putting her arms around me, her head on my chest.

After a minute, I let go of her, she hesitated, held on for a few more seconds.  

Looking up, she said, “Thanks, that felt nice.  I miss being held like that.”

“You’re welcome.  I am available for hugs anytime you need them.”

As she stepped back, her robe had opened revealing her black bra and panties.  Carol made no attempt to cover herself. 

“Let’s head down in 15 minutes,” she said.

“I’ll eskort bayan see you then.”

She went back to her room but made no attempt to close the doors.

I went back to the bathroom to finish getting ready, hanging the robe back in the closet.  Ready to get dressed, grabbed shirt and suit from the closet.  As I walk

ed over to the bed to get dressed I saw Carol go by in her bra and panties.  She glanced at me and disappeared.  I got dressed, and a few minutes later she popped her head in, “Ready to go?”

“Yeah, let’s do it.”

Our meeting with the Board went very well and we left just before lunch.  I was pretty hungry since I had not eaten breakfast.  Carol was feeling the same.  We decided on the patio overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.  Had a great lunch and started drinking with some margaritas.

“We have the afternoon off, want to get some pool time in?”, Carol asked.

“That sounds fun, and I get to see you in your hot bikini again.”

She smiled and touched my arm.  “Let’s get changed.”

I followed her back to our rooms, entering through mine.  

“See you in a minute,” she said over her shoulder as she went into her room.  I could hear her rustling around in her things.  I stood by the closet, and stripped down.  Walking naked across the room I saw her heading to the bathroom with her swimsuit in her hand, one black one red.  She was looking over her shoulder at me as she did.  I thought that was interesting, she did not close the door or look shocked.

Got my swim trunks on and waited for her.  In about a minute she called to me,”Can you come in here?”

“Sure,” I said walking to her room.

She had the black bikini from the training class on, “Wanted to get your opinion.  Which one should I wear today?  This one or this one?”, holding the red one in her hand.

I looked at her admiring how she looked.  The black bikini was a standard cut, but still showed off her nice body.  The red one looked sexy and seemed to be a little more risqué.  

“Hard to tell like that.  Maybe if I saw the other one on, I could tell better,” I said smiling.

She smiled then blushed a bit.  “Okay, ah, yeah, let me duck back in here and change.”

Carol headed to her bathroom, partially closing the door.  There was a mirror on the wall that let me see into the bathroom.  She had turned her back to the door.  Reaching up she untied the top to the bikini letting it drop to the floor.  Pulling her bottoms down she let them slide to the floor, kicking them to the side.  Her very sexy ass was reflecting in the mirror.  

My cock was twitching in my shorts as she pulled the bottoms of the red bikini on.

They were French cut, much higher than the black ones.  The top to this one was a tight fitting bandera top that she pulled on over her head.  Adjusting herself, she turned back to enter the room when she saw me watching in the mirror.  

“Oh shit, I’m sorry, I did not realize that was there, that you could see me,” she said blushing.

I just smiled, “It’s more than okay, believe me no complaints from me.”

“I am so embarrassed, no one has seen me like that for quite a while.”

“Believe me, like I said, no complaints.  What little I saw was very sexy, and what you have there is very, very nice,” I said looking her up and down.

A sadness came over her face.  She sat down on the edge of the bed. A tear rolled down her cheek.

“No one has said anything like that to me in a couple of years.  My husband doesn’t even notice me like that anymore.  It’s nice to be seen as desirable,” her voice tapered off and a sob escaped from her lips.

I stood watching her for a few seconds.  “Your husband is a fool.  You are a very sexy, smart woman.”

She looked up at me, tears in her eyes, ” He has a girlfriend, an admin assistant at his office.  Always coming home late smelling of her.  We haven’t slept in the same room since the kids went to college and he has not touched me in about a year and a half.”

I stepped to her, placing my hand on her shoulder.  She was dabbing her eyes, wiping away the tears.  

“I’m sorry.  You are a very desirable woman, and anyone would be fortunate to be with you,” I said.  I could feel her tremble a bit as my hand squeezed her shoulder.

“Thank you. I just feel empty, I need to be loved too.”

I sat on the bed next to her.  

She turned to me, “Is your offer of a hug still open?”

“Yes, whatever you need.”

Carol turned and wrapped her arms around me, I turned to face her.  She pulled me to her and I wrapped her arms around her.  I had not put my shirt on yet and her warm body pressed against me.  

She placed her head on my chest and sighed deeply.  I just held her, letting her settle into feeling safe.  Carol was still sobbing softly, I could feel a tear roll down my chest.  After a couple of minutes her breathing evened out and the sobbing stopped.  Easing her grip on me, she looked up, a smile of resignation across her face.

“Thank you, I needed altıparmak escort that.”

“Anytime, I am here to help you if I can.”

Carol nodded, then pulled my head down and kissed me, not the peck on the lips kiss, full on passionate, needy kiss, with our tongues dancing with each other.  Her body was pressing against mine, mostly skin on skin, just the thin strip of the bandera top between us.  

Breaking away from the kiss, she pulled back to look at me.  “Ha, I must look frightful,” she said, wiping makeup from under her eyes and looking at her hands.

“Well, you do have a little of the racoon look,” I said chuckling.  

“Not funny.  Wait right here,” she said, punching me lightly in the chest.

She went into the bathroom, I could hear the water running and she returned in a couple of minutes, the streaked, smeared makeup gone.

“That’s better, I can fix the rest later.”

I just smiled at her.

She got on the bed behind me and laid down.  “Can I ask a favor?”

“Sure, what do you need?”

“Well, lots of things, but for now, can you lay up here with me and hold me?  Just need to be held.”

“I can do that for you,” I said, smiling at her and moving up on the bed.

Carol turned her back to me and pulled my arm over her.  I snuggled up behind her and held her lightly.

“Hmmmm, that feels nice.”

She felt warm and soft, our legs and torsos touching.  After a couple of minutes, she took my hand and held it in hers.  Pulling her hand to her chest, our hands rested in the middle of her tits.  I was not really sure where she was going with this, I had my hopes, but was letting her play this out.  

The warmth of our bodies and my hand resting on her chest had my cock waking up.  Carol moved back a bit to increase our contact and my hardening cock pushed against her butt.  She moaned a bit but laid still.  Her hand holding mine began to move and I could feel her top being pulled down, her tits exposed.  Pulling my hand down covering her right tit made her groan.  

“HMMMMMMMMMMM, that feels nice,” she said softly, pressing against my hard cock.  

I knew she was fragile and emotional here.  Decided to let her take this where she wanted to.  Her nipple was growing hard in my hand, the tit feeling warm and soft in my hand.

We rubbed our bodies together for a couple of minutes when she suddenly turned to face me.  The top of her swimsuit down near her belly button.  Her arm draped over me, and she pulled us together, tits smashed against my chest and my cock resting by her bikini covered mound.

“Oh God this feels good.  It’s been a long time,” she said looking into my eyes.

“You feel wonderful.”

She smiled.  Reaching down, she grabbed the top of my swimsuit and pulled it down exposing my cock head.  Moving up a bit, she positioned me between her thighs at the entrance to her pussy and started rubbing against me.  A low moan came from her.  

My cock was lodged against her bikini covered pussy.  I could feel the heat through the cloth.  Her hand wandered over my half-exposed ass.  Tilting my head, I kissed her on top of the head.  

“What can I do for you?”, I asked softly.

She looked up, “I’m not sure I know.  Been so long since I have been like this.  I probably should not be here with you, but this feels so nice.  Have really missed being held and wanted.”

I smiled down at her, “We can do whatever you want or don’t want.  You can make the decisions here.”

She pushed her pussy against my hard cock, “I have an idea, but it is probably the wrong thing to do.”

“Roll on your back.”


“Trust me,” I said, leering at her a bit.

Carol rolled away from me and onto her back.  I moved next to her and laid my head on her chest.  Her nipples were standing up.  Taking her right tit in my hand I lowered my mouth to it and began to suck it.  She gasped and then moaned.  My other hand was squeezing her right tit.  

“HMMMM, that feels nice.”

I could see her eyes were closed; her face relaxed as she enjoyed the feeling.  Thought I would just see if I could make her feel better, more relaxed.  

I moved back and forth between her tits, squeezing, sucking, pinching.  She moaned, lightly held my head as I sucked and the tension in her body seemed to go away.  Breaking contact with her to move to straddle her caused her eyes to open.

“NO, please keep doing that,” she said, as she grabbed her tits and squeezed them.

“Oh, I’m not done with them,” I said smiling at her as I pulled my swimsuit off and straddled her pelvis, my ass resting on her thighs.  

Raising her head up, she could see my cock pointing right at her.  She looked at me and back at my cock, some concern on her face. I took my hands and placed them on hers, us both playing with her tits.  She closed her eyes again and moaned slightly.  Leaning down, I found her lips and kissed her long and deep.  Her hands wrapped around my head, and she held me in the kiss.  

Breaking away I began to kiss around her neck and ears.  She moaned, pushed her pelvis up slightly and seemed to melt. My tongue and lips began moving down her body, brushing over the tits again, across her stomach, flicking into her belly button (causing her to giggle slightly) and then to the top of her bikini bottoms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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