Our Nosey Neighbors

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My wife Andrea and I had been living in our new home in a nice suburb for about five years. I was doing well at work and Andrea had saved up from her working before she stayed home to have and then care for our two kids. There were a number of nice neighbors, particularly the next-door neighbors to our right. Bob and Evelyn were very nice and we had dinner at our or their house about once a month. They had two grown children that we had met, a son and a daughter. I didn’t notice it for a while, but then I observed that Bob was checking-out my wife every chance he got and seemed to have the hots for her. I didn’t think much of it. Guys would often ogle her and Andrea seemed to be oblivious to his attention. Evelyn, Bob’s wife was very nice, but had a modest figure with a small set of tits. She was okay, but didn’t excite me that much.

I would occasionally walk our dog at night. One night, I was nearing home. The dog was sniffing and piddling on every bush. I was in front of the house to our left when I noticed Bob looking out a window on the second floor of his house. The light was off in the room where Bob was, but I could see him in the back light from their hall. He was looking at our house. I wondered what he was looking at. I walked the dog a little past our house and looked at our house. The light was on in our bedroom and I could see the shadow of my wife moving around. Was Bob peeping at my wife?

I went into the house and found Andrea in bed reading. I noticed that the blinds were closed. I was sure the blinds were pulled up when I had looked from the street. I was going to tell Andrea what I had seen, but I was not sure what Bob was looking at and I didn’t want to falsely accuse anyone. I didn’t say anything.

The next night, I decided to see if the situation repeated itself. I took the dog in another direction and didn’t go very far. I saw Bob in the window again and moved down the street to see what he was looking at. Again, our blinds were pulled up and the light was on. I could see my wife walking around in the room, but couldn’t see any lower than Andrea’s head. After about ten minutes, I saw Andrea come to the window to lower the blinds. That’s when I saw her. She was naked, at least from the waist up. Her tits were right in front of the window. She must’ve known what she was doing. She stood there for a few seconds, longer than it took to lower the blinds.

Again, I didn’t say anything to Andrea. I didn’t know how to react. On the one hand, I was pissed-off about Andrea being seen by Bob and they both were complicit. On the other hand, I always was titillated by having my wife almost exposed in public or to other men. I know that one time her bathing suit and fallen open in the front and my friend Ted could see her nipple. Some of her blouses and shirts were thin enough that her nipples could be seen poking through. I liked that for some reason.

The next few nights, nothing happened. I walked the dog, being aware of when the lights were on. It was Andrea’s ‘time of the month’ which may have had something to do with it. Then the next week, the light was on and the blinds were up again. I decided to put a little camera in our bedroom to record what was going on. I hid it under some junk on my dresser.

When I got home, I took the camera downstairs and saw that Andrea was naked and walked around the bedroom with the light on and the blinds open. She was giving our nosy neighbor a show. I wondered what Bob’s wife would think of this and I was wondering what I should do. I kind of liked the idea of Andrea showing off. I’d wanted her to go to a nude beach and flash her tits on occasion. She rarely cooperated. But I was disturbed that she was doing this without me knowing.

I wondered if there was anything more to what was going on. Bob’s wife Evelyn worked during the day. Bob had an irregular schedule. He was a salesman and would often work from home or leave late or get home early based on his appointment schedule. So he was home at the same time as Andrea. Our kids would be at school for most of the day and I would be at work. I developed a strong suspicion that Andrea and Bob were having an affair. What should I do about it? That was the question. If it was true, should I break-up our marriage? I doubted that they were serious enough for Bob to split from his wife and for Andrea to ditch me. She still was loving and caring and we had some amazing sex. I started to wonder if our amazing sex might have aligned with her liaisons with our neighbor. I don’t think I’m one of those guys who wants to see his wife eve gelen gaziantep escort fuck another guy. On the other hand, Andrea having sex excited me and got me hot. Just thinking about her doing things was exciting without consideration of who was doing what other than to see it please her and make her come.

I considered some options. I could spy on her with a camera. I could confront her and challenge her, with or without evidence. I could confront Bob. I could talk to Bob’s wife to see if she noticed anything. There were other variations on these options.

I decided to talk to Bob’s wife Evelyn and see if she had any suspicions. I had to be careful because I didn’t want to get her all wound up if there wasn’t anything going on.

I spoke to Evelyn one Saturday when I was doing yard work and she was outside nursing her flower garden.

After a bit of small talk, I edged toward the subject. “Ev, have you noticed anything peculiar at night?”

Her answer floored me. “You want to know if I’ve noticed my husband peeping on your wife at night.”

“I take it you have.” I said.

“Sure. He looks in on her most nights and she parades naked in your bedroom while you are walking your dog. If the blinds are up, Andrea is giving a show. I’ve watched a few times myself. Bob really likes her pussy. He likes hair on a woman. The ones who shave their beavers don’t excite him.”

I just stared at her, dumbfounded. She went on, “I suppose you wonder if they are fucking each other while you and I are working.” I nodded. She continued, “No they haven’t. Bob would tell me if he did. You wife would like to fuck my husband for sure. He won’t; it’s against the rules.”

“What rules?” I asked. I didn’t believe her.

She told me, “We have two rules regarding fucking other people. We have to tell each other and we don’t screw other married people unless their spouse is okay with it. We don’t want to break up any marriages.” I nodded. She continued, “We used to be swingers; still do it occasionally. We swapped with other folks but found that it was hard to find a couple where we both wanted to fuck the other spouse. Sometimes I’d like a guy but he didn’t like the wife that much, or vice versa. I was harder to please.”

“This is unbelievable.” I said. I was trying to grasp what had been going on without me knowing it.

Then she said, “Your wife did give Bob a blow job a couple of weeks ago. She wanted him to fuck her that day and he almost did.”

“What?” I said. “I don’t know what to do or how to react to this. I think Andrea loves me, but I had no idea that she would be fooling around on me.”

Evelyn said, “The thing to do is get it under control. That’s what Bob and I did. He was sleeping around and our marriage was in jeopardy until we came to our arrangement. We had to tell each other. Once it started, I really got into it for a while. I’ve fucked a lot of guys.”

“How do I get it under control?” I asked.

She said, “Well, your wife wants to fuck Bob, so let her do it so long as she tells you. Some women just need more sex than they get from their husbands. Sometimes they just like the variety.”

“How do I bring it up?”

She suggested, “I find you attractive and wouldn’t mind sleeping with you. If you find me attractive enough, we could evolve into swapping some night when we have dinner together. I’ll talk to Bob. Leave it to me.”

I said I’d think about it. My wife and I had talked about swapping one time. This was a chance to try it. The next day I told Evelyn I was ready to do it, if she was. When I told her, she lifted her shirt and showed me her tits. I liked what I saw.

Evelyn talked to Bob about swapping and he had mentioned the possibility to Andrea. I hinted about it a couple of times but got no reaction from her.

A few weeks later, we had dinner at our house. The kids were at my parents’ house for the weekend. We were having dessert when Evelyn came right out and said to Andrea and me. “Look, we’ve been fooling around a little with each other. I know Bob has the hots for you Andrea and I feel the same about you, David. Why don’t we swap for the night?”

Andrea knew what was coming and so did I, but we hadn’t talked with each other.

I asked for a few minutes to talk to Andrea in private. “Do you want to do this?”

She said, “No, but if you’d like to, I will.” That was bullshit and I told her so.

I looked at her and said, “From now on, let’s be honest about it. I’ve known you gaziantep eve gelen escort want to fuck Bob and have been parading around naked for him at night when I walk the dog.”

Her mouth fell open and she nodded agreement, then gave me a passionate kiss.

So, Evelyn and I went to her house while Bob took Andrea up to our bed to spend the night enjoying her company. The thought of my wife sleeping with another guy receded in my mind while I walked.

When we arrived over at Evelyn and Bob’s house, we had a surprise. Their daughter Kelly had shown up unexpectedly. Kelly was in her twenties and was separated from her husband. When we walked in, she was half drunk and was in a nightgown and watching TV. Kelly was a pretty young lady. She resembled her mother.

“Well, well.” Kelly said to her mother when we walked in. “Are you and Daddy swapping with the neighbors? I thought you weren’t going to do that anymore?”

Evelyn looked at me and shrugged. There was no point in lying. Kelly knew what they did and could see when I came in with Evelyn that the swap was on.

Evelyn said, “Let me call Bob. We can do this another time.”

Kelly said, “No, don’t do that. He’s probably eating her pussy by now and it’s not fair to not finish what you start.” I was surprised at her talking about her parents swapping for sex with others.

We sat down for few minutes of awkward small talk. Kelly had been fighting with her husband and came to Mom and Dad’s house for the night.

She looked at me and said to her mother, “Have you fucked him yet? He looks like he’d be stud in bed.”

Evelyn was embarrassed but said, “This was going to be our first time.”

Kelly said, “Well don’t let me stop you. I’ll just go to bed and take a pill so I won’t hear all the moaning and shouting from you guys.”

Then Kelly said in a slurred voice, “You know, it’s not right that everyone is getting laid but me. You guys are, my husband is out with his floozy; my brother has a girlfriend who he’s fucking. What’s the matter with me?”

After she said that, she surprised the hell out of me by standing up, walking unsteadily toward me and pulling her nightgown over her head. She was only wearing a thong. She had nice young breasts that stood up nicely and she had a very attractive figure. She walked to me and sat in my lap, giving me a kiss that soon evolved into putting her tongue in my mouth. I was aroused, of course. I fondled her breasts and then licked her nipples. Kelly reached down and found my hardened cock and unzipped my pants. She reached in and grabbed hold of my dick. Then she slid down and unbuttoned my pants, got my dick out and proceeded to suck it. Her mother was sitting five feet away watching but saying nothing. Kelly was doing a great job on my cock. I was close to coming a couple of times but she would ease up to keep me from it. I had taken a pecker pill (Cialis) so staying hard was not going to be a problem.

Kelly then climbed up and pushed me onto my back on the couch. She moved up and straddled my face. She had removed her panties so I was staring at her light brown pussy hair. She moved so that her vulva was right over my face. I knew what I was supposed to do and began to eat this beautiful pussy. I hungrily put my face into it. I took in the sweet smell of her perfumed pussy. I licked her clit, put my tongue in her hole, put my fingers against her asshole and had her coming on my face in just a few minutes.

Then, I felt a warm mouth swallowing my dick. It was Evelyn. This was heaven, a pussy on my face and a face on my cock. It got even better when the mouth was replaced by a cunt. Evelyn mounted me and slid onto my cock. I had the mother and daughter working on me together, sharing me. I found this to be simply amazing. The mother was sitting on my cock and the daughter was sitting on my face.

Kelly was already coming on my face. I could feel Evelyn’s cunt clench as she shook with her orgasm and I shot my load into her honey-pot. They both climbed off of me. I couldn’t believe that a mother and daughter had been naked and fucking together. Evelyn said it was a first. It was for me too.

Kelly joked, “You know Mom, I’ve never seen you and Daddy do it, but now I’ve seen you fuck someone else. Ironic, isn’t it?” Evelyn was embarrassed over her daughter seeing her fuck someone.

We paused for a cup of tea. I watched as the mother and daughter moved about shamelessly, both still naked.

Once we finished our tea, Kelly gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan said she had me next since I’d already fucked her mother. She took me into what was still her bedroom and we crawled into bed together. We kissed and my cock regained its erection. Kelly’s cunt felt wonderful. She was very hot and wet inside. She was tight and fresh; young and athletic. I sucked on her tits and ran my hands over her soft flesh. She rode me and then I did her on her hands and knees before we finished with her on her back and me holding her legs at the knees and pumping my semen into her warm and welcoming cunt.

I wasn’t done yet. When I got up to go to the bathroom, mom Evelyn intercepted me and took me into her and Bob’s bed for another round. We fucked for about forty-five minutes. The more time I spent with her, the more I enjoyed and appreciated her. She certainly knew how to fuck. She was more deliberate than her daughter. We went into half-a-dozen positions, twisting and bending with each one providing a different feeling. Her cunt was juicy, warm and she would massage my cock with her inner muscles. She had a series of orgasms. When I finally came, we were exhausted and fell asleep. It had been a long time since I had come three times in one night.

I woke in the morning at dawn and decided to take another shot at Kelly. She was a fine looking young woman. I crawled into her bed and she responded to my touch and soon we were doing it again. She wasn’t as experienced as her mother, but she made up for it in youthful exuberance. She liked fucking and eagerly took everything I had. We finished and collapsed. We laid there together, in her bed.

About two hours later, Bob came home along with my wife Andrea. He went and found his wife, naked and having been fucked in their bed. He asked where I was and was not happy when she told him I was in Kelly’s room. When he opened her door, Bob looked at me lying next to his naked daughter and said, “What the fuck is going on here?”

Kelly rolled over, sat up and looked at him and said “Hi, Daddy.” She was nude with a sheet covering her below the waist. Her breasts were visible to her daddy and I was naked beside her. Bob left quickly, closing the door firmly. I heard him asking his wife what was going on and I heard her explain that Kelly had been there when we got home and that she had decided to join us. Bob was clearly unhappy with his daughter getting fucked by me.

Our clothes were spread all over the living room, so I had to come out to get dressed. Kelly and Evelyn put something on and came out to meet with everyone in the living room. Andrea was there and she had a bemused look on her face while watching Bob stew about his daughter being involved in their swapping activities.

Evelyn settled him down, “Bob, Kelly has known about our swapping and swinging for a long time. She decided on her own to join us and to be honest, she started things off when she started sucking David’s dick.” Bob cringed at the thought of his daughter sucking a cock.

Kelly said, “I’m not a virgin Daddy and I have fooled around. Blake steps out on me, so I step out on him.”

I could see they needed some time alone so I took Andrea and we went back to our house. I asked her how she had enjoyed the evening.

She said, “It was okay, but not as good as I thought it would be.” She continued, “I thought it would be special to do it with another man, but he is not the same as you. He acts and smells different and he fucks different too. I like being with you. I know what to expect and love the way you treat me.”

I asked, “Would you want to do it again?” and she said, “No, once was enough. I don’t want to sleep with anyone but you.”

“Wow!” I thought. She asked, “What about you? You got a double-header didn’t you?”

I said, “Both of them were nice. Kelly is a firm young thing with a wonderful body and Evelyn knows how to do things that I’d never thought of.

She was worried. I said, “I’m happy just with you. I don’t need to fuck other women. I like putting my cock in the same place in my lover’s pussy every night.”

That did end our swapping adventures. We have not done anything like that again. Andrea and I still play around with exposing her in public with the thrill of almost getting caught. She didn’t parade in front of the window anymore and she didn’t flirt as much with other guys.

Bob and Evelyn have remained friends, but our friendship was more formal with no fooling around with each other’s spouses. It’s unusual having dinner with friends and remembering what the wife looked like naked and how she was in bed. Bob is still pissed that I fucked his wife and his daughter on the same night. I guess fucking his wife was okay, but he didn’t like knowing that I had nailed his daughter.

We see Kelly occasionally. She’s remarried. Every time I see her, she winks at me, with both of us knowing that on that one night, we’d had some amazing sex together.

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