Thursday, 5 April 2012Panties for Daddy

I’ve been hoping my little girl would turn into a slut for a few years. I don’t see her mother anymore even though she only lives half a mile away. My daughter, Chloe, spends alternate weeks with me and her mother.

Since she was little, whenever I take her clothes shopping, she’s always put on a mini fashion show for me when we get home. Now she’s older she wants the shortest skirts and skimpiest thongs, it’s getting difficult to hide my hard-on when she does her fashion show for me.

She keeps the clothes I buy her at my house; her mother would go mad if she saw some of the outfits Chloe wears. That means I have to do all her laundry. I love the smell her cunt leaves in her panties. As soon as she leaves for school I dig the previous day’s pair out of the laundry bag and wank into them, covering them with spunk but dreaming I was filling her cunt.

I’ve always thought she was very sexually naïve. The news is full of stories of girls Chloe’s age having underage sex, but Chloe never talks about boys, she never seems to have disturbed my not very well hidden porn collection and although I always hope to find spunk stains in her panties after she has been to a disco or a friends house they only ever smell of her cunt.

Everything changed a few weeks ago. She’d been wearing a tiny plain white thong. They are her favourites, they always smells of her cunt and I imagine that she pulls them high up between her cunt lips to rub her clit when she wears them. I’d covered them with my spunk, but I’d left them on my bed and forgot to put them in the washing machine before I left for work.

As soon as I got home I realized what I’d done, I rushed to my bedroom but they were gone. All evening I was worried about Chloe’s reaction but she seemed perfectly normal. I started to hope that she’d just picked them up, maybe she assumed that I’d dropped them as I was getting the dirty washing together. As long as she didn’t notice my spunk covering them I’d be ok.

The next morning after she left for school I checked the laundry basket. I started to relax when her clothes from yesterday were there, but I couldn’t find her little white thong anywhere. The next day there were no panties of hers in the laundry basket. I started to worry that she had figured out what I’d done and stopped putting her panties in the laundry. By Friday I was sure she thought I was a pervert and she’d tell her mother everything.

I came home from work on Friday evening, sure that she’d tell her mother what had happened and she wouldn’t be allowed back the following week. I spent all evening worried, trying to think what I would say to deflect the accusations that were bound to come my way. It was when I finally went to bed that I got the shock of my life. There on the middle of my bed was her tiny white thong. I reached to pick them up and felt the material was stiff almost like card board. The smell of her cunt was almost overpowering. My spunk stains were still visible, but only just against the marks left by her cunt.

I must have spent the next week constantly wanking into them; dreaming that she’s seem my cum and the reason she’d not put her panties in the laundry all the previous week was because she was wearing he little white thong every day; dreaming that she wore the same thong every day so she could feel my spunk next to her cunt.

I left for work on the Friday morning, leaving her totally spunk covered panties on my bed. I spent all day wondering what would happen when I got home. She’d not called all week. That wasn’t unusual, but I worried that she’d decide she didn’t want to spend her week with me. When I got home I saw her bag in the hallway but the house was empty. Again that wasn’t unusual. She often dumped her bag then went off with friends. I rushed to my bed room to see if her thong was still on my bed. She’d taken her thong, but left a pair of my boxers in their place. I reached out to pick them up and felt a damp patch at the crotch. The smell of her cunt was delightful. I closed my eyes and imagined her lying on my bed, wearing my boxers rubbing the material of my boxers between her cunt lips, hoping she was making herself cum with visions of my cock.

We had agreed that on a Friday and Saturday evening she could stay out until 9:30. I spent the evening wearing the boxers she’d left for me watching the clock. 9:30 came and went. Usually if she is late she calls, even if she is 100 yards from the house and will be home in less than a minute she calls at 9:30. Today, nothing. Just as the clock turned to 10pm I herd her key in the front door.

I launched into the “What time do you call this young lady?” talk.

She just stared at me, lifted her skirt, pulled down her now not very white tiny thong and demanded “Was I a young lady when you did this to my underwear?”

She tossed her thong at me and continued “What sort of father fills his daughter’s panties with spunk? I bet you were thinking it wasn’t just my panties you were cumming into. I could hardly get them on this afternoon after school you’d cum in them so much.”

Then her voice softened. “But after I’d rubbed them against my cunt and got them so wet thinking about you filling them I just about managed.”

I almost hadn’t noticed her slipping a hand between her legs while she was talking to me.

“I’m a bit sore at the moment; I’ve spent the whole week fingering myself, so you’ll just have to lick me to start with.”

I couldn’t believe the way she was being so matter of fact about things. She sat down on the settee and opened her legs. “Come on you pervert. You can fuck me tomorrow but now just get on your knees and lick me until I tell you to stop”

For years I’d dreamed that I could find a way to get to Chloe’s cunt and now she was telling me what to do. I should have been thinking of a way to stop it. I should have been thinking of an excuse for wanking into her panties, but there was no way I could resist licking her cunt.

On my knees, my face between her legs I start to slide my tongue between her cunt lips. As soon as my tongue makes contact she grabs my hair, pulling my face tight against her cunt.

“You filthy fucking pervert” she shouts, pushing my face harder against her cunt. “You dirty bastard, how dare you lick your daughter’s cunt.”

I could hear her words and almost thought about stopping but she was pushing my face against her cunt and I could taste how wet she was getting.

“You filthy pig” she screamed as I licked her. “You dirty paedo, you’re going to make me cum”

I felt her thighs squeeze my head, her cunt press against my face then she was gasping and groaning as she started to cum. It seemed to go on for ever. I kept licking her clit forcing her to keep cumming until with a shout she pushed my head away.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I’d dreamed of licking my little girl’s cunt for so many years and now she was sprawled on the settee, her legs open, her cunt glistening from the licking I’d just given her. She looked down at me, still kneeling between her legs, my face wet from her cunt, my cock sticking up hard from between my legs. I couldn’t decide what was the biggest shock, that she’d demanded that I lick her cunt or the language she’d used while I was licking her. She must have some wild fantasies going on to talk the way she had, I couldn’t begin to imagine how she had come by them because she had always seemed so innocent. I guess parents are always the last to know.

Her orgasm over, she finally opened her eyes, “You fucking cunt, you fucking licked your daughter’s cunt. You’ve still got a hard on, I can tell you are going to wank your paedo cock and spray your dirty spunk all over my face and tits”

Obviously her fantasy isn’t over. I stand up and start wanking over her. It doesn’t take long until thick strands of spunk are flying out of my cock and landing with a splat on her face and tits. I watch her close her eyes and scoop my spunk up with her fingers.

“That’s so disgusting; you’ve covered me with spunk.”

I keep watching when she licks her fingers clean.

“It tastes nasty”, she licks more of my spunk up, “you can’t make me lick it all up”, she reaches for the last few drops “you dirty paedo, you pervert, Sex hikayeleri you are disgusting licking my cunt and making me eat all your disgusting spunk”.

The last drops of my cum disappear between her lips.

“That was so good. Were you scared? I hope you were scared a little bit, not too much, just a bit. I really am sore from wanking. You are such a sick pervert I don’t think I will be able to stop you paedo raping your daughter tomorrow”

With that she bent forwards, kissed my forehead and went upstairs to her bedroom.

Left alone in the sitting room I tried to make sense of what had happened. Chloe knew that I’d been wanking into her panties. She had made herself drip into my boxer shorts. She’d given me her cunt to lick and eaten up all my spunk, but she hadn’t sucked my cock or wanted me to fuck her. The most puzzling thing was how she’d called me names at the same time as wanting more. Was she trying to humiliate me or did she want to feel abused herself?

Picking up her panties I went to bed myself. I’d have lots to think and wank about before I drifted off to sleep.

Usually on a Saturday morning she brings me a cup of coffee to wake me up as a shock absorber for the shopping list she is ready to deliver. This Saturday I woke up in the morning to see Chloe standing over me. She’d put on my boxers from yesterday, she’d rolled the waist band down so they stayed up on her hips and pulled them up high between her cunt lips and was showing just a hint of a damp patch. For the first time in years I was treated to the sight of her tits, small, perky and this morning with obviously swollen nipples.

Memories of last night rushed to my cock. There was no coffee but just the thought of drinking her dripping cunt again woke me up faster than any amount of caffeine. It took a few minutes of staring at her tits and mentally removing the boxers to expose her bald cunt before I realized that she was just standing there. Last night she’d know what she wanted even if her language had been confusing but this morning that seemed to have evaporated.

I patted the bed, “Come here baby”. I took her hand and drew her towards me.

“Are you going to rape me now Daddy?” she asked with a slight tremor in her voice.

“Of course I’m not going to rape you, you’re my girl, and I’d never do anything to hurt you”

“Mummy says you are a filthy paedo rapist. I’ve wanted you for so long but Mummy says that only sick sluts like sex and no one would ever love me if I liked sex. So you have to rape me.”

I could see the logic of her thoughts; it was just the point she had started from that must have come from her mother’s influence. I couldn’t deny that hearing the way she was talking to me last night had been a turn on.

“You are not a slut” I reassured her while hoping that she soon would be. “I love you no matter what anyone says” knowing full well that I’d love her to be my slut.

The feel of her firm young body against mine, thoughts of her calling me a rapist followed by my hopes that she would turn into a slut had my cock almost painfully swollen.

“Rape me Daddy” she whispered. “Force you cock into my cunt”

I gingerly reached between her legs, my fingertips just sensing the damp patch in my boxers where they were wedged between her cunt lips.

“Get your filthy hands off me.” she shouted, but at the same time bucked her hips pushing her cunt harder against my hand. Just like last night her words say one thing and her body another.

I moved my hand, sliding it into the waistband of her boxers desperate to feel the wetness of her cunt.

“No, Daddy, please don’t take my clothes off, I’m a good girl” she whispered and lifted her hips off the bed to make it easier to slide the boxer shorts down her legs.

“You are a fucking paedo, you are going to rape your daughter. I’m not a slut. You’ve taken my clothes off and you’re going to force your cock into me.”

I know I should stop, I know I shouldn’t have sex with anyone as messed up about sex as Chloe let alone the fact that she is my daughter. But to see her lying on her back, her legs wide open I know I’m going to fuck her.

Kneeling between her legs the tip of my cock touches her cunt lips.

“Please don’t do it, don’t hurt me. I’m a good girl not a slut that fucks her father.” I almost stop, but when I feel her wrap her legs behind my knees there’s only one thing I can do.

“Stop, stop, stop. You’re raping me” she moans and uses her legs to draw me closer, my cock slides between her cunt lips. The wet heat of her cunt against the sensitive swollen head of my cock is irresistible. Poised over her young body I adjust my position so my cock is ready to slide into her.

She’s felt me reposition my cock and arches her back, lifting herself off the bed, pushing her cunt onto my cock. The sensation of the head of my cock entering her is almost too much to bear. I want to ram deep into her and fill her with spunk.

Luckily before I loose control she flops back down on the bed, her cunt releasing its treacherous hold on my cock.

“You pervert” she moans. “Keep off me” she whispers and uses her legs to draw me closer. My cock slips between her lips again, seeking her hot wet cunt hole. I lower myself into her slowly sinking my cock into her savouring the sensation of her cunt squeezing my cock. “Oh Daddy, please stop raping me. You filthy paedo. I’m not a slut. I’m not a dirty whore. Please don’t fuck me hard like a slut, please don’t ram your cock into my cunt and fill it with spunk”

With her words it was all I could do not to ram hard into her and fill my daughter’s cunt with my cum. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, but it seemed that Chloe had as much pent up frustration as I did.

“Fucking filthy bastard” she screamed. “Get your filthy cock out of me” she shouted. “You’re fucking raping me” She’d put her arms around me, pulled herself against my chest and impaled herself on my cock.

“Fucking paedo, fucking paedo, fucking paedo” she moaned over and over again, moving herself under my cock. Then with a gasp she pulled me deep into her and let her orgasm rush through her body. I had been struggling to hold off my own orgasm and her cunt squeezing my cock was too much for me. With a grunt I pushed deep into her cunt and filled my daughter with spunk.

Her orgasm subsided as she lay underneath me still gently rocking her hips. “I’m such a whore” she muttered to herself “I’m a dirty slut for making you rape me” she mumbled.

Feeling my cock start to soften I made to lift myself off her, but she clung on tighter. “Do you still love me Daddy? Do you still love me now you know I’m a dirty slut?”

Hearing her call herself a slut was almost enough to get me hard again. She must have felt my cock twitch inside her because she continued “Can I be your whore Daddy? I want to be your slut so you can rape me every day. I want my paedo Daddy to rape my whore cunt and cum in me every day.”

She must be able to feel the effect her words were having on my cock. I could feel it swelling and stiffening within her cunt. I knew I would not be able to cum again so soon, but I’d enjoy fucking her again.

“Mummy said that nice men don’t like slutty girls, but she said you were a filthy paedo rapist. Does that mean I can be your slut Daddy?”

Keeping my now stiff cock in her cunt I roll onto my back, pulling her on top of me. Her language has turned me on almost as much as her body. If I’d ever written down how I felt about Chloe I’d have been sure she’d read it. I didn’t want to scare her off, but I needed to tell her how much I wanted her as a whore.

“Oh baby of course you can be my slut.”

I’d called her a slut and felt her cunt squeeze my cock. Talking to my little girl like this was even hotter than any of my fantasies.

“Thank you Daddy, I love you so much, I thought you wouldn’t love me anymore if anyone knew I was a slut.”

“I wish I could tell my friends that my daughter is the sexiest slut in the world. They would be so jealous.”

“I don’t mind if you tell them Daddy, I don’t care who knows.”

She started rocking back and fore on my cock, was she turned on as much as I was at the thought Sikiş hikayeleri of my friends knowing that I fucked her?

“I can’t baby. If they knew they’d want to fuck you too.”

I’m sure I felt her cunt squeeze my cock again when I said that.

“Are they paedos too? I’m your slut Daddy, I don’t mind if you want them to fuck me.”

From the way she was pushing her self down on my cock I was sure it wasn’t a case of not minding but wanting to be fucked by my friends.

“I’m your slut Daddy. Anyone you say can fuck me. They can fill me with spunk just like you did if you say so.”

She was bouncing harder and harder on my cock.

“I’ll be a good little whore for your paedo friends if you tell me to Daddy. You can let anyone fuck your little whore because you are my Daddy.”

I couldn’t cum, but she felt like she was getting close.

“Yes baby, I have lots of friends that will want to fuck you. I can’t wait to see them fucking you. They are all paedos and will love using my little whore.”

“Make me fuck them Daddy” she moaned. “Make them cum in me, I’m your whore for anyone you say” she screamed and shuddered as she started to cum.

Gradually her orgasm drifted away but I didn’t want her to get off my cock. I knew I should stop, I knew I should talk to her to help understand why she had the same perverted lusts as I did, but I couldn’t pull my cock out of her cunt.

“We can have a party this evening. I’ll call all my friends and you can show them what a good whore you are for Daddy” I told her. She’d only just finished cumming but I felt her cunt squeeze my cock again when I called her a whore.

“Will they fuck me? Will they fill me with spunk? Will they use me like a slut?”

I could feel she was working herself up again and wanted her to keep going.

“Yes baby, they will all fuck you. I’ll watch them all use your cunt and fill it with spunk” I reached around her, wiped my finger in the mixture of juices dripping from her cunt and poked the tip into her ass hole.

Immediately she reached round and grabbed my wrist. For a second I thought I’d gone too far. I know she’d fucked me and talked like a slut, but so far it had all been normal sex. Well normal except for a father fucking his little girl. Expecting her to pull my hand away I was pleasantly surprised when she pushed my finger deeper into her ass.

“You have to fuck my ass if I am really going to be your whore Daddy. Will you still love me if I want you to fuck my ass hole? I’m sorry it’s so dirty but whores always have their ass fucked and I am your whore Daddy.”

I almost lost my hard on. I desperately wanted to fuck her ass hole but I was thinking that I’d be disappointed if she was too tight and I couldn’t get my cock in. I imagined her being used by my friends later, cocks in her mouth, cunt and ass hole. I imagined my friends filling her with spunk, cumming all over her body and face. I couldn’t think of a more erotic sight.

I wriggled my hand, slid a second finger into her ass and pushed them in and out. “You will have cocks in your mouth, cunt and ass this evening my little whore. Daddy will make sure you get fucked in every hole like the whore you are.”

“Oh Daddy, please make them all fuck me at the same time. I will be the best whore ever for you if they are all fucking me.”

She was bouncing up and down on my cock again with my cock sliding in and out of her cunt, my fingers sliding in and out of her ass. As she moved up, I lifted her higher, freeing my cock from her cunt and guiding it to her ass hole.

“Oh fuck” she moaned. “Rape my ass hole Daddy.” she sat down hard on my cock. The pressure on my cock was sublime. “Cum in me Daddy. You have to cum in your dirty whore’s ass.”

She lifted herself up and dropped herself down on my cock, forcing her ass over my cock, opening her legs a driving herself down until our bodies met with my cock deep in her ass. The feel of my cock in her ass and her cunt dripping on my stomach was enough to make me feel I could cum. I started trying to gently slide my cock out of her ass but she was desperate for more. Chloe raised her self up and dropped down on my cock again. Over and over she bounced on my cock, each time slapping down on me so I was deep inside her. Finally I felt my balls tightening and my cock twitching as I grunted and spurted the few drops of spunk that had built up into her ass.

Instantly she felt me cumming she jumped up off my cock seemed to spin in mid air and sucked me deep into her mouth. Her hand wrapped my cock, stroked it as she sucked teasing every last drop of spunk out of me. Cumming a second time so quickly left me so sensitive her sucking was almost agony. I had to beg her to stop. Thankfully she let go but not before wiping the head of my cock across her face forcing a final squeal out of me.

“Thank you Daddy” she giggled at my discomfort. “Can we go shopping now? You have to get me some slut clothes for tonight.”

For a moment I thought that all the clothes I’d bought her for the past couple of years would be called slut clothes by her mother. Every teen girl I’d seen all summer looked sluttier than the local whores. I couldn’t imagine what a young girl would call slutty, let alone Chloe.

“I’ll get dressed to go shopping” she jumped off the bed, paused to scoop up and lick the last drops of my spunk from her cunt and ass then bounded out of my bedroom.

She’s in a rush I thought to myself, maybe she’ll only take two hours to get ready. I tried to imagine how she’d want to dress up. I didn’t think for a minute that she’d accept my suggestion that all she should wear for my friends should be a little white g-string, but I hoped she wouldn’t insist on some over the top burlesque stockings, suspenders, basque outfit.

She must have been desperate to go shopping she was ready in just over an hour, a personal record I’m sure. Even more surprising, she had managed to avoid the usual teen slut look that we had always argued about whenever I took her shopping. She had been careful, her out fit of short denim skirt, red tights, and stripy zip up cardigan made her look even younger.

It was only on the tube, when she sat opposite me, slouched in her seat and opened her legs that I saw that she’d ripped a hole in the crotch of her tights and “forgotten” to put any panties on. She caught my eye after I’d been staring at her exposed cunt and smiled at me.

At Tottenham Court Road tube she wanted to get off and see what Soho had to offer. I managed to short cut the looming temper tantrum with “Girls do what their Daddies say and whores do what their pimps say. We can go to Camden but they wont let you in the shops you want in Soho.”

The tube was packed, we managed to get on but ended up squashed together. Chloe took her chance to torment me. She pulled the zip of her top down just far enough to let me see she didn’t have a bra on and spent the journey pressing her tits against my stomach and her belly against my crotch.

Shopping was torture. I’ve learned to endure her dragging me round her favourite shops with constant begging for anything that catches her eye. I got the full treatment plus she took every opportunity to push her tits against me, push her cunt against my leg or squeeze my dick and that was even before she started looking for her “slut outfit” for the evening.

I managed to persuade her that the burlesque look was forty year old hookers, she point blank refused a school uniform or cheerleader type outfit. Our compromise was a tiny stringy bikini, thigh high socks, a tube skirt that hardly covered her cunt even before she encouraged it to ride up and a lace blouse she could tie in a knot to expose her midriff.

Home at last she insisted on dressing up for me as usual. “Fuck me now.” she said as soon as I saw her in her slut outfit. She lifted her skirt up and pulled the bikini bottoms aside to expose her cunt.

“Your cunt will have to wait; I don’t want you getting too sore to fuck before all my friends have had a go.”

“But Daddy, I’m bored, I can’t wait for your friends to arrive, that’s hours away. Let me suck you. I didn’t suck you properly yet. Look I got the school girl dvd from your collection. Watch the Erotik hikaye DVD and let me suck you Daddy.”

I was sure she’d never disturbed my porn collection, but she obviously knew it well enough to know which was my favourite. I didn’t even think of resisting her offer to suck my cock. I just leaned back in the chair and enjoyed her unzipping my trousers.

“You have such a beautiful cock Daddy” she purred. “I got so desperate waiting for a way to make you rape me.” Her hand stroked my cock, her head dipped and she sucked the head between her lips. She must have sensed that hearing her talking was at least as much of a turn on as feeling her sucking.

“I wanted to be your whore for so long Daddy. I can’t wait for you to make me fuck all your friends too.” I thought that if she talked like that to them half of them would unload before they got anywhere near her cunt.

“Make me fuck them all Daddy. I want to be your perfect cum slut. Make me take their cocks and cum for you.”

I wanted to ask her how she had turned into such a slut. She’d taken my cock in her cunt and ass hole without missing a beat. She’d bent her head back to my cock and was doing a good attempt at deep throating me. The feeling of her mouth on my cock was driving me wild and tempting me to call her to sit on my cock so I could fuck her again.

Just as I was about to give in there was a knock on the door. I expected Chloe to leap off me in panic, but she just kept sucking.

“I better get that” I stammered. With poor grace she pulled her mouth off my cock. “Just keep your legs closed for a moment” I teased her while I struggled to contain my erection so that I could go to the door.

“Sorry, when you said you had your daughter playing a whore I couldn’t wait” Carl said barging into the house.

“She looks so sweet” he exclaimed. “Is she really as dirty as you said on the phone? I just had to come early. I tried to wait before coming round but I was just wanking constantly thinking about her.”

“It’s OK Carl I know the feeling. She can give you a blow job or a very quick fuck right now if you can’t wait. If you want her cunt you better make it a quicky I don’t want her too sore to fuck before everyone is here.”

“I’m on a hair trigger at the moment, I’ll have her cunt if that is OK”

“Chloe, it’s ok, it’s Carl, he couldn’t wait for tonight. Come and give him a quick fuck before he bursts.”

“Of course Daddy, you can put any cock in your whore’s cunt.”

She turned to Carl. “Are you going to rape me? Daddy raped me this morning. He pushed his big fat cock right into my cunt. He wouldn’t stop fucking me until he had cum. Then he raped my ass too.”

“Please don’t rape me like my Daddy did Carl. I don’t want to be a whore.”

Carl had a puzzled look on is face so I mimed pulling my cock out. He soon got the idea and unzipped his trousers.

“Oh no, you are going to hurt my cunt with your cock. You are a paedo just like Daddy.”

Chloe turned her back to Carl and I mimed a fucking action. He reach out, grabbed her hips, lifted her skirt, pushed her bikini bottoms aside and slid his cock into her.

“You pervert. Why are you letting him rape me Daddy, please save me from him. His cock is raping my cunt. I can’t stop him Daddy. He’s fucking me like a whore.”

I think Carl only got a couple of thrusts in before he slammed into her, held her tight against him an pumped her full of spunk.

“Did you like that Daddy? Did you like giving me to your friend? I really am a whore now. I can feel his spunk in me. Shall I lick it up or do you want to fuck me while I’m still full of spunk?”

A knock on the door seemed to suggest that Carl wasn’t the only one to come early. Tom, Paul and Mike shuffled through the hallway to join Carl and Chloe in the sitting room. The room was a bit crowded with all of us there but from the way that the new arrivals were staring at Chloe I could tell that they just wanted to get started.

Chloe stood in the middle of the room. Head bowed, shoulders hunched, looking at the floor. “Oh Daddy, I’ll be good, please don’t let these men hurt me.” she started.

Carl had heard this before and started to smile to himself. Tom, Paul and Mike were taken in by her act just like Carl had been. They looked at me full of unasked questions. I knew that even if Chloe hadn’t been acting her words would not put them off, they just wanted my permission to use her.

I nodded at them and watched Tom reach out to caress Chloe’s ass. She shivered at his touch. “Please Daddy. I don’t like these men. I know what they want to do.”

Tom gripped the material of her skirt and tugged it down from her hips so it fell to the floor. “Please don’t Daddy, I don’t want them to take my clothes off.”

Mike stepped up behind Chloe, his arms circled her body, untied her top and pulled it off. He slid his hands inside her bikini top and started squeezing her tiny tits. His fingers clearly moving under the material teasing her nipples.

“Daddy, he’s touching me. He’s a sick paedo, he’s playing with my tits.” Chloe’s voice had softened know. Peter stepped up, pressed his hand between her legs and started rubbing her cunt through her bikini bottoms.

I couldn’t take my eyes of my little girl dressed in a hardly there string bikini surrounded by three burly men groping her.

“Don’t let him touch me in my girl parts Daddy” she moaned and squeezed her legs together, not to keep Peter’s hand away, but to hold it tighter against her cunt.

Between them Tom and Mike had managed to untie her bikini top and bottoms and when Peter managed to pull his hand away for a moment Chloe was left naked but for her thigh socks.

“Oh Daddy are they going to rape me now? Can’t you stop the paedos from raping me?”

Tom’s fingers were the first to feel the wetness dripping from her cunt. He almost looked disappointed now he realised that Chloe’s words were just an act and her cunt wanted cock as much as her words had said she didn’t.

“I’m too little for all these men to fuck me Daddy.” She unzipped Tom and started wanking him. “His cock is hard Daddy, that means he’s going to rape me. Don’t let him rape me Daddy” she pumped his cock faster. “He’s going to ram his cock into my cunt and fuck me like a whore Daddy.”

Chloe was pushing Tom backwards towards a chair while she wanked him. The back of his legs touched the chair and as soon as he sat down Chloe jumped on his lap taking Tom’s cock all the way into her cunt.

“Daddy, Daddy, he’s fucking me” she purred in pleasure. “The paedo has his cock in my cunt.” Tom’s hands grabbed her ass, holding her down on his cock. I guess he need a minute to try and gain some self control or he would be cumming in a few seconds.

“I can’t move Daddy, don’t let anyone rape my ass hole please.” Peter had cottoned on to Chloe’s act and stepped in behind her, knelt between Toms legs and pushed his cock into her ass hole.

“Better get your cock in her mouth then” I told Mike. He slapped her face with his cock a few times, grabbed her hair and pushed his dick between her lips.

Carl was hard again watching Chloe’s little body filled with cock. I was wanking and watching her take three cocks. I was almost sad that she couldn’t talk because Mike was so furiously fucking her face, but her moans of pleasure spurred all of us on.

It didn’t take long for Tom to loose control. His shout as he unloaded into Chloe’s cunt acted like a trigger for Peter who slammed hard in her ass then held still while his spunk filled her.

As soon as Mike started grunting he held the back of her head forcing his dick right down her throat. He kept her face pressed tight against his stomach while she swallowed his load.

The three cocks softened and released their hold on her young body. I could feel myself getting close to cumming. I wanted to feel my cock slide into her spunk filled ass hole, but I knew I was too close. Chloe noticed me wanking and climbed out from the press of bodies around her, sank to her knees in front of me offering her face as a target for my spunk.

It was too much for Carl he unloaded splattering her face with his second load to be joined a moment later by my contribution.

“You have such nasty paedo friends Daddy, will you whore me out again to them?”

She started scooping the spunk from her cunt and ass then licking it off her fingers.

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