Playing A Round

As the electric golf cart rumbled along the path away from the eighteenth hole, it’s driver was excited and impatient.

“Well, come on, girl! Don’t keep me in suspense. How did I do?!”

The teenager sitting directly behind her frowned, trying to tot up the figures scratched onto the score card despite the swaying of the cart and the way she kept getting jostled by a bag of golf clubs.

“Just give me a minute, would you?” answered Daisy Newton grumpily.

Well aware of why her friend was having so much trouble but unable to resist a little good-natured teasing, the young woman sitting next to her inquired sweetly, “Are you running out of fingers? Maybe you should take your shoes off and count toes, as well.”

Daisy didn’t even bother to look over at her. “Quiet, Cindy.”

“It’s okay, really. I mean, sure it’ll stink, but I’m sure we could hold our breaths until your done,” Cindy Haltom continued with a giggle.

“I said, be quiet,” she told her, giving her a sideways look and a little smirk. “You don’t want me to come over there.”

Both of the two younger women in the back seat of this lumbering, oversized golf cart were college girls who had taken jobs here at the Brookhaven Country Club to earn themselves a little spending money. Not only did the club pay more than any fast food place would have, the working conditions were much better and the club members tended to be not only well off, but big tippers. That the two club members who were now sitting in front of them also offered certain very enjoyable extracurricular opportunities was an unexpected and unusual but not unwelcome bonus.

Though Cindy and Daisy had only met each other relatively recently, they had nonetheless become fast friends. That process had been helped considerably by certain events that had occurred the last couple of times they had caddied for these two women, events that made it permissible for them to relate to these two in a much more relaxed way that they ever could with any of the club’s other members.

“Hush, the both of you,” Cassie Johnston told them, carefully steering the cart and ignoring the chuckles from the woman beside her. She didn’t want to stray off the path and have that lunatic groundskeeper feel the need to bark at her again for tearing up the fairways. “What’s the matter back there, girl? Weren’t you just bragging that you were getting straight A’s in that trigonometry class? I wouldn’t have thought you would have so much trouble with a little adding.”

Daisy heaved a frustrated sigh, looking up at last from the card. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Johnston, but it’s just a little hard to do when I’m bouncing around like this. To tell the truth, I think I’m getting a little car sick.”

“Well why didn’t you say so, girl?! We can fix that right now.”

There was a small stand of trees up in front of them, the path curving around it before continuing on up to the course’s club house, so Cassie pulled over to the side and stopped where they would have some shade from the summer sun. “Okay then, let’s see how fast you can get those numbers added up now.”

Sitting beside her in the golf cart’s front seat, Brenda Andrews just shook her head as she watched her best friend eagerly twist sideways in her seat just as soon as they were stopped so that she could watch the younger woman do her figuring.

Members in good standing at the club and lifelong friends, Cassie and Brenda were now in the twilight of long, happy lives. Retirement was treating them both well and, finding themselves financially comfortable and with copious amounts of leisure time, they were thoroughly enjoying spending that time with their husbands, their children, and their grandchildren. However, they also held a secret that would have scandalized their families, not to mention all of their society friends. It was this secret that had led to their becoming so very friendly with these two young caddies and specifically asking for them whenever they wanted to go golfing.

“You’d better hurry, Daisy,” Brenda was telling the teenager “She’s getting herself so wound up that I’m starting to worry she’s going to have a seizure or something.”

“Just one more minute. I’m almost done.” In fact it was just under a minute before Daisy finished her work. “Done!”

Cassie practically snatched the score card away from the girl, pointedly ignoring her friend’s disapproving frown as she quickly scanned the numbers. Suddenly she was laughing and bouncing in her seat, going so far as to punch a fist into the air and even letting out a whoop.

“So, did you do well, Mrs. Johnston?” Cindy had waited until she’d paused to catch his breath, asking her question in a voice whose innocence was belied by the smile quirking her lips.

“I did it!” Cassie crowed. “I finally did it!”

Brenda was leaning closer to get a look at that score card, trying to figure out what had her so excited. “You did?”

“I did!” Cassie met her halfway by thrusting the card out under her nose for just a moment, then flashing it at each bursa escort of the girl’s behind them in turn. “After a lifetime of playing this stupid game, I’ve finally managed to come in under par!”

This was obviously a big deal to her and so the other three each took a moment to put aside the playful teasing and offer their sincere congratulations, all of them genuinely happy for her.

“Thank you, thank you. I can’t wait to show this to my husband, Jack. He’ll probably swallow his dentures when he hears that I pulled this off before he did.” She turned back to face forward again, settling into her chair and positively beaming at that wondrous and historic score card. “You know what? I just might even frame this thing!”

“If you’re going to do that, dear,” Brenda told him with a grin, “I would get it blown up first. That way you won’t have to go find your bifocals every time you want to have a look at it.”

“Oh, har, har.” Cassie ignored both the jibe and the giggling from the backseat, far too delighted with her accomplishment to really be annoyed with all of this teasing. “Your just jealous that you can’t do it. What was your score again?” Her hand darted out and grabbed her friend’s card before she could get rid of it. “Oh, yes, you ended up with better than twice the par score, didn’t you?”

The old woman next to her responded only with a sour look, sticking her tongue out at her.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great fun to spend a day out here with you two ladies, but if this club didn’t pay so well, you wouldn’t see me anywhere near a golf course. It just seems like kind of a dumb game to me,” Cindy confessed.

Cassie looked back at her, raising an eyebrow. “And how would you know, young lady? Exactly how many golf balls have you ever hit?”

“None at all,” the girl readily admitted. “But then I don’t really have the time what with beating all the boys off with a stick.” She playfully posed herself just a little to emphasize her point as she added, “In case you haven’t noticed, I happen to be one fabulous babe.”

“You certainly are.” Daisy’s response was not quite under her breath as she dragged her eyes slowly over her friend in open admiration.

The older woman ahead of her grunted in agreement, her own eyes on the firm young breasts that were now jutting towards her so conspicuously, but tried to cover it with some obviously fake coughing.

It occurred to Cassie that a little celebration of her marvelous achievement was in order and the thought of having it right here on the golf course, the very scene of this triumph, was just too perfect an idea to let slip by. However lovely she was though, it was not Cindy who would be going to this party with her.

As subtly as she could, she took a look around the parked cart to see where the club house was from here and how far away the other golfers were today. Next, she turned her gaze onto the little clump of trees, judging how large the stand was and if the trees were growing thick enough to keep her celebration out of sight.

The other three in the cart just watched all this and waited, well aware of what was coming and finding Cassie’s attempt to be discrete a trifle amusing.

“You know,” Cassie announced at length, trying hard to make it sound like a mere afterthought and not at all succeeding, “I seem to recall that the last time I was up here playing with Jack, one of my balls went off into these very trees.”

Daisy and Cindy were smiling openly at the blatant lie – choosing not to mention just how far off course this imaginary ball would have to have been to end up clear down here in the trees. It was Brenda who decided to see where her best friend was going with this.


“So, as long as we’re right here, I thought I’d go and see if I could find it.” Before any of the others could react to that statement, she was already pushing herself up and out of the cart, pausing a moment to enjoy a nice stretch.

Cindy couldn’t just let it pass without comment though and challenged her with a knowing smirk. “But you’ve got plenty of golf balls, Mrs. Johnston. Why go hunting through the undergrowth for one you must have lost close to a month ago?”

She scowled at the teen. “Young lady, aren’t you the one who’s always telling me about conservation and recycling? Seems to me that you’d be glad to know I wasn’t littering the landscape with golf balls. Besides, those things don’t grow on trees. There’s no point in just leaving it out here to go to waste.”

She turned away and took a step or two towards the trees, rubbing her chin speculatively. “Daisy, maybe you should come and give me a hand with this. All I know is that the damn ball is in here somewhere, but I don’t have the foggiest idea where and young eyes are always the keenest.”

Daisy gave the other two a wink and climbed out of the cart. “Sure, Mrs. Johnston.” She took a moment to reach into one of the golf bags to retrieve a putter and a small package before moving to Cassie’s side. The older woman claimed bursa escort bayan the golf club from her immediately to use as a walking stick on the uneven ground in there.

Trouble-maker that she was, Cindy couldn’t resist. “Do you want me to come help, too?”

It was plain that she didn’t. “Um, no, you’d better stay there and keep an eye on Brenda.”

The golfer and her caddy slipped between the trees and were soon out of sight. Only then did Cindy and Brenda give in and laugh out loud.

“I can’t believe that Mrs. Johnston still goes to all that trouble when she wants to get laid,” Cindy said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Brenda shrugged, a big smile on her face. “What you must understand, dear, is that we grew up in more modest times. Cassie doesn’t like to talk about her sex life and honestly does hope that we don’t know that she’s dragging Daisy off into those woods to screw her brains out.”

Cindy scooted up to the edge of her seat behind the older woman. “Do you want to sneak in there and watch my friend give your’s a work out?”

Brenda shook her head, laughing. “I think Cassie would die if she ever found out that she’d fucked in front of an audience.”

Cindy chuckled too, gently pulling some of the older woman’s hair back to better expose her neck. “I guess we’ll just have to have to have our own fun then.” Bending in, she planted a feather light kiss on the side of her neck.

A shiver of pleasure coursed through Brenda, a sigh escaping her lips.

* * *

Cassie led the way into the woods and, though she had claimed to be hunting for a lost ball, she didn’t spend a whole lot of time studying the ground under her feet or poking around in the undergrowth.

Instead, she was searching out something very specific.

What she wanted was a nice, open space where they would have some room to move around, but that also had a good screen of trees around it which would shield her and her caddy from view. The club house was not overly far away from here and, knowing that some people occasionally used binoculars to watch the golfers from the big windows, the last thing she wanted was to inadvertantly give someone an eyeful. Likewise, she did not want to be anywhere that could be seen by anyone else who happened to be on the course today or even by the couple they had left behind in the golf cart.

It was not such an easy place to find considering how small this stand of trees was, but she finally found a patch of ground that pleased her.

She dropped her putter and turned then to face the younger woman, a smile tugging at her lips.

Considering that she had brought along that package, there was no question that Daisy knew what they had really come here for and so Cassie didn’t have to waste time with subtlety or seduction. Seeing the answering smile the coed wore was the final piece of evidence that told her that Daisy not only knew what they were here for, but was fully prepared to let it happen.

Cassie motioned the young woman forward, taking the package from her when she obeyed and letting it fall carelessly to the ground.

The last few inches between the two women were quickly closed as Cassie slipped one arm around her caddy’s middle and pulled her firmly up against herself, her other hand rising to the back of Daisy’s head. The young woman responded by enfolding her in a tight embrace and allowing herself to be kissed tenderly on the lips.

That first kiss was followed by another and then another. Each was deeper than the last, more passionate and more hungry. Soft growls of pleasure were rising from the backs of their throats even before their lips parted so that their tongues could wrestle and dance together. Both were left breathless when the kissing stopped, their eyes dancing.

“Mmmmm,” Cassie sighed. “I think one of the best decisions I ever made was letting you seduce me, you horny little slut.”

The caddy seemed surprised. “Me? As I recall, this was all your idea, Cassie Johnston.”

Cassie laughed, kissing her again. “You may be right, but it was still a good idea.”

* * *

“Oh, my, God,” the old woman whispered huskily. “Oh, that feels so good.”

Reaching around the seat and the woman who was in it, Cindy stroked Brenda’s face gently even as she kissed her cheek, nibbled at her neck, and traced the contours of her ear with her tongue. Brenda’s eyelids were fluttering and she was moaning softly, both hands griping the body of the golf cart so tightly that her knuckles had turned white.

Cindy was breathing hard as she worked and her face was flushed, enjoying this every bit as much as her victim was.

At length, that caressing hand drifted down from Brenda’s face and claimed her throat, at one point tenderly stroking it and at another firmly griping it. It was an expression of ownership and control that nobody else in all the world would dare try with this rich and well connected woman and it never failed to make Brenda Andrews bursa merkez escort weak in the knees, panting for air as she put herself completely at her young lover’s mercy.

Cindy continued to work with her lips and her hand, slowly and carefully turned the bonfire of desire within the other woman into a blazing and uncontrollable inferno. She was always amazed by how readily Brenda responded to even a little domination and suspected that she would have made someone a marvelous little love slave if someone had only brought out her submissive side a little earlier.

Leaning forward a little more to look down the woman’s front, Cindy found more evidence of Brenda’s arousal. Her large nipples were so hard at that point that she wondered how they could possibly not be punching holes straight through her top. The girl smiled, well pleased with the way things were going.

Glancing around quickly to make sure that they were still all alone and that none of the distant golfers seemed to be paying any attention to this stopped cart or the clump of trees, the coed smiled deviously.

With this woman already putty in her hands, it was time to get a lot more intimate.

* * *

Cassie now found herself backed up against a tree with her blouse wide open, the front catch of her bra open. She still had the generously sized breasts that used to wow the guys back when she was in her prime, but these days they sagged quite a bit without the support of her bra. Daisy was undeterred by this however.

It was with quite a bit of relish that the girl was feasting on the other woman’s breasts, both hands ceaselessly moving all over those big udders.

Moaning in a deep and husky voice as she enjoyed her young lover’s efforts, letting out a little yelp whenever the girl gave the tender flesh a little nip, Cassie cradled Cindy’s head in both hands and just let her do whatever she liked. Certainly, she had never yet had cause to complain about anything this talented lady might wish to do with her.

“Oh, Daisy . . .” she panted needily.

That brought the caddy’s head up and she met the older woman’s eyes with a wide smile.

Backing off a step or two in order to give herself some room while still remaining close enough to interfere with Cassie’s heart rate, Daisy started to strip off the tasteful but unflattering uniform the club demanded that all of it’s caddies wear. In no time at all, she had peeled off every last stitch of clothing she was wearing and struck a pose to give the old woman the full effect of her nudity.

As usual, Cassie was left utterly speechless when she was faced with such a vision. She was not silent though as an urgent, keening whine rose from her.

When Daisy then motioned her forward, Cassie came at a run.

A moment later found the old woman kneeling on the carpet of grass with the girl standing over her, one leg raised and hooked over Cassie’s shoulder. With both hands raised to firmly clasp her young lover’s taut buttocks – which had the added benefit of helping to support the now precariously balanced girl, Cassie was hungrily devouring the college girl’s juicy cunt. Moaning ecstatically as she was eaten alive, Daisy had both hands on the other woman’s head and was pushing her face ever more firmly into her boiling depths.

Cassie was a skillful carpet-muncher and they both knew that it would not be long before Daisy was coming with numbing force.

* * *

Cindy no longer had the other woman by the throat.

That hand had drifted farther down and come to rest for a time on Brenda’s chest, just above the full swell of her bosom. Cindy’s other hand was now on the side of the older woman’s face, turning her head so that she could kiss her long and hard full on the mouth, their tongues dueling and wrestling fiercely.

It was only after they considered each other thoroughly kissed that the hand Cindy had on the older woman’s chest started to move again. Pulling her head back at long last, Cindy just gazed silently into her eyes as her nimble fingers worked to unbutton Brenda’s blouse, pulling it wide open to reveal everything within. Breathing hard, her heart pounding so hard and fast it felt like it might burst right through her rib cage, letting out long and shuddering sighs every time the younger woman’s fingertips so much as brushed her skin, Brenda seemed transfixed by what she saw in Cindy’s eyes and never once looked away from them.

Never once looking down at what she had just uncovered for fear of breaking that nearly mystical connection their eyes seemed to have formed, Cindy let her hand come to rest again on the other woman’s chest. This time it was skin against skin though, flesh against flesh, and the reaction from Cindy was so much stronger.

Unable to catch her breath, the old woman let out a hoarse, gasping moan and trembled under her young lover’s practiced touch.

Cindy’s hand started to drift downwards, moving slowly and caressingly over the plump breasts that were there.

The sensations rushing through Brenda were clearly almost more than she could bear and that trembling was becoming more pronounced by the moment. Her mouth was open, her lips formed into an “O” shape, but this time there was no way she could have made any kind of sound at all as all her breath was needed for respiration.

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