Pledges Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: The Pledges’ Revenge

The Pledges fight back.




“So, Candace…how long are we gonna stay in here? I mean, you tryna hide in here all day?”

Wednesday afternoon, four days after Saturday’s big blowup at the Sorority House, Candace looked up from her history notes, which were sprawled out on the table in front of her. At the question, the skin on her soft buttermilk-colored face turned beet red as an embarrassed heat flushed through her.

“I…I just don’t feel comfortable in the House anymore, Brandi. There’s way t-t-too much tension there,” Candace stuttered. Suddenly flustered, she looked back down at the table.

Nestled in a remote corner on the empty top floor of the campus library, the two young women tried to use an impromptu study session as a reprieve from the drama in the Sorority House. Sitting across from each other, the friends had worked for only an hour before Brandi became restless.

Brandi closed her accounting textbook and slid it out of the way. She took a long look at the prim and proper, yet meek and timid woman in front of her before continuing. “Well, you can’t run from it forever, Candace,” she said. “And besides, you’re an officer. You may think that you’re only just the Secretary, but you’re still an officer. Some of the younger Sorors need you to show some leadership.”

Brandi set her elbows on the table. “Take me, for example. I’m the Treasurer. So I’m really not in this conflict at all. But I at least try to console the underclassmen…uh…women. And I’m trying to talk to Sierra and Lina to get them to stop their fighting.” She sat back in her chair and folded her arms. “So listen, Candace,” she said, her voice rising, “the bottom line? You’ve got to stop being such a scaredy cat!”

Candace’s head shot up. “Excuse me?”

Brandi tried a softer approach. “I mean, like at the meetings for example. When you’re reading the minutes, you keep your head down, you always stutter, and you can’t wait to be finished. A true Rho Sigma Tau isn’t so easily spooked.”

“I…I just get nervous,” Candace mumbled, looking back down at the table and feeling her heart begin to pound.

“I know,” Brandi whispered as she leaned in closer. “You just need to relax.”

Candace snorted. “Well, now’s not the time. I can’t even sleep with everything that’s going on. I mean, Sierra’s on a warpath, she and Lina haven’t spoken in days, Tamryn’s been holed up in her room and everyone else’s been walking on eggshells!”

Brandi grabbed her hand. “Even more reason for you to step up and be a leader. Now more than ever. You’ve got to show everyone that you’re not some milquetoast little girl. That you’re a woman capable of leadership.”

Candace grew warm at Brandi’s touch, but composed herself quickly.

“Be a leader?” Candace asked. “That sounds good, but how? I mean, I want to speak up. I really do. I think I have some great ideas, but…”

“But what?”

Candace lowered her soft hazel eyes again. “But I just get so darn nervous.”

“‘Darn?’ You’re so cute,” Brandi smiled, patting her hand. “Anyway, like I said, you just need to relax.” She squeezed hard. “And I can help you do that. Right now.”

Once more, Candace tried to ignore the heat rising in her, but at Brandi’s words she tilted her head. “Excuse me?”

Brandi traced small circles on Candace’s now-trembling skin. “I said that you just need to relax. And you need to do it now. Right now.”

“Now?” Candace paused for a moment. “Wait. You don’t mean…?” She leaned forward and her body began to tingle. “Right here?”

Brandi winked and turned Candace’s hand over. She used her fingernails to trace seductive designs on Candace’s palm. “There’s no one else up here, Candace. We have the whole floor to ourselves.”

At Brandi’s captivating words and titillating touch, Candace felt a sweet, sticky liquid begin to flow from her core, dampening her pink panties. “You can’t,” she hissed. “I mean, we can’t!”

“Oh, yes we can! And we shall!”

In an instant, Brandi slid out of her chair and onto her knees. She crawled underneath the table to the hot spot between Candace’s legs and placed her hands on the timid young woman’s silky, creamy thighs.

“You’re so pretty,” Brandi whispered as she stroked Candace’s skin gently. “And I’m so glad you wore this short-ass skirt,” she chuckled.

“You’re crazy,” Candace moaned as her skin burned at Brandi’s soft touch. “But we’ve…we’ve never…”

Brandi’s passion suddenly spiked for her good friend. Her silky, café au lait skin began to glow and her emerald-green eyes sparkled as she lifted Candace’s tiny plaid miniskirt and nestled in even closer to her moist panties. “But I always wanted to, sweetheart. Oh, how I always wanted to. But that damned Bree got escort bayan to you first! I love my alumni Sorors, but I’m damn glad that heifer left town, so I could make a play for you myself!”

Candace blushed at the thought of their Soror, Bree Giles, now a professional talent scout with her own business in Los Angeles.

Bree had approached Candace right when she was a freshman that had just crossed into the Sorority and introduced her to the joys of Sapphic love and passion. Bree had also successfully kept Candace locked down, committed to her only, for Candace’s entire sophomore year. However, when Bree left Virginia just before this new school year began, headed for Los Angeles, Candace hadn’t dated since.

Looking up from Candace’s thighs and seeing the distant look in her eyes, Brandi softened her tone. “I know Bree had you open. Really bad. Plus, you were so damned nervous, that I decided to wait. But you’re a junior now. Time to get over her, and get over her for good.”

Candace blushed harder. “I know. I know ’cause, yeah, that stuff with Bree was kind of intense.”

Brandi stroked her thigh. “Of course it was. You were too young for that kind of a commitment. Plus –”

All of a sudden, Candace’s feminine juices, which began to flow more copiously, wafted past Brandi’s nose. “Ohhh, baby,” Brandi moaned, forgetting what she was going to say. “Oh hell! Fuck it! Spread your legs for me, baby!”

Candace tentatively opened her knees an inch wider.

“More,” Brandi giggled. “I can’t get in between there!”

Candace obeyed, then squirmed as she felt Brandi’s warm breath on her thighs. She closed her eyes, opened her legs as wide as she could, then waited. And waited. And waited some more. A frown suddenly crossed her face. “Bran?”

Then she felt the first swipe of Brandi’s tongue on her wet panties.

“Oh God!” Candace exclaimed at the insanely erotic touch. “Ohhhhh!”

Brandi grabbed Candace’s hips, settled in comfortably between her legs and began to lick the silky material. She took long laps, feeling the soft hair just below the thin material. “Mmmmm,” Brandi moaned, tasting just enough of the sweet liquid to pique her appetite for more.

“Brandi, please!” Candace said breathlessly, wiggling her ass in the chair. “Don’t tease me, please!”

Brandi grinned as she hooked her thumbs into the thin elastic waistband. “You really want this, baby?”

“Yes! Oh, please, yes!”

Brandi yanked the panties down and off her legs. She leaned in close, pressing her face against Candace’s mound. Brandi moaned as she felt the downy hairs on her face. Then she closed her eyes and inhaled. The wet, musky scent went straight from her nostrils to her brain, and finally to the pulsating mound between her own legs.

“Do it, Brandi,” Candace groaned impatiently. “Do it now!”

Loving Candace’s newfound forcefulness, Brandi pressed her lips right to the moist skin. She placed several gentle kisses on Candace’s tender pussy.

“Oooooh,” Candace moaned. She squirmed in her chair and her temperature soared. “Now, baby! Now!”

Brandi snaked her tongue out and took a long lick of Candace’s pussy.

“Ahhhh!” Candace cried, nearly lifting off the seat. “Oh God!”

Brandi pressed her face even closer and endlessly long licks at Candace’s wetness. She swirled her tongue in the sweet, thick juice, making deliciously wet circles on Candace’s excited flesh.

Candace leaned back, lost in the intense sensations. “Oh Bran! Oh Bran, please!”

Brandi ignored her own throbbing pussy and concentrated on bringing Candace to the peak of ecstasy. She darted her tongue in and out, lapping and swallowing the thick, delicious nectar that flowed abundantly.

“Don’t stop!” Candace moaned as her hands instinctively went underneath her blouse and bra. Her fingers went straight to her breasts and she massaged the soft globes between her fingers, causing her passion to surge. When she tweaked her own nipples, a powerful vibration ran through her entire body and she groaned deeply. “Oh please, don’t stop!”

Brandi had no such plans as she languished for countless moments in Candace’s thick, sugary wetness. But she soon sensed Candace’s impending orgasm as the young woman’s body began to tremble violently.

“Give it to me, baby,” Brandi urged, lapping up all of the sticky juices. “Give it to me! Give it to me now!”

“Oh, I’m about to cum,” Candace moaned as her body tightened. She gripped her breasts harder. “I’m about to cum!”

“I can’t hear you,” Brandi teased. She suddenly took two fingers and began to pump them in and out of Candace’s slick tightness. “Louder, baby! Louder!”

Candace threw her head back as the explosive climax raced through her thin frame. “Oh my God! Brandi, yessss! I’m cumming! Oh God, I’m cumming!”

Brandi held on tight, absolutely thrilled to bring the young woman to such heights; in public no less.

Candace’s body began to convulse as her body went into overdrive. Then görükle escort her body exploded and an incredible brightness surged through her body. She seemed to leave herself and soar beyond the limits of her own passion and bliss.

Brandi continued drinking the sugary juices as Candace shivered and moaned her enjoyment. Finally, Candace calmed down and slumped back in her chair.

“Brandi! Oh my God! That was…was…”

Brandi looked up, her lips and cheeks glistening with the evidence of Candace’s enjoyment. “You like, babe?”

Impulsively, Candace leaned down, grabbed Brandi’s face and planted a long, deep kiss on her wet lips. She shivered, feeling ever so naughty, as she tasted herself.

“Damn, Candace,” Brandi teased as she pulled back. “You’re getting friskier already!”

Candace arched her back, stretched her arms and looked around. She blinked, noticing that the colors were suddenly brighter and more vivid. As she slid her chair back and stood, fear and tension began to drain from her body. Then, in an instant, her creative juices started flowing. She smiled.

“Come on, Bran,” she said as she quickly gathered her books together. “I think I’ve got a plan to get everything right again!”

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Brandi grinned. “Get it, mama!”

As they walked to the elevators, , brimming with a newly-found confidence, Candace took Brandi’s hand and squeezed it gently. Then she planted a kiss on Brandi’s still-heated skin.

“Oh God!” Candace sighed. “This is the best day of my life!”


“Oh God! This is the worst day of my life!”

Tamryn was in her bedroom, collapsed on the bed. Her toffee-colored skin was dull and sullen, and her waist-length dark hair lay in tangles underneath her, due to neglect. Unable to face her Sorors, she’d been hiding in her room for the past two days, only sneaking out to go to class.

Her eyes watered as she picked up the crumpled piece of paper lying next to her. She carefully smoothed it out yet again.

“Memorandum to the Alumni Chapter,” Tamryn read aloud. “I, Sierra Morgan, recommend that Tamryn DuMouchelle be relieved of her duties as Vice President, and be formally dismissed from the Omega Chapter of Rho Sigma Tau Sorority, Incorporated.”

Unable to finish, and her voice now breaking, she again crumpled up the paper and tossed it on the floor.

She lay back on her pillow and sighed deeply. Now powerless to stop the tears, they spilled over her cheeks in long, sad streams. “Why?” she moaned between painful, drawn-out sobs. “Why is this happening to me?”

She cried until she was weak, then just sat staring across the room, alone and forlorn. Then her gaze suddenly caught a pink metallic glint at the top of her bookcase. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and got up and went to the wood structure. She reached high up, took down her prized pink scrapbook and lay back down on the bed.

Absently, she flipped to the first picture. In it, she was just a tiny little baby, all dressed in pink. Her dark eyes danced with wonder at the world around her. Her chubby cheeks were reddened and she wore the most innocent expression on her soft face. She was cradled in her mother’s arms; a proud smile on her mother’s face.

“I was a cute little thang,” Tamryn laughed.

Then she flipped a few pages further. She stopped when she saw yet another miniature version of herself. Only six years old, her dark hair was already just past her shoulders and was styled in two long, side-ponytails. She wore a huge smile on her face, which was, of course, missing the requisite amount of front teeth.

But most importantly to her, her hands, arms and even her face, was dotted in dark green finger-paint.

Tamryn looked at her bright, impish smile and sighed. “I was so happy then. So free.”

Then she flipped to the next picture. She saw herself standing in a soft-brown uniform, now a Brownie, and her mother, Judge DuMouchelle, was standing behind her. While her mother wore a proud smile, Tamryn wore a frustrated frown.

Tamryn’s shoulders slumped. “That’s when she started it all, I guess. Started running my life.”

As she quickly flipped through the rest of the pictures, she realized that she was her mother’s direct creation: First a Brownie, then a Girl Scout, then a member of Richmond’s chapter of Jack & Jill, then a debutante, then the salutatorian at her high school graduation.

And in every photo since her green finger-paint experiment, she wore a sad frown.

And then it all made sense: “I let her make all the decisions for me.”

Sadly, she shut the scrapbook and lay it next to her on the bed. Then she looked at the picture on her desk. It was a picture of Tamryn, her mother and Sierra a few months prior, just after the Sorority elections. Sierra and her mother were smiling brightly, but Tamryn saw that she wore the same sad expression.

“Funny thing is,” she remembered, “I never even really bursa elit escort wanted to be President.” Then she blinked. “It was all my mother’s idea.”

Her voice cracked as the memories of the past few months suddenly came rushing back. All of her lies, deceit, manipulations, anger and resentment.

“I’m sorry, y’all!” she cried. “I’m so sorry! I’m sorry for everything!”

She turned onto her stomach and sobbed into her pillow for what seemed like the millionth time. “I’ve ruined my sorority!” she cried. “What am I going to do now?”


“Hey, Sierra! Got any news yet?”

Sierra, standing on the rooftop terrace, admiring the sunset view, turned around at the light feminine voice. “Hey Angela!”

Angela joined Sierra at the railing, and for several minutes, they watched the sun retreat into the Virginia woodlands. Finally Angela spoke. “Heard anything from Tamryn?”

Sierra shook her head. “Nope. Nothing.” Then she paused. “But I left a copy of my memorandum underneath her door two days ago and she hasn’t responded yet.”

Angela blanched. “A dismissal memorandum?”

Sierra nodded.

“You’ve already done up a dismissal memo? And you’ve already given it to her?”

Sierra was silent.

Angela let out a sigh. “I gotta admit, Sierra. I understand why you did it, but it kinda sucks that you didn’t talk to any of us or get our permission.” She looked at Sierra closely. “I thought we made these decisions as a group?”

Sierra looked away. She was thankful that her milk-chocolate skin could easily hide her embarrassment.

Angela’s voice was low and careful. “Have you turned in the dismissal memo to Jana or any of the other the Alumni?”

Sierra sighed, reflecting on the terrible fight she had with Lina about doing things on her own. “No, I haven’t. I just couldn’t do it yet. I mean, I thought about it, but I decided that I’d wait.”

Angela put her arm around Sierra and lay her head on Sierra’s shoulder. “For what it’s worth, I think you’re doing the right thing.”

For the first time in days, Sierra relaxed in Angela’s embrace. “Really?”

“Yeah. Tam jeopardized the entire Sorority. And not just our Chapter, but the entire organization. Sleeping with a potential pledge always spells trouble. I mean, if a potential decided to raise a grievance, well, anything could happen. That’s why we have that rule. It was designed to keep everything above board and make sure all the potentials have the same chance at getting in.”

“I know,” Sierra said. “And I’m glad that you see where I’m coming from. But what do I do about everyone else?”

“I don’t know. But I do think that Tam needed a scare. Her behavior was out of line, for sure. But do me one favor, though?”

“Anything,” Sierra said.

“Just don’t turn in that memo. Not yet.”


“So what are we actually gonna do about this?”

Mickie looked around at her three line sisters. They were in Kara’s off-campus apartment, one of the only places they could meet where they could speak privately with each other. Thankfully, the Sorors had assigned them to nightly study sessions with each other, which often took place outside of the Sorority House.

“I mean,” Mickie added, “what are we really gonna do?”

Roxie spoke up. “Well, seeing as how this is the first time we’ve had to really strategize since this morning, let’s see exactly where we are.” She pulled out a black three-ring binder from her bookbag and set it on the table.

“You’re really serious about this,” Nadia joked, a mischievous smile on her buttery, caramel face. “Got the special Inspector Gadget binder and everything!”

Roxie’s lips curled into a smile. “Smartass!” Then she grew serious. “Okay. Let’s start with the very beginning: Jade and the rest of Mu Lambda will be at their annual retreat this Friday night. I read that they’re leaving campus at 8pm, when it’s already dark. It takes about thirty minutes to get to their campsite, and they’ll be there all weekend until Sunday. So I think we need to do this on Friday right after they leave. Just in case they decide to come back early or something. We’ll drive to their house about 8:30pm to make sure they’re gone, run in, get what we need, and run back out. It shouldn’t take us over thirty minutes.”

“How do you know about their schedule?” Kara asked.

“I checked their website,” Roxie answered. “They have a pdf file of their entire weekend’s itinerary right in the ‘Events’ section. I guess it’s for their out of town Sorors, or something. Anyway, I can confirm all of that if you want me to?”

Kara nodded. “Please do. Just to be sure.”

Then Roxie set her hands on the table. “All right. Now earlier, in the cafeteria, when Sierra had stepped away, I gave y’all a short list of things to do. Since we only have until Friday, it’s critical that we move quickly. So how far has everyone gotten with their assignments?”

Mickie grit her teeth and ran her hands nervously over her roughly-tied ponytail. The boyishly-cute woman became increasingly agitated. “I don’t know why we’re even bothering with this.”

“Excuse me?” Roxie asked.

Mickie threw her hands up. “You know that we can’t possibly get all of this done by Friday night! I mean, it’s already Wednesday! Wednesday night!”

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