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Kristen woke up stretching her young nubile body against the sheets enjoying the feel against her naked breasts. Looking toward the window at the daylight creeping in she smiled thinking of the girl she met at the club the previous night. She had been intoxicating in her innocence with her short blonde hair, denim mini skirt with a white blouse tucked in she honestly looked the part of a virgin schoolgirl. Kristen had watched her for quite some time, her shy timid demeanor she seemed so out of place in this club where so much adult activity ensued. Kristen herself had dressed to thrill for the evening in a tight pair of leather pants with thigh high boots and a red silk blouse unbuttoned down to just below her 38C breasts. Her fiery red hair was pulled back and she exuded confidence and unbridled sexuality in every movement. Several men and a couple of women had hit on her offering drinks with each being turned down with a laugh. Kristen had already found her quarry for the night.

As the young blonde walked toward the bar Kristen made eye to eye contact with her and she smiled seductively trying to will her over with a look. The girl lowered her gaze to which Kristen smiled confidently knowing this girl was hers to have. She walked over and introduced herself saying “My name is Kristen and you seem to be a little lost here.” The girl smiled sweetly and told Kristen her name was Nicole, Nikki for short.

“So what brings you here Nikki?” Kristen inquired.

“I was bored tonight and my boyfriend is out of town so I thought I would come down to check out the club, I think it was a mistake though I feel very out of place here.”

“Now pet I don’ think it was a mistake. You just need a friend to enjoy the evening with” Kristen told her as she placed her hand on Nikki’s “Let me buy you a drink. Is wine alright?”

“Yes please Kristen I would like that.”

As they drank and talked Kristen saw and felt the submissiveness in this girl who she found out was only 19. She started to press further on this point.

“Nikki I swear you look like a little schoolgirl in that outfit. Are you a naughty schoolgirl?” She said with a smile.

Nikki Blushed at this and lowered her eyes again “Sometimes”

Kristen said point blank to her then “Nikki I have wanted you since I saw you come in tonight, and I think you want me but it has to be on my terms do you understand?”

Nikki looked up at Kristen’s steady gaze, bursa escort “I think so.”

Kristen smiled and handed her a card that had her phone number and address on it.

“I will give you until 7:00 PM tomorrow to decide if you are interested. If you are do not call just present yourself at my front door dressed exactly as you are now only with no panties or bra and you arms folded behind your back. You are to ring my doorbell then kneel on the porch and wait, do not be late and Nikki…….”

The girl looked up suddenly “Yes!”

“Do be sure this is what you want!”

As Kristen lay there she felt her nipples harden at the thought of Nikki, knowing the girl was hers already. She toyed with them pinching each one sharply. Then she ran her hand down her flat stomach slowly, teasing herself as she yearned for release. Then further down she teased her erect clit before running her finger into herself, slowly fingering herself to a shattering orgasm. The Kristen lay back in the now dampened sheets thinking of Nikki’s blonde hair and her body and how she would enjoy using her, then drifted back to sleep.

Nikki slept very little after leaving the club, she was in torment not knowing quite how to respond to the brazen request Kristen had made, though it really wasn’t a request at all. The look in her eyes, that confidence that Nikki could never possess told her that she was hers already and all she had to do was to give in to what she knew she had to do. Even so it kept her on the edge of excitement and also anticipation of what she knew in her heart she must give in to for the rest of the night until the next day, when she finally resigned herself to be kneeling at this virtual strangers door at the appointed time waiting to be possessed by her fully and completely. As she went through her daily activities Nikki seemed to be all thumbs and with her mind purely fixed on excitement of what was to come that evening as she gave herself over to the desires she had long held, to be under someone else’s control and give herself over to the pleasure it brought. She though the time to get ready would never arrive. But mercifully at 5:30 PM she started to get ready. As she stepped into the shower her pussy was completely wet but she would not give in she was going to go to her Mistress to be in complete arousal. By 6:00 she was dressing and sat in front of her vanity to put her hair into pigtails like a little girl to bursa ucuz escort complete the look. Her nipples stood out hard and erect against the thin material of the white blouse as she walked out the door for the trip to Kristen’s.

Throughout the day Kristen had worked to get her house and playroom just right for her new pet to arrive as there would be no time later. She had also went to a little shop she knew to buy a special item Just for Nikki so that when she submitted to her Nikki could fully understand the seriousness of what was to happen to her life. At 6:30 Kristen was dressed in a black leather miniskirt and a see through white lace blouse and the boots she wore to the club and she found herself anxious while listening to some soft music as this girl struck a chord in her like no other would be lover ever had. Kristen had possessed many slaves over the years, both male and female but this one was to be something special, and if she chose perhaps her last. At exactly 10 minutes to 7:00 she heard a car in the driveway and glanced outside to see Nikki driving up. As she got out of her car admiring Kristen’s obviously elegant house and lawn she laughed softly at how the girl seemed to be trembling even now as she walked to the porch. Kristen stood and looked through the large peephole in the door to watch as Nikki unsteadily rang the bell and then knelt exactly as she was told. Kristen waited leaving her there until 7:05 before opening the door and beckoning her in. She came in unsure what to do and Kristen led her by the arm to the center of the room.

“Are you certain my pet?” Asked Kristen of Nikki.

Clearing her throat softly with her eyes lowered she answered in a whisper “Yes I am”

“What did you say Nikki I could not hear you.”

Nikki replied louder this time” Yes I am ready.”

“What are you ready for pet?”

“To give myself over to you Kristen.” She replied her voice unsteady with excitement.

“Completely?” Kristen asked of her raisin an eyebrow!

“Yes completely”

With that Kristen walked over to her and raised the hem of the tiny skirt above her waist admiring her gorgeous ass and pussy. Then she ran her hand into the trembling girls blouse to fondle her naked breasts, smaller than hers but so very nice. Then she kissed her pressing her tongue into Nikki’s mouth as Nikki responded to her.

“I want you to kneel right bursa elit escort here as I instructed you to kneel at the door, this is the only position you will be in unless I tell you differently my pet” Kristen told her.

Kristen went to sit in a large overstuffed leather chair and started to explain the rules to Nikki and as she went over each one by one she had Nikki to agree to each one.

“Now Nikki I want you to strip and bend over the bench over there and I will show you what you can expect when you disobey.”

While the girl stripped and got into position Kristen went to the closet and retrieved an old wooden paddle. She explained “I got this from an old friend who was a retired teacher and she said she had used it many times in her career and it served very well. Perhaps when I am finished you will have an opinion about this Nikki. I can assure you of this you will have a definite impression of how it feels!”

With that she adjusted the girl’s position a little and rubbing the paddle across her lovely bottom she told her “If you want to cry out this time it is alright as this is really going to hurt!”


Then she stopped with Nikki sobbing softly. She put the paddle down and gently pulled her up and embraced her in her arms. “I am sorry pet but you have to know what the price for being bad is.” She led her back to her chair and taking a bottle of lotion off the table she drew the girl across her lap with her reddened ass upturned and putting lotion onto each cheek gently rubbed it in. and then between her legs down to her pussy as Nikki spread her legs to give Kristen access to that part of her.

“Get up Nikki” Kristen commanded her

After she stood Kristen stood also and took off her clothes and led her to the bedroom and took her into her bed and into her arms. They kissed and Nikki worked her way down Kristen’s body nibbling and kissing all the way to her soaking pussy then licking her clit softly and pressing her tongue into her enjoying the taste of her Mistress’ juices on her tongue. Kristen grabbed her hair at the back and pressed her face in closer as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her entire being. Then as her orgasm subsided she drew her new pet up and into her arms kissing her tasting her own juices on her lips and mouth and enjoying the feel of this young body pressed against her, knowing that she was hers tonight and the next and the next and possibly from now on. She embraced Nikki holding her close as they both drifted off to sleep in the afterglow of their pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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