Pressing Matters

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Ironing! God, I HATE ironing, but the height of the pile of clothes awaiting my attentions had grown to such a level, that I needed to do something about it.

So there I stood; unhappily, surrounded by slowly growing piles of neatly laundered pants, t-shirts, dress-shirts and sweaters. The contents of the basket were, thankfully, reducing to the level where I could think about other things. My task had been aided by soft music in the background, and elsewhere in the house the slight noises of your activities. You had kept out of my way because you knew how much I disliked this chore, and how grumpy I became whilst struggling through it.

A smile crept across my face as I heard you on the stairs, and then your face appeared around the door.

“Almost finished, love?” You asked, smiling softly at me.

“Almost. Just a few scarves and t-shirts to do, and I’m done.”

You disappeared into the bedroom behind me, trailing a hand over my arm as you passed me, teasing me with your touch. “Wicked girl,” I muttered, and heard you chuckle in response.

I could hear you moving around, the sound of you close by, comforting and exciting at the same time, as I work away, relieved that my task was almost done.

A touch on my arms, and the feel of you pressing against my back, made me jump, as the iron twitched in my hand.

“Careful, love! I almost burned my shirt. That wouldn’t be very helpful.”

Your hands snaked around my waist, pulling us tightly together, your face pressed against my shoulder. “I’d love to help you with your ironing. I really would,” you whispered, as your hands moved upwards to lightly caress the undersides of my breasts.

Taking a deep breath, I replied softly, my heart already increasing its rate at the promise contained in that simple touch. “And would you like to describe to me, my sweet tease, just what form that ‘help’ would take?”

Your hands released me, as you moved around me, to stand the other side of the board, where I could see you. You had stripped off your outer clothes, and were now simply dressed, if dressed was the appropriate word, in a satin suspender belt, and stockings, and matching bra and panties in a delicious shade of ice blue.

Lowering yourself to lean your elbows on the board, your cleavage on full display to my admiring gaze, you smiled up at me, licking your lips, and quietly began to describe your definition of help.

“Well, I think to begin, I would kneel under your ironing board and slowly remove your pants and panties; and then starting at your ankles I would gently kiss, lick and suck my way up your legs.”

As you spoke one hand reached out, a fingertip tracing lightly around the curve of my breast, circling my nipple but not touching it, making me gasp, my breath catching in my throat.

Softly you continued, “Once each leg had been properly attended to I would help you by making sure I got all the sticky sweet cream from between your legs. Of course, if I help you make more… so much the better.” Hardly daring to breathe, I felt your finger and thumb gently hone in on my nipple and squeeze it.

Moving away from your touch, I set the iron to rest on the floor, and bent to unplug it from the wall. Taking my time, allowing my heart rate to slow slightly, I spoke as I turned back to the board, and you.

“And during this licking and kissing and sucking, I’m supposed to be ironing, am I? I wonder how many items I will burn, as I forget to move the iron, while my hand grips it tightly for something to hold on to. And once you have attended to my legs, what would you do then?”

With growing excitement I watched as your smile widened, and you pushed yourself up off the board, and walked round to me, turning me slightly, so we were facing each other. Your hands reached out to my shoulders, and slowly you allowed them to drift them down my body, over my breasts, and sides, dropping gracefully to your knees in front of me, your hands settling on my hips.

Looking up at me, your eyes glinting with mischief, you continued, “Well, I wouldn’t want you burning anything. But once your legs were all attended to I would have to see about that lovely pussy.”

Your hands grasped the waist of my sweats and slowly dragged them down over my hips to my ankles; your fingers returned to graze over my belly, making me gasp and shiver. Softly you chuckled, allowing your fingers to move lower to play through my curls, briefly touching my lips.

“Just licking and sucking, tonguing it all around,” you continued, “perhaps sliding in a finger or two to make sure it’s nice and wet both inside and out. Does that sound like it would help?” As you spoke the words, you copied them, sliding one long, elegant finger into me, making me gasp. One of bursa sınırsız escort my hands flew out to hold on to the ironing board the other to your head, as my legs trembled.

Your finger continued to move slowly, teasingly inside of me. Your mouth moved to my lips, your tongue licking over them. In growing excitement and need, I spoke in short broken sentences, your touch making it difficult to speak at all.

“It sounds as if it would help enormously……………not the ironing of course. That would be forgotten………..but it would help my legs to lose a grip on keeping me upright…………it would help me to cum………………something I need to do very badly right now. But not yet.”

Tearing my mind from the feeling of your tongue and fingers working their incredible magic on me, I took a deep breath. Then kicking away the pants and panties, stepped back from the board and held my hands out to you, watching as you took them and stood with my help.

I pulled you into my arms, holding you tight against me, and began to lick your lips and face, tasting myself on you, a taste which inflamed me even more. The licking turned into a kiss, deep, wide, wet and passionate, a kiss that drew moans from both of us. Stepping away from you slightly, I quickly pulled my t-shirt over my head, throwing it to join the sweats and panties. Before you could move, my arms curled back around you, our breasts pressing against each other, nipples rubbing and teasing each other, hardening as we kissed.

As I felt you begin to melt into the kiss, I reluctantly moved from your lips and gently, but firmly turned you around and pushed you to lie over the board, your delicious backside facing me.

I bent my body over yours, my breasts pressing into your back, hands caressing your shoulders and whispered against your ear, “Don’t move love; not one muscle”.

Kissing slowly over your back and shoulders, I released the clasp on your bra allowing it to slide off you, leaving your breasts to hang freely over the edge of the board

Turning to the basket, I scooped up two of the scarves lying there, and moved around in front of you, drawing your arms wide, to tie each wrist to a leg of the board. Looking into your face from my position on the floor, my lips found yours. My tongue pushing between your lips into your mouth, played with your tongue, taking more of my own taste from it. Yours searched against mine in equal desire, accompanied by soft whimpers. Whilst we kissed, my hands were caressing your large, soft breasts hanging freely, vulnerable over the board. I squeezed the nipples, oh so gently, then with feather light touches moved my fingers round and round their shape, then took each one in a hand and gently squeezed.

Pulling my mouth away from yours, I moved my lips to your ear, alternately nibbling the lobe, probing it with my tongue, and whispered, “Comfy, my tease?” all the while, my hands played with and teased your breasts, feeling the nipples hardening to my touch. Briefly you lift your head to look at me, and the dark, burning need visible in them urged me on, added to the fire burning in me.

Your voice husky with arousal, you whispered, “On fire love, simply on fire.”

As I stood, I trailed my hands up your arms, stopping again briefly at your beautiful breasts, the nipples now standing hard and proud, begging for attention. Who am I to refuse? Each finger and thumb moved to the nipples, and gently squeezed and stroked, making them, if possible, even firmer, even harder. I bent my head to look in your face, seeing your eyes closed, your mouth open, gasping slightly at the sensations created by my touches.

Releasing your breasts, I stood, and with my hands on your back, trailing over your skin, I circled behind you. Bending over your back, my lips caressed the back of your neck, gently nipping the skin, and kissing their way down your spine. My hands reached round to continue fondling your breasts, grazing my nails over the sensitive skin on their sides – a touch that caused you to gasp, before moving languorously down your sides, finally arriving at the waist of your panties at the same time as my lips and tongue.

Gathering the sensual fabric, I dropped to my knees, drawing the panties down your hips, fingertips grazing over your skin, raising goose bumps. My face drifted over your silky skin, my tongue drifting down to your cleft, licking its way over your beautiful cheeks – perfectly rounded, glowing, inviting. When the panties dropped at your ankles, I helped you to lift each leg in turn, so I could remove them. My tongue played its own dance over your cheeks, in the crevice, drifting wetly, lazily over your puckered rose. The sounds coming from you were incomprehensible; mutterings bursa üniversiteli escort of delight and arousal, moans, whimpers; the sight of those globes flexing and writhing at my touch making me want to do it all the more.

Reluctantly moving away from your delicious ass, I reached for two more scarves from the basket, and pushing your legs further, wider apart, tied each ankle to a leg of the board, leaving you open to my every desire. I slid my hands lightly up your legs, tickling the inside of your thighs, and trailed a finger tip along your nicely moistening lips, drawing a shuddering moan out of you, a breathing of my name, “Kate, please, don’t tease me.” your ass twitching invitingly.

Standing I viewed my handiwork, pleased with what I see.

You are tied, front and back, bent over the board, your beautiful ass framed in the suspenders, and pointing in the air awaiting my whim; your breasts hanging free on the other side, vulnerable and begging. The stirring deep inside me at this vision increased in strength, and sent a thrumming vibrating throughout me, but quite definitely centred between my legs.

Moving closer to you, my hands reached out to touch you. Leaning close over your back, moulding my shape to yours, my hands reached around you to cup your breasts, tweaking the nipples, twisting them gently, as my lips kissed along your shoulder. At my touch on your nipples, you drew in your breath sharply, and your body jerked, but can go nowhere, you are tied, and my own body is holding you still. All you can do is lie there and accept my touches. My loving, demanding touches.

Lifting my body from yours, my fingers trailed over your shoulders, down your back, lightly stroking your sides. Arriving at your backside, my hands cupped those glorious mounds my fingers sliding under the suspender tabs as far as then can, to take in as much as they can; my thumbs nestled in the cleft, gently rubbing up and down, lightly touching your rose, round and round it, as my other fingers continued to stroke your skin.

Once, just once, I bent down and swiped my flattened tongue over your rose, resulting in a drawn out, “Oh god”, accompanied by yet another reflexive jerk against your bonds.

Kneeling down behind you, from this angle I have a wonderful view of your pussy as well as your rose. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful; and for a while I simply knelt there admiring the view, all the while leisurely caressing your backside, one thumb idly rubbing over and round your rose.

I wanted to ask you how you were feeling, whether you liked what I was doing, but by now, your moaning had become a constant roll of incoherent sound, which I took to denote pleasure, blending with desperate need. I could resist no longer, and removing my thumb from its teasing, I leaned in and curling my tongue into a point, I gently pushed it at your entrance, my lips parting wide to cover the opening and your soft cheeks. I was rewarded with a loud inhaling gasp from you, followed by whimpers, your body moving and pulling against your bonds, to no avail. While I softly but firmly tongue-fucked your sweet ass to the accompaniment of your growing moans and gasps and soft ‘yesssss’, my hands moved to your ankles and began their slow, sensuous, caressing path up towards my mouth.

When my teasing fingers reached the back of your knees I lingered there, the nails scraping a rapid, light tattoo on the stockings. You knees buckled, your body dropping lower on to the board, back arching, which pushed your delicious ass further against my mouth. Your moan became a wail; almost, but not quite, a scream. “Oh god, oh god, oh god, Kate, please!” I moved my mouth from your backside, leant back on my heels and looked at you. Your head was pulled up, and looking under the board, I could see your loose breasts jiggling and trembling at your frantic movements, the nipples rigid and engorged. Overcome with a sudden need to touch, I removed one hand from your leg to reach through and gently grasp a nipple, squeezing and rolling it between finger and thumb. This time at my touch you did scream. Loud and long. This intrigued me, so much so that I decided to investigate further. Leaving your legs completely I reached my other hand between them pinching and squeezing the other nipple.

You began to pull against the scarves in your urgency, and as I stroked and caressed those fascinating shapes, it became obvious to me that you were on the edge of coming.

Wondering what it would take to push you over, I released your nipples and moved round to kneel in front of you. I could feel the breath from your panting on my head as I licked and kissed your beautiful breasts, sucking on the nipples, and when I bursa anal yapan escort gently nipped one between my teeth, your head flew up, arms and legs pulling against your bonds and a long wail erupted from you as your body shook from your unexpected orgasm. Simply from pleasuring your breasts.

Your body was heaving, trembling, your breathing coming in ragged gasps as the tremors rippled through you. I stood, moving back around you and gently lay myself against your back, stroking your trembling skin softly, kissing your shoulders while the aftershocks died down, and I whispered. “Do you want me to continue love?”

“Oh god, yes. I need you Kate. Please.”

“Please what Sara, my love? What do you want me to do?”

I could hear you breathing deeply to calm yourself, before you spoke quietly, “Fuck me Kate. I want you to fuck me. Please.”

Smiling quietly, I gently stroked your hair, bent and kissed your cheek, and as I moved away from you, my hands once more made a soft trailing path down your back, sides, and over your buttocks.

Now I moved with purpose. I resumed my position between your legs, and moved one hand to feel your pussy, amazed and delighted with the wetness I found as a result of your recent coming. I slid two fingers in to you, so easily it astounded me, and gathering some of your cream, I withdrew the fingers and gently rubbed it into your rose. Very, very gently I pushed one finger into that warm, tight tunnel, my own pussy and stomach tightening at the feeling. You inhaled sharply as I smoothly slid that single digit back and forth, loving the way you tried to push back against me, your arms flexing against the scarves holding you.

“Oh yes, Kate, yes, yes. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

“I have no intention of stopping, love.”

While my finger continued its gentle teasing, my other hand moved to your pussy lips, and I lightly stroked back and forth along your lips, gradually easing, one, then two, then three fingers into you, pushing deeper and deeper, moving them in time with the finger in your ass.

My desire was reaching almost uncontrollable limits, as I moved my head so that my tongue could taste you. Pulling my fingers from your pussy, my tongue took their place, sliding easily into the warm sweetness.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh god. Kate. Please, please, finish me, please, Fuck me!”

My fingers moved to your clit, circling, stroking, pressing; within a few stokes, I could feel the tightness on my tongue, and on the finger in your ass. Suddenly you were there. With a long hissed ‘yes, followed by a scream, your body went rigid against the restraints, against me, and that extra wetness that I loved rushed from your pussy and on to my tongue, while you convulsed again and again in the delicious throws of your second orgasm.

Finally, your convulsions ceased, but my pleasure in your body was so intense, that I was reluctant to stop. I continued to slide my finger slowly in and out of your ass, as my tongue continued to lick and probe your pussy, my other fingers still moving softly on your clit.

The sounds coming from you had softened into moans and whimpers, accompanied by soft, trembly aftershocks. Idly I wondered if I could make you cum again in this position, but decided you had been tied over the board for long enough.

Sighing, I reluctantly stopped my caressing and gently removed my finger, softly kissing over your rose and cheeks, licking the residue of your own juices that I had earlier applied around it. The movements made you shudder again with yet more delicious after shocks. With one last lingering touch, my other hand stroked and caressed your wet, slick lips, producing yet more shudders, and gentle moans.

Bringing my fingers to my lips, I licked off your essence, loving the taste of it, and quickly untied your ankles moving around to the front to untie your wrists. Your body lay limp over the board, as I stood and slid my hands under your arms, trying gently to ease you upwards. You whimpered softly, “Can’t love, my legs won’t hold me.”

I lowered you gently back to the board, and moved around behind you, leaning over you again. Sliding my hands under you I pulled you up with me as I stood, holding you against me, my hands linking around your ribs under your breasts.

Gently I turned you to face me, and smiled at the look of satisfaction on your face. Holding you against me with one hand, your head on my shoulder, your arms lying softly around my back, I gently stroked your hair with the other. Placing soft loving kisses on your shoulder and neck, I murmured soft words, while you gathered yourself.

Finally, having recovered enough to speak, you lifted your head to look at me, your face soft with satisfaction.

Smiling back at you, I commented, “Perhaps next time you offer to help me with the ironing you’ll stay the other side of the board, and check the contents of the basket first.”

Your smile widened, as your lips moved up to softly brush over mine, and you whispered against them, before possessing them in a deep soft kiss, “Oh, but I did check, my love.”

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