Public Incestous Passion Ch. 06

Non Nude

Sister’s Naughty Choice

Melody Samuels

What did I want?

My Darkest Day’s Porn Star Dancing thudded through Flashing Glitter, the strip club. I was on stage, my hips swaying, my tartan, schoolgirl skirt dancing about my thighs. Men whooped and hollered around me. They showered me in attention. It was an exhibitionist wet dream come true. My pussy was on fire. My blood burned. It filled this emptiness my mistakes left inside of me, a temporary soothing to the pain wracking through my soul.

Clint, my brother and lover, watched me from by the door. He had come here after my disastrous moment of weakness and betrayal. I didn’t intend to be kissed by Tim. Feeling ignored by Clint, I found a way to amuse myself with that virgin Becky. I was playing with her, getting off on doing wicked things to her at our college. It was a rush. I was helping her seduce her brother.

Only her brother wanted me. He kissed me while the entire school watched. For one moment, I melted into him. I kissed him back with such hunger. It was a half-second of betrayal while Clint watched. He was supposed to be the love of my life. I gave myself to my brother. He took my virginity and was the father of my daughter. My twenty-year-old body quivered for him.

How did this happen?

Because he ignored me.

Anger swelled through me. My arms lifted in the air, my body undulating the beat of the song. He was distracted by all those other women. Not my sisters, who were part of his harem, but other girls. Mrs. Umayyah and her whore-daughter, those Japanese twins, the lesbians we let stay in our house, other girls who thought he was so hot for having two girlfriends.

He didn’t have time for me. His queen.

This perverse anger kept me moving as I stared at him. I wanted to see him jealous. I wanted him to see what he wasted. How he could have had me dancing only for him. Now every single guy in this strip club would get that delight. They would shower me in cash, showing how much they appreciated my body and…

Clint had come here. He had followed me here. He watched me and…

I stared at him across the club. Despite my anger, I couldn’t look away from him. His eyes were locked on me. I felt this intense focus as he watched me, his arms folded across his chest. My half-brother face looked hard, forehead tight, and…

His chin was swollen. Bruised.

My dancing slowed. Did he… fight Tim? Over me? He did show up to watch my fun with Becky. I had let the entire student body know about the fun. Things were changing so fast at our college. Incest exploded through our school. People followed our example. It was amazing, allowed me to put Becky’s cherry popping on display for the entire school to witness. Everyone had shown up.

Clint had shown up. He was eager to see me having fun. It was great until…

Tim kissed me.

Clint fought Tim. Clint cared. It must have angered him. He fought for me. I glanced around at the men around me. They held their dollar bills clutched in tight fists, calling out for me to take off my clothing. They wanted to see my body. They lusted for me. They wanted to fuck me. But… they didn’t care for me. They wouldn’t fight for me.

They wouldn’t come here to this strip club only to witness me messing up again.

I could tell Clint was angry. He had every right to be furious at me. I was his queen. His first woman. And he still came. He still… wanted me. The men shouting at me, lusting after me, filled my pain, but it wouldn’t last. The song would end. I would have to let another girl dance, slip backstage.

Feel empty…

I darted down the stage that thrust out into the crowd, a peninsula into a sea of hungry men. I jumped from the end of the stage, leaping over a guy. I landed on the ground, my ankles protesting. I shuddered and pressed forward.

An angry shout went up from the watching men. I darted through the crowd of guys sitting around round tables. They reached for me, trying to grab me, to stop me. I slipped past one guy, batting his hand away. My stomach tightened as I raced to my brother.

“Clint!” I screamed, my eyes swimming with tears. They brimmed with this pain.

I darted around a final guy, the DJ’s voice booming through the club. Then my path was clear to Clint. I reached my brother in a few steps. I stopped before him. I bit my lip, my entire body shaking with emotion. I didn’t know what to do now. What to say? Should I just fall to my knees and beg him to forgive me? Should I offer to suck his cock and show all these men whom I loved?

Clint seized my arm in a tight grip. His anger flicked across his face. A possessive gleam shone in his eyes. He pulled me towards the door. I didn’t know what he would do to me. His fingers were iron about my limb. I didn’t resist as he dragged me out through the door and outside.

We stepped into the night. It had grown dark while I was inside getting ready to dance. I shivered as Clint marched me across the parking lot. The thudding islahiye escort from the club faded. My heart pounded, blood screaming through my ears.

What would Clint do to me?

At the far end of the parking lot, where I left our car, I saw my mother’s car parked. Pam, Alicia, and Lee were crowded around it. They watched us approach. I bit my lip. They must have come here straight from our college, tracking down my phone. It was how Zoey found me. My older sister was the reason I was on stage. She thought it was a good idea for me to see what I truly wanted.

I know now what I wanted, but would I get it?

“Where’s my mom?” I asked, the first words I spoke to Clint.

“In the trunk,” Clint answered, his voice tight. “She’s being punished.”

I swallowed. Punished? What had she done?

“Clint… I…” I swallowed. Now that I had said something, I needed to address this. “This… I just…”

“This is all my fault,” Clint said as we reached the car. “I–“

Alicia shrieked and darted up to me. My little sister’s pigtails danced behind her. She stopped before me. Her hand flashed at me. It cracked against my cheek. Pain flared. My head snapped to the right.

“You’re his queen, big sis!” Alicia hissed, her face going red. “You’re supposed to be good! You’re his queen!”

Tears brimmed in my eyes. My cheek burned as my shoulders shook. She was absolutely right. I was his queen, and I let him down. How could Clint even think this was his fault? I was the person that flirted with Tim, that kept calling him cutie. I thought it was a game, but he lusted after me. He took it seriously. I knew he desired me. I drank in his attention.

If Clint didn’t see me kissing Tim, what would I have done? Would I have stopped?

Alicia shrieked again and raised her hand to slap me. As tears spilled down my cheeks, I didn’t move to stop her. She deserved her anger. She looked up to me, and I let her down just as much as Clint. My actions threatened the entire harem.

Clint grabbed Alicia’s shoulder. He pushed her, not hard, towards Pam. Our Japanese half-sister grabbed Alicia from behind as Clint said, “I’m dealing with it, Princess.”

Pam took a step back and drew Alicia with her.

My body shook as the tears fell thick down my cheeks. My lower lip quivered. My nostrils flared. I sniffed, struggling to control myself but… I had messed up so badly. Alicia hated me. Lee had her arms folded up as she stared at me.

Clint stepped before me. I swallowed, my throat burning, and looked up at him. I stared into his dark eyes. My stomach twisted. My breath quickened. I could see the pain in his eyes. I hurt him so badly.

“I… I…” I started to say.

“This is my fault,” Clint repeated. “I haven’t paid enough attention to you. You are my queen, and I forgot that.”

My guilt only swelled. Now he was blaming himself? “That doesn’t excuse what I did. I… I…”

“No, it doesn’t,” he said, his voice strong. “But I can’t ignore how I’ve behaved. I allowed myself to get distracted by all these women. I was having fun and neglecting you. If I was doing my job as your lover, if I was giving you what you needed, then you wouldn’t have had to play your game. We both fucked up. I have to own that.”

“I fucked up more,” I said. His candor… It made me feel like I had to tell him everything. “I led Tim on. I didn’t mean to, but… It was so obvious now. I was practically throwing myself at him. I just… I thought I was a better person than I behaved. I’m your woman, and… if Tim hadn’t kissed me before the entire school, what would I have done, Clint? I’m scared that I would have really betrayed you.”

“Do you believe that?” he asked.

“I’m afraid of that,” I answered. I glanced back at the club. “I like the attention. I like it when men stare at my body. I… I… don’t know why.”

“You’re a pervert!” Alicia hissed.

“You are,” Clint said. “So am I. So are you, Alicia.” He stared at me. “But you proved what you would have done. Here at the strip club. I gave you the choice to be an exhibitionist slut or not. You made it.”

I swallowed. “You sent Zoey to… to nudge me to strip. What if I had ignored you? What if I liked it more?”

“Then we would have known. I can’t keep you if you’re not willing. I can’t force you to stay in the harem if it makes you miserable.” His jaw tightened. “Even if it would rip my heart out, I had to know.”

My guilt swelled. More pain. “I’m sorry, Clint. This is all so fucked up. I should have just… just told you I needed more attention. Instead, I acted like a child.”

Clint glanced at the club. “So you made a choice. You left the stage and chose my attention over others. So it’s time to get it.”



His word cracked at me. It was spoke calmly, not shouted, and yet I felt it wash over me. The sort of command he would give Lee.

“Strip right now, Melody. It’s time for your punishment.”

I shivered. I islahiye escort bayan had never been punished. I wasn’t one of his sex slaves. But… I had to be. I didn’t have to let things go this far. I didn’t have to flirt with Tim. I didn’t have to put myself in a situation where Tim thought he could kiss me. Clint had a bruise on his chin because of me. He had to fight for me.

My fingers pulled the knot of my blouse tied off beneath my breasts. I slipped it off, baring my round, plump breasts. My nipples hardened from the cool, night air. My skin pimpled. I shivered, drinking it in. I deserved this.

I bared my barely legal body to the world at my brother’s command.

My fingers found the zipper at the hem of my skirt. It let the tartan cloth, borrowed from a stripper friend of Zoey, to the ground. Clint’s eyes flicked down my body. His eyes raked up my body, ending at the purple thong I borrowed from my older sister. I shuddered as I hooked the waistband of the panties with both my thumbs.

Shoved them down my thighs.

The thong pulled away from my shaved pussy. I shuddered, realizing I was wet. I was showing off my body. It excited me. Even though I was scared. Even though I wasn’t sure if I would ever be Clint’s queen again, I was exposing myself. I could feel his lust as he stared at me, and my body responded to his incestuous desires.

Naked, I stood before my family, the cold nibbling at me, Clint staring at me. He had this confident strength he’d learned from our deceased father. This domination. I could see… disappointment in his eyes. Only… I didn’t think it was in me. It was in himself. He truly blamed himself for not giving me what I needed, for putting me in a situation where I made a mistake.

And that only made me feel worse because I could have been better.

“Bend over the trunk,” he said.

I moved to it on my heels. I passed Alicia, her face still hard. Pam gave me a sympathetic smile. I like I suspected, she didn’t hate me. She cared for me, her love unconditional and soft. She didn’t react so badly to Clint’s diluted attention. She accepted it far better than I did, reveling in the time she could have with him.

I bent over the hood of the car, my pussy dripping hot juices down my thighs. I groaned as my nipples kissed the cold hood of the trunk. I shifted on it and… I heard someone moving in the trunk. My mother was in there bound up. What had she done?

What would Clint do to me?

“If I was a better man, I wouldn’t have to do this,” Clint said. “I wouldn’t have put you in this position. I’m sorry, Melody.”

I closed my eyes. He shouldn’t apologize to me. I should be groveling at his feet, begging him to forgive me. My body shook as more pain wracked me. I deserved this. He should spank me hard and then leave me behind naked in the parking lot. I didn’t deserve this man.


His hands landed on my rump. Pain exploded across my rump. My butt-cheeks clenched as the heat rippled through my flesh. My eyes widened. He spanked me hard. He wasn’t holding back at all. He unleashed all his strength. His fury.


I gasped in pain, rocking against the car. Its shocks squeaked as it rocked. New tears filled my eyes. It hurt so badly. Both my butt-cheeks were a mass of stinging pain. My toes curled in my shoes. He was truly punishing me.


“Clint!” I gasped. “I’m so sorry!”


“I was such a terrible girlfriend! A horrible sister!”


“Please, please, don’t hate me!” The words poured out of me, the pain soared through me, squeezing them out of me. They freed me to be honest. To just spill out what I truly felt. “I’m so sorry, Clint. I don’t want to lose you. Our family!”


“I was just… frustrated! I made such a big mistake! I knew I shouldn’t do it, but I just let that annoyance feed me!”


“I wished I would just have talked to you!”


My ass burned. He spanked me with such passion. I could feel how much he cared by how hard he punished me. I hurt him when Tim kissed me. He must have seen that split second where I melted into the kiss. Where I lost control of my lusts.


“I don’t deserve you!” I howled. All my excitement I felt at being stripped naked was gone. This didn’t turn me on. I wasn’t getting wetter and wetter. This wasn’t a sexy spanking. “I love you, Clint, but I don’t deserve you!”


“Keep spanking me!” I hissed, my body shaking on the trunk. My ass throbbed. It never hurt so badly. Our father never spanked me this hard when we were kids. “Keep punishing me.”

I heard Clint breathing. I waited for him to spank me again.

“Don’t stop!” I snarled. “I broke us. I kissed him back. You saw it. I couldn’t help myself. I was just such a whore. I was coming down from that orgasmic high. And he was there. Paying attention to me. He was giving me what I craved! What I wasn’t getting from you!

“God, I was just escort islahiye such a jealous bitch. I wanted you all to myself. I thought I was better than our other sisters. Than even… than even Pam. I was an arrogant cunt! So keep spanking me, Clint! Hurt me more!”


I shook at the strength in his words.

“Please, please, keep punishing me,” I sobbed, the tears spilling down my cheeks. My entire body shook. My sobs wracked me. The pain choked out through my tight throat. I rubbed my face into the trunk, my hands gripping the sides. “I’m horrible. Terrible!”

I heard sniffing. Through bleary tears, I saw Alicia squirming in Pam’s arms, pain in her face, fat tears spilling down her cheeks. My eyes glanced up at Pam. She stared at me with such… pity in her expression, her brow furrowed, her slanted eyes gleaming.

“I’m not going to hurt you anymore,” Clint said.

“Please!” I begged. I threw a look over my shoulder. “I was terrible.”

He grabbed me and pulled me to him. My naked body was in his arms. He held me tight. I… I felt his love. His eyes stared into mine. I squirmed against him, his warmth bleeding into my flesh. He stroked my sides. That was why he punished me. Because he loved me. Because he cared. That was the only reason I could hurt him.

That I could make him feel like a failure as a man.

“I’m so sorry, Clint,” I said, my arms going around his neck. “I didn’t mean to fuck up this badly.”

“I know,” Clint said, rocking me. “I need to be better man for you and our sisters. If I acted the way I should, you never would have needed to act like a jealous bitch. You never would have put yourself in that position to fuck up.”

“I still shouldn’t have.”

“I know that,” he said. “That’s why I punished you. It made me so angry, but… It wasn’t at you. I’m pissed off at myself. I sensed that you were feeling… underappreciated. I just… didn’t do enough. I should have. But I was distracted.”

“What do we do know?” I asked. “Everything still feels different.”

“Bend over the trunk.”

I nodded. I needed more punishment. He understood that. I turned around, my ass a throbbing mass of pain. I bent over it. I pressed my body tight to it. I gripped the edges, holding it tight. My heart thudded in my chest.

“Big sis!” Alicia gasped. She snagged my right hand. She pried it from the car and gripped it. She stared at me with such… such love in her eyes. That was why she slapped me. She was as angry as Clint because she loved me, too.

I was ready for the spanking. I was ready to take more pain. I wanted to embrace it. To let Clint satiate all his anger. I didn’t want him to bottle it up. I wanted him to take it out on me. Maybe I would end up as his sex slave for the rest of my life.

But at least I would have him.

A zipper rasped.

I blinked. I knew that sound and–

My brother’s cock plunged into my pussy. I gasped at the shock of his dick penetrating him. That familiar shaft. His crotch spanked into my butt-cheeks. Pain flared. I groaned as he punished me and loved me all at the same time.

He drew back. My pussy clenched down on his dick, pleasure spilling through me and soothing the throbbing ache in my asscheeks. He thrust into my depths again. His crotch smacked my rump even harder. Fresh stings burned across my butt.

I sucked in a breath. This time… This time the pain excited me. It combined with the hot delight of my brother’s cock fucking into me. He was in me. He was loving me. He was using me to satiate his lusts. It was a wild thrill. I had something of my brother back.

“Clint!” I moaned as he pumped away at me. “Oh, yes, Clint!”

He planted his hands on either side of my body. He thrust into me so hard. His cock buried into me again and again. It was such a thrill. His crotch smacked over and over into my rump. Pain flared again and again. I gasped and moaned. My pussy clenched down on him, drinking in the agony and the ecstasy.


That wonderful sound filled the night air. I shuddered, my nipples throbbing against the hood of our car. My pussy squeezed down around his cock, increasing the friction. My body drank in the rapture of his plunge. His balls slapped into my clit, adding sparks of rapture shooting through my body.

“Oh, yes, Clint!” I snarled. “That’s it! Fuck me!”

“Fuck her, big brother!” Alicia moaned. She squeezed my hand as she watched.

“Mmm, yes, Clint, pound her cunt,” Pam moaned.

“Fuck that naughty slut so hard, Master!” Lee said. She grinned at me, delighting in watching my fall.

Clint grunted as he buried me deep into me. He filled me to the hilt with his cock over and over. I drank in the incestuous delight. It was so hot to be fucked by him. My hips wiggled from side to side, stirring my cunt around my brother’s cock.

It was so amazing to feel him in me again. To experience the rush of his dick plunging over and over into my cunt. I squeezed down on it. I almost lost this. I came so close to throwing it all away. I could never do that again.

“I love you, Clint!” I howled as he pumped away at me. “I’m your woman! Always! Your sister and your slut!”

Alicia squeezed my hand.

“You! Are! Mine!” Clint snarled, the car rocking as he pounded me with all his passion. His crotch smacked into me so hard.

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