Return to the Naturist Resort Ch. 02

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After several years of dealing with Covid-19, I am finally back at Lupin Lodge ready to enjoy a week completely naked. Only this time, I am with my good friend, Samantha. She is the next-door neighbor of my lovely gal pal, Catherine. Catherine is currently in Southern California visiting her daughter. She will be joining us later in the week.

After a three-hour drive where Samantha tried every which way to get my cock worked up, we pulled into the resort and got settled. I took time to setup the travel trailer, connecting the water and electricity for our five days stay.

I just enjoyed a ‘welcome to the resort’ blowjob from Samantha. I will return the favor this afternoon, but right now it’s time for lunch at the café and then we are going to take a little hike. The hike will end up at the resort pond where I plan to fuck Samantha out in the middle of the water. It will be the first time for us to be joined together. All our previous interludes ended with oral sex or masturbating each other. I’m not sure why we haven’t consummated our friendship up to this point.

I explain to Samantha some of my plan for this afternoon, leaving out the part about the pond. I tell her that I will return the favor later. Right now, there is a lovely outdoor patio that has a table waiting for us.

“You’re lucky I’m a patient woman. You know that I could demand that you eat my pussy right now.”

“I know all too well. Let me suggest you will not regret waiting a few more hours.”

“But I don’t have a thing to wear for lunch.”

“Yes, I know, that’s the point. Wear your floppy hat and tennis shoes and you’ll be fine.”

“Easy for you to say, at least you are wearing your purple cock ring.”

“And nothing else besides my tennis shoes.”

Samantha jumps up from the bed and hugs me tight. She lets me know we are off to a good start and the next five days will be monumental. I give her the floppy hat and take her hand. On the way to the café, we pass several guests of all shapes and sizes. I tell Samantha she is the belle of the ball and that I’m so proud to be her escort. She returns the compliment and adds that a few ladies took notice of my purple cock ring and what it was attached to.

The resort looks all too familiar. I lead Samantha to the café’s patio and grab an empty table. Within seconds, our waiter greets us with glasses of water and menus. The service is impeccable here. Our waiter introduces himself as Rick and lets us know he’ll take special care of all our needs. Rick is decked out in the resort’s uniform which consists of kelly green neckties with name tags attached, matching green visors and green sneakers.

It takes a few minutes for Samantha to soak in all that is taking place. I forgot that this is all new for her. I squeeze her hand and tell her I was overwhelmed at first too. I see her looking at Rick’s cock proudly swaying with each step he takes. I’m sure he is used to the staring and luring. He lets us know he’ll return in a few minutes to take our orders.

“Oh, my gawd, Rob. Do you see the size of Rick’s cock? It’s huge.”

“Well, I wasn’t really looking.”

“I was and he has a monster cock, I can only imagine how big he is when he is fully erect.”

“It’s not polite to stare Samantha. I should have warned you about the employee uniforms. They all wear visors, matching tennis shoes and ties. The men have neckties and the ladies have bow ties. The ladies used to wear neckties, but they were always getting lost between their boobs, so the manager switched to bow ties for the ladies. Catherine and I were here when that change was made.”

“I don’t care if it’s polite or not, I’m staring. I love big cocks and I love yours, but wow, that Rick has something to be proud of. I bet he is eight inches, maybe nine.”

“Samantha, I’m aware that you know what a nine-inch cock looks like. It’s a good thing you are wearing sunglasses, so Rick doesn’t have to see your eyes pop out. And thank you for including my cock on your list.”

“My wish right now is to get my hands on Rick’s huge cock and make it hard.”

“Would you like me to ask him if he will join us for a possible DP? You can handle two cocks at once, right?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Rob. I should mind my manners. I apologize.”

“No need to apologize, I know it’s a bit overwhelming for your first time here. You’ll get used to the surroundings.”

“I’d like to get used to having that monster cock stretch my pussy. Oops, did I just say that.”

“Look at your menu and make a selection before Rick and his monster cock come back.”

I peruse the menu and consider a few options. I look up for a moment and see a lady that looks familiar to me. I can’t quite place her, but she is walking this way. She must be staff because she is wearing a green bow tie and visor.

“Excuse me sir, are you Mr. Anthony?”

“Yes, I am. You know, you look very familiar.”

“It’s me, Jessica. I waited on you last year and was the one handing out sunscreen at the pool.”

“Oh, my goodness Jessica. Yes, you are right, I do remember. You were attending Hd Porno San Jose State and were going to graduate soon, right?”

“That’s me. I did graduate last June during the pandemic with a degree in business management. When I graduated, Fran offered me an assistant manager position here at the resort. When we reopened for business, I was on board and raring to go. My specialty is guest relations, so I’m here to make sure your stay is as enjoyable as possible.”

“That’s fabulous Jessica. I’d like you to meet a very special friend. This is Samantha. Samantha is our next-door neighbor. My wife Catherine will be joining us later this week.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Samantha. I hope your visit will be fun and exciting.”

“It has been so much fun already. Mr. Anthony and I are so happy to be here. We are staying in his travel trailer on-site. We just arrived and I’ve already enjoyed a wonderful appetizer. The menu items look delicious.”

“We have a wonderful chef and I’m sure you’ll love everything. I see Rick is your waiter, he is the best. He just so happens to be Fran’s nephew. He’s working here part time and going to college just like I did.”

Jessica walks over to Samantha and whispers something in her ear. They both laugh and shake their heads in unison. I wonder what that’s all about. I bet it has something to do with Rick. Jessica tells us to call her anytime if we need assistance and leaves to speak with another guest.

I recall the first time I met Jessica and was mesmerized by her gorgeous round tits capped with coral puffy nipples. Jessica’s pussy lips were and still are silky smooth with a small landing strip of brown curls above a well-defined clit. Nothing has changed since the last time we were here.

“Tell me Samantha, what did you and Jessica whisper about? I bet it was about Rick.”

“You caught me. She asked if I liked Rick’s huge cock. She said I should see him when he gets really hard, he is magnificent. She’s had the pleasure of sitting on him and being completely stuffed, but don’t tell Fran. Who is Fran, besides his aunt?”

“Fran is the resort manager and Jessica’s boss.”

“Oh my. If Jessica’s pussy can accommodate him, I think mine can too. Jessica also said that she loves your cock ring. She remembers it from last time.”

“Can you imagine working with your aunt at a clothing-optional resort? You see her tits all day long and I’m sure he’s seen her full bush too. Not to mention, seeing your nephews monster cock every day too. I would think that might be a bit awkward.”

Our little discussion is set aside when Rick and his magnificent cock returns to take our order. Samantha stumbles her way through her order. I select the pastrami on rye and an iced tea. Before Rick leaves, Samantha asks him about working with his aunt. She has no shame.

“Well Aunt Fran offered me a job to help pay for college. I don’t mind, I think we’ve gotten use to seeing each other nude. She swore that I could never tell my parents. I have to say Aunt Fran has some amazing tits and they are so tan. Don’t you think so Mr. Anthony?”

“I have to agree with you there Rick. She has some amazing tits.”

Samantha says she can’t wait to meet Aunt Fran. Rick completes our order on his iPad and says he’ll be right back with our drinks. Once again Samantha and I are alone. She says she has a plan to get Rick’s cock as hard as the Rock of Gibraltar. I can only imagine. Rick drops off our drinks and it’s gone again.

Within ten minutes Rick reappears with our lunch. Samantha stares at his cock from behind her sunglasses. I watch her hand drop to her side and am worried she might grab onto Rick and not let go. I breathe a sigh of relief when he steps away from our table to attend to other guests. Apparently, I have a quizzical look on my face that Samantha picks up on.

“What’s with you Rob?”

“I was afraid for a moment that you were going to grab Rick’s cock while he set your plate down. That’s all.”

“What, can’t I scratch an itch without you thinking the worst?”

“It depends on which itch you were trying to scratch.”

“Oh Rob, eat your lunch. And by the way, am I no longer your wife, just a guest?”

“You can still be my wife until Catherine gets here. Or would both of you like to pretend to be my wives?”

Samantha and I spend a leisurely lunch looking around at the beautiful grounds and watching the other guests. Everyone seems to be in a festive mood. I marvel at all the lovely ladies with suntan boobs. Samantha gets a kick out of how many men are sporting cock rings. There are many colors on display, and each worn according to the preference of the man.

“Gee Rob, you seem to fit right in with your purple cock ring. I never knew so many men preferred them. I especially like some of the waiters who have kelly green rings to match their neckties and visors.”

“Well sweetie, I’m glad you are enjoying the day so much.”

“I’m starting to get accustomed to the resort and the people. Who knew so many diverse people are practicing naturists?”

When Türkçe Altyazılı Porno we are finished dining, Rick appears again with his iPad to show me the bill that is automatically added to our account and the 18% gratuity that is added. I nod my head in agreement and shake his hand. Rick grabs Samantha’s hand and bends down to kiss it. He thanks us for stopping by and wishes us a good day. We wish him best of luck with his schooling. Samantha adds that she hopes to see a lot more of Rick this week.

As we leave the patio area, Jessica is mingling with guests by the pool and clubhouse. She motions for Samantha to come on over. I wait as the two naked ladies talk quietly and look at Jessica’s cell phone. I expect they may be trading numbers. The ladies share a good laugh before Samantha returns.

“You and Jessica seem to be hitting it off rather well. That’s good to see.”

“OMG Rob, she showed me two pictures of Rick with a hard-on. She took them a couple of days ago when Rick took her on a hike and picnic. Geez, he’s huge. What a big, gorgeous cock. I asked her if she minded sending me one.”

“Don’t you think you should get Rick’s permission before exploiting the poor guy?”

“I guess so. You know what? Before the week is out, I’m going to take a picture myself. I need to see that huge erect cock in person.”

“Well Samantha, good luck with that. Might I remind you Jessica and Rick are college age kids, and you are the professor. A bit of an age gap, if I do say.”

We leave the conversation at that as I have other plans for Samantha. I tell her we are going to walk off our lunch with an exhilarating hike up to the pond. I remember the distance being a little over two miles. I grab her hand and we gradually stroll through the complex by the pool and spa. We watch several naked people playing water volleyball. So many jiggling tits.

We walk along Fire Road to the big house at the end of the Village. At this point, the real hike begins. I face Samantha and ask her if she is up for the challenge. She smiles and hugs me, planting those C-cups against my chest. She searches for my lips and plants a big wet kiss on them. I feel her tongue snake out in search of mine. We stay locked together for an extended period and I feel my cock begin to expand. She feels it too and reaches down to rub my shaft.

“I’m so glad you brought me here Rob. And yes, I am ready for the hike. I hope there is a reward at the end of our journey?”

We both comment on how amazing it is to be naked outdoors while we hike through all the trees with the sun shining down. It is paradise. We walk through low hanging trees, up rocky trails and along the stream. There is a bench to rest along a clearing of the path. I ask Samantha if she needs a break, and she emphatically says no sir. Along the route we pass couples headed the opposite direction back to the resort. Most people have all over tans and I suggest they must be regulars. Samantha agrees and says several swaying cocks have piqued her curiosity.

“What about my swaying cock?”

“I love yours too Rob, always have.”

We continue our journey for another kilometer along a wide dirt path. We arrive at a pond of clear blue water that’s as big as a soccer field. I tell Samantha we have arrived and it’s time for us to really enjoy the time we have together. I sit on a bench to take off my tennies and step into the cool water. I ask Samantha to join me.

I wade out to the center of the pond where the water comes up to my hips and beckon her to join me. The cool water counteracts the heat of the sun. We splash about, getting each other soaked and then come together. Samantha reaches under the water and grabs me. She slides her hand back and forth along my shaft which comes to attention.

“Mm, I believe I’ve found something hard to play with.”

Samantha presses her tits into my chest, never releasing her underwater grip. We kiss for several minutes.

“Rob, is this going to happen?”


“Why has it taken us so long?”

“I don’t know, it’s not for a lack of desire. I’ve wanted to make love with you since that first day I laid eyes on you laying on Catherine’s chaise lounge. It just seems every time we are together, we are not alone, or we end up engaging in oral sex or masturbating each other. Not that they are bad things.”

“When we were driving up here, this moment was on my mind.”

Samantha releases her grip on my shaft, and we move a few yards toward the shore to where the water is just below her cunt. I lift her left leg with my hand and position my cock at her entrance. I push deep inside. Samantha is tight and wet. I bottom out and hold her tight. My cock throbs with anticipation. Holding her leg high and pressing into her, I slowly piston in and out of her pussy. We’ve had all the foreplay we need driving up here, earlier in the trailer and at lunch. Right now, all we want is to finally consummate our friendship.

“This is just what I wanted. Your cock feels so good. You fill me up.”

I Brazzers rock my hips back and forth. The movement of my cock against her clit causes Samantha to moan. We are not far from the benches, and I know we might be exposed if anyone comes by. I whisper to Samantha that we might be seen by passers-by. She smiles and locks her lips against mine.

“Let them watch.”

Samantha grabs my ass and pulls me hard against her. My cock fills her pussy as we grind together. Her nipples are hard and rub against my skin.

“Take me from behind Rob. Fuck me hard.”

Reluctantly, I slide away from Samantha. She grabs my throbbing seven-inches and strokes me several times before she turns around and bends over. I grab Samantha’s ass cheeks and spread them apart. With one step forward, I press my tip into her swollen hole. The water splashes around our writhing bodies. I press my entire length deep into her pussy and bottom out. My hips press into her flesh. Samantha grunts and looks back at me.

“Geez, your cock is so big, my pussy is so full. Rob, pound my cunt, let’s put on a show.”

Samantha puts her hands on her knees and presses her ass up against me. I reach around and cup her tits, rubbing and pinching her nipples as I slide in and out of her swollen lips. I grab her wide hips and push deep into her folds. Her hot, wet inner flesh surrounds my shaft as I push and pull back with fast movement. Each time I push hard, I grind my cock deep into her pussy and Samantha groans with pleasure. We both enjoy our first fuck session.

I pull out and my shaft shines with her juices. I look over to the benches and see a couple sitting there watching us. I casually mention that we have an audience. Wanting to put on a show, I rub the tip of my cock though the crevice of her ass and slide back and forth, stimulating her anal ring, I slide back into Samantha’s wet inner labia as she pushes back into me. I slide all the way to the hilt, buried deep inside. Her generous ass cushions my hips, my balls press into her puffy outer lips. I hold steady and enjoy the moment. I savor our experience.

“Rob, look over to the bench. That lady is jacking off her friend.”

It appears our public show is affecting them. I pull back from Samantha, slowly withdrawing from her folds. I pull all the way out again and run my shaft along her anal crease a few times before plunging back into her pussy. I enjoy teasing her backdoor.

Samantha grunts as I fill her pussy again. I press my index finger into her backdoor. The move surprises Samantha but she takes it in stride and begs me to push my finger deep into her ass. I continue sliding my finger in her ass while I slide my cock in and out of her swollen pussy. I enjoy putting on a show for our audience.

“This is perfect, you’re hitting just the right spots. Uh, uh, uh.”

The lady on the bench now has her lips wrapped around her companion’s shaft. Her head bobs up and down. Samantha sees her too. She makes eye contact with the guy and waves.

“Rob, I can’t believe we’re putting on a show for some strangers. I’m so close to orgasm, finish me off and then cum on my ass. Shoot your sticky load all over me.”

My finger remains buried deep in her asshole as I continue fucking her cunt. The double stimulation drives us both toward a satisfying climax. Samantha’s juices drip down her thighs. My cock easily slides within her tight folds. I leave my finger buried deep in her backdoor as her orgasm peaks and sweeps over her body. Samantha’s body trembles, her hanging tits sway as the intense pleasure consumes her.

“Yes, yes, yes, your cock feels so fucking good. Don’t stop, don’t stop, I knew you could make me cum this way. Uh, uh, uh, yessssss!”

My cock throbs and my balls tighten, I am so close. My balls slap against Samantha’s pussy lips with every thrust.

“You want it now, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, ahhhhh yes!”

My cock is ready to explode; I pull out from Samantha and shoot several ropes of cum on her ass. I stroke my shaft until the last bit of jizz drips down. I am totally spent and must hang on to Samantha’s ass to keep from falling over.

“Oh, my gawd, that’s a lot of cum Rob. I hope those people were able to see you spray my ass. It’s such a fucking turn on to have people watch us. We need to come out here every day and do this again.”

Samantha and I look over to the bench and watch the couple as we catch our breath. The lady is quickly jacking him off while her lips remain glued to his cock. We watch him raise his hips up from the bench searching for release.

“I don’t think she saw us; she is too busy sucking his cock. I believe he did.”

The gentleman seems to relax a bit and his companion sits upright. She appears to be swallowing his load and wipes her mouth before licking her fingers. They stand and turn to leave. He signals our way as if to say thanks for the show. I hope he takes care of his girl soon. She deserves a good fuck.

Samantha and I splash around for a few minutes cleaning ourselves before we head back to the trailer. We’ll let the warm air dry our weary bodies. A well-deserved nap is in our future. I think to myself that this is only day one. I finally got to bury my cock in Samantha’s pussy, it’s been a long time coming. Now we need to find another guy so Samantha can experience her first DP. Might it be Rick?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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