Secret Life of a Teacher

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Olivia “Liv” Wilson walked into her classroom after a long weekend. She did her morning routines which included writing today’s lesson on the board and making sure she had all of her copies for that day.

The first bell rang at 8:15 and she opened her door and waited for the teenagers to make their entrance. Liv walked over to the front of the door and waited with a smile greeting the students.

“Good morning.” She said in a high pitched voice. She did it to tease the kids and they laughed about it.

David, the teacher across the hall, rolled his eyes and chuckled.

“Wilson! You’re making all of us look bad. You’re so cheery. It’s not even 9 in the morning!”

Liv gave him a look and he tried to remain calm and cool. This woman drove him nuts in all aspects. He reminisced about his weekend as he watched her walk and talk. She turned around at an angle to where her body was facing the front of the hall but David was able to see her ass. She did it on purpose. Man did she have an ass on her. He was in that ass just a few days ago.

And that’s where this story begins.

David and Liv were high school teachers. They had worked together for three years now. When Liv had started at the school, David was the first person she got to know. They both taught history and she was new to highschool. He wasn’t exactly on her radar. He wasn’t that drop dead gorgeous, six pack abs, meathead type. But he did have the most beautiful blue eyes that Liv had ever seen. He was a little over six feet tall, in decent shape, with very short dark brown hair and glasses. She wasn’t one for glasses and some people would say he was balding with such thin hair. But there was something about him. She loved his dry humor and sarcastic personality. Plus he was a big sports fan. She loved football.

The first day she met him, she didn’t really think of him in any way other than her coworker. Especially because he was married and his wife Amber worked at the same school.

Amber and Liv got along alright for the most part. Or so Liv thought. Liv got along with everyone. Amber had the reputation of being a bitch and the first day Liv met her, she could tell that Amber was very territorial and seemed to have a jealous streak. Liv didn’t like drama so once she found out he was married, she backed off. Luckily Amber was on the other side of the school, so Liv rarely saw her.

Fast Forward to three years later.

Liv was at home horny and a little tipsy. David was coaching football. The Bulldogs were in the state playoffs. So his personality had changed. He was more preoccupied.

She decided to be a little cute and text David. There was no harm in a little innocent flirting.

L: Hey David. It’s Liv. I got a new phone number.

She really did get a new phone number but she could have done this another time instead of a Friday night at 10 at night. But she was horny. Not thinking anything of it, she blew it off and didn’t think about it.

David was getting off the field. They had won and he was excited but a little nervous. There was an enormous amount of pressure on winning high school football in this town. He felt under pressure. Second round here we come!

He checked his phone after the game and was surprised that he got a text from Liv. He was taken aback. Sure they texted before, but it was always school related. They had known each other for three years but he never thought Hd Porno she was interested in him. But at 10 o’clock at night? She wanted something and it wasn’t just to tell him she got a new number.

At 11 o’clock he responded. She was surprised. She thought he was out partying.

D: Hey! Thanks for letting me know

L: Did y’all win?

D: Yes we did. 28 to 7

She could have easily known the score. She knew the score beforehand. She just wanted to flirt. There was a little back and forth.

L: I’m sorry David. I think I’m flirting with you.

She really did feel bad because she didn’t want to break up a family and she definitely didn’t want to deal with Amber.

D: It’s fine. I’m flattered. It’s nice to hear.

L: Aren’t you married? Amber works with us

David was taken aback. There is no way she didn’t know about the situation. The whole school knew about it. She probably just wanted to see what he would say.

D: You know we are getting a divorce right?

L: I didn’t know that no. So I guess you are fair game?

She had to know. She is just being cute and she was being cute and sexy. David didn’t really think of her in any other way because he was always faithful to his wife. But now there was something about Liv. They got along very well. Plus she was beautiful. Long black hair, green eyes, and a very nice body. She was Cuban so she had curves. She was no supermodel but she wasn’t a slouch either. Let’s see where this goes.

D: Haha fair game?

L: Well I don’t feel so bad if you are getting divorced.

For the next few weeks Liv and and David innocently flirted on the phone. It was thanksgiving break so they were off for a week. David learned that she really did enjoy sports and it wasn’t just an act. He had a lot going on between the divorce and football but Liv was fun.

David called Liv up on a Sunday night at the beginning of their break.

“Hey Liv. I know it’s last minute, but would you like to have dinner with me tonight or grab a drink?”

“Sure! Give me about 35 minutes.”

“Can you come pick me up? I had a margarita earlier with my parents so I won’t be able to drive?”

“Ugh do you think that is wise? Isn’t Amber home?” She really didn’t want to deal with Amber.

“Oh I’m living with my parents until we figure out living arrangements.”

“Oh ok text me the address”

35 minutes later Liv pulled into his parents house. It was a massive house with a long steep driveway. David made his way down the driveway. He looked pretty good. He had on a green hat, an army color sweater, and jeans. Liv was wearing a maroon long sleeve shirt and some tight black yoga pants. They were very comfortable but she also wanted to show off a little for him.

Was this a date? Neither of them were sure. But they were excited.

“Hey thanks for picking me up.” He felt ok to drive but didn’t want to chance it.

“Sure no problem” They drove to the restaurant. There was a little bit of an awkward silence because things were a little different now. Liv started to say something and then she was interrupted by David’s hand on her thigh. She jumped slightly since he caught her off guard but she liked it.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” His hand disappeared and they continued to talk. Both of them are still thinking about that hand.

They got to the restaurant and Türkçe Altyazılı Porno grabbed a booth. Three hours later the bartender yelled. “Last call!”

“You want another beer?” He asked her before he was going to ask for the check.

“No, I’m good.” He grabbed the check and she glanced down at the bill. They had just had a few beers and an appetizer. “See I’m a cheap date!” She chuckled lightly

“So this is a date?” Liv blushed a little and fumbled with her thumbs.

“What do you think?” After a little silence, he responded.


They both got ready to leave and made their way back to David’s parents house. Liv pulled up to the driveway behind his bright red Chevy truck.

“I had a good time.” Liv killed the engine and waited for him to say something. It was dark and the car lights in her car were the only lights shining though.

“I did too.” She didn’t know whether she should lean in and give him a goodnight kiss. She never thought of him in that way. He broke her thoughts and leaned in for a kiss.

The kiss was gentle yet passionate. Light tongue and his breath smelled like minty gum. She had the sexiest body wash he had ever smelled on a woman. It smelled like jasmine or maybe it was her perfume. Either way she smelled delicious.

They continued to make out for a little bit. Liv was not one to fuck on the first date, however she had known David for three years now.

She broke the kiss. “I want to suck your cock.” She didn’t have to ask him twice. He fumbled with his belt and lowered his jeans and his boxers slightly. Liv’s green eyes widened. “Are you serious?”

David looked down. “What? Is there something wrong?” He generally had no idea what she was asking.

“You have one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen.” He really did. She wasn’t just blowing smoke up his ass. She wasn’t one for being a size queen but she did like a nice big cock pounding her holes.

“Yea right.” She smiled at him and licked her lips before dropping her head in his lap. He couldn’t believe that his across the hall coworker was giving him a blowjob and he didn’t even have to beg for it. Most women or at least in his experience didn’t like to give blowjobs but the way Liv was sucking on his cock, she very much enjoyed that task.

Liv bobbed her head up and down, not being able to take the whole cock down her throat. She did have a gag reflex and she enjoyed gagging on cock. He thought she might have been struggling so he was able to last longer in her mouth.

“Darlin are you ok?” He asked in a southern accent. Liv rarely heard his accent. Being from the south she was used to southern accents. There was concern in his voice.

“Mhmmm” she mumbled. As she continued her task at hand.

“Are you sure? You seem to be struggling baby.”

She lifted her head off of his cock to look him in the eyes. Her lips were wet from sucking his cock. Her dark hair was a mess from his fingers in the strains. She looked sexy as hell.

“I love to gag. I’m all good.” She leaned in and kissed him as she moved her hand to his cock and worked her hand up and down. He moaned in her mouth enjoying her hands and lips. Hopefully she’ll let him do more.

“Do you have a condom?” She broke the kiss and stared up at him. She was so horny and she needed him inside of her and bad.

He shook his head. “No I don’t. Brazzers I haven’t used a condom in years.” Amber and David had a seven year old daughter together which was a reason why Liv backed off prior to finding out he was getting divorced. David hadn’t used a condom in almost five years.

Liv didn’t contemplate her decision too long.

“Ok can you pull out?”

Again she didn’t have to ask him twice.

“Absolutely. Want to get in my truck? The back seat is bigger.” He pulled his pants and boxers up and zipped them.

“Sure.” They both got out of the car. It had started to rain a little bit but neither of them cared. When Liv got to his truck he pushed her up against the truck and kissed her passionately. Since he knew she wanted this he wasn’t stopping. His hands roamed all over her body as the rain came down on them. It was like a movie but it felt so much better.

She heard a beep and jumped into the backseat as he closed the door once he was next to her. They kissed again until he broke the kiss to lower her yoga pants. He lifted her legs and bent down to put his mouth on her pussy. He couldn’t see what her pussy looked like but she smelled phenomenal.

Both of them had enough room to explore. She jumped when his warm breathe hit her pussy. He dropped his head and licked her clit lightly. He loved eating pussy and the least he could do was to return the favor.

“Oh David.” She moaned as she lifted her hips for him to keep licking her. She was slowly grinding his face with her pussy and he didn’t mind one bit. “I need you to fuck me.” She could hear a light chuckle from him as he brought her closer to him and kissed her on the lips. His lips were wet from her pussy. She was soaking and she needed to cum all over his big cock.

He pulled her legs closer to him and entered her. His cock felt amazing. She had never felt so full and she was enjoying every second of it. God she was tight and wet. She felt so good. He wanted to fuck her more than once. He knew that much.

He picked up the pace and started to fuck her a little harder. He breathed into her skin as she moaned and held onto his neck tight. He kept hearing her say fuck me fuck me fuck me.

“Oh my god I’m going to cum.” He breathed as he pulled out fast and came on her stomach. He felt a little bad but he couldn’t do anything about it. She didn’t seem to mind.

They both breathed hard and sat in the back of the truck for a little longer.

“Do you have something I can clean up with?” He felt a little embarrassed but she didn’t make a big deal about it so he let it go.

“Yea I think I have one around here.” He fumbled in the dark and found a towel on the front seat.

“Thanks.” She wiped his cum from her stomach and pulled her pants up. She was still wet but she liked the feeling of being wet. He made her cum more than once.

In a way this was awkward and also not so much. They laughed about being crouched in a small space. Damn she really was fun to be around. He opened the car door for her and walked her back to her car. The rain had let up but it was sprinkling a little.

“Is this going to be awkward when we go back to school?” Any other person would probably make it awkward but he didn’t think Liv would.

“Why would it be? Unless you make it awkward.” She chuckled. He gave her a hug and a kiss.

“Text me when you get home. Be safe.” With that he opened her car door and he watched as she drove down the steep driveway. Never in a million years would he think that the prime and proper school teacher was a slut behind closed doors. There was something about Liv, and he intended to continue this little game they were playing.

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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