She Comes to Me

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She comes to me, eyes aglow, lips slightly parted, her hair piled high. She wears the dress I bought her, smooth white silk with thin straps. I notice one is dangling off her shoulder giving her a rather brazen look, almost blatantly flaunting her sexuality. Once again the shock of her beauty takes me by surprise, once again it feels like the first time that we have met in this way.

My arms reach for her, hers for me and our bodies touch the silk of her dress hissing against the silk of my robe. My fingers move to her hair pulling it loose so that it cascades onto her shoulders like a shower of autumn leaves, glowing red. She has one hand on the back of my neck, one at my waist and our faces are inches apart, our lips almost touching, our eyes gazing with adoration. We pause, savouring the anticipation of the moment when our lips will meet. Her tongue flickers along her mouth and I see her eyelids droop as she moves into me and we kiss.

The first shock is ice-cold, searing deep in me, amazing me with the intensity once again and as the kiss intensifies the cold is replaced with a warm glow suffusing my very soul. Her fingers are stroking the back of my neck causing the hairs to stand on end and I trace the outline of her jaw, strong, delicate, moving against my tongue as the embrace becomes harder. I hear a soft moan deep in her throat and we crush each other close, caressing with every part that can touch. As my mouth moves to her throat she throws back her head and I kiss that spot, the small hollow between neck and shoulder, breathing in the very essence of her. My hands now resting on her shoulders, smooth, sculptured, moving aside the other strap of her dress so as not to be impeded.

We move apart a little so that we can more easily reach and remove the clothing that stands between us. Her fingers fumble with escort bayan the tie of my robe but she finally undoes it and it falls open. I wear nothing beneath, I am there, ready for her touch. I pull her dress down over her breasts, over her hips and it falls with a whisper to the floor.

Her breasts are bare and she wears a pair of white, lacy panties that shine against her tanned skin. She pushes the robe off my shoulders and we stand, close, barely touching, our nipples millimetres apart, again prolonging the moment, not wanting to rush this most precious time. I am breathing deeply, already aroused beyond anything I have ever known. She smiles, whispers my name and we collide in a frenzy of kissing, touching, stroking, our bodies moulded, my thigh between hers, our breasts crushed flat together the rough flesh of the nipples rubbing. My hands run up and down her back, scratching lightly, cupping, squeezing the soft, rounded cheeks, tracing the length of her spine, pulling her closer, closer.

She pushes me away, pushes me down onto the bed and kneels above me between my legs, propped up on her hands, her hair shadowing her face, her breasts dangling like peaches on the vine, like golden brown globes, tipped with rose-red points that stiffen as I touch, the flesh of the aureoles puckering. My hands cup the weight, my thumbs rub those points feeling them harden more and I long for the sensation of them in my mouth. She lowers her head and her hair brushes me, tingling, tickling the sensitive flesh of my breasts, making my nipples stand like soldiers on parade, stiff, rigid, unmoving. Her lips touch me and she moves to take one in her mouth her tongue flickering round and round in small circles on me. I arch my back, thrusting up to meet her my fingers tangling in her hair. She licks sucks, bites and the needles altıparmak escort bayan of pain course through me down to the very centre of me and I feel the warmth beginning. My legs are wide stretched, my hips rubbing up against her ribcage smearing her with my juices, which are flowing from me. Her hand pinches the other nipple and I groan, call out, saying her name over and over, re-affirming the promises I have made to her.

I feel the tides rising within me, feel the imminent explosion that she, and she alone, can produce like this. She senses it, hearing my cries and deepens her attentions sucking hard on my left breast while pulling at my right. It arrives almost without warning and I spasm violently, almost shaking her off with my trembling orgasm. It subsides, as it must, and she kneels up again smiling wickedly down at me, almost revelling in the power she has. I pull her to me and we kiss and lie in each other’s arms speaking softly of our love, our plans, and our lives together.

My fingers move over her body as we talk and I sense her growing arousal, hear it in her voice. I stroke her breast as I kiss her and feel the nipple stiffen quickly under my touch. She covers my hand with hers encouraging me in my exploration, moving it down her body until I meet the fabric of her panties. I slide my fingers along and between her, touching the thin strip of silk that covers her. The wetness is apparent and I push the material into her, almost inside her outer lips, stroking, stroking. Her eyes are closed and she breathes raggedly, occasionally murmuring my name, imploring me for more. I move down her body, kissing and nibbling as I go, down, down until I rest between her legs with my face close to the scent of her.

It fills my nostrils with the sensual odour, like nilüfer eskort no other fragrance known. I pull her panties down and she raises her hips to facilitate my actions, pulling them down over her hips they stick with the juices coating them, pulling them down they leave traces of her fluids glistening on her thighs and I quickly lick them up before they dry. I look deep into her, pulling her puffy-red, blood-engorged outer lips apart, gazing at the small bud that peeks somewhat shyly from its hood.

My mouth is so close, not quite touching, and I blow soft, cool breaths onto her. She sighs and tries to lift herself to meet me. As she does my tongue flicks out and I lick slowly along the length of her savouring the taste of her. My mouth now closes on her and I suck deeply from her as she squirms under me. I suck, lick, thrusting my tongue inside her, nibbling at her bud with my lips. Her hands grab my head and she grinds against my face rubbing herself against my tongue and lips. My own core is ready for her and I swing round, keeping in constant touch with her, until I am straddling her head and I feel her mouth on me. Together we feast at the fountain, drinking up the generous flow that threatens to engulf us until, with a mutual scream of pleasure, love and lust, we reach the point at which our bodies become overtaken by the animal sensations released at the point of orgasm.

We crawl back into each other’s arms, smelling ourselves on each other’s face, tasting ourselves as we kiss. She has tears on her cheeks and I kiss them, the saltiness tingling on my tongue. Silently we lie, bodies trembling, holding, cuddling, comforting, and loving. Slowly we descend, climbing back down to reality, we laugh, talk, play silly games. She tickles me and we playfully fight until I pin her to the bed, sitting across her tummy and looking down at her. She smiles up at me and I feel the passion and love stirring and know that I must have her again. She sees my feelings, grins and wriggles beneath me and once more we enfold, touching, seeking, stroking, probing, thrusting, exploring every facet of our bodies. She comes to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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